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December 2, 2005 by James Reinheimer

Well, I thought that it would never happen, but Rhino's improvement has been very good since going to TNA. He's gone from being a low card tag team wrestler to an almost top main eventer, which is one thing that I would have never thought, would happen.

You would think that after his WWE stint he would never become a main superstar again, but TNA seems to have brought out the best in him. Since coming to TNA he has been in at least 3 NWA World Championship title matches. Two which have taken place at PPV's and pretty soon, another one that will be in a PPV. Going from only a couple of PPV's a year in the WWE to 3 title matches in TNA is pretty impressive. I don't care if TNA is not as big as the WWE, but it is a mainstream company, and their championship is worth just as much as the WWE World Championships, if not more.

Now that he's in TNA some would say, is he championship material. Does he deserve to be at the stage he is now" The biggest PPV in TNA history can answer that question. In my view, Bound For Glory, was the best night of Rhino's professional wrestling career. He battled all odds and became for the first time in his career, the NWA World Champion. Sure it was for only one night, but think about everything he did that night. He was part of that brutally awesome Monsters Ball match, with Jeff Hardy, Sabu, and Abyss. Some would argue, but I believe that was the match of the night. Then after that he won the battle royal, or gauntlet match which involved 10 TNA superstars. Some which had wrestled that night and some that hadn't. And finally, straight after that he defeated Jeff Jarrett for the World Championship. I give the guy a lot of respect for everything he did that night. That showed that he has the guts to go out to the ring, even if he's pretty banged up.

Now does he have the fan support" Well, I think last weeks episode of iMPACT could tell you that he has a big fan base. I will be honest and say that I would have never thought that he was that popular with the fans. I knew that he was a favorite in small company's like ECW, but wouldn't have thought the same in TNA. That whole match he had that night against Abyss was my favorite part of iMPACT. He just seemed to fit everything well. He had a huge Rhino chant going for him and he was wrestling. WRESTLING!! I couldn't believe it. I had never seen Rhino wrestle that well before. Even if it was for one match, I believe that he's got the ability to keep the fan support and wrestle a good match at the same time.

So I guess you could ask, what's next for Rhino" Well, at the rate he's going now, the only thing I can think of is straight to the main event, and straight to the NWA Championship, again. His first reign wasn't special, but I can just feel that this next one is going to be something to remember.

Rhino's got potential and still a lot more years left in him. I think there is no doubt that he is going to be a major talking point in TNA in upcoming years.

by James Reinheimer ..

Zach Goldman wrote:
I do agree with you that the Monsters Ball match was great. The participants really put on a great show. But don't you think it was a little, forget little, VERY short.
Just have to say that I have always been a huge fan of Rhino, and I am glad to find someone else who sees his huge potential. He's got the strength, stamina, athletic ability, and good (but little used) mic skills to take him to the top and stay there. I don't know what the WWE was thinking when they made him job to others for years. I also found it amusing that Coach accidentally called Edge's spear a Gore, after Rhino had been released, and King had to correct him, this to me shows that at least some in the WWE were impacted by Rhino's short stay.
Richard wrote:
GORE! GORE! GORE! Rhino has always had talent. In ECW he could showcase SOME OF IT. In WWE he could showcase NONE OF IT. It seems in TNA he is getting the chance to showcase ALL OF IT. What a difference a change of scenery makes. I do expect great things of Rhino to come, and as long as TNA stays on course with good booking and storylines, he will accomplish great things in the future.
MrPrfct wrote:
The Tna Title Doesn't Mean More Then Either Raw Or Smackdown's Titles... It's Like When People Compared The Wcw Title To The Wwf Title Not Even Close
Timothy Popko wrote:
There is no doubt that Rhino is an excellent physical wrestler and his performance in the ring is excellent in a hardcore fight setting, but these skills don't directly apply to the WWE. Many fans saw his career was swept into the sidelines in the WWE after the WCW/ECW Alliance largely because of his inexperience speaking on the microphone. The longest I can recall him speaking to the fans was one minute at most. In fact, besides the Gore, he didn't offer much of a personality or storyline in any wrestling division (ECW and WWE). In TNA, he is in an environment with a tougher fighting style that doesn't encourage the drama and storylines that the WWE does, so his strength and fighting style has seemed to improve, when rather, the surroundings have changed. If TNA emphasized stories like those the WWE uses, he would surely disappear into the sidelines again.
Duncan Leuty (21, England) wrote:
In response to MrPrfct's comment I feel compelled to stick my neck out for TNA's Title, which just happens to be the title that Mr. Ric Flair is so famous for holding god knows how many times! With documented great champions like Lou Thesz from as early as 1948 ('49 for Thesz, according to the fine ladies and gentlemen at OWW) it has more history than WWF(E)'s titles. I personally believe it has every bit as much prestige as the two(") main event titles in WWE. I also believe TNA are heading in the right direction to become a far more entertaining company than WWE, guys likes Rhyno and Sabu are the right calibre of superstar to help with the transition too. Because they come from a small company like ECW they seem to me to have much more love for the fan's reaction at the time rather than if they looked ok for the cameras.
Mojo wrote:
i think ever since rhyno became a wrestler he has been dominating with the Gore and the WWE will regret releasing him when he becomes a two time NWA world champion!
Andrew William Hill wrote:
Having one of WWE's titles places you at the top of a company that promotes entertainment first, and sleazy lowest-common-denominator entertainment at that. Having the NWA-TNA title places you at the top of a company that more often than not promotes athletic and in-ring ability first. To me, that carries far more prestige than either of the WWE's titles. It's great to finally see a deserving wrestler like Rhyno on the receiving end of such prestige.


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