Overlooked: The Legacy of Scott Hall
July 4, 2005 by Dustin Auman

The Diamond Studd, Starship Coyote, Bad Guy, Outsider, and "Last Call" Scott Hall was the most overlooked wrestling superstar in the '90s and early 2000s. Indeed, he was often overlooked by fault of his own; that is utterly undeniable. However, Razor catapulted the wrestling industry uniquely, more so than any other character that graced the screens of our televisions while, we, anxious fans, yearned for something different than traditional leg drops, scoop slams, and extensive posing after every match.

Foremost, Scott Hall entered the WWF riding his Pacino-like, Scarface gimmick under the pretense of being a "Bad Guy." He managed to surface as a heel in his WWF infancy with this character, even battling Bret Hart at Royal Rumble 1993 for the WWF Title (and, of course, jobbing). The WWF had better plans at WrestleMania IX for a new titleholder--a sumo fighter that could not wrestle whatsoever and weighed more than two Scott Halls, maybe five, combined. Fair enough; perhaps Ramon needed to utilize a Banzai Drop that required an unthinkable amount of innovation and talent.

Now, flash forward twelve months, if you will. If you had the figurative remote control in your hand, you would witness the twenty minutes that changed wrestling entirely. Kliq affiliates, Scott Hall and Michael Hickenbottom, were picked to participate in a mid-card match at Madison Square Garden that involved a "ladder." One, if a true wrestling fan, needs no play-by-play of this match. All one needs to know is this match absolutely created the edgier, hardcore style of wrestling. Edge, Christian, The Hardys, and anyone claiming to be hardcore, should record this match and place it in his/her inventory.

So, The Bad Guy won both Intercontinental titles at WrestleMania X, albeit Michaels' supposed title was merely conjured out of his own desire. Razor would become a four time IC champ before jobbing to Memphis' own, Jeff Jarrett, time and time again. Certainly, Jarrett garnished help from The Roadie--a man that would later be called the Road Dogg--an individual that made a career of never taking his shirt off because he possessed zero muscular definition and insisted upon stealing numerous catch phrases from the likes of Snoop Doggy Dogg to gain notoriety from a crowd that was truly "gangsta" and knew all about Death Row Records.

Then, Scott Hall breaks Kayfabe and heads down south to Dubya-See-Dubya. He crashes a match involving complete jobbers, only to tell the wrestling world, "You, people, know who I am, but you don't why I'm here." He announces the hostile take over, and subsequently, his big sexy friend joins him to slaughter the old men headlining WCW.

And, the premier old man, Hulk Hogan, finds his time to turn heel--courtesy of Scott Hall and Kevin Nash's appearance. We loved it. No longer was wrestling about arm bars, sleepers, and slaps across the chest. It became all about the drama. We thought Hall and Nash were belligerently taking over a company. Make no mistake, they took over a company.

Yet, here is where the injustice develops. Hogan was given the green light to Leg Drop his way to gold, due to Hall and Nash. The Outsiders tore apart the tag team division, rightfully so. What if Hurricane and Rosey were to face The Outsiders" Who would win" Maybe it could be a mask match, where Hall and Nash would force Hurricane and Rosey to unveil their faces just as they did to Rey Mysterio at Superbrawl IX.

Hogan runs wild, scoops slams, vicious pointer fingers and all. The Outsiders reign supreme in the tag division. The nWo incorporates Steiner, Buff, The Giant, Sting, and several fake Stings. Yet, November 1997 summarizes it all. Scott Hall, with help from Kevin Nash, wins World War 3. He is on his way to face Sting at Starrcade.

But, that never happens. Scott Hall lays down for Hogan, reluctantly; Hogan gets the shot against Sting.

And, that is the standard process. Scott Hall gives his charisma, gives all of his mic skill efforts to his buddies, and they take the limelight.

Hogan holds the title many times during the nWo reign. Nash wins the title because of the fateful tazer a Yellow Shirted security man, Scott Hall, inflicted upon the Georgia football stud at Starrcade '98.

Scott Hall then faces Goldberg in Ladder/Tazer Match at Souled Out '99. Hall jobs. Shocked"

The nWo returns to kill WWE in 2002. Hall has the esteemed privilege to face Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania XVIII. Stone Cold claims to be a beer drinker yet never drinks more than 1/2 of a single beer when he cheerfully celebrates after stunning a predictable pawn. Thus, Steve O'Douls has a match against Big Scott Hall.

Hall jobs, pretty surprising. Stone Cold wins. Rock tears out Hogan. McMahon's good guys are the victors.

Scott Hall gave us the term "man" and changed it to "main." He offered "Hey, yo," "Survey says," "Prove it," "Don't sing it, bring it," and "Down there." If you have an old PPV with The Rock in a match, watch his punches. Who do they remind you of" Scott also said "Jabrone" long before Rock called anyone a "Jabroni." Who else does the Outsider's Edge" Even Buff Bagwell called Scott Hall the greastest wrestler in the world in a VHS interview in 1999, probably because of the Outsider's Edge, fallaway slam, chokeslam, abdominal stretch, discus lariat, toothpick flick, belly to back suplex from the top rope, top of the head slap, the tazer, creating the ladder match, doing the Stunner on Stone Cold himself, revolutionary punch style, and selling an opponent's moves like none other (insert Stone Cold O'Douls Stunner at WM 18),

Scott Hall was overlooked, large in part because of his alcoholic antics. Nonetheless, he changed wrestling, never got his proper push to the title, but remains an icon because he is simply, Scott Hall--not an icon, but an instrumental component to what we watch every Monday and Thursday night. He, along with Kevin Nash, pushed the envelope and changed everything.

by Dustin Auman ..

Omry Balely, from Israel, wrote:
Scott Hall will forever be remembered in my heart as one of THE top stars of the era I loved most (Golden Era). One of my favorite superstars, Scott Hall really entertained¬ me in manner rarley seen in wrestling.¬

In the WWF, He played the character of¬ Razor Ramon to perfection, his ring skills were trully great, and he will be remembered as THE greatest IC Champion of all time. The reason for this is that he gave the title prestiege. He took such¬ pride of being the IC Champ. He was one of the top stars, yet never went for the WWF Title, always for the IC Title.

In WCW he was very overlooked. His drinking problems really took the best of him, and he was rarley seen on WCW TV. Now,¬ when I look of his work in WCW, I appreciate it a whole lot more. He was always able to pump up the crowd with his exaggerated selling and promos. Now, I really start to appreciate him as an in-ring talent.

Although I feel that way, I have to say that you're coming off way more negative than you should have. Hall was not always held down. If I were WCW, I would've done the same thing because he was unbankable and an unsafe investion due to his "demons". I think he was used perfectly in his first stint in the WWF. He, and the nWo in general, were used very poorly in the second stint in the WWE. Scott Hall had many great moments, and he will forever be remembered, not overlooked.
Andrew Betts wrote:
i know scott hall is often overlooked but he has made an impact but now scott hall is known more for his drinking than his wrestling and the way things seem now scott hall will be dead in a year maybe 2 if he's lucky i don't see him ever wrestling again but if he can i mean IF he can get sober he would be a great talent
Jason Simmons wrote:
Great column first off though i think Hall is extremely over looked but will be always be one of the biggest names in wrestling. Scott Will always be remebered for May 30 1996 when he showed up on Nitro and started WCW's run on top. ALso he will be remebered for the Ladder Match with Michaels, He made that match famous with HBK and that is something everyone should think about
Eduver3 wrote:
thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! scott hall is a great wrestler. when the NWO returned in the wwe, i was so ecxited to see scott hall back, but unfortunately it was a short lived thing. scott hall NEEDS a damn dvd about him so fans can go back to his time and so that younger fans can see what they've missed, i myself, 16,am in the middle of that. anyways, people need to give hall his credit b/c to me this man is a legend of wrestling.
Serafin Santiago Jr. wrote:
Dustin I must say that this article really made me think about Scott Hall. About what his contributions to wrestling were. The times he wrestled his opponents and either got over or put them over. Yes Scott Hall has given us fans a lot to remember him by. The Razor Ramon gimmick by far is his best work. The ladder match with Shawn Michaels, his wars with Jeff Jarrett and so on have made their mark in the annals of wrestling history.

Aside from all of the accolades that one can shower him with...I have to side with Omry Balely and his statement. "he was unbankable and an unsafe investment due to his demons". Scott Hall for all of his talents couldn't bring his game up any further because he wasn't capable of maintaining the status he had gained with WWF. It is a shame really because I do believe him to be an instrumental piece in the history of both WWE and WCW. I have always thought that Scott was a great wrestler and could put up some quality matches with the best of them. And yes, I do believe that The Rock does mimic some of Scott's arsenal. What I don't think is that he does it to steal from him or anything such because aside from the punches, that's all The Rock does that would remind you of Scott Hall.

I liked your article and how you show your knowledge on this individual. In all honesty, I cant agree with you on how Scott Hall is being overlooked as a legend. Yeah he jobbed a lot to people and such. Yeah the only title that he ever held with prestige is the IC belt. Yeah he was part of the most invigorating groups and storylines that ever hit WCW and WWE. Sans all of that I cannot sit here and say that Scott Hall deserves to have the title of legend. There is so much more involved into being one than having ladder matches and holding tag team and IC belts. If that were the case then Billy Gunn should be a legend too. All kidding aside, he is a contributor to the legacy of NWO and the success of professional wrestling during its golden years. That doesnt make him a legend, it just says that he did his job well. And we can appreciate that and him for all he has done.
Jeffrey Long wrote:
If I never see Scott Hall wrestle again that will be ok for me. I have the memories of a great wrestler who rose to be a great entertainer. Along the way he battled his personal demons and hopefully won. If he was able to escape his wrestling career in one piece and will be able to tell his grandchildren his stories of greatness. He is a true champion and survivor.
BOBBYQ99999 wrote:
Greatest wrestler to never win a world title, period. If he would of got his personnal problems solved I would of loved to see the guy at Wrestlemania 12, which was the highlight of the new generation. If Hall wouldn't of went to WCW and could of got his problems solved, he would of been a great world champion and im almost 100 percent certain Vince would of put the belt on him. I mean what didn't the guy have" Great column.
Barker wrote:
great mic skills and charisma. Cool saying.the rock tries to be like Hall. brought us the word "chica" and" let me tell u sumthing". great colum good info on The MAN, SCOTT HALL. toothpick in your face.



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