Jeff Jarrett is the Best Thing For TNA
January 8, 2006 by Jacob Kuhn

The first thing everyone is thinking is how could I even think such a thing. How could anyone at all believe that Jeff Jarrett is good for TNA" In fact, with almost everyone I have spoken to, the exact opposite seems to be the consensus. In a discussion, another columnist for OWW, compared Jarrett as champion to something much more vulgar than I care to imagine again. But he's nowhere near alone in his opinion of Jarrett. Rather than think of all the people who have spoken out against Jarrett, I will list the people I know who have actually said good things about Jarrett in TNA:

Jacob Kuhn.

Yup, that's it. I am the only one. This is certainly not to say that no one else feels this way, but as of yet, not a single other person has expressed this sentiment to me. I can already tell you that probably every single response I get to this column will tell me that I am crazy, stupid, and will probably use more vulgarities than I again care to mention in this column. In fact, I look forward to all of these comments because to me, it will prove that I am right. Jarrett is good for TNA because absolutely everyone hates him and feels that he is a paper champion.

Before I go into the details here, I need to explain something, though. Anyone who knows a thing about me knows that I am a mark for Ric Flair. I have been all my life and I will be until I die. In my opinion, there is not a single wrestler who is fit to hold Flair's jockstrap. Not Hogan, not Austin, not the Rock and not Sting. Jarrett is not anywhere near the same class as Flair ever was. But, I feel that Jarrett does have one of Flair's greatest strengths and it is that reason why he is good for TNA. It's the fact that all of you hate him as much as you do.

In the history of the WWWF/WWF/WWE, it has generally been thought of that it's best for the company for a face to hold the belt. Until the most recent years, this has been the rule. One needs to look no further than the long years of Bruno Sammartino, Bob Backlund and Hulk Hogan to see this. In fact, with the exceptions of Superstar Billy Grahm and Yokozuna, before 1998, any heel that would have the belt would only hold it for a short amount of time. Iron Sheik held it for about a month. Andre the Giant held it for a few minutes. Even Ric Flair's longest WWF title reign was only three months. These all paled in comparison to the many years long reigns of the previously named wrestlers.

In the NWA, it was always different. Sure, there would be some faces that would get the belt and hold it for a while. This was never the rule. More often than not, either a heel had the belt or a wrestler who constantly went back and forth between face and heel would have it. Harley Race dominated the 1970's. Ric Flair was the man throughout the 80's. Even WCW enjoyed its greatest successes with a heel (Hogan) as champion. Even in the AWA, Nick Bockwinkel was the dominate champion after Verne Gagne retired. It's debatable how these title runs competed with the WWWF/WWF/WWE in relation to success. The WCW and AWA are gone, the NWA is smaller and weaker and the WWE, although not going strong, is still the dominate name in the business.

During the "Attitude Era", it seemed that the WWF changed its ways a bit. Though World Title reigns were short, we began seeing heels with them more often. The Rock and even Steve Austin had successful heel title reigns.

Still, it has long been the WWE's formula to let the face champion hold the belt. Right now, they have reverted to that pattern with both of their World Titles. Batista and John Cena have had strangleholds on the two respective titles. But is the WWE any better for it" I would suggest their low television ratings, in spite of their nationally recognized name, would say that they are not. I would further suggest that all of the criticism I am seeing aimed at WWE would also say that they aren't.

But how does that put TNA in a better place" Well, despite all of the bad things many of us say about Cena and Batista, they are still quite popular with a large percentage of the fans out there. They get cheered more than they get booed. They are made out to be heroes. A lot of people don't want to see them lose their belts. Many of us do. But more than anything, the longer they hold them, the more bored many of us get. We have no idea when or who will defeat Cena or Batista or even if anyone in the WWE deserves to be champion at this time. There is almost a form of indifference and boredom with these two champions. Neither have faced anyone yet who has had any real chance of beating them (with the exception of Kurt Angle, but we knew he wouldn't win). A champion is often defined by his competition and WWE is not giving either of their champions anything of the sort.

It's different with Jarrett, though. Almost everyone wants to see him lose the belt. Not only does his in ring persona gets under people's skin, but his behind the scenes actions do as well. Since the Jarretts have a certain amount of control over TNA, it makes it easier for people to hate the fact that Jarrett is more than likely maneuvering himself into the position as champion. His matches, though better than those of Batista or Cena, are nowhere near on par with the other wrestlers in TNA. There's not a member of the X-Division that couldn't show Jarrett up any day of the week. Often, it might seem that the main event is anti-climatic because it's never the quality of the preceding matches.

I think another factor in Jarrett's favor is his competition. One could argue whether the wrestlers he has been facing are on par with those of the WWE (I would argue they are better). But the fact is, the wrestlers Jarrett is opposing are on par with Jarrett. Anytime one of them opposes him, he has a definite shot at losing. That makes his title reign more interesting than either of the WWE Champions.

But there's one thing Jarrett's matches have in them that Flair's had back in the 1980's. The fans tune in to see them because they want to see Jarrett lose. They actually want to see someone beat him and take the belt. Maybe deep in their hearts they know he will walk out with the championship, but that doesn't stop them from hoping. Things can change at the last minute, TNA might find someone to be a much better champion and have him drop the title, right"

I think Flair knew this in the 80's. Ric Flair has always been willing to do what is best for wrestling. Whenever he has had to play the heel, he has done it. Whenever he was told to drop the title, he did it without Hoganesque whining. So he was smart enough to make enough people hate him because they would tune in to see him lose. And when he didn't, the fans would get frustrated. But the more frustrated they get, the more easily they would tune in to see Flair eventually lose.

There are a percentage of us who have these feelings about Cena and Batista, but with Jarrett it is more universal. Being that I am the only person I know who actually likes Jarrett with the belt, both 'marks' and 'smarks' - and the rest who think both those labels are stupid - generally want to see Jarrett drop the belt. It adds something extra to the product.

In Flair's day, he knew it was good to make the fans hate him and to let his opponents kick his ass throughout the match, generally. It worked and it kept the NWA alive while competing with WWF in the 1980's. Jarrett is doing something similar. While he's not in the same class as Flair, he is giving the fans something they want. They want to hate him, they want the possibility to see him lose and they want to see him get his ass kicked over and over.

We may see another champion soon in TNA. With Sting coming into the company, there might be some incentive to give it to him. But, I suspect, the same as 2004 and 2005, we can expect to see Jarrett come out on top more often than not.

by Jacob Kuhn ..

Rich wrote:
I have to strongly disagree. Flair, Triple H, Angle get under peoples skin, Jarrett is just a sub-par wrestler which makes if laughable for him to continue to be given wins over wrestlers larger and more skilled then he is. He'd be lucky to hold a cruiserweight or intercontinental title in WWE or any of the major companies of the past. This is obvious and reminds everyone that TNA is minor leagues to have there title held by someone so mid-card. It's foolish for them not to put it on someone that doesnt remind us of this fact, Abyss, A.J., Monty Brown, Chris Daniels anybody. Jarrett's matches are some of the weakest of their PPV's. He's brings down the image of TNA and is bad business. Most important it's boring. And I wished that fans would learn that if you don't like seeing a wrestler (or even better want to hear another 10 rant by Triple H) instead of booing at the show, chat boring. But that's a whole article in itself. To close, Jarrett is boring.
Sean S. wrote:
I read you column and I disagree with you totally about Jarrett. He is not what best for TNA. he should not be champion period. You see there is a difference is getting good heat and bad heat. How good does it look on TV when fans chant the following to Jarrett "boring", "Drop the title", "Jarretts's a jobber", and there are others. Ok those does not make your champion look like a great heel. The best heels in the business never got those kinds of chants. A good heat would be loud boos, A**hole, or your suck. What Jarrett gets isn't must of those.

Fans straight up don't want Jarrett as champion. They are not paying to see him loss. The real reason why TNA PPV get most of there buys in the X Divison. That is why most time there the Main Event match. They pay to see everyone else in the Main match but him. If Jarrett is such a great champion how come he's not defending it" I mean is he at Final Resolution" No. Most like he won't on Impact becase look at the history. Jarrett barely even wrestle on Impact period. Some Champion right. All he does is talk. I can count all Jarretts match with both hands he had since Impact started. Not just Spike but back on FSN. Now thats sad. I'm talking at the most ten matches. I mean what happened to Christian and Monty Brown title shost they supostly earned" Honestly you think fans aregoing to buy Final resoluton for Jarrett" No. There going to be a lot of guys buying just to see Sting and the X Disvision.

To compare what Jarrett is doing to Flair. Ok Flair was entertaining. Jarrett your right is no in Flair level. He not in anway. What made Flair successful at long title runs because he was entertaining. Jarrett as no were close to the promo skills Flair did at his prime. Plus your talking about two different times. Most of the stuff that happened during the 70s and 80s would not work now. Jarrett is no way working as champion nor is he drawing that big.

If TNA wants to be a competior to the WWE. Jarrett is not the answer. You know why" In Vince eyes you know what he will see. He see a former Mid carder of his. Who was WCW World Champion on there worst days. That's all he sees. Why should anybody think Jarrett should be the corner stone of TNA. Fans didn't care to go see him in WCW. Why should that change anywhere else"

I believe Jarrett is what hurting TNA from getting bigger at a faster pace.
Jack MacLaine wrote:
Mr. Kuhn, it is obvious that you don't know the difference between good heat and bad heat. Good heat is when you pay to see a heel get his ass kicked. You love (to hate) him so much that you pay good hard money to see the face kick his sorry hide. Bad heat is when fans hate him in real life and won't pay a dime to see him. This is Jerrett. If you look up bad heat in the dictionary you will see Jerrett's face. TNA fans (myself included) don't hate Jerrett the wrestler, we hate him in real life because he is a belt hogger and a boring wrestler. TNA needs to give the belt to a heel we can love and pay to hate.
David Shidler wrote:
Finally, someone else gets it. Jeff Jarret, aside from the X Division stars of AJ Styles and possibly Christopher Daniels, has more talent than anyone else in the promotion. He has the natural ability to manipulate a crowd into a torrent of boos. It will be very interesting though what will happen to Jarrett when the new "Major Aquisition" arrives.
James Pierce wrote:
I agree that people like watching heel champions lose their titles to a face. But having Jarrett always winning the NWA title after losing it to stars like Rhino and Raven is getting old. TNA needs to give the title to somebody else and have Jarrett do a non title feud with somebody like Christian Cage or the returning Sting. By the way Jeff Jarrett is the best in ring preformer in TNA right now.
Daniel Bryan wrote:
I don't know anyone who dislikes Jarrett because he is a heel and therefore supposed to be hated. I only know people who hate Jarrett because: 1. He is extremely repetitive in his promos and only ever talks about TNA management replacing talent with new acquisitions (Watch any PPV from the past 14 months). 2. His ring work (although good) is not at the same level as most of the other heavyweights in TNA such as Monty Brown, Bobby Roode, Rhino, Abyss, Raven and Christian Cage. 3. He lacks charisma. Or is he simply less charismatic than the above" 4. His influence backstage is clearly keeping him in a position he doesn't really deserve. On the other hand though you can't really say Jarrett has had a poor match or performance at any of the PPVs, with the exception of Victory Road, where he f***ed up about 3 times in a row which was extremely embarrassing. Unfortunately, I cannot comment on whether he actually draws (which I suppose is the most important thing), but I can ask you this question: Is there any heel apart from Jarrett in TNA who doesn't get any crowd support during the match" Normally even the most ruthless heel gets about 50% of the chants. He doesn't get any whatsoever. In my opinion that shows how little the fans actually respect him.
quiksilver wrote:
I am probably the only one that will actually agree with you on this. I'm probably about the only person who actually likes Jarrett also, he was my favorite wrestler at one time believe it or not. I think you are totally right about how good he is for TNA, everyone i know wants to see him lose and i think that it does make TNA more interesting, because people want to see who finally beats Jarrett for the title.
Dave Moore wrote:
The problem is, there are different kinds of hate. The hate most wrestling fans have for Jarrett is the "This guy sucks, I'm changing the channel" type of hate. That's a lot different than the hate that fans once felt for the old time heel champions, when they would watch regularly in hopes of finally seeing him get what was coming to him. The hate fans feel for Jarrett comes from boredom, and that is NOT good for buisness.
Spiro K (Queens, NY) wrote:
First of all, don't you dare put Flair and Jarrett in the same sentence. How can you actually try to compare the two" Jeff Jarrett is nothing but a mid-carder. Always was and always will be. His wrestling skills are passable and his mic skills are nothing special. People don't hate Jarrett because he is a good heel people hate him because he is an idiot. He is also the reason I haven't watched TNA since he beat (you know what I mean) Rhino for the title. I hope they loose their deal and go bankrupt for being idiots and putting the title on a useless mediocre wrestler like Jarrett. By the way I don't want to see Jarrett lose the title. I don't want to see him get beat up by anyone in the ring. I hope he falls in front of a speeding train and dies. Then and only then I will watch TNA again. That my friend is the best thing for TNA!
Steven P. wrote:
I have a few issues with this article. Number one, you said that Cena and Batista haven't had any serious competition except for Kurt Angle to Cena. I agree with you with the exception of Triple H to Batista. I thought that Triple H would get the belt back at either at Backlash or Vengeance. On to the article itself, Jeff Jarrett does have a natural ability for people to hate him. But that's not a good thing. You described him as a character that has good heat. In reality though, he has bad heat in which people just don't want to see him, period. Speaking of which, instead of Jarrett or Sting, I think Monty Brown should have a lenghty run with the NWA title before Vince McMahon lures him away and gives him a stupid gimmick and people hate it so much that he'll never be seen as a serious wrestler again. The numbers don't lie. Jarrett has held the belt for TNA for about 70% of TNA's existence. Jarrett and the bookers need to realize that in order to survive, Jarrett must drop the belt to a young guy, not Sting. And to a man not named AJ Styles. Good article though.
Josh K. wrote:
I disagree with this article! I mean comparing Flair in the 80's to Jarrett today is a disgrace to what Flair has done for wrestling. Flair in his prime as a champion was a thousand times better then Jarrett. Jarrett has gotten a lot of his oppurtunies in wrestling because of his dad. For example, the USWA was in Tennessee which was his father Jerry Jarrett's territory and a federation he CO-owned with his good friend Jerry Lawler. In the USWA Jeff Jarrett held every title they ever had! Now we fast forward to present day past all his WWE and WCW title regins which in my view were never interesting, but that's beside the point. Here in present day 2006 Jarrett is still reaping the benefits of his dad being a descion maker in wrestling. Why you ask" Because his dad has final say in all TNA storylines! So it is not that Jarrett is good for the title, it is because Jerry Jarrett loves his boy being champion! If it wasn't for his daddy Jeff Jarrett would be a nothing in the business!
Matt Kopp wrote:
Jacob, as much as you are trying to expose the few positive sides of Jeff Jarrett, his abysmal work and ability to hold back talent overshadows any good he's done for TNA. First of all, to get great heat, you have to have amazing mic skills, which Jarrett does not. Do you even listen to what the crowd chants every time he grabs the mic" " Boring! Boring!" Do you hear how loud the crowd cheers every time somebody cuts him off" It;s because he delivers half-ass promos in that boring, unwavering tone that could make me fall asleep faster than Benadryl. Also, the man is pushing 40 years old, and his finisher is laughable. And what were you saying about whoever challenges him has a definite chance of victory" Talk to Jeff Hardy, DDP, Kevin Nash, Monty Brown, Curt Henning, and Sting and get back to me on that. Also, you mentioned that his competition is on par with Jarrett. This is a tremendous insult to everyone who has wrestled him. The talent he faces is vastly superior to his own, and he still puts them away like their nothing. The only man I've seen him face recently that would be considered even with him is Kip James. And his title reigns are no longer exiting, because you know that the belt will be his again within 3 or 4 months. Lets see, in the 4 years that TNA has been a promotion, how much time has Jarret held the belt" Roughly 2 and a half years. His title reigns alone are longer than anyone else who has ever held the World Title in TNA combined in the past 4 years. Jarrett is not helping this company, he's pulling down his pants and shitting on it. The craziest thing that I've heard out of all of these responses is that Jarrett is the best in-ring performer in TNA. Maybe if you're comparing him to BG James, Kip James, Kevin Nash , and Sean Waltman. Otherwise, he's way behind talent like Christian Cage, Monty Brown, Raven, Rhino, and Abyss. And I'm not even mentioning the X-Division stars here. When I purchase a TNA Pay Per View, I don't think to myself, " Oh boy, I can't wait to see if Jarrett retains his title.", because 90% of the time he does retain his title. I buy TNA Pay Per View for the X-Division, the Tag Teams, the violence that Sabu brings, and now to see Sting back. When I see Jarrett come out, I don't want to watch TNA with unwavering focus like when it's Styles vs. Daniels or AMW vs. Team 3D, I want to turn off the TV, and go do something else. At TNA live event, whenever Jarrett steps out to make his promos, do you now what that means" BATHROOM BREAK! All in all, Jarret is like a giant anchor that's weighing TNA down, and preventing it from soaring to new heights.
Mike W wrote:
I think you're overstating Jarrett's value to TNA. He isn't necessarily bad for TNA, but he isn't as vital as you seem to think either. Part of it is because, as you yourself admitted, his matches are rarely the best on the card - or even close to it. One of the things that wrestling misses most is the strong champion. Too many champions in recent years(and Jarrett is definitely among them) seem lucky to be holding their belts. In the past, the champion was both lucky AND good. Jarrett simply doesn't show any championship traits. Good champions, to my way of thinking, have always been believable because you could point to them and say "he's a champions because..." and have a convincing argument. Flair was "the dirtiest player in the game" and a great technician. Michaels was both agile and could take a phenomenal beating. Guys like Hogan and Undertaker got by on sheer size and power(and a healthy dose of charisma didn't hurt either). Bret Hart was the best technical wrestler in the WWE. On the other hand, Jarrett is champion because..." You can't finish the sentence based on anything he does in the ring. Also, TNA has to be careful about having too many WWE castoffs in the title hunt. If they are going to shake the perception of being the "B" league, they need to have a world division dominated by homegrown stars and established world title division guys. Jeff Jarrett was a midcarder in WWE. So was Christian. So was Rhyno. At least Jarrett held the WCW title for a while, but he wasn't any more convincing then than he is now. Your champion is the flagship for the company and while Jarrett probably should be in the world division for TNA, he can't dominate the title the way he has if TNA is going to continue to grow.
Rob S. wrote:
Alright, people here have to realize something. Heat is heat. Whether you hate Jeff Jarrett because he's a heel in the ring or whether you hate him because you (erroneously) assume that he is a belt hog and has only gotten anywhere because of his father doesn't matter. The fans chant "Boring!" at him at iMPACT! tapings. Good. He's a heel. They hate him. Fans pay to hate him. He gives them their money's worth.

Also, he is a good, solid wrestler. I've had enough of people saying that he's a mid-carder at best. Since when is a WWE Intercontinental and WCW World Champion a mid-carder. Isn't the definition of a mid-carder a guy who wrestles in the matches in oh, say...the middle of the card! His natural wrestling ability and mic skills are good enough to get him to the top of the card, like him or not. Just because his matches don't involve flying around and doing crazy moves doesn't make them boring. Don't get me wrong, I love the X-Divison whole-heartedly, but every match can't be that style.

As for comparing Jarrett to Flair, quit getting all defensive about it. The writer said he wasn't up to Flair's standards. How can you compare Jarrett to Flair" One is the NWA World Champion and the other has been making a mockery of himself since circa 1999. Flair USED to be *cough* great *cough*, but if there were any more flab on that wrinkled old body, he'd be Mae Young. WOOOOO!

Lastly, if it weren't for Jeff and Jerry Jarrett, you people wouldn't have the opportunity to be bitching about this column, so be a bit grateful.
Paul Fisher wrote:
I whole heartidly agree with Jacob Kuhn. Jeff Jarrett is a great NWA Champion and a cornerstone to TNA. Now I wasn't a Jarrett fan for a long time. I myself believed that he was a belt hog and sub-par as a entertainer. I was WRONG!! this man is a gifted wrestler. Is he the biggest, NO. Stronest even,NO. But he's big enough and can pull off a quality match everytime. Now your probaly laughing, but have you watched Jarrett wrestle. He knows what to do in that ring. He should, he's been doing it most of his life. Now people say that Jeff and his father pull strings to keep and make Jeff champion over and over. Is this no differant than Triple H's stranglehold on the belts within WWE with his marriage to Stephanie. And if you watch we all know that Triple H is being groomed by Vince to take over, since I don't think Shane is that intrested in being "the" boss. And Vince is old fashioned, he won't give it to Steph. Let me get back on track here. Jeff is the one that helped start this company and he probaly feels that the belt is "safe" on his back. Jeff won't leave, Jeff has skills in the ring and the mic to keep himself, as he would say " on top of the mountain". I think so times we fans, get caught up in tidal waves. I mean when you hear "boring" and "drop the title" chants. You don't see the person in the same way. I think if everyone took a deepbreath and just watched Jarrett talk or wrestle you would see that he's a quality main-eventer.
Jacob Kuhn wrote:
One could argue that if there were such a thing as 'bad heat,' and all Jarrett got was 'bad heat,' none of you readers angry with this article would have responded. In basis, you provied my point. The idea of someone exhalting Jarrett got you to write in, but if Jarrett only got so called 'bad heat,' why would you waste your time"
Robert Davis wrote:
Now, being a person who as a child favored the "Hero/Face" in the championship role, and the "Villain/Heel" in that role now as an adult, I now understand that with Jarrett, he is their current best opportunity for that type of ratings heat. I would not see fit to debate you on that portion of it. If they want a heel as the champion, he is not only their best option, he is their ONLY option.

However, in this post-kayfabe world of pro-wrestling, in a company who still tries as hard as they can to maintain kayfabe as best as they can. (TNA)... Jeff Jarrett's title reigns seem more based on his former status as co-owner of the company rather than it being what seemed best for sales and ratings at the time.

Jarrett is their only genuine heel, because of how long he has held the title, is what keeps that type of heat on him. All of their other 'supposed' heel style characteristics get cheered by the fans in their arena. So anyone taking the belt off Jeff would be considered a HUGE 'baby-face' for doing that for those fans. Which makes it hard to try to cultivate new heels for the crowd to want the faces to beat up. (I believe that Samoa Joe is well on his way to being a good heel for the company, but that's a different subject.)

In Jarrett's case, it's not his character that I question; it's his wrestling ability in relation to those who are around him. And more specifically his long running choice in finishers "The Stroke." *Going to leap back into kayfabe for a moment simply because it's in terms of a moves realistic effectiveness.* The idea, that someone who has held the world championship for so long, would have what is little more than a reverse side Russian leg sweep, as his 'can't ever kick out of' finishing move,' even with all the years he's used it, to me, just does not make sense. I know he got ripped on for being a Ric Flair wannabe when he'd finish people off with the Figure Four. I also understand why he felt the need to differentiate himself from Flair. But ultimately, in relation to the moves performed by his fellow talent, in relation to their impact, "the stroke" is the main reason I cannot see him as anything other than a political champion. Which is why, I think people like him are hurt the worst in this post-kayfabe world in professional wrestling. Jarrett, in my opinion, needs it to help him maintain his spot without thoughts of his political clout behind the scenes.

I think Jeff is far more talented than the majority of people give him credit for, both on the mike with the crowd and in the ring. But, given the fact that he and his father used to own the company until very recently, shows more of him wanting to be the champion of his own company. "He couldn't be the champion any other way." I know that's an inaccurate assumption, but it is accurate that a great deal of people have that same assumption. And in terms of professional wrestling more than probably any other form of entertainment, Perception truly is reality.

My personal advice for Jarrett, that would get the nay-sayers off of his back, is in fact, to lose the title for a while, find a new finisher. Not something, as flashy as the Pounce, The 3D, the Black Hole Slam, or even a raven effect style DDT. Just something that would have more impact and be less easy for an opponent to block than "The Stroke". I'd personally prefer a new submission move in his arsenal. Indian Deathlock maybe. Then, after a few months, maybe a year, come back same old Jeff, but this time bent on punishing those who he was pushed out for. And Win the title back then, either by himself, or with help. From then on out, even if it was help from other alliances such as AMW, or Team Canada who helped him maintain, then I feel that in terms of believability of him being a legitimate champion would work out better.

The focus would then be taken off of what he may or may not be doing behind the scenes and more how he holds onto the belt inside the ring. So, in sort of a conclusion, I feel that if Jarrett found a way to balance out the reasons for the anger of the net fans with what he is capable of in the ring, he could still be champion without it being about his political clout behind the scenes, and more about his ability to escape and evade the losses (a-la Ric Flair in Flair's horseman days). And we could go back to simply booing heels in peace, and for the right reasons.
Why are you people defending Jeff Jarett" The guy is a second rate wrestler, always has been and is going to be for a while longer, becuase he's getting old. How dare you praise his mic skills! His promos are boring and the guy is a freakin redneck that thinks too much of himself. Wrestling-Wise his moves are questionable, becuase eventhough he has some wrestling skill he still shouldn't beat guys like Monty Brown. I watch everything on T.N.A except Jarret. I will agree with you in the fact that people still watch Jarrett, and this is sending mixed signals to T.N.A., so they really don't know what to do with Jarett.You did have a good article considering the fact that you, and the surprising number of, Jarett suporters on this site, are drunken retards.
Jason "Xtremefalls" Simmons wrote:
Jacob I know what your trying to do but I'm going to be brutally honest your column is wrong. Jeff Jarrett couldn't lace the boots of any champion from the past or present. The night Jeff Jarrett beat Raven for the NWA title it sent the company in a downward trend that is effecting them today. Jeff Jarrett is a second rate wrestlers who for years was carried by other great wrestlers. His Microphone skills are basic at best and his character was stale 6 months after it debuted in WCW. He will never be anything more then a WWE Midcarder in my mind and a lot of fans minds. Also Jacob I'm sorry but your point on Bad Heat was just a sorry excuse. I've seen the ratings for Impact and there decent at best and TNA's Buy Rates are dismal. Also I'll tell you why most of us answered your column because its dead wrong and we wanted too tell you that. Also thanks to Jeff Jarrett the Title situation has become a joke with him no matter what always being involved. I mean Jeff Jarrett makes HHH look like a jobber compared to him its just bad. Thanks to Jarrett alone wrestlers like Ron Killings, AJ Styles, Rhino, Jeff Hardy, Kevin Nash, Raven, and DDP have been made to look like fools compared to Jarrett. That's 7 Wrestlers who could actually bring fans and Money to the company who were made too look like fools. Any Jarrett Match you watch is nothing but run ins and boring crap. So Jacob I hate to say it man but your DEAD WRONG!


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