Hell Must Have Frozen Over.
July 18, 2002 - By Monica Irizarry

I must say as I write this hell must have frozen over if Eric Bischoff enemy number 1 to Vince McMahon went and hugged Vince and went down that wwe aisle. It's weird when faced with a desperate situation people will do anything to fix it even eat there words. It is funny people kept saying the wwe was looking and turning into wcw I did not think Vince would take it literally and hire Eric Bischoff. But many had mention that raw was starting to turn into nitro I guess that is why Vince hired Eric to be the general manager of raw instead of smack down. This decision gives us the indication that there maybe more trouble with the company than we realize. We all know ratings have been down so has merchandise and house show ticket sales, but from my point of view this was a good decision as long as the story line that follows works this will play out right.

But with Eric no matter how much he is hated no one can deny that he did get wcw back on it's feet for a while to have him there will definitely give another point of view. But the one thing that am going to say that concern's me is moral has been down since the nwo came in and to bring in someone that is even more hated than the nwo. This decision could have bad ramifications, Since allot of wrestlers will be even more unhappy then they are right know. But from a fans point of view am happy something new has happened. We could finally see Eric Bischoff vs. Vince McMahon and if Austin ever comes back you could have Eric go at it with Austin. Eric could also be more of a bigger heel than Vince McMahon was Bischoff is naturally hated because of the threat he posed against the wwe in 1996 with the nwo. So he could play off that and provide something new for fans that have wanted to see Eric vs. Vince.

He can also provide other things like another wcw outlook which many new fans and wwe marks don't know about. Eric was also instrumental in the development of the cruiserweight division in wcw so he could provide and input on the wwe light heavyweight division. He was also great with Japanese relations and Vince could use that to his advantage. But Vince needs to remember one thing you cannot fix things by bringing people in, all it provides is a temporary fix if the product is bad no cover up will fix it we learned that lesson with the nwo.

Well like I say whether you like my opinion whether you don't respect it because it's coming from a true wrestling fan

by Monica Irizarry.


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