Jillian Hall Deserves Better Than This
August 8, 2005 by Eric Schomburg

I'm going to go ahead and say it: Jillian Hall's gimmick is ridiculous. Jillian Hall is the blonde bombshell that has recently came to the WWE. While she is a beautiful woman, the genius of the WWE writers decided to make Jillian have a slight problem with her beauty. The WWE, in all their glory, decided to put what Jillian calls, a blemish on the left side of her face. YEAH RIGHT! More like a piece of Jason Voorhees' face. While the blemish may be gross, to me it's stupid. How many damn times am I going to have to watch Vince make a fool out of his product" It's odd that despite it's Vince's idea, the person playing the character gets punished, and Vince just counts his money as if nothing happened.

I hate to say this, but the way Jillian is going with that gimmick she will be ephemeral; in other words, she won't be around long. The sad thing is, she is from Ashland, Kentucky, which is close to where I was born. I've been to Ashland many times, and I am happy to see a native of Ashland finally get a chance with the WWE; however, instead of Vince actually using his so-called brain and placing Jillian on RAW where she could compete with Trish and the rest of what is left of the women's division, Vince had this brilliant idea of slapping what looks like moldy peanut butter on Jillian's face and tell her to hang out with the tag-team MNM. This is truly sad.

What I don't get is Jillian, unlike the Diva Search sluts, is quite stunning, but the WWE just loves to give what the fans what they really don't want. What's even worse is Jillian can actually wrestle; she wrestled for OVW. I think the WWE should stop broadcasting WWE and start broadcasting OVW, because it's ten times better than the WWE.

It's sad to see that Vince is taking stars that have potential, and then making them look like sideshow clowns by giving them a stupid gimmick. What are you thinking, Vince" Jillian Hall may be the next Sable: bitchy, blonde, and beautiful. Nope, instead your brilliant mind decided to ruin another perfectly good wrestler by not letting them wrestle and giving them the freedom to make up their own character. Remember Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Rock the next time you or your pathetic writers have a brilliant idea for a character.

Vince, do me a favor, take that stupid mole, blemish, or whatever it is, off of Jillian and put her in the ring. Jillian is young, beautiful, talented, and she can kick ass. Don't screw her up just because you don't have your mind set on actual wrestling.

by Eric Schomburg..

Langon Beck wrote:
I absolutely agree with you 100%. Jillian is a formidable wrestler, and I for one regarded her as the next Molly Holly in terms of in-ring ability. She could have been a force to be reckoned with in the Women's Division, but it's not to be. And that's a real shame.
Adam Strobel wrote:
I agree that the "blemish" is outright ridiculous, and the gimmick of "fixer" isn't much better. But while Jillian may be an excellent female wrestler, the Women's Championship has been on hiatus as long as Trish has. I wouldn't be all that surprised to see it never come back at all. Whether that's done simply by having Trish never come back, or having Trish come back without it, I cannot predict. The way WWE is being "written" right now, there is barely place for Tag Team Champions (on either brand), let alone a women's division. You may also notice that the Cruiserweight Championship, which was the counterpart to the Women's Championship when the split the roster, has been demoted to Velocity status. With a dwindling (maybe non-existent) Women's division, maybe that was her only way in WWE, and the big paychecks.
LsMlch wrote:
I think Jillian Hall is hot stuff.And you are right she is young,beautiful,talented,and can kick ass.The good people here put some of my comments on this website concerning a good column called "The End of the Women`s Division" dated May 1,2005 by Katelyn F. and if you care to read it,I basically wrote that the network(UPN for free TV especially)sets what the WWE,etc. can & cannot do on TV.And I believe the networks themselves besides UPN are becoming more conserative(especially with women) due to the political influence from Washington.Its just like using a computer for example.You have to agree to the terms of service to run Windows & also to use various software,etc.And if you read what I wrote,I believe thats the reason there is not a current Womens Division on SmackDown! or a women`s belt,etc.I also used an example of the best girl act that I had ever seen(and they were also goodlooking & in shape).It was a Indian girl tag team from a Reservation in Canada. They were developing a cult following up North around the AWA when I saw them.And they were also on The Today Show.I believe they went by the name "Hiawatha" but I am not sure of that-they went back to the 80`s.They were in & out(after going to Japan) fast going for the money and then returning to the Reservation to their private lives, they were not the type to go for Playboy,etc.(although they could of) like alot of these girls do today.As far as I was concerned,they were the real deal.I don`t know why Christy Hemme was released,but I suspect she was to hot looking for the networks like some of the others,but not for the WWE.And I also suspect thats why Jillian Hall is putting on makeup-to please the network,not the WWE.It looks like they want her to work with "the boogyman"(probably Shanes creation)right now,but no wrestling-thats a nono.To conclude,all I am saying is that I believe the networks have more to say now who stays and who leaves the WWE.You will also note there is a phony so called Network Exec. who was on SmackDown!And he probably sets the standard for the real network(UPN) for the viewers.He did take off a womens match between I believe Christy & Stacy(thats for adults).And he did introduce "the boogyman," because thats what most kids like and watching him throw worms into women like Jillian Hall.If I was kid though,I would rather go for ATI`s digital superstar-agent codename "Ruby."She is hot.And you can find her at ATI Ruby Headquarters on the web.They also did a good job on her biography.I can`t wait for the game to come out.Nvidia also has a hot girl named "Nalu,"but she does most of her action in the water.The WWE is trying to get into this kind of stuff also,but again "Ruby" is the real deal.
Simeon Hubbard (May 2006) wrote:
Well you know something: I agree w/you all completely, I mean why is WWE doing this to Jillian Hall"

I mean she should be on RAW competing for the Women's Title, or better yet the WWE should just go back to being 1 brand and let Jillian Hall comepte for the belt, yet WWE doesn't even know how to manage this young, beautiful, and talented lady, and just like Victoria, Jillian Hall doesn't get any respect from WWE Management either, I mean Jillian Hall had a great match against Victoria in the OVW and even had a great match against Mickie James.

But what does WWE decide to do" They put her on SD! w/that awful thing on her face (Thank God that she got rid of it), and she was stuck being an image consultant for JBL and the now defunct MNM.

and Trish was STILL the Women's Champion when she came back from an injury and WWE decides to let the Trish/Mickie Storyline drag for so long, but I could careless if Trish/Mickie II Match @ Wrestlemania 22 was one of the greatest women's match in Wrestlemania history, I think that they should've let Jillian wrestle @ Wrestlemania and perhaps even Lita and Victoria.

I feel that the WWE has lost hope in the Women's Division and the WWE does not care, I mean if they were smart enough, then they would've let Jillian Hall wrestle for the Women's Title, they would have stripped Trish of the belt, WWE should've went back to being 1 brand, and WWE would've never had a STUPID Diva Search and they wouldn't have fired Jacqueline, Ivory, Nidia, Jazz, and Gail Kim. (Molly left WWE for other interests)

Well you something: if WWE doesn't get their act together, I think that they should just fold the Women's Division in the WWE, and Jillian along w/TRUE female talents like Victoria, Lita, Jazz, Jillian, and even Melina should go to TNA and compete and have a BETTER Women's Division, and I would LOVE to see some Women Steel Cage Matches as well, and I think that TNA should bring back the NWA World Women's Title and the Women's Tag Team Titles or TNA should create a Women's Title and Women's Tag Team Titles.
_Mary Anne Clancy wrote:
Why does WWE do that" They give so many people stupid characters! I'd have to admit, the was Jillian is now is way better than when she had that "growth" on her face!
Michael Hejl wrote:
First off, I am glad that ridiculous piece of whatever-it-really-was is off Jillian's face. It was hideous to look at and really shows how low the WWE will go/has gone when coming up with gimmicks and character ideas. The Boogeyman is just another story all its own.

The Women's Division is becoming increasingly dull now-a-days. There are women on Smackdown who would be great Women's Champions, but the powers that be keep the title on RAW... and often times with Trish Stratus. Which is sad in itself, really. I really don't understand what the WWE is thinking. They can't find another Diva other than Trish to give the belt to" Give it to Lita, Victoria, Torrie Wilson or Jillian for all I care. The title may be the only Women's Championship they have, but they should at least make it available for both RAW & Smackdown. As far as actual matches are concerned, the women of the WWE deserve alot more than Swimsuit Contests, Bra & Panties and Lingrie Matches or Pillow Fights. Let them actually show the fans of the WWE what they can really do.

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