Jim Hellwig: The Ultimate Pinhead
May 2, 2005 by Joe L.

*For those wondering if THIS is the controversial article I've been hyping, that has been postponed as it needs modifications and should be ready by either May or June. The artcle I wrote this time is downright personal and I must apologize for over exaggerating and for bugging the website, specifically Kirsty Quested. But still, you should read this column, especially if you're a liberal or conservative.

A couple of weeks ago, as most of you are aware, Jim Hellwig (aka Ultimate Warrior) went to the University of Connecticut where he was to give a political speech to left-wing and right-wing activists. Instead of trying to present a well-opinionated and passionate presentation of what America should, he went off the deep end and delivered blatant insults to liberals, specifically homosexuals saying that "queering does not make the world work" and that "homosexuals are nowhere near the same league as heterosexuals". He then lambasted an Iranian woman, telling her to "go get a towel". There were even times when Hellwig threatened to quit talking if any interruptions occurred and stomp his foot repeatedly. The result was a riot that was broken by officials and Warrior concluding his speech about a rusty machine being his friend.

I'm going to be honest and say that I absolutely DESPISE the Ultimate Warrior and that he has no business to post his ridiculous words of wisdom on the Internet, let alone speak his political views in front of some well-educated students that know more about the world than this right-wing retard. The fact that he is a right-wing disgusts me considering that I'm a full-fledged republican and I don't say nonsensical bull-crap to amuse myself and humiliate others upon me. I understand people have opinions but you don't go out and say stupid hate statements towards those you oppose just so that it makes you look better.

Hellwig was not only supposed to be given a proper speech but he represented the right party and all his ridiculous comments made republicans look completely idiotic. It pains me to see this moronic nutcase go out and deliver deplorable comments about his dislike to liberals, a result that makes me ashamed of being conservative. His post-response to his speech on his website defines ignorance in multiple sentences:

Santa Fe, NM - This release is in response to allegations made in an email from UConn student Russell Passig, as well as remarks made in two press releases by the UConn College Republicans regarding Warrior's appearance at UConn on April 5, 2005.

First, Mr. Passig's claim that Warrior's address was tantamount to "university-funded hate speech" is absolutely ridiculous. While it is certainly true that Warrior's positions are often controversial, the reality is that what people like Passig whiningly denounce as "racist and homophobic" is merely what reasonable adults would classify as nothing more than being politically incorrect. While Mr. Passig, Mr. Traugh, Mr. Moghtaderi, and any others who objected to the substance of what Warrior had to say would certainly have been within their rights to challenge Warrior during the Q&A period, the truth is that they lacked the class and common sense to do so. After repeatedly interrupting Warrior's speech, these individuals chose to further instigate Warrior with baseless ad hominem attacks - thus eliciting highly-charged responses from Warrior. To top it all off, this World Class Crew of Crybabies is now attempting to have the UConn administration punish the CRs for words that Warrior spoke. Yet another timeless liberal/left-wing/anti-American tradition - when in doubt, blame the Republicans.

All of the above notwithstanding, it is somewhat sad to see how utterly spineless the UConn College Republicans have turned out to be. Not a single UConn CR voiced any objection to Warrior after the event. The detailed emails between Warrior and the UConn CRs reveal that the CRs repeatedly encouraged Warrior to single out the Tent City Trash for some re-education. Yet, it now seems that the CRs have collectively decided to bow down and beg forgiveness from various extremist, anti-American, left-wing groups who infest the UConn campus. Perhaps the UConn CRs should refrain from engaging in political activism until such time as they develop enough backbone to be able to withstand not being liked by their opponents.

It bears mentioning that Warrior demonstrated considerable restraint given the disrespectful and petulant behavior of a small minority of the students. These individuals unwittingly illustrated one of the most pernicious truths of modern liberalism: that while self-described liberals claim, ad nauseum, that they support freedom of speech, the truth is that they only support free speech as long as the content of that speech is acceptable to them. The moment that a single word is spoken that questions, challenges, or otherwise conflicts with their myopic, misguided views of the world, their enthusiasm for the First Amendment totally disappears.

In closing, Warrior emphatically rejects and dismisses any attempt to portray his appearance at UConn as anything other than it was - a straightforward, honest discussion of Warrior's philosophical beliefs. That his words have been mischaracterized and that the speech was occasionally interrupted by a relative handful of students (who, for some reason, all seemed to smell like patchouli oil and burnt flag) does not detract from the fact that the overwhelming majority of those in attendance had a wonderful time and agreed with most of Warrior's points - a fact that is corroborated by dozens upon dozens of emails that Warrior has thus far received from attendants. Warrior thanks all of his true fans and all of the true Conservatives who took time out from their studies to welcome him back to Connecticut, and hopes to see them all again very soon.

Always Believe,

Believe? Believe what?!!! Believe that you know everything in this world about how America should handle itself instead of us when in fact YOU don't even know to handle yourself? The fact that he says liberals use freedom of speech only if they accept whatever is said to them is so pathetic and hypocritical it makes you wander if the Warrior was on constant Ritalin for being an impulsive nut. And the actions that the Republicans from the University demonstrated doesn't qualify themselves as spineless: they qualify themselves as moral human beings who feel that the best possible actions to prevent moral violence and verbal abuse from their opposing parties is to give understandable statements and apologize to the public for your ridiculous behavior. YOUR behavior made a complete ass out of the University and their employees and to say that they're spineless because you made yourself look like a total idiot in front of numerous activists is enough to make me sick to my stomach.

And those "anti-American, left wing groups" you like to lambaste deserves NOT bashing but praise for standing up for themselves and telling you just how they felt when you took it upon yourself to make those derogative comments at them. And they didn't blame the Republicans...they blame you, Mr. Jigsaw Puzzle for being a simpleton, a peon, an idiot and a complete joke to the American society. But because of your half-ass presentation of the American speech, the Liberals are now going to have a greater dislike to the Conservatives and they're going to go into every guerilla tactic making republicans look retarded.

As for their lack of common sense?

In the words of Mark Rose: "Who died and made you the expert, you clown?"

Liberals, conservatives, moderates, neutrals, whatever you are, when you try to deliver a speech how America should help itself, you don't talk about homos (or rednecks) being a threat to our society or publicly denounce your opposing parties just because they don't agree with what you say. What the Warrior did in Connecticut made a mockery of our American youth and the use of freedom of speech that established democracy in America. The next time the Warrior wants to talk about liberals being whiners and cancers to the American soil, let it happen on his half-assed website and not on a podium so that he doesn't have to hear one gay kid tell him to go suck his dick.

Til next time Warrior, have fun continuing to destroy your life, you idiot!

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Brad Dykens wrote:
If I could steal and old Letterman joke ---- WE'RE GONNA GET SUED!
Michael Galluch wrote:
I have to agree with you 100 percent. I too am Republican and he is such an embrassment its ridiculous. I don't even know what to classify him politically actually. Hes not really a Neo-Con, "religous right member", or just about any brand of Republican in the country. If you think his speech was funny you really need to check out what happened with Something Lowtax the webmaster of the site put his web page as the "Awful Site of the Day" and warrior went crazy threatening legal action. After the guys at Somethingawful stood up to old Jimmy he threaten further action and looked up Low Tax's personal information. Its really funny and quite Long everyone should check it out
Daniel Roberts wrote:
This is a very good article Joe L. There's no disputing the fact that Mr Hellwig, or Warrior, to use his real name, is a total idiot. In the UK at this moment we have a political party called the BNP (British National Party) who, whilst although not really carrying much political clout, do appeal to the extreme right wing in our county with their vitriolic nonsense, and do have a considerable 'fan base' so to speak.

Whilst we are rightly disgusted by such comments, one thing which you have to remember about the democracies in which we both live is that free speech is one of the cornerstones of our societies. If I'm not mistaken, the American constitution 1st amendment allows for freedom of expression, and whilst this means that idiotic groups and individuals in the US are allowed to spout their venom, they have a right to. If you take away this right, then you are largely becoming just as much of a fascist as they are.

The only saving grace about free speech is that people have a choice whether to listen or not, and draw their own judgments on what they see, hear or read. The only thing that Warrior has done is show his true colours, and hopefully this will lead to people ignoring his nonsensical utterings.

To quote Voltaire (this must be a first for OWW ;-) ): "I do not agree with what you say, but I will die for your right to say it."
Jose Perez wrote:
I wasn't there to see what Mr. Hellwig said, but after reading everything you've said, I just have to say......What difference is there between what you said in your article and what he said? He insulted people for saying what he thinks, and you insult him for saying those views. You say he acts as expert in the world, yet you act the same way in your article. Wasn't the States a Freedom of Speech country?
Kelvin J. Fisher wrote:
As much as I agree that the Dingo Warrior's speech was a bit, well, off the deep end, I do have to disagree with your statement that he has no business posting his views or speaking about them in front of students. He has every right to post his views, at least until the First Amendment is repealed. With regard to him speaking in front of students, they were all adults and they were not being held against their will. The solution is not to silence him as that only lends validity to his message. Just disregard him.
Joe L. wrote:
Well, so much for decent reaction. My point in this article was to observe the characteristic of the Warrior in a public address and not say that he shouldn't be allowed to use freedom of speech. If the Warrior were to say this on a sitcom or on his own website, it would be one thing and I accept that.

I'm not a political any background history that involves the Ku Klux Klan, Watergate or any other political incidents that are directed at me, I can never understand. I'm a human being who feels that the Warrior did the wrong thing at the right time. You're right, everybody's entitled to have their own opinions and that the freedom of speech should not be violated. I'm just expressing that the Warrior came across as more of an ignorant, self-centered jackass than an historian with some knowledge.

If you were to give a political address to the public, you're allowed to express your feelings but the most important thing you should never do is talk about how one party sucks and then make them the major issue on the speech. When John Kerry discussed the issues in the Bush Administration, did he say that "Republicans are manipulative, self-centered and greedy megalomaniacs that care more about oil than their country?". No, he presented a variety of non-insulting issues towards how we should fix America and that Bush is not worthy of being President for several reasons. He did not go out and say that "Republicans do not make the world work" and make himself look like an idiot. For that, I respect that he was free to express his own feelings and not overstay himself into being so critical against conservatives.

The Warrior did the direct opposite and came across as more of a bully and less of a country analyzer. He did not go deep into many issues like the environment or the economy, he did not discuss how America should fix itself (in a positive fashion) and his main primary objective was to point to the liberals and say it's their fault.

As I said before, had Warrior said this on a sitcom, with a talk show host, on the Internet or on television, then I would not be talking about this. But speeches are very important to your human standards and speeches show what true character you contain. The Warrior showed his true character as being an obnoxious ignoramus who enjoys picking on others for the amusement of himself. Lambasting a party does not increase your popularity tremendously. The last time that happened, Arnold Schwarzenegger said that democrats are "girly man" in the speech and he lost a few points in his popularity.

If my article was too self-indulgent and too critical, then I'm sorry since I deservedly lose a lot of points for being too over-aggressive. My main purpose was not to criticize the Warrior for expressing his opinions. My main purpose on this article was to criticize the Warrior for being an ass in his entity. He had spoken so much about his views on the world on his website, that if he were to address this speech, he'd win a lot of respect. Instead, his primary goal was to make all the liberals look impotent and weak and that blew up right in his face. In the end, he became a selfish human being that now made Peter Brady/X-Pac incident seem tame and innocent. .

My point was to not say Warrior violated the freedom of speech. My point is that the Warrior was being a total jerk for disrespecting anyone he feels is smaller than him. If I were a Republican and I were to discuss issues, my purpose would be to discuss issues, not insult people for opposing my views. George Bush never did it. John Kerry never did it. Nor will I ever do it. I'm not attacking the Warrior for showing his feelings to the public. I'm attacking the Warrior for his behavior, his lack of judgment and for his actions of demoralization. That's all.

As I said before, I'm not a political man so any history you know about America will provide a lot of interest. Thanks for the feedback.

And Daniel Roberts, thanks for the fascist comment. It came in handy. As for Michael Galluch, the information on the lawsuit was hilarious.
RuthlessGattman wrote:
Ok, I'm a Democrat (a nightmare if you live in Indiana) but I'm not really a hardcore political guy. Hellwig has a freedom of speech and opinions, but what he said basically made the Republicans look like grade school drop outs. I have respect for every political view and I try to see the other person's way of things, but after hearing what Jimmy-boy has said, I think some people should get freedom of thought taken away. (Just joking!)
Curtis Mcmullen wrote:
warrior is indeed a pinhead. I beleive that while he has a right to say that, we also have a right to show our view. for those mwho are wondering, the BNP are racist towards the black comunnity.Still, I'd rather they are in power than the Conservatives.
Johnny LaRue wrote:
How is Warriors silly rant any different than the ad on that compared Bush to Hitler? Compared to what I have heard on college campuses in my life Warriors rant seemed fairly tame. Hell, I recall the late Reggie White making a few dopey comments at the Capital in Madison, Wisconsin and he was not as villified as Warrior has been. As long as the USA champion the notion of "free speech" then they have no right to complain about what people say (no matter how dopey it is).
Darron wrote:
I think the biggest mystery is how does this guy still have a fanbase?

I mean c'mon now he was a terrible wrestler and his stance on politics is more frightening than his no selling. I personally feel that anyone who actually cares what he has to say about politics or anything for that matter are like Star Wars Fanatics and Trekkies meaning they have no life and desperately need to come back down to earth and not dwell on the planet of Tattooine or wherever Luke, Han Solo and the rest of the freaks and misfits kick it.
t.schneck wrote:
Why is anyone giving any credence to what this man has to say? He sounds as if he came right out of the movie "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest." The fact that the man legally changed his name to Warrior should show everyone that his elevator doesn't go to the top floor anymore. It may have at one time, but now it reaches maybe the second floor, but that's it. Even when he was a pro wrestler, people should have been able to tell that he wasn't playing with a full set of marbles. So while he has every right to say what is on his fried mind, we have every right to say that he's wacky in the head. I say let's put him in a straight jacket, throw him in a rubber-walled cell, and throw away the key.
Amy Wheeler wrote:
Mr. Hellwig also had this to say: I used to be a fan of his, but not anymore. There`s no reason for being rude and belligerent to people that come to hear your speech. Everyone has different views and they should be discussed in a polite maner. When that is accomplished, people will respect and understand one another better.
Brian Bertrand wrote:
Jim Hellwig has always been a nutcase ever since after he left WWF in 1995. I've been to his site many times and he can never get out of character and it's a shame. I, too, was a fan of his back in my childhood but then when he started coming to WCW, I thought it was pointless to see him in there.

With this new liberal situation it completely shows how loopy his mind has become. It's not that he had too many chair shots to the head because he didn't get much or any chairshots to begin with. He just thinks that by yelling at these people, he'll consider it a heel turn therefore not getting out of his character. It sucks to know that he's doing this and believes that he is the good guy doing this.

What hits hard the most is that with him saying all this he considers it as part of his "Warrior Philsophy". I'm sorry but what kind of philosophy sits there and says "queering doesn't make the world work" or "homosexuals are no where near in the league of heterosexuals"? This man should stop whatever he's doing, change his stupid name back to Jim Hellwig (he legally changed it to just Warrior) and get out of his character for ten freaking minutes. Maybe then he should at least think about what he's doing before he goes back and makes a bigger ass out of himself.
Jacob Kuhn wrote:
Well, before I say anything about the Warrior, I want to take a moment to address the rebuttal by Bulldog Brower. I won't stoop down to your disgusting level of insults, but to point out that this country if for everyone. Deal with it. Gays aren't going anywhere, so you can simmer in your pointless hatred. And for the record, tons of gays and lesbians would be proud of serving their country over in the war, but people who feel the same way you do are preventing them from doing so. You can't have your cake and eat it too. You want gays to go off to war and die? Well, then let them serve in the military.

As for the Warrior, I find it amazing that we're having a discussion over the views of a second rate, sub intelligent former pro wrestler. What has the Warrior ever done that should make us care what he thinks? He had one of the worst reigns as WWF Champion ever and he's a more self serving bastard than even Hulk Hogan. His endless returns to the ring have inspired nothing but complete and utter boredom. The man has absolutely no credentials for us to even care.

I am a moderate leaning slightly to the left. I am registered as a Democrat, although I do have some conservative view points. What the Warrior said does not bother me at all for one reason: It was said by the Warrior!

Last year, I went to a seminar given by Mick Foley. Foley is an itelligent, articulate speaker and an extremely talented writer. He is a three time World Champion and he has one thing that Warrior does not: the respect of millions and millions of fans. Foley has actually made a lot of money on the seminar circuit because even though people may not agree with everything he says, he presents it in such a way as to not make himself look foolish. The only person Warrior hurt by making such inane statements was himself. The gay community couldn't care less about the "Ultimate Warrior." I doubt most people in the country even have any idea who the man is anymore.

The point is, a man is judged by the paths he lays before himself. Warrior is completely entitled to his beliefs, and he is even more entitled to express those beliefs. However, if he honestly expects anyone to take him seriously (besides people of the low intelligence and lack of tact like himself), then he needs to learn to express his ideas in a more appropriate way. Otherwise, the only person he makes looks foolish is himself.
Laurie B. wrote:
Good lord. Well, Bulldog Brower Jr. I must say that your revolting comments about homosexauls almost makes me want to disregard any opinions you wish to share on this site. Both you and 'The Warrior' disgust me for showing such un-necessary hatred.

Regarding 'The Warrior', well from what I've seen he is an incredibly sub-standard wrestler. His invincible 'I'm having a seizure' style no-sells piss me off all over the place and his move repretoire makes Hulk Hogan look like the greatest wrestler on earth (not bashing the Hulkster here because he CAN wrestle). The fact that he changed his name to 'The Warrior' is enough to doubt his sanity, let alone his political views.
keith owens wrote:
HAAAAAAAAAAAA.....The ultimate warrior is the pinnacle of perfection....How can you even stand to make fun of him..Homosexuality is wrong and if you actually believe that he said those things than you are very misguided...Im glad that he is a republican and that he states a strong correct point of view instead of hiding his real points just to cater to the faggots and liberals...
Edrom41 wrote:
late response? yes it is. but i have to speak my opinions wether this gets posted or not. i hate this guys opinions (jim's) hes an idiot, hes like the wrestler equation bush. this is america ppl, it doesn't matter what your sexual preference is. im not gay, but im not against them. ppl who are are nothing but bias and blinded by their idols who are against homosexuals like jim.
lia andreotta wrote:
man, i never liked him, but now i hate him even more. what a racist homophobic asshole. he is worse than my 13 year old classsmates


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