Rising On Edge
August 1, 2005 by James Rican

Edge and Christian were one of the best tag teams that I've ever witnessed. From their normal tag matches to their famous matches in all the TLC matches. They appeared to be an unstoppable force to deal with and this would cause them to go down in history as one of the greatest tag teams ever put together. From their entrance of coming from stands till they came walking down the ramp doing their five-second poses. Not only could they wrestle, but they were funny. Just like many great stories, this one came to a tragic end. Christian got jealous of Edge and turned on him. This break up wasn't such a tragedy, but ever since their break up both wrestlers have been doing great in the singles division. In this article, I'm going to write about the one wrestler out of the two who really stuck out, and that is Edge.

It seemed that the greatest thing that ever happened to Edge, was the fact that he and Christian separated. The tag team accomplished just about everything a tag team could, and that is why I believe that this separation was a great idea for the two. Edge carried on in my mind as the one who would get to the top sooner than Christian, and I was right. Edge soon gained the Intercontinental Championship and was on his road to single stardom. When Edge lost the Intercontinental Championship, I knew there was only one place to go and that was the World Heavyweight Championship (I hope I got this one correct).

When Edge got "injured" backstage, I thought it was he going out to make a movie or something. Then I realized that he was actually injured, but not from the incident backstage. After a few months of recuperation, Edge made his return and I got extremely excited that he was set out to get revenge on Evolution. He claimed that he was going to take them out one by one, but he lost to Triple H when they had selected wrestlers take control of RAW. Fans absolutely loved him and I don't think Edge knew that being a singles wrestler would carry him this far.

Then came the Money in the Bank match, and when I heard that the suitcase was going to be hanging above the ring. I knew that Edge was going to win this one. The reason is that he is the best as far as ladder matches (after HBK of course). It was basically a given that he was going to win this, and lately he has been using the suitcase to his advantage. Like the Gold Rush tournament they held on RAW, he used that thing like it was his own fist. After the first few rounds, I saw that Edge was going to win it and he did. It seems that the WWE has seen the talent in this guy and wants him to soon become the new champion of whichever belt he decides to go for.

Edge's ability to do promos and to wrestle makes him one of the top wrestlers in my book. His talent has carried him this far and the WWE shows no sign of holding him back either. If anyone would begin to wonder about who the future of the WWE is going to be, look no further than Edge. He has already shown that he can have great main events and I believe he would be a great WWE/Heavyweight Champion when the time arrives. I'm actually beginning to wonder when the WWE is going to let him win the WWE/Heavyweight Title.

There is something I dislike about Edge, and that is he cheated on his wife to have sex with Matt Hardy's girlfriend Amy. I hated this with a passion and I just can't seem to get it through my thick skull that Matt's best friend had sex with his girl. I thought Amy and Matt Hardy were a great couple and nothing would get between them, but Edge had to turn his back on his best friend. I think it is totally wrong with what the WWE is doing. They're making the whole Kane and Lita incident too much like the personal relationship Amy and Matt Hardy had. I'm glad the WWE has brought Matt back; it wouldn't make any sense if they didn't. Right now I believe that the whole situation is resolved, but that still doesn't rid of my hatred towards Edge. I love Edge as a wrestler, but personally I just can't stand him. I don't think I'll ever forgive Edge for doing what he did to Matt, but as a wrestler, Edge entertains me and shows a great deal of passion for what he is doing in the ring.

by James Rican ..

Adam Veltri wrote:
I wouldn't worry too much about Edge. There is no doubt that once his feud with Hardy ends that he will be feuding with Cena and probably winning the title. The feud with Hardy is money and you can't blame the WWE for capitalizing it. Thanks to the fans chanting Hardy's name anytime Edge and Lita came out, the WWE had to change the Summer Slam plans of Cena and Edge. When Edge uses the money in the bank title shot, probably Oct or Nov, he will become WWE Champ and have a decent reign. When Triple H returns, he will probably be a face leaving more room for the top heel spot. Though Kurt Angle and HBK probably share that distinction right now, I think it may be awhile before either one holds the gold. HBK is sort of a part-timer like the Undertaker so a title run for him seems doubtful, though not out of the question especially with the good promos he has been cutting lately. With Angle still being new to Raw, I think the WWE may wait a little while before throwing him into an inevitable title reign. Edge is ready to take that next step. This thing with Hardy may have delayed it, but its Edge's own fault for cheating with Lita so he has no one else to blame but himself. He has the look, charisma, and ability and when you have all these elements a championship reign is more than likely.
ironeagle316 wrote:
if you ask, i think the whole Lita-Edge-Hardty thing is Bull$#!^ , the wwe has habbit of making these controversial storylines, which they make it look so real and at the of the day, the whole thing was a staged act. here are some example

-Austin downfall -- i'll give the wwe their credit on making a sceneario look so real, that we as as fans buy it. my favorite angel was Austin walking out on wwe in june 2002, they made him look irresponsible because he did not wnt to full fill his obligation. He was not allowed to come back to the wwe for being unproffesional, not even a year in to the situation, and austin was back full time, the whole thing at the end was B.S

the greater power in 1999 -- stephanie mcmahon dissapeard, and was found on the boiler room that same night, mcmahon goes on sunday night heat and talks about how mark calloway was actualy believeing his gimmik, (vince refered to the undertaker as Mark calloway) at the end of the day it was all some soap opera storyline that mcmahon had us all fooled once again, saying that this was no publitcity stunt, and that it had to be real

if matt hardy & edge really dont like each other than why would the wwe be putting these guys together in a ring at summerslam, don't they know that a real fight could brake out. A good example was the real feud between shawn michaels and shane douglas, at "in your house" pay per view in october 1995. The fact these two don't like each other is a fact, they could have drawn money in a P.P.V , but the wwe chose not to, it was just shawn being a prick, he was planning on doing something to Dean Douglas during the match, when dean found out what was going down, he approched michaels and warned him not to do it,knowing shane coming from E.C.W, you know hes not affraid to throw a punch at you. At the end, i'm not bashing edge, he is my favorite wrestler, he is the reason why i stared watching wrestling obsesivley again scince the attitude era. matt is good to and he is champoinship material, but this whole backstage saga, shooting at each other on the web, and now on t.v, is just some scripted angle to work through harty's absence. i dont even thik matt was ever fired. Rememeber when edge was becoming a heel about a year ago,the plan was to make the most hated bad guy on the raw roster and so far he's done a good job. So again wrestliing fans of the WORLD WIDE WEB, dont be fooled, its not the first time the wwe has fooled as and it wont be the last time either, and just for the recored they had me fooled too, but whatching matt come back and showing it on the air, you can not be fooled, you must realize that this a scripted angel, expect Edge, Lita And Matt to from some sord of alliance later on and let but gons be gons, wcw had a habbit of doing this way before the wwe broke big again!

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