A Dose of Indy Stars: No. 1 - Austin Aries
August 29, 2005 by J. Murphy

Wrestler: Austin Aries

Real Name: Austin Aries

Born: April 15, 1978

Finishing Move: 450 Splash

Signature Moves: Fish hook, brainbuster, crucifix bomb

Trained by: Eddie Sharkie and Terry Fox

After a little more than twenty-one months it seemed that Samoa Joe would never be dethroned as ROH World Champion. Most people thought that Homicide would do it during their feud. Others thought it was going to be CM Punk. Most did not think it would be Austin Aries, but a brainbuster followed up with a 450 splash sealed Aries' fate to become of the top independent stars in the world. But where did he come from and where is he going to go?

Aries' began his pro career November 11, 2000 defeating Sheriff Johnny Emerald. And at that time in his wrestling career he was a nobody, but what do you expect your first match out. It was his feud with Shawn Daivari in 2003 in and around the midwest that started to put his name on the map. And it was the ECWA Super 8 in April of 2004 that introduced the North East to Austin Aries. Aries went all the way to the finals but ended up losing to Christopher Daniels. At that point not many fans in the North East had heard of him, but things were about to change. Aries had his first match in ROH later that month verse Nigel McGuiness, Jimmy Rave and Rocky Romero. In May of 2004 Aries along with Alex Shelley, Jack Evans and Roderick Strong formed Generation Next, a faction of the top juniors in ROH. But it was June 24, 2004 at ROH's Survival of the Fittest that cemented Aries as a main eventer in ROH. American Dragon Bryan Danielson and Austin Aries were the last two from a group of twelve in the tournament. The Danielson Aries part of this match went the better part of twenty-five minutes if I can remember correctly, and was also one of the best matches I've seen live. The return match between these two was a 2/3 falls match that went the better part of seventy-five minutes that saw Aries beating Daniels two falls to one. The rest of 2004 saw Aries compete in the IWA-MS Ted Petty Invitational as well as the Revolution Strong Style Tournament and feud with Ricky Steamboat and CM Punk. But it was December 26, 2004 where he won the ROH World Title from Samoa Joe at Final Battle 2004.

2005 saw Austin Aries defend his world title in a cage, over seas and in Mexico. He defended his belt against the likes of Colt Cabana, Samoa Joe, Homicide, James Gibson, Super Crazy and Bryan Danielson among others. Aries held the title for a little less than six months when he lost it in one of my personal Match of the Year Candidates at Death Before Dishonor III to CM Punk. Less than a month later Aries rebounded with a win over Homicide, James Gibson and Samoa Joe in a four-corner survival match. August saw the PPV debut of Austin Aries as he was voted by the fans to take on NWA-TNA X-Division champion Christopher Daniels. As of press time Aries is involved in a feud with his fellow Gen Nexter Roderick Strong against The Embassy. At this point Aries' career can only keep going up, whether it be winning the ROH World Title again, the Pure Title, or the NWA-TNA X-Division title. Mark my words, Aries will have gold before the end of the year.

by J. Murphy ..

helena ritz-unzueta wrote:
I liked this article. Now I know a lot more about Austin Aires, The Wrestling Machine. Being new to RoH, I've only seen about four Austin Aries matches, but they were all great.
Paul Glantz wrote:
I have not seen any of Austin's matches out side of the match he was voted into to face Christopher Daniel's. To be honest, I was one of the people who voted for him. Even thow I had never seen him live, I had heard all these great things about him and was dying to see him in action. Even thow he lost to Daniel's, he proved to me, everyone in the impact zone and all the viewer watching via PPV, that Austin Aries is coming and everyone better step off before he runs you over.
Stevetherambler wrote:
Great article. As I'm 14 (No online credit card, or money for TNA) I can't see Aries' matches, but I'm anxious for the time when my brother (Also a big wrestling fan) and/or I can purchase 1 or more ROH DVD's so I can finally see Aries, and other ROHers such as Danielson and Strong (I saw a Samoa Joe match on the 1 TNA PPV my bro bought, he's amazing).







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