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October 13, 2005 by Erik S.

Times are good if you are a diva in the WWE. Trish has impressed many, and will probably go down as one of the greatest women in wrestling history, while Lita has single-handedly helped a man gain the attention he needed and Torrie and Stacy continue to have vast amounts of popularity. In the meantime, the diva search women, as well as Melina, have quickly gained popularity in their own ways. Life is good if you are a woman currently employed in the WWE.

Unless you're Lisa Marie Varon.

Over the past couple of years, while the most popular divas have continued to impress and the new divas have carved out their own niche, Victoria has continually been given the shaft. It is just preposterous as how a woman who has as much, if not more ability than many of the other women currently employed by the WWE, can continuously be given the short end of the stick time and time again.

At the beginning of her WWE career, Victoria was given wide praise all around for her wrestling ability and her unique character. Her feud with Trish Stratus set the bar high for women's wrestling in the WWE, and many predicted that great things would come for this Southern California native. However, a series of decisions by the WWE over the past couple of years has left her with nothing to show for her abilities, as she has continually been left out of the spotlight in favor of other women.

Victoria's decent started at the beginning of last year, where she turned face. Instead of capitalizing on the growing popularity of her psycho character, the WWE wanted her to go in a whole new direction. As a result, many of her psycho characteristics were lost, and replaced with mannerisms of a typical female face. In addition, despite being give the women's title, she didn't always appear on RAW, as at one point, she was not on the show for four weeks and defended the title against Lita at Backlash without any build-up on her side. This wouldn't be the first time that she wouldn't appear on a RAW before a pay-per-view in 2004, as she also didn't appear on the RAW before the Bad Blood. In this case, she lost the title when Trish pinned Lita. To make matters worse, the match (which included Gail Kim) included Trish and Lita only at the last minute.

Her troubles didn't stop here, as she only appeared on RAW twice over the next couple of months, primarily due to an injury suffered by Trish, Lita's "pregnancy" and the start of the 2004 Diva Search. She also appeared at Vengeance, in a match against Molly that was only announced a couple of days beforehand, and was placed right before the main event. After SummerSlam, she feuded with a healed Trish, but by then, the WWE was setting up a Trish vs. Lita feud. This would not be more apparent on the August 23, 2004 edition of RAW, where Victoria was pushed aside by HHH while complaining about Lita's wedding, while during the wedding, Trish interrupted the ceremony wearing lingere. A Victoria vs. Trish match eventually took place at Unforgiven, where Victoria didn't appear on the RAW before the pay-per-view again, while Dave Meltzer himself wondered why the two were facing off without any build-up. Trish ended up winning the match, which was marred by the Steven Richards-Tyson Tomko match that occurred immediately after.

After Nidia, Gail Kim and Jazz were released in November, 2004, Victoria's luck got even worse. She would only make a limited amount of TV appearances over the next six or so months, as the Trish vs. Lita feud, as well as the new diva search signees, would take center stage. Among the "highlights" of this period include the fact that she was beaten up for five minutes out of a six in a tag match, lose to Trish for three straight weeks (the last of which being a squash), and lose out on a WrestleMania match after Lita went down with an injury less than one week after her third straight TV loss to Trish. With this limited TV time, along with word that wrestlers would soon be released thanks to the WWE's new TV deal, it seemed that her time was just about up.

It would not be the case, however, as on the May 30, 2005 edition of RAW, she turned back heel by attacking the Diva Search women (and Jerry Lawler) after losing a bikini contest. In an interview conducted after the incident, she would go off on how Christy received the WrestleMania match and a Playboy spread, among other things, to the absolute delight of the crowd. Suddenly, it seemed like she might finally get the recognition that she deserved.

Sadly, this wasn't going to happen. The next RAW, she would look completely weak, as Christy choked her out in a six-person tag match. Even though she would win in the eventual match against Christy at Vengeance (with the crowd turning on Christy over the course of the match), she was soon off TV again, with only one appearance on Heat in the month of July. After a brief feud with Stacy, she found herself without anyone to feud with, as both Stacy and Christy were traded to SmackDown in favor of Torrie and Candice.

One week later, Victoria would hook up with Torrie and Candice, as she was now aligned with one of the women she beat up back in May, as well as another woman who had already been on the cover of Playboy twice. To make matters worse, she has ended up receiving no time to talk, while the other two were given plenty to say. Finally, after Trish's return, Victoria now finds herself in the same position she has been for much of her career: always having Trish get the better of her.

It is completely unfair for someone as beautiful and talented as Victoria to always get the short end of the stick in whatever she does in the WWE. Even worse, given the WWE's current perception of women, the worst may yet to come for this raven-haired woman's WWE career. All things considered, there is absolutely no reason why after everything she's done, that she is on the road to nowhere.

by Erik S. ..

Dave Hanson wrote:
You know, after reading this column, I had to ask myself: "Why the hell didn't I write this"" I agree with you one hundred percent. I am a huge fan of women's wrestling, and while I am a big Trish fan as well, I absolutely love Victoria and hate seeing her misused. I guess you could say she's kind of the Chris Benoit of the women's ranks. Always the hard worker, always the great in-ring ability, but never quite being given the big spotlight. Or at least, never for too long. The one thing I would add to this article that is worth noting is the fact that Victoria participated in the only WOMEN'S steel cage match that WWE ever put on, against Lita. It was on Raw Roullette and I believe Victoria won the match. I feel better knowing I'm not the only one who sees the true greatness of Victoria! Also, she's absolutely luscious. I had to fit that in somewhere.
Simeon Hubbard wrote:
I am a huge fan of Women's Wrestling ever since WCW had Madusa, Luna, and Mona (Molly Holly), but ever since Survivor Series 2001 I've been a fan of the WWE Women's Division, especially the likes of Trish, Lita, Molly, Jazz, Nidia, Miss Jackie, Ivory, Gail Kim, and Dawn Marie, I mean they're hard working women in the wrestling business, but I am also a huge fan of Victoria, and it stinks that a woman who has worked just as hard as anyone else has not been given the spotlight, all in favor of Torrie, Stacy, and especially of all people Christy and Candice, it stinks to see Victoria not being given the spotlight or the recognition that she truly deserves, once again the WWE is all about eye candy ladies and not talented women, I mean Trish and Lita has been on the cover of RAW Magazines and they even had their own DVD's released from WWE and that's cool, Miss Jackie, Gail Kim, and Dawn Marie have been on Magazines also, but what I don't understand is why Victoria hasn't been on the Magazine Covers or how come she doesn't have her own DVD as of yet, well first of all Victoria is a veteran, she's like the Chris Benoit of the Women's Division, she is truly talented and she deserves more respect, recognition, and she truly deserves her own fanbase, and you're right it does stink to see Victoria in this environment right now, I mean after seeing her in macthes against Trish, she is indeed a force to be recon with, I mean after all Trish and Victoria helped raised the bar for the Women's Division in the WWE, they've had a Hardcore Match @ Survivor Series 2002, they even had a Chicago Street Fight that was one of the best matches of 2003, and they even had a Philadelphia Street Fight the week before Judgment Day 2003, Victoria even had a first ever Women's Steel Cage Match on Eric Bischoff's RAW Roulette II along with Lita, she's even been in 2 WrestleMania's, but ever since WrestleMania 21 she had to sit back and watch Christy get a Women's Title shot against Trish, which was a travesty, and now Victoria's a Bodyguard to Torrie and Candice and she doesn't get any time on the MIC, but I really did love the Memorial Day Bikini Contest seeing Victoria take her frustration out on Christy, Candice, Maria, and even The King, I think that Victoria should either take her frustrations out on the WWE or better yet go to TNA and they'll have a better Women's Division, I mean after all her 2 close friends Gail Kim and Miss Jackie are in TNA now, and they'll be some that will come in the near future, but I think that WWE should get their act together and give Victoria some recognition or she'll walk out on WWE and head to TNA, I think that Traci was right most wrestling fans getting real tired of the WWE, and now the Women's Division in the WWE is in trouble, and I mean BIG TIME.
-Jeff (37,MI) wrote:
Victoria might very well be the last of the women that are truly wrestlers. I like bikini swimwear and all. But when it is time to pass yourself off as a wrestler, I feel you need to sell the athletic side as well as the tough side of yourself. You know and I know, not all the current Divas have this. The few that do ... you can count on one hand. Victoria is obviously one of them. Picture a match between Victoria and Trish ... setup in such a way that it would have resembled a match between guys like Arn Anderson and Bruno Samartino. Why can't the two girls look nice, but still have a serious, respectable, and scientific looking match up" Perhaps it would not sell to fans of today. Well, it is my belief that Lisa Marie Varon would sell it, and I certainly would buy it. On a side note. She is probably my favorite because she is closer to my age than the other Divas, and she resembles my own wife.
dragonheartfour wrote:
The only thing I'm upset about is that I didn't write this column first. I agree with it 110%. I have been a fan of Victoria's since her days in OVW. She was a breath of fresh air. A beautiful, yet VERY strong and TECHNICALLY skilled women's wrestler to give the likes of Trish & Lita something to think about, if not fear. She was also a very good talker in OVW, but for some reason the WWE took away her voice, making her "silent but violent". Even when she was paired with Steven Richards (which was entertaining at first but got stale real fast and went down the toilet even faster with the Stevie in drag garbage), she didn't get much mike time. She is the one who the WWE can turn to if it needs a hardcore style match (ie cage or Chicago street fight) with a woman's touch. The WWE also has no clue as to how to market this woman. Aside from 3 action figures, the Diva mags, and a poster, there is not much merchandise for Victoria. THERE IS NOT EVEN ONE VICTORIA T-SHIRT!!! The Widow's Peak freak shirts she has been wearing recently she makes herself. If that's not the ultimate insult to Victoria I don't know what is. I loved that night on Raw, "THE DIVA SEARCH MASSACRE" I like to call it. I guess the WWE thinks we forgot about it because they didn't give any explanation (unless I missed it) for Candice teaming with Victoria. It should also be noted that she in my opinion she has THE most devastating finisher in all of wrestling, The Widow's Peak. I have seen it live on house shows, it makes you cringe. Unlike say John Cena's FU, WEAK AS ANYTHING!!!! The one she gave to Christy that night was the sickest I had ever seen. I'm afraid the addition of Alexis Laree won't make things any better. Vic will probably wind up jobbing to her and having Alexis turn on Trish. Victoria is also one of the sweetest women I have met in the business. It is a CRIME for such a talented woman who is also a wonderful human being to be ignored by the WWE. But she has a legion of loyal fans, including myself, who let her know she IS appreciated for her hard work, even if WWE is to stupid to do so.
LilVixen wrote:
I have to say that I am very pleased someone has actually written this article on Victoria. As a huge fan of Victoria's, I've thought I've been alone in thinking that she is overshadowed and overlooked all the time by the WWE, but I am so glad that so many other people have expressed the same opinion as myself! I became a Victoria fan when she first joined WWE and when she later made her wrestling debut, which really impressed me. She hasn't disappointed me at all since - she is an extremely hardworker, she puts on some great matches and she is thoroughly entertaining. Add to that her wonderful personality, which I think any fan who has met her will tell you! What has made me surprised though is how WWE treats her. She is talented, works hard, has a fantastic reputaion with the fans yet she doesn't get the recognition she so rightly deserves. The WWE doesn't seem to listen to the fans, though they claim they do. For example, "The Diva Search Massacre" - did you guys hear the fans CHEER Victoria for taking it to Christy, Candice, Maria and The King" Did you hear them cheer Victoria when she gave her explanation" Did you also notice, at Vengeance 2005, that Victoria was cheered throughout the match whilst Christy was BOOED when she got on the offensive" Yet the WWE continue to push Christy, Candice, Stacy etc and Victoria is still overlooked. Another great thing about Victoria is her wrestling moves - you know when people ask me who my favourite wrestler is and I say Victoria, first thing they always say is "Wow, her finishing move is awesome!" She has an original set of moves, as has Trish and they always have refreshing, entertaining matches together! I would love to hear Victoria have more mic time too - she is very well-spoken and deserves to talk more. The woman has the complete package yet WWE still don't use her right. So WWE - if you listen to your fans like you claim you do, give Victoria the opportunites she has so rightly earned and deserves!
Matt Kopp wrote:
Dragonheartfour, did I just hear u correctly" Did u just say that the Widow's Peak is the most devastating move in ALL of wrestling" Now I agree with this article 110%, and I think Victoria should have won the championship last week on RAW, but to say that her move is the most devastating move ever is just plain stupid. Wanna see the most devastating move in wrestling" C-A-N-A-D-I-A-N D-E-S-T-R-O-Y-E-R.
Richard wrote:
Erik S., I never would have thought that such a talented and beautiful lady could get this shafted by Vinny Mac. But one thing to think about; where Vinny Mac is concerned, anything is possible, including this travesty and miscarriage of justice. Victoria is the most talented woman wrestler alive today, bar none!

Victoria, If you ever have the chance to read this, here's to you, Pretty Lady.
Jason Lee wrote:
Victoria has been pushed around her entire time in the WWE and has constantly been given the leftovers in the WWE. When she was the Women's Champion she defended that title with pride and compassion and I think it's time that we all stand up and express out true feelings towards the WWE's horrible decisions for Victoria. Many great women wrestlers have come and gone like Molly Holly and Luna and I am afraid that the WWE will unfortunately make the same mistake and release Victoria. I say the is total BS!. The hard work, blood, and sweat that Victoria has put in during her time in WWE now more than ever should be recognized. The angle that she is in with Candice and Torrie is absolutely pathetic. She needs to have a one -on -one match with Trish like they did when she debuted. Whenever she and Trish wrestle they bring exuberant energy to the stage and amazing technical wrestling style. It is time that the WWE acknowledges Victoria for her great contribution to the business. Last time I checked the WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment. I ask my self where is the wrestling in the women's division. My answer is in Victoria!!!!!!!!!!!!
Phonehomeman wrote:
This article relates a very sad truth. Victoria is an amazing athlete, and she get's little respect from WWE as far as that goes. On multiple occasions she has gone further than some of the males have been willing to go, with the the various streetfights and the womens cage match...which blew my mind. Yet she can't even get so much as a damn t-shirt made by the company that she has given so much to. When I first saw her come out in the "Widows Peak Freak" shirt, I thought it was awesome...but then I checked the site and came to the realization that she made it herself....still a cool shirt, but the WWE sucks for not giving this world class diva proper merchandizing. I am actually kind of pissed at the fact that a former softcore porn star *cough...CANDICE...cough* can get a crapload of publicity, when the most she's done is let Victoria do her dirty work...while she gets the glory. I won't even go into how blood boiling it is too see that WWE is planning to realese "TOO HOT" shirts for Candice. In my opinion, WWE is royaly screwing over it's...if I may be so bold to say...TOP FEMALE TALENT, for the sake of pushing a bunch of female models. Considering that the only other actual female wrestlers he has are Trish, Lita, and Mickie James, Vince better get his shit together, before TNA starts a womens division and he loses one of the best he's got.
Masoud House wrote:
What has been said above is pretty much all that is wrong with Victoria's career regarding the way the WWE uses her. But I'd like to reply specifically to what Jeff said about real WWE woman wrestlers. Where are they" I agree totally that Victoria (and less than a handful of "WWE Divas") really have the top-notch talent to both entertain verbally and physically. And When I say physically, I don't count Dive Wrestling as coming to the ring to do a striptease or dance for the crowd. While that is nice and all, it's not wrestling.

I feel the WWE has used females in their entertainment to be little more than eye candy. While I wasn't watching wrestling before the 90s, I do remember at least some real woman wrestling entertaining, in the time I did watch, from the likes of Chyna, Jacqueline, and later on Lita, who used physical strength or agility along with their beauty (though one could argue that Chyna might have had enough strength for all of them) to entertain the crowd. But then there was a decline of use of divas until they began to be used less for physical prowess and more for physical stimulation.

Now when I occassionally watch wrestling all I see is, in my opinion, less talent used and the WWE making easy money off of cheap sleeze. I'm a very young adult who loves women to the nth degree, but if i wanted to see what the WWE offers now, I'd turn on late night Cinemax instead. WWE, please, allow Victoria and all other REAL women wrestlers to use both their beauty AND might to grace the ring.
Simeon Hubbard wrote:
Well you know something: I agree with everything that you all have said, I mean WWE has been wasting her talents, just so Candice Michelle and other useless divas can get publicity, fame, and the soptlight, Victoria really cares about her fans and she even listens to them, plus she is talented, beautiful, bold, and she even has alot of close friends in the wrestling business.

I mean Victoria was once known as the next Chyna and she was even trained by Lisa "Ivory" Moretti and Molly Holly, she's even the greatest athlete to ever come out of the OVW.

Just like WCW doesn't know how to manage STING, WWE doesn't even know how to manage Victoria and WWE doesn't even know how to manage Lita and Jillian Hall, and I got one even better, WWE doesn't even know how to also manage a Women's Division, if they know how to manage it, then we wouldn't be seeing Victoria come out to the ring w/Candice Michelle in her corner and be doing all that fake kissing all the time, and she wouldn't even be competing in these STUPID Bra & Panties Matches.

Victoria has wrestled every female wrestler and has beaten the best, the likes of Trish Stratus, Lita, Jazz, Jacqueline, Gail Kim, Molly Holly, Ivory, Stacy Keibler, Mickie James, and just recently Torrie Wilson and she's even defeated guys in the OVW.

Victoria has even defeated Jillian Hall in the OVW as well as Indy Wrestlers on Heat such as Talia and just recently Cheerleader Melissa Anderson, she's even teamed up w/her close friends Nidia and Jackie Gayda as well as Jillian Hall, but in the WWE Victoria and Lita are who I consider the most dominant Tag Team in the RAW Women's Division, she has even teamed up w/Christy Hemme and she's even wrestled Christy Hemme, and she was even impressed w/Christy, yet the WWE releases her.

I said it before and I'll say it again, But why don't Vince McMahon and the WWE just get their act together and start giving this woman her props, or else I'm afraid that it's time for Victoria to exit the WWE and head into TNA and join up w/her buddies Gail Kim, Jackie Gayda, and Christy Hemme as well as TNA Sweetheart Traci Brooks.

I mean I LOVE TNA, it delivers action and excitement that any wrestling fan could ask for, and I would LOVE to see Victoria, Gail Kim, and even Christy Hemme as well as more females compete in more matches that the guys can do, such as Hardcore Matches, Street Fights, Table Matches, as well as compete in my all time personal favorite, the 6 Sides of Steel.

I would rather see Victoria compete in Hardcore Matches w/Trish and a Steel Cage Match w/Lita, than to see her compete in Bra & Panties Matches and team up w/Candice Michelle.

Come on WWE give us more Victoria and less Candice Michelle or else you can kiss the WWE Women's Division goodbye.

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