WWE's Career Killer
September 5, 2005 by Antonio M. Figueroa

I know what most of you are thinking. "Oh, no, not another column about how Lita or Stacy Kiebler kills people's careers." Well, that's not what this column is about. This column is about WWE's one true kiss of death; a man (yes, you read that correctly, man) who has spelled the end of many a WWE Superstar's career. And that man is Rey Mysterio.

This time you're probably thinking, "How has Rey Mysterio killed anyone's career"" Well, I have NINE examples to give. Nine Superstars who, within months of their association with Rey Mysterio, were met with tragedy; sometimes personal, sometimes professional, but always painful.

First, there was Kurt Angle. Rey feuded with Angle for the first few weeks of his WWE career, culminating in an Angle victory at Summerslam. Less than 8 months later, Angle was taken out with a broken neck and required major surgery.

Second was Edge. Edge was partnered with Rey in late 2002, and they won the WWE Tag Team Championship, which they would hold all of 3 weeks before losing the title at Survivor Series. Just a month after splitting apart from Rey, Edge suffered a serious neck injury and was taken out for over a year.

Third, we have Matt Hardy. Hardy and Rey had an on/off feud for the first half of 2003, which ended with Rey beating Matt for the Cruiserweight Championship in June on an edition of Smackdown!. Not long after, Hardy became the first person ever to lose to Zach Gowen, before being traded to RAW and accomplishing nothing for close to a year.

Next, the Big Show. Rey and Big Show feuded in early 2003, with Big Show defeating Rey at Backlash. Within weeks, Big Show was demoted from a solid main eventer who headlined two straight Pay-Per-Views to a glorified mid-carder, winning the United States Championship, which did absolutely nothing for him.

Then, Rey turned his deadly sights on Tajiri. Within weeks, Tajiri went from an extremely dangerous Cruiserweight Champion who had beaten Rey for the title, to an incompetent buffoon who couldn't wipe his own butt without Akio and Sakoda helping him.

After that, Jamie Noble was the next to fall. The two had a short feud ending with Rey retaining the Cruiserweight title at the 2004 Royal Rumble. Then, Jamie Noble wound up feuding with his "girlfriend", Nidia, a woman with so little skill she makes Torrie Wilson seem like Chris Benoit. Shortly after that, Noble was stuck on Velocity for several months before being released.

Chavo Guerrero was the next to fall. Chavo beat Rey for the Cruiserweight title at No Way Out, and then lost it to Jacqueline a few months down the road. Chavo regained the title at Judgment Day and had an impressive 3-day title reign before losing it to his 55-year old father on Smackdown!. Chavo then played second fiddle to his dad for several weeks, jobbed for Rey at the Great American Bash, got his skull bashed in by a botched Shooting Star Press, missed 3 months of action, came back as a face, did a few jobs, turned heel, and then jobbed some more. 2005 was starting to look a little better for Chavo when he won the Cruiserweight title at No Way Out, but he lost it just a few weeks later and vanished to Velocity before being traded to RAW and becoming Kerwin White. Hooray.

Next up was Spike Dudley. Spike won the Cruiserweight Championship from Rey in the summer of 2004 before making a heel turn and dominating the rest of the year as Cruiserweight champ. Spike lost the title in December, and immediately vanished to Velocity, making one Pay-Per-View appearance at No Way Out, where he lasted 15.5 seconds against Paul London, and then was released earlier this year.

Finally, there is Eddie Guerrero. Eddie partnered with Rey early this year, winning the WWE Tag Team Championship at No Way Out. At Wrestlemania, Eddie jobbed for Rey in the opening match. Eddie then turned heel and attacked Rey Mysterio on Smackdown!, giving him a brain buster on the steel steps. This would have been a perfect time to end the feud while Eddie had some dignity left, but we all should have known better. Rey returned a few weeks later and defeated Eddie by disqualification at Judgment Day. Then came the "secret" storyline, culminating in another Eddie Guerrero loss at the Great American Bash. Next up was the "Dominick" storyline, which (big surprise) ended with Eddie jobbing for Rey at Summerslam in a Ladder Match. On the first edition of Friday Night Smackdown!, one of the announced matches is Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero in a Steel Cage Match, but I think we all know how that will turn out.

I'm just afraid that it will only be a matter of time before we see Eddie jobbing for Christy Hemme on Velocity, before the words "Eddie Guerrero has been released from World Wrestling Entertainment" appear on It seems to happen to a lot of people who make the mistake of doing a program with Rey Mysterio.

by Antonio Figueroa ..

Mike Adams wrote:
Mind you this is just my opinion, but I believe the problem is not with Rey Mysterio himself, but with the WWE creative staff. Mysterio is a popular wrestler, but in the WWE he is one of those enygma's that the WWE doesn't quite know what to do with. Instead of focussing Mysterio as part of a strong cruiserweight division, WWE seems to feel that Mysterio is too good for the cruisers and they will reluctantly only incorporate him as a part of that division when they feel they have no other avenues to explore with him. Not only does the WWE not know what to do with Rey, they don't know what to do with alot of their wrestlers. Most of the superstars that you have described are guys that the WWE did not have huge story lines for, so they were booked with Rey Mysterio because he is a popular face. In a company that labors under the delusion that wrestling fans are wont be interested in a wrestler unless they are packaged in some crazy gimmick, horrible story lines with no long term benefit to the workers have become common place. The best example is Eddie Guererro and his rapid rise and fall on Smackdown. Arguably the only reason that Eddie got his shot, was because that Brock Lesnar left the company to pursue a football career. Maybe Guererro's fall was to be expected, but never the less in my opinion is a slap in the face to a man who carried the WWE title very well in his time he was allowed. I think that Eddie Guererro could do alot worse than working programs with Rey, but what is disgraceful to me is this whole soap opera child custody angle. Couldn't the WWE writes have come up with something a little bit better than a typical stereotypical "Who is my babies daddy theme"" To me it would have been more entertaining to focus on Eddies Jealousy of Rey. Eddies Heel turn was brilliantly pulled off, which really surprised me for the WWE. It looked well planned and thought out, however they quickly mucked it up by paying off too quickly.
Ditto Robertson wrote:
Sorry to sound negative, but don't be such a dick. I mean, you're just picking a bunch of random events gone awry and tracing them back to Rey Mysterio. You could blame anyone for just about anything if you say "three months later, this TOTALLY un-related event occured." Hell, I'm sure you could find a way to blame Steve Austin for what's happening to Matt right now. (Remeber that time Steve Austin went crazy and trashed Team Extreme" Now, only years later, Lita has cheated on Matt!)
Ben Myatt wrote:
I have to say that this is one of the worst articles I've read on this site, and even if its a joke, its a very poor one.

The gist of your first few paragraphs seems to be that Rey Mysterio is some kind of curse and is responsible for Edge and Kurt Angle breaking their necks - a stupid statement if ever I've read one.

You then seem to Blame Rey for peoples careers taking a downturn. Jamie Noble/Gibson" Matt Hardy"

You conveniently gloss over the fact that WWE consistently downplays their cruiserweight division, and that Matt Hardy is now the biggest he's ever been - and may even become a credible main eventer.

Big show" Lets face it, the guy has NEVER been over, and is far from the best ring talent around. In case you havent noticed, Chris Benoit has gone from being world CHampion to being the US title as well without any so-called "help" from Rey Rey.

Chavo guerrero - excuse me, but are you blaming Rey for a botched shooting star press by Billy Kidman" that doesnt even make sense.

you also seem to blame Rey for Spike Dudley's cruiserweight title reign - again this doesnt make sense, and can be attributed to the WWE's piss-poor use of its cruiserweights.

Oh, and to finally shoot down your god-awful theory, WWE apparently is booking Eddie to win the cage match. want to know MY reasons for this conclusion" because apparently they've also booked him into the main event of No Mercy.

If this article was meant to be a joke it is, quite frankly, about as funny as a Chris Benoit Promo.
Jose Perez wrote:
This has got to be the biggest waste of five minutes in my life. The column was totally pointless, not sure if it was trying to be funny, but it wasn't. The only logical thing about Rey to say, is that Eddy losing to him 8/9 times is a no no. But to say that Rey killed 8 other superstars, because they got injured or jobbed is just a waste of time reading, and has no credibility, and not even make sense, and no fundamental.
Zach Goldman wrote:
I disagree, just because these people had a program with Mysterio doesn't mean that he is responsible for them getting released put on velocity and getting injuries.
OD Smith wrote:
Great (and rather amusing) article, although you did miss one thing - you can go into double figures with the guys Rey's ended the careers of. After all, Mordecai jobbed to Rey at the start of June 2004, and weas never seen again until his name turned up in the Released list in July. If I were MNM, I'd be pretty worried right now...
Kjorteo Kalante wrote:
The problem with this article is that it tries so hard to prove its point that it resorts to almost laughably irrelevant events to try and support the claim. For example, the very first example cited is that Mysterio feuded with Angle, and then Angle had a serious neck injury." The title of this article is "WWE's Career Killer" and it mostly complains about Mysterio, so am I to infer that these events are related" Some people come up with more paranoid conspiracy theories than others when it comes to wrestling, but would anyone seriously make the claim that Mysterio is responsible for the gradual deterioration of Kurt Angle's neck" Are you out of your mind" Remember, that didn't come from a botched spot. It was one of those "persistent nagging" issues that slowly got bad enough that surgery was required.

In the second example of the article, the ridiculous claim is made again with Edge! Edge spent about eight months of the year he was out writing a column for In one of them, he claimed his neck injury was another gradual thing, but the biggest factor in it was his tendency to do top-rope missile dropkicks and land directly on his back with no form of mitigation. ...Ow" I believe he said he was doing that to avoid landing on some other area that had an injury he didn't want to aggrivate. In hindsight, this was probably not a very good idea. Still, I dare you...I DARE you to come up with a convincing reason that Mysterio had anything to do with Edge suddenly deciding he hates his neck and will thus land hard on it until something bad happens.

Most of the rest of the examples are along the lines of "This character used to be really good, then he worked with Mysterio, and now he's buried/has a stupid gimmick/has a stupid gimmick *and* is buried/got released." While I concede that many of the people named are, in fact, worse off now than they were before, claiming that Mysterio put some sort of curse on their career is debatable at best.

I think this sentence is also a little telling: "Spike won the Cruiserweight Championship from Rey in the summer of 2004 before making a heel turn and dominating the rest of the year as Cruiserweight champ." He worked with Rey and then *dominated* as *Cruiserweight champ.* Oh, the poor baby! Curse that Rey for cursing Spike success. How awful! "Spike lost the title in December, and immediately vanished to Velocity, making one Pay-Per-View appearance at No Way Out, where he lasted 15.5 seconds against Paul London, and then was released earlier this year." Yeah, and this has anything to do with, now" Was he in the same building, looming ominously backstage somewhere, when Spike dropped the title and lost his push"

Ooh, hey, that just reminded me of something. Jillian Hall was a very promising wrestler in OVW. Then she got sent to SmackDown, which the same show Rey Mysterio works in, I guess, and is now floundering due to an OWW Hall of Shame-worthy terrible gimmick. COINCIDENCE""" Or conclusive prove that Rey singlehandedly ate Jillian Hall's career"""!!! That monster!!!

(If anyone took that last paragraph seriously, please seek help. Meanwhile, chill, and quit blaming a talented if not overexposed and directionless wrestler for injuries, booking, and other things that have absolutely nothing to do with him.)
Jonathan Batista wrote:
Uhhhh, ok. You start off saying that most people's reactions were that of Lita and Stacy Keibler "killing" carers. My reaction upon seeing the columnist's name was "Oh great, another attempt by Antonio Figueroa to defame Batista and/or Rey Mysterio." This article is nothing but a load of paranoid, biased, slanted BS and a horrible excuse for a column, and I'm left wondering why a great site such as OWW posted this to begin with.
Brad Wolfe wrote:
After reading what this man had to say, it seemed like he thought Rey Mysterio was the cause of these wrestlers tragic misfortunes. When reading what he posted, all of them had nothing to do with Rey Mysterio. Rey didn't physically touch any of them cause them to become injured. Half of these cases don't even make sense. He lost his cruiserweight title to Spike Dudley so its his fault that Spike was eventually released" Rey fueded with Angle and 8 months later, Angle got a neck injury. Thats 8 months after they met, and yet again Rey didn't do it to Angle. Some of these like Tajiris gimmick changing, Spike being fired, or James Gibson being released has nothing to do with Rey. That was WWEs decision and they didn't base it on "did he at all touch Rey Mysterio" Ya" Fire him!"

On the note of Gibson being fired, it wasn't exactly a bad thing cause look at him now, he's a top indy star and being respected where respect is due.

None of this is fact and none of these mis haps had nothing to do with Rey Mysterio, so don't blame Rey, blame the writers and staff.
Troy Tollison wrote:
Hey you forgot to mention that Rey caused Hurricane Katrina, made gas prices go up, and is the reason bad things happen to good people. Give me a break. You obviously have decent observational skills to collect all this inane information, it's just too bad you didn't use that with your writing skills to make an article worth reading. If you ever write something like this again make sure to state in the introdutory paragraph that all points were made based on the belief of karma.
Kenny Wisdom wrote:
While I agree that all of these things have happened, I do not agree that they are as extreme as you make them out to be. Let me explain

Matt Hardy: Matt Hardy was never really anything, sure he was the WWE Cruiserweight Champion, but with the WWE relying on the Heavyweight division for everything, that can't really say much as far as his WWE career goes. The Cruiserweight title is merely a Velocity, occasional Smackdown!, rare PPV title.

Big Show: Again, he didn't fall that much, he wasn't much to begin with. He was always(not in his career, but as of late) a mid-carder.

Spike Dudley: See "Big Show"

All the others I agree with except Eddie Guerrero. Sure, this has hurt his WWE character, but the Mysterio/Guerrero fued has, in this writer's opinion, the best feud of the year. Their matches have also been close contenders for the match of the year, both in WWE and outside of WWE.
avi Shina wrote:
What WWE is doing with Rey Mysterio is great! Not to say that the Dominick storyline was good at all but the push is. Usually WWE pushes wrestlers who are very high in charisma and give them a lot of interview time (Triple H, JBL, John Cena, The Rock...) But almost never do they push wrestlers who can wrestle but aren't very charismatic (Chris Benoit, Shelton Benjamin, RVD...) And there are a few cases in which WWE pushes wrestler who are neither charismatic or talented (the Big Show, Batista, Kane, The Undertaker...) And there are always some wrestler who are both (Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, Eddie Guerrero, Shawn Michaels...)

But it's very hard to get a push over the CW title when you are a cruiserweight, as most Cruiserweights are talented wrestlers but not very charismatic (Billy Kidman, Paul London, Akio, Tajiri...) But Rey Mysterio is a Cruiserweight who is quite charismatic and talented, Mysterio always had a hint of a push over the Cruiserweight title but never did better then the tag team titles. Mysterio was apart of tournaments for the WWE Championship and he only had storylines with maineventers such as the Big Show, Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero.

Rey Mysterio had nothing to do with Edge or Kurt Angle being injured. The fact that WWE had decided to stop pushing The Big Show was a good decision as he can't wrestle or is charismatic, if he didn't have weight going for him then he wouldn't even be in the WWE. Next is Matt Hardy, Hardy had a storyline with Mysterio, Hardy won the CW title at Wrestlemania 19 and then won in back in June. After that Matt Hardy had a short feud with Zack Gowen and a month later moved to RAW. Mysterio had nothing to do with that! Tajiri won the CW title off Rey Mysterio at No Mercy and lost it back to Mysterio 3 months later, 2 moths later Tajiri was drafted to RAW where he teamed with Rhyno (who was fired) and finally won the tag titles with William Regal. I'm almost certain that Jamie Noble aka James Gibson got fired from WWE for using Speedos so that had absolutely nothing to do with Rey Mysterio. Chavo Guerrero beat Rey Mysterio for the CW title at No Way out, and then Chavo retained it at the CW open which Rey participated in. Mysterio wasn't even involved in Chavo loosing to Jacqueline and then loosing to his father, Mysterio only joined in after Chavo sr. won the title Mysterio beat him and beat Chavo at the bash to retain the title. And you can't say that Spike Dudley didn't get a push, ever since Spike broke away from The Dudleyz he had absolutely nothing going for him, then he turned heel, beat Rey Mysterio, before Summerslam 2004 and held it until Armageddon 2004, which was a 5 month reign that spike got. Eddie Guerrero did job a lot to Mysterio, but that's just showing that Mysterio is finally getting the push to the upper midcard, the push that he deserves, ever since Eddie's feud with Kurt Angle turned into a Big Show/Angle feud Eddie was stuck in a fatal four way for the WWE title which everyone knew he had no chance in winning and then was just randomly teaming with Booker T for a while. Eddie had nothing going for him between Summerslam 2004 and Wrestlemania 2005, until he turned heel, so he jobbed to Rey, who cares, at least he's doing something.
I can see how some of these thing are kinda wierd but these are to false. The Kurt Angle thing really did turn made this false. Kurt broke his ankle 8 month after that fued which is way to big of a time gap. Hey if it was like a month differnce i would of agreed with you and Kurt is still one of the WWE's biggest stars. Second the all the cruiserwights on the list. The entire cruiserwight status is way to weak of a status to hold and almost no job sercurty Rey has huge sercurity because of his move and defenitly the 619 finisher. Again thats just my thoughts on it.
Pauline Knott wrote:
No offence but I think this is a really stupid theory as much as I respect other peoples views (exept Layden Rose) I cant agree with this column at all If you look at the superstars mentioned now . Edge is in a hot feud with Matt Hardy. Matt Hardy is in a hot feud with Edge. Tajiri not long ago was tag champ. Sakoda is now a succesful trainer Big show is perenial contender for the wwe championship and Kurts the number one contender for the wwe chapionship. Plus Rey's a superb competitor who is not a "Kiss of death" I somewhat doubt he came along randomly attacked angles with a crowbar and 8 months later is a very long time.
Dev Hassan wrote:
Lmfao.....This was a funny column - That's all I can basically say
James Peraza wrote:
Yeah this is about WWE's Carrer killer, well first off i'd like to say that all nine wrestlers are good reasons about Rey Mysterio, but you left out a lot of important information at the same time

First Kurt Angle you forgot to mention that after Kurt Defeated Rey, that a few months later he went on to win the WWE Championship off of The Big Show, then at the Royal Rumble he had and incredible match against Chris Benoit, and at Wrestlemania Kurt was beaten by Brock Lesnar in the match where he suffered the broken neck, and where Brock messed up on the shooting star press, and then when Kurt returned he beat brock lesnar twice and he made him tap-out.

Second Edge, yes it is true that he and Rey were Tag-Team champions, and they beat teams such as Los Guerreros and Angle and Benoit to get the job done. But you left out that after they stopped teaming and lost the belts, it was months when these guys didnt team together, and Edge suffered a broken neck. But when he returned look at how much edge improved his game, he ended Randy Orton reign as intercontinental champion, he has beaten guys like Chris Benoit, Shawn Micheals, Kane, Batista, Chris Jericho, and even getting a pinfall victory over Triple H. And at this past wrestlemania he won The Money In The Bank Ladder Match.

Third The Big Show, well first of all we all now since day one The Big Show was never used properly, when he made his debut yeah he made an impact but then he just started to be The Big Jobber, when he won the WWE Championship he only had a one month reign before he lost it to angle, and when he nearlt killed Rey, didnt Big Show get opportunity after opportunity at Brock Lesnar" I mean when Brock superplexed Big Show they both broke the ring, and then they had their stretcher match which was a good match for both guys. And then Big Show beat Eddie Guerrero for the United States Championship, which turned out to be Shows worst reign as champ. So even though if Mysterio wasnt in the picture, The Big Show would still be a mid-card wrestler.

Tajiri was a great cruiserweight champion, but he was stuck with Akio and Sakoda, which made his reign not so great, but when he was traded to RAW he won his share of Tag-Team gold and even got the chance to green mist Triple H.

Jamie Noble another great cruiserweight, but he was placed under a stupid storyline where his girlfriend Nidia was blinded by Tajiris black mist, and from there on he just went downhill, so that had nothing to do with rey.

Chavo Guerrero, well he made an impact winning the cruiserweight title on many occasions, but before he won the title, he was in a family feud against eddie, and then he set his sights on mysterio, he won the title off of him, but what made it hard on Chavo was that he was stuck in a storyline with his father, it seemed that all the main focus of that storyline was chavo sr. and not chavo jr., because the oh so great writers of the WWE didnt know what to do with them anymore, so after that they set chavo to lose his title to his dad, and then he'd lose it to mysterio.

Spike Dudley had an awesome reign as champ, he did beat rey to win the title, but after that he'd dominate the cruiserweight division, but he'd lose later on to Funaki, so really after his feud with Rey, Spike gained success than faliure.

And last but not least Eddie Guerrero, well first off I want to say yes, it is a shame that Eddie has been jobing for Rey because Eddie is a former, Intercontinental Champion, Eurpoean Champion, Tag-Team Champion, United States Champion, and a WWE Champion. But there rivalry could've been the greatest if it never invloved The Secret. When eddie turned heel it was awesome he was more vicious and more deadly. But what most fans have to realize is that there rivalry goes way back, it goes all the way back to their WCW days. And its been going on since, but the only reason its sucked is because of the storyline and the writers. But eventually eddie will rise and climb that ladder again, its only a matter of time.
Vince Vetere wrote:
No offence, but I think this is one of the dumbest columns I've read. I just have one question. Why Rey" Because, it seems to me that you have just picked a wrestler and named all the people he has fueded that are now released, or not doing so good.

How can you blame Rey for being a curse a causing Angles injury" Kurts had problems with his neck since the day he entered the WWE. He broke his neck way before he was even training as a professional. Kurt fueded with many people before going out for surgery. Its the same with Edge. His injury was caused due to years of strain. Again, he fueded with many different people before going out for a year.

As for Matt Hardy. Matt is so loyal to the WWE and to the business, that he was most likely the only wrestler who was willing to job to Gowen. True, he did nothing for almost a whole year after that, but WWE just had nothing for him. WWE have always liked Hardy and always wanted to use him. But they just didnt know what to do with him. So they kept him on Heat until they found something for him.

Big Show. The main event scene was being taking up by Brock and Angle during the better part of 2003. They had to do something with the Big Show. Would you of rather they have him go from main eventing to doing absolutely nothing, or going from main eventing to holding the second top title on SD"

As for all the cruiserweights you named, they're cruiserweights! Everything happens with the same cruiserweights. They hold the CW Championship once or twice, then the cruiserweight who was on Velocity during the time they had the title, gets his chance to hold the title, and the cruiserweight who held it before him goes back to Velocity. CWs have been mis-used since forever.

And just what is wrong with the Kerwin White gimmick" This could be the best thing to happen to Chavo. Its looking like he will be getting involved in a fued with Shelton Benjamin including a possible match at Unforgiven. If this goes on, I think he may even hold the IC title.

I just dont Understand. Why Rey" Im sorry, but you just randomly picked out a wrestler and named all the people he fueded with who are now doomed, to no fault of his own. You could do that with anyone. You could pick anyone in the WWE and name people they have fueded with and who are now no longer in the business. Its not like WWE say, "Ok, we're going to release this wrestler, but first, we are going to fued with Rey"

And about Eddie. It will be a long time before his career will be killed. Why would it" Because so far, in his fued with the "career killer" Rey, he hasnt won a match" That means nothing. You seem to be forgetting that this is the most heated and long lasting rivalry of this year, one that has spawned off many classic bouts. Tell how that is demolishing Eddie in any way. The main tag line for this fued is "Eddie cant beat Rey". If its part of a storyline, it doesnt count as jobbing. All it is, is that in order to further the fued, Eddie had to lose. This has just been a way to put Rey over into main event status. Eddie doesnt need to be put over. Eddie has already made it into main event status. A few wins for Rey over Eddie wont bring him down one bit. He is still seen as a top title contender, and many rumours tell us that he will be in the World Heavyweight Championship match at No Mercy.

Once again, I just dont think there was any sense to you coloumn.
PMPFTourney wrote:
Smarks like you are the reason why the internet is looked down upon. Please shut the hell up. Rey ELEVATED the careers of Chavo, Tajiri and Spike. Kurt Angle became WWE Champion. Big Show was main eventing AFTER his feud with Rey Mysterio. God. There's absolutely zero logic in what you wrote. The only reason I visit this stupid smark infested site is for wrestler profiles. Have a nice day.
Antonio Figueroa (original Author) wrote:
Well I guess a few people actually like Rey Mysterio. How that can be when all of his matches are carbon copies of one another and he has less mic skill than Viscera, I'll never know, but hey, to each his own. The main reason I wrote this column is that I do not believe in "mass coincidence". Two or three people go out with an injury or mega de-push right after feuding with Rey, that's one thing. But nine people" (Well, ten actually- someone was kind enough to e-mail me and remind me that I forgot to add RVD to the list: he teams with Rey, instantly tears his ACL after winning the WWE Tag titles...hmmmmmm....oh, wait, eleven, one of the replies mentioned Mordecai...) In my opinion, Rey Mysterio is the equivalent of the bubonic plague walking around WWE. They feel like killing off someone's momentum or hell, their entire career, just stick them in a program with Rey and it happens pretty quick.
Tlc Woodworks wrote:
It was actually really great! Good job, man, IMO. I mean, you really know your proffesional wrestling, you do good with this site in general, but, you really had to do some research for this, so good job, man, and keep up the good work! :)
Tyler Keef wrote:
This is the worst column ever. What does Rey have to do with any of those injuries" Yes, all of these did happen, but Rey was not involved in any of them. And it's not like Rey was the one booking those people like crap. Yes Rey did make up the Dominic storyline, but that is the only good point you have to make, which isn't even half good.
Jason "Xtremefalls" Simmons wrote:
Well first off that was funny made me laugh so good job. In reality there is no such thing as a career killer, Thats just people taking advantage of certian things. With this none of the things that happen the people Mysterio feuded with has nothing to do with Rey such as Angle he has injured his neck long before Mysterio. It was a funny column though good job.
Paul Glantz wrote:
WOW, that is compete bull. RVD getting hurt had nothing to do with Rey. If you go to RVDs web site he explains exactly how it happened. It happened during training. Have you ever seen a van dam thrust. if that doesn't tare something, then your body is made of metal. If you cared to do any research, you would know that non of the things that you said are correct.

How ever I do agree that Rey is the wrestler that he used to be. Rey should strait up retire, he is just not even as close to being as good as he was 10 years ago, forget 10 years ago, he isn't as good as he was 3 years ago when he first came to the WWE. all of his matches are carbon copies because if he does anything else he will fall into little shattered pieces on the floor.

So as much as I hate what rey has become, I am ion aww that you are even trying to blame these unrelated events on a man who's only fault is trying to do what he loves for as long as he can.
BJunior1985 wrote:
Wow I look at all these reactions to this column and I say damn. To the author of this column, I wouldn't write another column like this in the near future. You see all these people reactions. I read your column and I totally agree with all their reactions. Rey has nothing to do with any wrestlers misfotures. You don't have nothing to back up with your statements at all. Note to Self:Write a Column that makes sense. Hell I can write a better article than that and I will back up my statements as well. So in the future you want to deframed anybody,I think before I write another column.
Luis Malave {pronounced Lou-wis Muh-la-vay} wrote:
I think this article was actually semi-entertaining. It's by no way a literary masterpiece, but it did make some sense.

Anyway, all I have to say to all the negative responses to this post, whatever the author's personal intentions were are irrelevant. This article just spouts some a few coincidences and exploits them.

In actuality, the article reminds me of alot of articles written within any of the WWE Magazines. For example, I have an issue of RAW Magazine distributed for the month of, "Holiday 2003". The cover story of the magazine is entitled, "No Remorse" and is an article about Kane.

In this article, they examine "Kane's" psychological profile, and his behavior backstage. I'll quote an excerpt from the magazine:

"RAW Magazine has also learned that WWE officials now take special precautions at arenas where Kane wrestles. Extra security is hired and a special waiver---accepting responsibility for any damage Kane may do to the building---are now prerequisites if officials want Kane to be allowed to compete. Kane's actions have become so dark and violent that the question of whether RAW would be better off without him now has to be considered. Whether it's in the form of suspension or expulsion, something needs to be done, and done soon."

Just like this article about Rey, how real is that article about Kane" Not really believable, is it" There is another article about how Stevie Richards really thought he was the GM of Heat.

With those kind of articles, it's just entertainment, and that's how I looked at this article here. I don't think the author REALLY thinks that Rey Mysterio is a career-killer. Just like I don't think the author of those working at WWE really think that Kane is a psychotic maniac and Steven Richards is really convinced he is the GM of RAW. Stop thinking too much into this writing and just take it as it is...entertainment.

Antonio, I applaud your article and look forward to reading more in the future.
Vince "The Next Messiah" Tripoli wrote:
Wow... I read this entry... And it was past retarted... How can Rey mess up Angle's neck 8 MONTHS LATER... What are you retarted... Do you enjoy being a retard" I have to ask... Does your mom still dress you in the morning.. Because it seems like your some kind of idiot. Nothing you said ruined ANY of there careers... Yea maybe the Eddie one was a bit lame and it was sooooo telegraphical as soon as they braught in dominici into the picture i knew what was gonna happen.. But that was just one of the biggest wastes of time i have EVER read... I hope you enjoy being a retarted and dont forget right shoe goes on right foot :)

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