Hassan Killed Off: Unjustified
August 15, 2005 by Jim Wilson

I find it imprudent that WWE can not only kill off a very entertaining character, and possibly one of the best heels to grace WWE's television shows in many a year, but also take away Mark Copani's WWE career before it even really began, and why" Because UPN told them to. --- If Vince truly desired, he could buy UPN.

Rewind to Hassan's debut. Back then he wasn't as much of a heel, but would still constantly get booed, and why I ask you" Because of his Arab-descent. Because this man was the man the media, and the President, tell you to fear.

Why is it that wrestlers not from America tend to be heels" We've had Hassan, the Un-Americans, Nikolai Volkoff and Iron Sheik to mention but a few.

I am not anti-American in anyway, but WWE is not just viewed in the United States of American, it is viewed all across the globe, yet WWE's patriotism goes through the roof. One prime example of this would be a PPV titled, "The Great American Bash", with "old-glory" draped everywhere you can see.

I mean, they even get Lilian Garcia to sing the national anthem at PPV's, despite the PPV's being broadcast all across the globe, so why must we sit through self-indulgent bulls*it like that"

Sorry for straying off there, but this brings me round to my next point, with the debate with JR and King, and Hassan and Daivari. That segment was for one country and one country only, America. When JR and King started spewing their patriotic retorts to Hassan and Daivari, the crowd cheered, and the pop was huge; however, WWE is not just broadcast in America.

The thing I always love about these "anti-American" characters, is that, they always bring up valid and somewhat very true points about Americas ideologies and fundamentals, yet how do the WWE fans respond to this" By chanting, "USA, USA, USA." During almost every promo that Hassan did, the crowd chanted "USA, USA, USA", now I had to laugh every time I heard this chant, because essentially they are chanting for Hassan himself, being that he is America-born, and has lived there all his life.

Mark Copani portrayed a character, who complained that after 9/11 he had been treated unfairly because of his Arab-descent. I think this is very true, Arab-Americans have been treated un-fairly since 9/11, with Arabs being pointed at as the enemy. Their faces splashed across papers and on television as being the people to fear, they are the enemy, and this is unjustified. And I think that's what a lot of the problem is, Americans tend to have a problem trying to decipher what is reality and what is fiction. Hassan wasn't a real character, he was a character portrayed by a real man. Just like actors, but no-one complains when actors play sex-crazed maniacal paedophiles in movies no, but when someone speaks out about America, and is of Arab descent they must be a terrorist and must be off television.

This is getting longer each time I type, so I'll try and not type for much longer.

I shall move on to the SmackDown! incident with Hassan and The Undertaker. I haven't seen SmackDown! yet, however I had heard reports from the Tuesday taping (the London bombings happened after this taping), and I thought nothing of it, I did not link this with the London bombings at all.

The media coverage on this incident in America was phenomenal, and one article was published claiming that Hassan and five "Arabs" in ski-masks attacked The Undertaker. Now as has been pointed out, how in the hell could anyone tell if they were Arabs if they wearing ski-masks" If you have watched this incident from SmackDown! and seen any of the close-ups of these apparent Arabs, you'll see that where the mouth and eye-pieces were, they were Caucasians. Probably wrestlers from the backstage area dressed up. However, the media coverage in London of Hassan" You know London, the place where the actual bombing took place" None. You know why" Nobody cared. A bombing had just took place, and people had been killed, I'm sure they couldn't care less about some wrestling event, which had nothing at all to do with the bombings. So why did America, (where the bomb didn't take place), cover this all over the place"

When Hassan came out to retort to this article, he again made some valid points, and again let everyone know that he was from America, but what did the crowd do" Embarrassed themselves in-front of the entire world, and booed Hassan, then went onto chant "USA. USA. USA". Did they even listen to what Hassan had to say at all"

Moving onto the "Great" American Bash, and the killing off of the Hassan character. I was so happy to see Hassan's entrance when he came out, his entrance was one last "F*ck You" to UPN and the people who complained. When 'Taker started pulling apart the stage, I knew this had to be the end of Hassan, and of course because 'Taker was killing off an anti-American character, he had to resort to the "Dead Man" character, the all-American bike-riding Undertaker, just to please the American people.

America embarrassed themselves with this. The destroyed a perfectly good character, and killed him off, and why" Because of his Arab-descent. WWE, Hassan, the writers, none of them were at fault here, who was" America, and the American people.

by Jim Wilson ..

Anthony B. wrote:
While I agree with the idea of Hassan being terribly wronged as of late, but I can't help but disagree with the points you make. You are sort of "all over the place", you are upset about the 'ends', but aren't clear about who's at fault for the 'means'. First you blame WWE, then by the time your article is done you have blamed the American people.

Foreign wrestlers tend to be heels because it is an easy character to fit into and build on. The world perception of America is that of a negative nature, so it is smart business sense to build up an Anti-American character. Those outside the USA will love the character cause they may agree with his/her views, the American viewers will like to see the character beat up by their homegrown hero. Does that mean that only foreigners are heels" Of course not. The list of American Heels (as of late) is impressive Undertaker, HBK, Hogan, Orton, Ric Flair, JBL, Triple H... I could go on. It just seems to me that you are tailoring the facts to support your position.

Like it or not, the WWE's home is the United States and that is the reason for the abundance of American Pride, it is also the reason why we hear the Star-Spangled Banner before events. I have yet to see a WWE event taking place on foreign soil that opens with the USA's Nat'l Anthem. You are correct that their programming is viewed all across the globe, but it is broad casted from the USA. Other professional sports and sports entertainment shows are aired far beyond the USA's borders, I'm curious if you find the Natl Anthem being played there "self indulgent". I'm sure that foreign promotions do the same.

(On a side note, the Great American Bash, was a NWA/WCW event that began in the 80's and was inherited by WWE with the merger. It has long been a staple in Pro-Wrestling. It isn't something that WWE thought up to further push their American agenda.)

I have to agree with you about the "USA,USA,USA" chants for Hassan/Daivari. All that did was further prove their points about hypocrisy. BUT I have to disagree with you somewhat on the note that the Media and President tell us to fear "Arabs". I have never heard the President state that Arabs are the enemy. Not once. I have on the other hand heard him say that "Terrorists are the enemy" but that doesn't mean Arabs, not matter how much you tell yourself that.

A lot of the fallout against Hassan for those who are "in-the know" (not marks) was that he wasn't booed for being of Arab decent, but more cause he was a crybaby and a jerk. Always whining to get his way, and always using his heritage as a crutch to get him there. He was given scripts to do this of course, which only fueled the nay-sayers.

If I had to pick a word to describe the American Media response to the 7/7 airing of SD! I sure wouldn't use the word "phenomenal" it was minimal at best. I do watch a lot of news, both local, national, and 24 hour cable networks. To be honest, I saw a hell of a lot more reports on London, Iraq, Gas Prices and Kidnapped Children way more than this incident. Now onto London... you're right Londoners couldn't of cared less about "some wrestling event" especially one that they only witnessed through 2nd parties or Internet searching. However you can't state that as a fact because it is something that isn't known. What if the footage of SD! was aired across the UK at the time" It then would have become something that was "known to the English public", something that Londoners wouldn't of had to search for on their own; and would have most likely have been deemed inappropriate and offensive. Just as I mentioned earlier the world perception of the USA is negative, and the English media would have ripped this story apart and used it as another tool against the United States. It is a well-known fact that the English Paparazzi and Media are just as bad, if not worse than those of the USA. To say that the English wouldn't cared is absurd.

WWE knew that they were playing with fire, given the sensitive nature of the character/storyline, but they ran with it anyway. They figured there would be some backlash, but not as bad as it truly was. Couple this with bad timing, and you've got the makings for disaster. UPN had a hand in it, but they aren't to blame, WWE has also received several complaints about the character even before the 7/7 SD! episode.

So to wrap this up, did the WWE take away Mark Copani's career" No, all they did was put an end to a character. I'm sure that we will see Copani again in the future with a whole new gimmick, same goes for Daivari. To think that this move has ended their careers puts you in the same boat with those "...Americans tend to have a problem trying to decipher what is reality and what is fiction...". Now who's being naive" The only ones you can blame for ruining the Hassan character is the WWE. Period. End of story.
Scott Spence wrote:
Whatever the strengths of the character, the man behind it sucked in the ring. Take off your rose tinted glasses & see the truth.

Daivari was gold though. He had a lot of talent & charisma to burn. They should have had him, with a beefy bodyguard, doing essentially the same thing but nooooooo Daivari's too small to be worth a damn in the WWE.......
Martin Wilkins wrote:
At last someone has said what 99% of the non-American WWE viewers think. Being a Londoner and feeling the effects 1st hand i did at the time think it was a fairly unusual and insensitive angle to go ahead with on that specific date (July 7th) however after watching the segment and thinking more clearly about it, i didn't feel "outraged" or "upset" by it in the slightest it just became very obvious that this type of storyline was going to be "killed off" at the "Great" American Bash, because "old glory" is swinging in all corners and everybody there is fuelled with patriotism, not that there's anything wrong with patriotism but surely even hardened American's can see what's going on with this "character". For years i've had to watch as everyone who isn't from the USofA have to either be the ultimate heel or forget where their originally from and start waving the red, white and blue around just to get cheers. I have been to America on many occasions and met some of the smartest, kindest most welcoming people i have ever met, so for them then to come across as people that can't see past an accent or a belief is beyond me, must be something they pump into in these arena's (!"!)
Wendi Alston wrote:
Jim, don't worry. Vince Mcmahon is smart. With all the heat that Hassan is generating, Vince won't let him die that easily. While it's true Hassan is banned from UPN, he isn't banned from the USA network. So all of us 'Muhammad Hassan' fans can relax because it'll be okay. We'll see him again on RAW when the show moves to USA network.
Reality Check wrote:
A well written and argued piece, but there is two things wrong with how you argue about the presentation of the angle in the UK (where I live).

Firstly, SD is shown on Saturday night, not Thursday as it is in the US (Raw is shown Friday night) and secondly the terrorist angle was completely cut from the broadcast and no mention of it was ever made by anybody, so only those who read about the angle would know about it. Actually, I'll make a third point - covering a load of guys head to toe in black is a good way to hide the fact they're caucasian and offers a good excuse to make in case a poorly thought-out angle blows up in your face.
Grizzle wrote:
First of all, everyone is saying that not only is WWE killing off a character, but taking Mark Copani's career away. Really" I don't recall reading any news that Copani or Daivari for that matter have been released from their contracts yet. While this is a possible outcome, as far as I know it hasn't happened yet, so that point is invalid.

Why is it that wrestlers not from America tend to be heels" Well, most of the time that's what the writers give them. Often they're products of the time they come around in. Volkoff capitalized on the Cold War. Iron Sheik capitalized on the hostage crisis in Iran. Sgt. Slaughter once capitalized on Desert Storm. Hassan was brought around because of the buzz in the media about terrorism and the conflict involving Muslims/Arabs. Without 9/11 and the current war, there would be no Hassan character.

True, WWE is currently seen all around the world. That doesn't change the fact that it's an American company. It's owned by an American, it's headquarters are in the USA, and the vast majority of it's shows are in the USA. WWE is pro-America. Simple fact, get over it.

True, there have certainly been instances of Arab-Americans being treated unfairly. No one can ignore that. Just like there are instances of blacks being treated unfairly. Same goes for asians, native americans, and white people as well. There isn't a single race that isn't treated unfairly at some point. Arab-Americans are not greater victims of racism than any other race. They just happen to be who America as a whole is paranoid about right now. It's not that Muslims are the enemy, it's that the enemy happen to be Muslim. Anyway, I digress.

It is true that there is no hard proof that the group that attacked the Undertaker were in fact Arabs or terrorists. Too bad that doesn't matter. They looked like terrorists, they're outfits were similar to those seen in beheading footage. They also acted like terrorists, carrying out Daivari like a martyr. I'd say that's enough to trigger a knee-jerk reaction in wrestling fans to boo. There isn't much of a thought process involved in who fans are gonna cheer and boo.

"America embarassed themselves with this. The destroyed a perfectly good character, and killed him off, and why" Because of his Arab-descent. WWE, Hassan, the writers, none of them were at fault here, who was" America, and the American people." Sorry, that's crap. WWE took a cheap heat machine off the air because UPN the network said to. To say that the writers are not at fault here is just ridiculous.

Great to see yet another column jumping on the "Hassan was screwed!" bandwagon. People, please give it a rest, and get over yourselves. By the way, if you've been a Hassan supporter from the start, good for you, I don't care. You're one that was, out of thousands that weren't. Wrestling fans are not gonna cheer a guy for making a morally correct political statement about America's fundamentals. They're gonna cheer a guy for kicking another guy's ass. I don't boo Hassan because I'm racist or because he's of Arab descent. I boo Hassan because he's going on and on about politics when I, much like many other fans, went to the arena to see wrestling and not to hear about how immoral I am. If I want politics, I've got CNBC and MSNBC and C-SPAN and CNN to choose from.
Shawn wrote:
Well his character was getting stale that's why they resorted to what they did. Plus, the guy is still very GREEN in the ring. He needs to go back OVW and sharpen up his skills. Thank GOD he's gone because he was going to main event Summerslam and that would of suck more than JBL vs.Batista.

His character did not have a future. These type of characters like this and Eugene have a short life spand, this move saved his career.
Jackieellisworld wrote:
Well his character was getting stale that's why they resorted to what they did. Plus, the guy is still very GREEN in the ring. He needs to go back OVW and sharpen up his skills. Thank GOD he's gone because he was going to main event Summerslam and that would of suck more than JBL vs.Batista.

His character did not have a future. These type of characters like this and Eugene have a short life spand, this move saved his career.
Rey Trejo wrote:
First the WWE is an American company so they can show their American pride anyways they want granted they are on in other countries but for the most part they only count American veiwers in ratings.

I don't see Arabs being treated unfairly. They are currently seen as the enemy and through out American history the enemies or bad people were always treated unfairly weither they were Japanese,German,Italian,Mexican,Black or whoever was the guilty party at the time.

The Liberal Media has always hated the WWF/WWE every time something that wasn't big deal got blow way out of proportion(Undertaker "crucifying" Austin) except this time a real attack had happened on the same day.

WWE Creative had a chance to save face on the following Smackdown by having Hassan go out there and say "It was my people and what they did was terrible and unexcuseable." But no they just had him go back out there and made it seem like everyone else was wrong but him.

Fact is it's not all the Arabs who are bad but some members of that race are and their previous actions speak louder than words.
ShaunCl wrote:
Amen. That is one of the best articles have ever seen. You bring up some excellent point. Being in England its true no one gave a rats ass about hassan, but then again they cut that part out of the broadcast over here. I was riding Hassan to be champion but as usual UPN, the American media and the WWE creative team balls up another dream. They didnt do this with Sgt Slaughter during 1991"!"
JBL Vending wrote:
Jim,I think you are very right.I am not going to sit here and bore you will facts and junk like that,but I am going to actually tell these people what Hassan characters was like.

Not once did Hassan say he hated America,not once did Hassan say,he was against America,if people would have been listening to his video's,they would have heard what he was saying.He was saying he didn't like be treated like a reject,an outcast,and when he said he demanded to be respected,he was only asking in a way that he could be heard,his character only wanted to be respected.I mean come on,a lot of people know that wrestling is fake,but I'm sure that tons of people in the audience thought he was like that.

He is from Arab descent,but his wrestler said,that the only thing he wanted to do was be known as a American,and not an outcast because of his heritage.when he came out and he said his last words on smackdown,a video not many people saw,he said that Don Caplene has labeled them as terrorist,and he made a good point.He asked Daivari if he had ever seen Don Caplene and Daivari said no and Hassan said no.He said,if they have never even associated with Don Caplene,how does he even think that they are terrorist,because of a little skit they did in wrestling,that's low.

Oh, but at the end of that,he said,he was ashamed of his heritage,and he is a AMERICAN,and the fans booed him,I just didn't get it.I think if people would actually listen to what Mark Magnus said,they would understand.but now,a man is out of his job,even though he was one of the most talented men at doing that job.
Richard Gittins wrote:
I agree Muhammed Hassan was a great gimmick that generated some much needed heat. As I brit I actually see it as insulting that the powers that be in the Smackdown creative team think that a wrestling angle involving a talented blue-chipper should be pulled because its offensive. Have these people forgotten Sgt.Slaughter the Wacky Iraqi, what about bashing Jimmy Snuka with a coconut, introducing Harlem Heat as slaves or Rock-bottoming the British Bulldog ( one of the few british wrestlers who really have a good run in America) into a pile of dog poop (sorry for getting all patriotic there but I felt it had to be said) . At the end of the day the easiest way to generate heat is bring in a foreigner. No-one complained at Team Canada or La Resistance (well they did but for different reasons). I would have thought the WWE would want MORE publicity but maybe I'm old fashioned. For Mark's sake I hope he gets snatched up by ROH or NWA (or FWA lol). The WWE have ruined this up-starts' career because they listened to people who don't watch wrestling in order to keep their program politically correct (bit ironic that on what calls itself a family show they made "every thing better" by killing the guy whose skin is different. The only way WWE could redeem themselves in my eye is to NOT screw up Burchill's career (because that really will piss of the people of England).
Brianell wrote:
Excellent article Jim i couldn't agree with you more it was a travesty what happened to "Hassan" and "Daivari" they get screwed over because of WWE fans quite possibly the worst yeah i said it the WORST wrestling fans of them all. All they did was follow orders from their bosses and no they get screwed and their careers are legitimately in trouble as of right now(especially with the state of WWE uncreative i dont see them "finding anything" for these two talented wrestlers). I was actually planning on an article soon about different fans and this will only make me get it done quicker thanks.
God of Gods wrote:
Normaly i like to dispute what ppl have a tendency to think and say. However in this case, the only thing i can say is .... Your absolutly right.
Kevin ROberts wrote:
First of all, Jim, let me commend you on an outstanding column. You hit a home run with this one. By the way, the "arabs" in mask were wrestlers from backstage. Funny huh" People HAVE taken the Hassan character way too seriously and I agree that it just shows how ignorant some people really are. I say bring him back to Spike TV where anything goes and he can do his thing. Who watches UPN anyway" Hassan is a CHARCATER, people. How can you deny a man his constitutional right to earn an honest living" I thought this was America people, land of the free. As I have said here in OWW many times before, Muhummad Hassan is a super heel. If he pisses people off, good, that is exactly what he is supposed to do. BRING HIM BACK VINCE. P.S. Someone should start a petition to boycott UPN.
LanceCrucifix wrote:
Dude, I take offense to alotta things you say, yes I'm from America, and it's people like you that give us Americans bad names. It pompus little bitches who make america seem like a bad place. I'm sorry, but if you were bombed by Arabs, and people close to you died, you'd have probable cause to think Arabs are you're enemy, I in no way believe this, but some of the americans do, while they shouldn't see all Arab men and woman as terrorist, they're are actual terrorist. But either way, Hassan was a great character, but no it wasn't america or the american peoples fault, it was UPN's fault.
A OWW Fan from Australia wrote:
Hey, I have to agree with you on that article, Hassan was unfairly treated in the WWE but then, a lot are, like Shelton Benjamin, he could/should be a champion, or at the very least the WWE could give out some better gimmicks, like Kane, bring the mask back or Renee Dupree the snooty un-American Frenchman.
Gibran wrote:
I'd Like to reply to the following statement by one of the people who've posted here and bring into attention some points which have yet to be brought into Light.

"WWE Creative had a chance to save face on the following Smackdown by having Hassan go out there and say "It was my people and what they did was terrible and unexcuseable." But no they just had him go back out there and made it seem like everyone else was wrong but him."

The People involved in the London bombings were NOT ( i repeat NOT) Arabs, They were Pakistanies, Pakistan is in Asia not in the middle east. Those behind the bombings have been arrested. Infact those people were not even Pakistanies. They were born, bred in the United Kingdom , they were the residents of UK. For Whatever reasons they should NOT be linked to the Arabs.

Hasan didn't need to go out there and admit anything, as the ppl behind the bombings were Not Arab-descendants. Why should he have admitted he was wrong while he was right all along"

Now in response to the following statement:-

"I don't see Arabs being treated unfairly. They are currently seen as the enemy and through out American history the enemies or bad people were always treated unfairly weither they were Japanese,German,Italian,Mexican,Black or whoever was the guilty party at the time. "

Arabs ARE being treated unfairly , I've got countless Arab-American and Muslim friends in The United States who have been unfairly treated, Infact right after the 9/11 Many Mosques within the States were attacked, Arab girls raped, ppl being thrown at by stones, countless innocent ppl were put in jail for senseless interogations which went on for atleast a year. Businesses dissolved.

I believe the character "Muhammed Hasan" could've played a great role in making people understand Arab people are not bad , they r human beings like the Americans, and justice should be for all but not one nation/race whatever.

I'm not an Arab, i'm a Pakistani, hate me for my race, think whatever, i'm just speaking out as a rational human being. WWE is watched all over the world , appreciated and admired. The Truth is that there r not many American people out there who have the ability nor patience to tolerate the true facts, They'd just cheer for their nation without taking into considering the right and the wrong for even a second. (Not all but most of them if i might add).

The very example of this is the London Bombings, Americans jumped blindly to the conclusion that Arabs were associated with it and started blaming them. Excuse you... They were NOT Arabs (Once again).

Most American people start following/believing something blindly, Sometimes i find it way too hilarious, seeing them hate something ever so disgustingly and then start worshipping it the other. For Example the beloeved "Mr.JR" he once brought into WWE Fake Diesel and Razor Ramon, after the real characters i.e. Kevin Nash and Scott Hall signed with the WCW. He stood in the middle of the ring cussing out people and insulted them. The Crowd boo'd him for months. untilt the WWE changes his character characteristics and there u go , All Americans start worshipping JR again.

Same case with Latino Heat, Hated by ppl , Screws his best friend Rey for his child , following 2-3 weeks , w00pie do0o he's changed. What hypocrissy" WWE fans just about believe anything the McMahon's and the media shove down their throats... hell if u told them a fruit was a AK47 Arab terrorist fruit , they'd stop buying and eating them.

Anyways to sum it up all. It's a sad demise for Muhammed Hasan's character from the WWE. I pretty much 100% agree with the Article written by the authoer. Hats off to him, i wish more American people would start realizing and admitting real facts and have the courage to agree to them and speak out and support the truth instead of being "Blind patriots".

Arabs , Asians , Americans, Saudies, Iraqies, French whatever whoever, They r all human beings, If we dont learn to respect one another, then nobody's going to respect us, by lowering someone down (even if its on a show for entertainment) is not gonna help anyone. It's gonna spread heat, heat inside and outside of the Entertainment world.

Hasan's Character created so much hyper, heat and intensity. Whenever we heard his entry theme track, There went ppl all focused on "Oh Sh*t whats gonna happen this time"*, it got them to their toes admit it or not. Whenever there was a Hasan match, Everyone watched it with interest or with disgust (but trust me , u watched it u wanted to eighter see the Arab's ass getting kicked or a very few of u hoped he'd win)... Hasan was a great wrestler, if u think he wasen't you're being dishonest with yourself. His in-ring capabilities were Awsome so were Divairi's. Hell he stayed undefeated for a record time in RAW. The gimmick was planned by the WWE themselves, so Hasan's not really the man to be blamed, he was just a character created by the WWE. Sadly ppl dont realize that.
The Darkness Within wrote:
First of all, everything that goes on in this supposedly "great country" of ours, the United States of America, makes me want to move to my ancetors' homeland, over in Europe. It's the fact that people in America DO take everything for granted. It makes me SICK of all the things I see happening in this country. Americans lead themselves to believe that they're better than everyone else. To Tony B:With how Hassan was treated by UPN, it wouldn't surprise me if Copani never came back. I wouldn't blame him for the actions of a racist audience. America believes itself to be better than everyone else and I should know, since I see it just about every day on th TV. It's the FACT that UPN could have handled the situation better, but they choose to be like the rest of an ignorant America and tell WWE & Hassan to go f*ck off as far as Hassan was concerned. Tony B, part of the blame MUST be placed with the American people. If you can't see that, then you're just as naive as you claim the writer of this article is. As far as I'm concerned, I'll be glad when the CW network is up and operating because UPN will be DEAD!!! In fact, the night of the last UPN broadcast, I'll be throwing a funeral party for UPN, to see them off to death!!! So, in conclusion, UPN is at fault, WWE is at fault and, most importantly, the American people ARE at fault!!!!! Just because my ancestors came from another country, you'd dare to carelessly treat them just like fantasy bad guys. Well, I say to you:YOU CAN GO F*CK YOURSELVES!!!!!
Brock345 wrote:
Muhammad Hassan was a great wrestler. I think he could have became something more than just an Anti-American. London was hit with a major terrorist attack, but writers should have "chilled" or "clamed" him down and stopped the terrorist, even maybe keep him off the show awhile. But Great American Bash, even though I haven't seen it, should have been done to him like that. But, I guess we will never know what come have became of Muhammad Hussan.


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