Triple H Will Beat John Cena: And Ric Flair Will Help Him
December 2, 2005 by Jacob Kuhn

It's a fact that has been bugging me since the draft lottery happened. Ever since John Cena was the very first pick to go over to RAW, it was clear to me. Even though Triple H was about to lose his third straight match to Batista, there was no denying the inevitable. John Cena would hold the WWE Championship until Triple H comes back from his layoff and then Triple H will win yet another World Title.

This has been a twofold problem for me. Although I would quite enjoy seeing Triple H beat John Cena and end his less than exciting run with the belt, my realization of this fact has left me viewing all WWE Title matches with a bit of mediocrity.

Being obvious, I doubt anyone who pays attention to wrestling gave Chris Jericho or Christian any semblance of a chance when they got their shots at Cena. It was widely known that Jericho was leaving for a while and that WWE has yet to see Christian as having a chance to take the belt. These facts made for some pretty uninteresting- and hard to get into- title matches.

Before he became WWE Champion, I actually liked John Cena. He had a lot of intensity and he had quite a few enjoyable street fights in the last year. There was no surprise that he had great things in store for him. When he went up against JBL at Wrestlemania 21, it was probably easy for anyone to know the belt would be changing hands. However, it was in the lackluster way the match was won that made me lose most of my respect for Cena.

Over the past year, I have been hearing from anyone who decides to say it that John Cena is the future of the company. Whenever I hear this, I just smile and let people believe what they want. If every wrestler in the past two decades lived up to the fact that someone believed they were the future of wrestling, then this would be a completely different business than it is now. Though I definitely believe Cena will be around for a long time and often times be a major player, he is not in any way the future of the business. He is on a roll right now and is definitely the most popular wrestler in the business, but wrestling fans have a short attention span. Wait a year and there will be someone else who is "The Future of the WWE."

Currently it makes a lot of sense why people follow this line of thinking, though. John Cena is not only WWE Champion, but he has been running through all of his competition. His matches have not really lasted very long, either. It makes him appear much more dominating than he is.

So, when Triple H returned to the WWE, I knew it would only be a matter of time before he got the belt again. He only strengthened my belief that he would be the next WWE Champion when he did what many of us expected him to do: he attacked Ric Flair.

Flair and Triple H have had an interesting feud so far. Although technically there have only been two matches (and I am writing this before the Survivor Series), there has been a lot of heat. Invariably, when you have two extremely charismatic performers as these two are, you don't have to rely only on the matches for the excitement. Flair as a face has always been quite popular and Triple H doesn't have to do more than wave his hand to get the fans to hate him. Therefore it's no surprise that this has been interesting to watch.

But it won't last much longer. In fact, I would look for Flair to lose the feud and fade away for a few weeks. And then, within the next few months, Triple H will defeat John Cena for the WWE Championship. And Ric Flair will be the man who helps him.

Why would Flair help the man who turned against him and attacked him with a sledgehammer" Beyond that, why would he help him become Champion again" Am I saying Flair will help Triple H because he will then be able to defeat Triple H for the belt" Nope. Will Flair help Triple H win the belt by accident, truly meaning to help Cena" Nope. Flair will help Triple H win the belt because the current storyline is nothing but a setup, to make people think the two of them are at odds.

It's not the first time Flair has done something like this. However, it seems that every time he does it, we all fall for it yet again. Most notably I am reminded of when Arn Anderson supposedly turned on Flair, leading Ric to team up with Sting. It took weeks for Flair to convince Sting to help him out, but when he finally did, Flair turned on Sting and that was it. Some fans were surprised, but those of us who know Flair were neither surprised nor upset. I am sure most of us were quite pleased.

What better way for Triple H to look vulnerable than to no longer have his right hand man" Over the past year and a half, Evolution has slowly broken up, but Flair has been the only constant. We've all wondered if and when Flair would be the next to turn on his protégé. It seemed inevitable because the Ric Flair we all know would NEVER play second fiddle to anyone. What a shock for all of us when it was actually Triple H that did the turning.

Well, this is just act one of a three act play. The first act will be over at the end of Survivor Series when John Cena retains his belt against Kurt Angle. Act Two will be when Triple H gets his shot against Cena for the title. And Act Three will be when all truths are revealed and Ric Flair and Triple H will be laughing because they pulled the wool over everyone's eyes.

by Jacob Kuhn ..

Gus Davis wrote:
The only reason HHH will beat Cena is because HHH is married to Stephanie Mcmahon, she's practically in control of the company. Everytime HHH wants to sleep by the WWE/Worldheavy weight title, he'll demand that Vince or Steph do that for him.
Jesco Brodersen wrote:
I totally agree with your opinion on Cena. Somehow the crowd always falls for the most unbelievable moves. The peoples Elbow. The Worm. The Five Knuckle Shuffle. Don't they realize that it is kind of strange that wrestlers recover from being hit with a chair but just lie down for a move that takes about half a minute. Cena has been an interesting fellow till he got his title run. From there on he did quite decent but he only retained against people who didn't get a push then. So this all sets up for your Triple H theory. But I think it is going to be a 5 act play. We have the exposition and your 3rd act is the climax. After that HHH will retain against a few people untill in the great finale Flair gets his (last") shot on the WWE Title. No alliance in Wrestling is forever...
Efrem Solomon wrote:
It's not doubt that Triple H deserves a shot at this title since he has won it off of more deserving men. Though the WWE won't give it to him, because they want Cena's character to develop more to face men like Triple H or Batista. When Triple H returned the strictly set him up with Flair so he is preoccupied long enough to face Cena. I don't think Triple H is going to have a title until he faces Batista. I think it is real low to have the likes of Ric Flair and Triple H fighting for the Intecontinental title, but to have John Cena remain champion after facing Kurt Angle. Now it seems they have Big Show going up against Triple H, they could go through a whole roster of worthy wrestlers and not still not have Triple H as champion. Sooner or later management will see a fued like this has to happen to bring RAW! up above Smackdown!
Steven P. wrote:
Now this was a great piece of work. Without a doubt, Triple H will be the World Heavyweight Champion again. Will he beat John Cena" Maybe. I know that you wrote this article before watching Survivor Series, so you didn't know that Triple H may be put into an angle with The Big Show. However, John Cena, as entertaining as he is on the mic, is just terrible in the ring. In my view, Triple H will beat Cena for the title, but you'll just have to wait until Backlash for it to happen. However, a job well done on this fine article.
Satinder Bumrah wrote:
First of all, I 100% agree with you. No doubt the fact that Triple H is better then John Cena. HHH has more experience in the ring, and his in ring ability is just phenominal. Triple H has been in the business more then Cena. He knows what goes on in the ring, and knows all the tricks. Sorry Cena you have to wait, it's not your time yet boy. Anyway your perdictions of Flair becoming partners with HHH are absolutly true. As you all know Ric Flair is the dirtest player in the game. Flair will have no problem, helping the game to get title win over Cena.
FJ Parlan (Philippines) wrote:
Interesting article you got there. Now, for all I know, OWW does not really allow predictions for any wrestling events but they made this and few as exemptions because it is actually valid and makes a lot of damn sense.

You made non-vivid points in your ideas and it is really interesting the way your thinking here goes. I absolutely want that to happen and it will entertain me very much, even more than the current H-Ric feud stimulates me now.

I have no problem with all of it except that Triple H will get the belt now for the 11th time, maybe too much, but there may probably be no choice than this to cut down Cena for a while and give life to the WWE title anew.
MafiaTonyNY wrote:
If you have been reading up on wrestling news you would know that Triple H is supposed to lose the feud with John Cena. Vince loves Cena and wants him to carry the company. Sorry if I ruined your dreams of Triple H as champion as much as we all would like to see that happen.
Richard wrote:
Kinda late on the Survivor Series thing, eh" Personally, I could care less who beats John Cena, for as long as they get the job done. The longer Cena is WWE Champion, the sicker it makes me. It reminds me of the time when the Honky Tonk Man was Intercontinental Champion. People were so sick of this no load being the I-C Champion that they would wait on pins and needles waiting for someone to beat him. Vinny Mac is doing the same with Cena. He knows that Cena is a lackluster paper champion and that the fans can not wait for him to be de-throned. People talk about business sense being the reason why Cena is champion. That is not it. Cena is champion because Vinny Mac is a virtual one man monopoly with little real competition and he knows it. He can therefore make lackluster champions at will if he chooses. People will pay to see WWE events anyway, no matter how low quality the product. Case in point" Arguably the two lowest points in the history of WWF/WWE that should have put Vinny Mac on the verge of going out of business were the Montreal Screwjob and the mis-handling of Owen's Hart's death. But even Canadian fans go to WWE events given this track record. So, when people on this website like to parrot the goof-ball line that "we don't know business" when we say Cena should not be champion any longer are just talking heads who themselves are clueless. People will pay to see live WWE events even if Tajiri was WWE Champion and Rey Mysterio was World Heavyweight Champion. It is long past time for Cena to drop the title and hopefully Vinny Mac will wake up to this fact and also send Triple H to Smackdown to restore the credibility of the World Heavyweight Championship.

I would be delighted if Flair helped Triple H regain his 11th World Title.................
Jacob Kuhn (directed at MafiaTonyNY) wrote:
For your information, I read wrestling news every day. I live pro wrestling and it has been my life for 26 years. I read everything, watch everything and keep up on everything that has been going on. So yes, I have heard that HHH is supposed to lose to Cena.

Now, if YOU have been paying attention to wrestling history, you would know that plans made are not always carried out. Vince changes his mind often, so the fact that some insider sites are claiming that HHH will lose to Cena means jack shit. If all of the insider sites were right all the time, wrestling would be a different sport. Now, try to think with a mind of your own instead of blindly trusting rumors.
HorrorKillers666 wrote:
I hope Triple H does beat John Cena. I am so sick of seeing Cena with that title!! WWE needs new champions, Batista and Cena are getting stale!!!
James Williams wrote:
There is no way that HHH can be a World Heavyweight Champion unless he decides to switch to the other show. Batista is currently carrying that title. Cena has the WWE title.
Adam Sykes wrote:
Well there's no doubt at all that triple h will beat Cena for the title somewhere down the line, who else is there to do it" jericho and Angle both lost to cena, there's nobody else left on raw that would be even in with a shot of beating him. Give it two months and big show will be jobbing to val venis again, probably after fueding with kane again. kane will have some pointless fued with somebody like tyson tomko, who i acctualy really liked when he was with christian, but the thing with snitsky is degrading, masters who seems to be getting pushed lately is way too green, same with carlito, edge i'd like to see with a world title eventualy, and i think he could do a good job against cena, but something about him just doesnt say main event yet. i guess vince will just line up a few more people to job to cena, while giving triple h a few more pointless fueds, big show, maybe kane, whoever they can find i guess, to drag out cena's reigntill maybe wrestlemania, make sure he passes JBL's record, if he hasnt already. Or, they have triple h win the elimination chamber in early January, and have cena win the rumble, either way i'd bet that raws wrestlemania main event is Cena -v- triple h.
Chris Pugsley (Age 16 from Albany, Oregon) wrote:
Triple H isn't going to get the WWE Championship because he is married to Stephanie McMahon like some ignorant person wrote above. Triple H won the Main Event of WrestleMania before he was dating Stephanie behind the curtain. He has all the tools to be the champion. People who complain about Triple H holding the belt too long don't even see that they are saying exactly what the WWE wants them to say. When Trips holds the belt for more than 6 months people watch to wait for that moment when he drops the belt and they love it. Triple H, or any one, holding the championship for so long just adds a legitimacy to the title. Back in the NWA days guys would hold the title for a longer than we have seen anyone do in the WWE since Hogan. I cannot wait for the Cena Triple h rivalry since it has been reported that neither are to fond of each other. It will be a rivalry with greatly cut promos and matches like the Triple H Batist matches where Trips will have to carry Cena not necessarily for his lack of talent but for his lack of years in this business. They will be solid matches, not an Angle HBK match by PPV worthy easily.
Kevin Luu wrote:
I agree someone does need to take the title from Cena but in my opinion Angle deserves it just as much as HHH. If or when they hook up in the ring I'm sure HHH will make Cena look good like he does with everyone. Let's just hope, fingers crossed, The Game prevailes. Not 100% sure about Flair helping HHH but we'll just have to wait and see.
Kelvin J. Fisher wrote:
It's easy to tell you're only 16, so young and so naive. Trips' "courtship" and subsequent "marriage" was a ploy, plain and simple, to keep this no-talent hasbeen from the unemployment line.The only reason Trips is a main-eventer instead of a curtain jerker is because of his "marriage" to the billionaire princess. Triple H's Wrestlemania victory prior to his "courtship" of Stephanie was due to his conniving and backstage politicking, not due to any of his abilities of which he has little to none. Also, for clarification, did you actually mention great promos in the same breath with Triple H" You lost your credibility there.
stilltrae wrote:
I cannot believe that people are actually canpaigning for HHH to become champion again. All I've heard from these people so far is how much they hate Cena because of "lackluster" matches that he has had so far as champ. One of them even implied his only good matches were his street fights, and assuming that this Cean-bashing is due to his lack of technical ring ability, doing something like seems not paradoxical, but hypocritical. Cena isn't just some fad like other babyface champions such as Orton or Benoit; quite frankly, we're witnessing the evolution of the next Hulk Hogan. Think about it: both rely on relative short matches that showcase barely any skill, yet both are so immensely popular that charisma is sufficient enough to secure their credibility as a long standing champion. I'm tired of HHH being champion. His title runs can only be compared to the "undefeated" streak of Bill Goldberg. Now that was lackluster. The big question to ask is: what has HHH done when as a champion" The answer is simple: NOTHING. It seemed almost pointless to have anyone challenge the champion as he never lost. Obviously being married to the boss's daughter is the only thing that has kept him the title picture for so long. Called me old fashioned, but I prefer a babyface as a champ rather than a heel, especially since the secrets of business have been exposed and there is no longer any point in trying to act like everything is still on the low. I think the WWE's heavy reliance on predictable storylines and HHH will be its downfall. TNA is slowly rising to the top and I think the "matter of years" it will only be a matter of months so long as blow hards like Jeff Jarrett are either removed from the title picture or another belt in TNA is created so competion for the NWA championship is less crowded and suffocating. I think the way the business is right now will only cause it to implode. The biggest promotion is signing too many high-profile stars known for a high-flying style that has been largely banned in the WWE.

It's a bit paradoxical how the WWE is out to recruit these new athletes who can totally change and reinvigorate the business, yet there is nowhere to push them because of because instead, the WWE is too busy pushing performers with a good sense of theatrics and nothing else, such as HHH and Cena. I like Cena. I think the WWE is trying to make him their version of AJ Styles, who I think is one of the most revolutionary athletes there is. I think that's the biggest difference: athletes and performers. People have gotten tired of the long, tired storylines of the WWE that's concentrates and is too dependent on gimmicks, and are preferring the intense athletic rivalries shown in places like TNA and ROH. In the end, I think guys like John Cena and HHH are misplaced. HHH would fit better in role Jarrett plays in TNA, and John Cena would be a better champion if there was some way to just reunite those two titles. It's too hard to say just what is going to happen in the WWE. I think the notion of Ric Flair just siding with HHH is ridiculous, because Flair's ego is just too big to take a beating like that and becomes Hunter's lapdog. I think the absence of an Intercontinental champion and the US championship being up in the air will cause the WWE to merge back into one entity. It has become too hard to keep up with this SmackDown/Raw rivalry, especially when the scales are so one-sided in Raw's favor. SmackDown being moved to the Friday night deathslot was a sign of future failure, and I don't think this form of intramural competition could keep up any longer. Eddie's death changed to the future of the World Heavyweight Championship, and Bautista's wavering health puts the title in an odd predicament. I think that it is not just one wrestler who is boring us fans, but the role that his bosses have put him in. HHH is trying to be put up as the most dominating force in wrestling, Cena is slowly being shaped into the next Hulk Hogan, and TNA is plagued by a champion who also happens to be the company's founder. Everyone is tired of the same formula or plotline being used over and over again.
Amy from FL wrote:
I think you are underestimating John He is a good fighter and has held his own with the title for some time. He own a submission match with no submission in his show to show array of moves. So in my personal opinion John Cena will be able to hold his own in a match with HHH. John has been good at beating the odds when the deck is stacked against him.
Eric Meunier wrote:
C'mon man. We all have our favorite wrestler's for a reason. Some of us believe HHH to be the best & most entertaining character in the WWE. You have your reasons for disliking him & that's cool. But to say he has no talent or in ring ability is a bit much,no" There is a reason he's crossed over to film & T.V. The man has charisma to spare & is a gifted wrestler. I just hope we don't end up seeing less of him in the ring because we lose him to Hollywood a la "Rock". How many fans out there would love to see HHH vs. Rock one last time....or on the big screen one day"
B4DNo1s3 wrote:
I think Hunter will win it from John Cena. He is not in the NYR EC match, instead he will fight big show in a "beef" match. So, I am pretty sure he will keep having small feud like this till Rumble. And after winning the Rumble he will face John in wrestle mania and finally end his lackluster title reign. Thats why he lost the title match with flair and won the non-title one. Or if John cena by any miracle do loose in NYR then HHH will win rumble, switch to smackdown and go after Dave Bautista. And win the title back(though highly unlikely, then raw wont have much talent, specially if Taker, Orton, Batista, HHH, JBL all in one show).

But i really want wrestling to be like olden times again. Specially no two titles but one. Would be great to see a six man battle royal, HHH vs. Cena vs. Taker vs. Batista vs. Angle vs. HBK vs. Batista. That would be a match to see. I will be best rating WWE had in years. Anyway from current RAW story line i can tell it will be HHH and Cena in WM. and HHH will beat him and not flair but Vince will help him win. Just like HHH vs. Rock and John Cena is kinda like the rock. Vince is back!!!
DLMD9 wrote:
You have to be kidding" Your points against Raw don't make any sense, not at all! Let me explain.

1.The Triple H and Ric Flair story line. Why does Triple H consider Flair soft, because he's now a face, and by doing so he has betrayed Triple H who is a heel, a story line that has been done before remember the Kane vs. the Undertaker leading up to Wrestlemania XX."Kane said he felt betrayed by the Undertaker when Undertaker became a face. Triple H also said that he has gotten tired of Ric Flair and wants to retire him to preserve his memories of Ric Flair legacy which he, Triple H feels he has tarnished ever since he left Raw after his feud with Batista. In other words Triple H feels it is now time to retire Ric Flair.

2. Why hasn't Triple H gone after Cena for the WWE title" Simple he's been to busy trying to finish off Ric Flair and like Triple H said, "When I want some,( the WWE title) I'll take it." Same as in TNA, Abyss wants the NWA Heavyweight title but is to busy fighting Sabu.

3. Eric Bischoff has been made weak over the past cause now he is under Vince McMahon authority, before he had been able to do what he wanted against McMahon. Now McMahon has the power to humiliate Bischoff for almost putting him out of business.

4. Big Show and Kane are tag team champions right now because they know as a team no one can stop them. Ultimately their own thirst for power could break up the team.

5. Shelton Benjamin and Kurt Angle who are two of the top wrestlers on Raw, both have no titles because one, Benjamin is on a losing streak, which is typical in wrestling story lines, second Kurt Angle can't dethrone John Cena for the WWE title. Challengers who have repeatedly gone after the title only to lose in the end has happen in mostly every wrestling organization. In simple terms Cena is on top and no can beat him. Just because Benjamin and Angle are top wrestlers doesn't mean they should automatically be champions, their more elements in wrestling that determine whose should be champion and who should not.

6. Why is Chris Master headlining Raw" Because he's a new rising superstar who has powerful submission, the Master Lock, aka the Full Nelson which as we all know has been used and broken before. That angle has been done for decades! You seen with Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle at one point, but with Angle it was more about his submission move than him being a new superstar.

I know your anti WWE and all, but if your going to insult the WWE don't leave yourself wide open with one sided examples like these for some one to come back and attack you, I have never written and article before but that is basic knowledge. Last Benoit won the World Heavyweight title, not the WWE Championship.
Tashaya wrote:
I feel strongly against Adam Heap. I think he is all wrong HHH will not beat John Cena at Backlash nor at any other pay-per-view because he is that good. As for Kurt Angle he SUCKS as we all know and there is no doubt about it. He won't never beat John in a fair match.Ya'll know this nobody can beat him he's never lost the championship and never will inless he gets striped of it. But he does draw a crowd because he is the best and it going to stay that way.


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