Brandon Silvestry aka Low Ki
June 1, 2005 by Jake Raynor

My name is Jake Raynor and I'm 12 years old. I'm from Suffolk in England and I'm going to write about Low Ki!

Brandon Silvestry was born September 6th 1979 in Brooklyn, New York which at the time of this column makes him 25. In February 1997 he started to train at St Johns Baptist Church in Brooklyn. He was trained by Homicide and also received guidance from Mabutu.

Low Ki has a background in Aikido Karate and is very quick on his feet. He has an unbelievable ability to fly around a wrestling ring and can throw some of the deadliest kicks in professional wrestling today.

To him wrestling is all about respect, honor, discipline, and dedication. He is one wrestler who is more likely to pass out than tap out, even if he sheds blood. Among his many goals in wrestling, he more than anything wants to compete in Japan and be accepted in the Japanese wrestling culture. He pushes himself to the extreme and goes as far as his ability will allow him. He one day hopes to be looked up to as the premiere professional wrestler in the world.

His first real contest was with the LIWF on October 10, 1998 in which he battled Chief Tango, Ken Sweeney, and Monsta Mack to a time limit draw. Since then he has been nearly everywhere. The promotions he has been in include Total Non-Stop Action, Ring Of Honor, Pro Wrestling NOAH, Pro Pain Pro Wrestling and has made appearances in Frontier Wrestling Alliance in England, including a great match against Hade Vansen for the All England Championship.

Some career highlights include winning the ECWA Super 8 Tournament Champion during their 5th annual event on February 24, 2001. He has also competed for the World Wrestling Federation on numerous occasions against opponents such as Crash Holly, Essa Rios and Raven, and was a finalist in the 2001 All Pro Wrestling King of the Indies Tournament. Despite battling in dark matches in the WWF he would much prefer to stay in the indy circuit, where he belongs.

Some of Low Ki's toughest opponents in the past have been Monsta Mack, Billy Reil, and Xavier. His toughest opponents these days are American Dragon, AJ Styles, Paul London and Christopher Daniels. He has faced The American Dragon, Brian Danielsen, on numerous occasions, and on one occasion he lost by PASSING OUT not tapping, to the Cattle Mutilation in ROH. He competed in an incredible three-way number-one contender-ship for the ROH Champ: Xavier Low Ki vs. AJ Styles vs. Paul London, which was eventually won by Paul London. That match in my opinion was the greatest match in ROH history.

Low Ki's accomplishments in his less-than-5-year career is amazing, especially considering he has won 21 titles which is more than the likes of Tajiri, Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio. GOD BLESS LOW KI!!!

Last of all I respect Mr Dykens and Ms Quested and praise OWW as it is the greatest wrestling website of all time!!!

Feedback would be very much appreciated as this is such a long, risky column for a twelve year olds first ever column.

by Jake Raynor ..

Guest wrote:
Wow Jake Im impressed! Obviously you know heaps more than I do about Low Ki but I'm happy that finally someone has something to say about a decent wrestler as opposed to a sports entertainer or one particular sports entertainment promotion.

And you're only 12! I hope you tell all you're friends about Low Ki and TWC. You watch that right" NOAH and ROH etc... Low Ki sets the standard for basically every wrestler in the WWE to reach. Benoit, Jericho and Angle excluded. And he's so young too. I think the first time I saw him he was against Kanemaru in NOAH but I might be getting confused. Anyway it was an awesome match (as are the majority of NOAH matches) and he did 1 of the coolest moves ever! A shining wizard from the top rope (actual rope not turnbuckle) to the dude from behind!

As for your first column... AWESOME! Keep up the good work. I think you've actually inspired me. I'm interested in writing for either wrestling or movies... and directing of course! What better place to start than OWW. Watch out people!
Dev Hasan wrote:
Good work. Good to know theres alot of people at a young age knowing alot of stuff about their favourite wrestlers!
Shawn Taylor wrote:
Good job, Jake! Keep writing about things you enjoy!


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