Bobby Lashley Is No Bill Goldberg
July 1, 2006 by Joe L.

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Bobby Lashley is no Bill Goldberg. And that’s a good thing.

I am bringing this up because many wrestling fans have been pointing out lots of comparisons between Lashley and the egotistical musclehead from Atlanta, Georgia. Indeed, some comparisons can be quite evident: both unexpectedly emerged to the semi-main event status in a course of five to six months, Lashley and Goldberg squashed wrestlers to get to the top of the position and both men's finishers are power moves that are jaw-droppingly devastating. But let me point out that Lashley is not Bill Goldberg. Despite similar sizes and pushes, Lashley contains of something that Goldberg never will have: passion for wrestling.

Lashley was a bit sloppy like Goldberg in his rookie stage and he could have easily injured his opponents but upon feuds with John Bradshaw Layfield, Finlay and most recently, Booker T (All Hail the King!), Lashley has improved his craft and is now slated for a huge push that will undoubtedly bring greater pressure on him. But with great pressure comes great results and if Lashley is pushed to the limit the same way Finlay and Booker T have done to him so far, then he will emerge as a huge star and obtain the respect Goldberg never had.

Lashley also has great experience, as seen through his tenure NAIA National Wrestling when he won three national wrestling championships between 1996 and 1998 and was the NAIA National Wrestling Champion at around the same time. More than that, Lashley would later join the United States Army where he continued to wrestle, winning the Armed Forces Championship twice. There, aggression in training, experience and action fueled this man's passion for competing in wrestling. Because if there is one thing good about the US Army, it brings out the best in you.

When he debut on SMACKDOWN and squashed Simon Dean like the pathetic jobber that he was, people poked fun at him for being a Goldberg wannabe. But they underestimated this man's dedication and his thrive for success and they certainly underestimated his wrestling skills. Goldberg wannabe? Bobby Lashley is more like the next Brock Lesnar. Together, with national wrestling accolades, his experience with the Armed Forces, constant improvement in his skills and his willingness to learn, Lashley will prove his doubters wrong and emerge as the Next Big Thing. He will be the real deal in wrestling.

That is a great contrast of what I can say about Bill Goldberg, the man who is a direct opposite of Bobby Lashley and Brock Lesnar. Bill Goldberg never wanted to improve, he whined when there was pressure on his shoulders rather than seeing it as a great opportunity to bring out the best of him, he flat out refused to learn or better himself, as evident by the number of injuries he caused in the roster and he bitched about doing jobs. Lashley has done about four to five jobs but you never see him complaining. Goldberg, however, makes my mother sound mouse-fart quiet.

You ever saw an episode on "South Park" when Eric Cartman complained and whined about wanting the Beefcake Weight Gain 4000? That's Bill Goldberg.

As for his wrestling background? Please. In Goldberg's view, being a football reject that moves like a wobbling chicken with his head chopped off will turn you into a wrestler. Take a look at the records of both Goldberg and Lashley outside WCW and WWF. Without even debuting in the WWF, Lashley was impressive. Goldberg, on the other hand, was impressive for showing how much talent he didn't have.

Unlike Goldberg, Lashley has what it takes to be a major player in the WWE and most importantly, in a stale wrestling industry. He's got an extraordinary physique, an impressive wrestling background, experience in Armed Forces, a growing fanbase and he has earned great respect from the locker room and the management. Goldberg showed how not to build up a wrestler and make him a major player without realizing how useless he was. To put it in simple terms, Goldberg was a failure before it happened, much like Buff Bag "Of Shit" Well and Lex Luger. But Lashley is something else.

Wrestling needs a tough, no-nonsense big man whose presence in and out of the ring will have many fans take notice and that guy is certainly not Bill Goldberg. Goldberg is a whiner, a crybaby, a temper-throwing punk and an overrated wrestler in the same mold as the Ultimate Warrior. Hell, Goldberg makes Warrior look competent.

No, That no-nonsense big man is Bobby Lashley, one of the most promising wrestlers in wrestling today. Lashley has the credentials and accolades to succeed and his willingness to learn and constant pressure will make him a big star. Much like Ken Kennedy, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin, Bobby Lashley is the future of professional wrestling and he continues to impress on a daily basis while improving his in-ring skills. But the best thing about Bobby Lashley is that he is no Bill Goldberg.

And that, my friend, is a good thing.

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Jon Rosaler wrote:
Wasn't there a column called "Please, Not Another Golberg" awhile back? I gotta say, Lashley is muuuuuch better than Goldberg. Unlike, Billy, Bobby can wrestle. Former NCAA champion, National Champion of the NAIA. He is no Bill Goldberg, but he is getting the same push as him. Sure, no 175-0 winning streak, but that's fair. Lashley can't get the EXACT same push as Goldberg, right? I see a future world champion in Lashley.
noel manasseh wrote:
Bobby Lashley is no goldberg, Lashley is more realistic compared to goldberg who had a 174 winning streak. Lashley loses matches and wins most, thats a gud thing because fans are going to get bored of seeing the same guy keep winning. Lashely could be a possible multi time world champ if he gets involved in the area.
Lance Crucifix wrote:
You're wrong, sir. Bobby Lashley is the next Goldberg, Lashley may have his mat wrestling on his side, but he dosn't use it. He' just like Goldberg, all the potential in the world to become a great wrestler, he just dosn't apply himself, and Lashley's matches, unless he is in a match with someone who can carry people, are boring to say the least. Also, Lashley repeats his moves alot, I've seen him do three overhead belly-to-belly suplexs, and not one right after another mind you. IMO Lashley will be done for soon enough.
Jesse Lee wrote:
When I first saw Lashley, I thought of Brock Lesnar. Even though Brock himself has his bad history with WWE, he still deserves credit for his talent. I see Lesnar as a new force in the WWE-wrestling entertainment world. He has everything Vince loves, except one. He's big, he's strong, he looks intimidating, but his mic skills aren't great. If you've notice, few WWE superstars become champions without being able to speak on the mic or having someone to speak for them on the mic. Since WWE's only male manager seems to be Estrada for Umaga, Lashley's out of luck.

Lashley is willing to improve and I'd love to see him become one of the future's big stars with Kennedy, Haas, and a few others. He's a big man who looks as though he can snap a car in two without breaking a sweat, all he needs now is someone to speak for him. Even if he's a no-nonsense type of guy, he needs to be heard so the audience can relate to him. How can the average joe get on his side if Lashley is lifting 300lbs and the joe is lifting 175? (or something else to that effect.) Austin got over because everyone was enjoying fighting "the boss." Rock got over because he's quick-witted and never "gave-in" to the fans. Lesnar needs to connect with the audience in some way other than showing his muscles.
Cruz Barnard wrote:
Hey Joe.L! It's nice to see that you are no longer writing tired articles of "The Ultimate Warrior" and "The losers of wrestling". This article I agree one hundred percent on! Bobby Lashley has shown great potential and he has shown similarities to Bill Goldberg! It scared me at first but now I see that Lashley will take his potential and live it to the fullest not like Goldberg who only thought he was that damn good!
Jonathan Preston wrote:
Well, from the way this article sounds, it doesn't seam like you are a Goldberg fan at all, considering how much you knock Goldberg. How can you say Goldberg wasn't talented? He went 107 - 0 in the beginning of his career capturing the U.S title and the World Heavyweight title in the streak. Then he jumped to the WWE and captured the World Title again. Goldberg has beaten people like Big Show, Hulk Hogan, Brock Lesnar, The Rock, Triple H, all those guys are huge names in wrestling. Who cares if Bobby Lashley beat Simon Dean, Booker T, or Finlay, or JBL. Those wrestlers are know where near as big as the other wrestlers. I'm not knocking Bobby Lashley at all though. He is the real deal and I'm sure soon he'll be World champ. But I'm sorry, you can't put Bobby Lashley in Goldberg's league yet until he accomplishes more. I honestly wouldn't compare the two. Bobby Lashley actually reminds me more of a Monte Brown than Goldberg. Tell you what. If Lashley can beat someone like Batista when he comes back to Smackdown, then I'll give him more credit. But as of right now, Lashley is no where near Goldberg status!!!!
Gus wrote:
Bobby Lashley is surely impressive. He is what Bill Goldberg never was, a dedicated performer. What stands out in my mind was when he was doing pushups with simon dean on his back in his debut match I believe!
Ernesto Diaz wrote:
That is right. Bobby Lashley is no Bill Goldberg. Golderg is so bitchy about everything. He didn't deserve the respect of the people in the locker room. Bobby Lashley is a great competitor. I saw his debut and saw his impressive physique and said that he could be a major figure on SmackDown! and in the WWE. I mean look at him. He participated in the SmackDown! vs. Raw Survivor Series match last year and is currently the U.S. Champion. Lashley to me is one of the greatest on SmackDown! and soon he will probably be the best in the WWE. Bobby Lashley is probably the next Brock Lesnar (exept that he won't complain about defending his title and some other stuff). Lashley has a great thing coming for him in the WWE.
tristan warneke wrote:
i totaly agree. i dont know very much about goldberg but i do know that lashley has been improving a hell of a lot. his first steel cage match against booker T was better than i thought it would be. he very well could be the next brock lesnar.
Eddie from SC wrote:
I think you are being a little tough on Goldberg. Sure, Bobby Lashley has potential, but he hasn't done much yet. Goldberg came out of nowhere (beating Hugh Morris, I believe, in his first match - a man of at least comparable size) to become a fan icon. (you were problably one of the ones chanting GOLDBERG during shows, whether he was scheduled to appear, or not). The "Who's Next?" catch phrase and the winning streak dominated water cooler talk for a while.

While he did refuse to do jobs, his character wasn't about doing jobs, and, after the winning streak ended, WCW writers never came up with a good angle for him, (the miserable attempt to turn him into a heel comes to mind). I'm sure he became frustrated with WCW brass, and finally said to hell with it.

No, Bobby Lashley ain't the next Goldberg, at least not yet.
Thomas Bradley wrote:
Bobby Lashley I hope has a bright future. If politics will allow him to push the vetearns out of the way, and let Lashley be World Champion, that would be great. And he could destroy Goldberg in 2.2 seconds, Goldberg sucks!
Patrick wrote:
whoa I nevert knew that much stuff about goldberg I thought he just was a monster because I never saw wcw and wasnt familar to goldberg untill he came to the wwe and when he arrived he dominated but if all that stuff is true im not a goldberg fan anymore
Eric Dixon wrote:
While I do agree with the writer, becuase it''s clear, Lashley's no Goldberg, it did take a couple of years for Brock's true colors to show.
Mark Whiley wrote:
To be honest, I'd blame most of what became Goldberg on WCW creative, the Power Plant and Eric Bischoff's eagerness to promote him to the full roster, rushing past his training. Also, to give someone who hasn't earned his stripes, is young and vunerable to the business such a degree of power, you really are asking him/her to become egotistical. If he had had full training, a well thought out gimmick and storyline behind him (not just streak then finished) and got taught by the old school locker room ettiquette things would have probably been a lot different. Also don't forget Vince wanted him, if he'd gone to the WWF instead of to Turner, I can guarentee slagging off of old Billy boy wouldn't be happening.
Sevag Mangassarian wrote:
I'd have to say the best World Heavyweight Champion would have to be Kurt Angle. He's an awesome wrestler just on his own, and is often looked to as the guy "that makes matches good" Triple H is really not someone who helped the title in my book. It seemed to be specially made for him alone. The fact is he made it seem like nobody was allowed to be champion unless it was him. Honestly he made it look like paper belt most of the time. He was almost NEVER out of the title picture before Vengence last year. There were only 2 PPV's where he was not the champion and not involved in a title defense. I found that the belt's prestiege generally to increased the longer we had good non Triple h champions and fueds. Such as Batista vs Eddie and Kurt Angle vs Undertaker. Then the belt's lineage is confusing enough, is it supposed to be a continuation of the WCW title? If not...then why is it deisnged the same way? Goldberg was nothing special. Triple H buried numerous superstars before jobbing to Batista. Rey is a good champion in my book, but they keep squashing him.
ArchcityLi wrote:
If any thing, to me Lashley reminds me more of Brock Lesnar. The build, the style, the entrance (jumping on the ring apron), the amateur wrestling skills. Even the pubescent voice.
Mike Phillips wrote:
Lashley definitely reminds me of Brock Lesnar in his first year in the WWE. If you remember correctly Brock didn't necessarily have the most technical match during that time. He was just winning squash matches against people like Spike Dudley, Randy Orton, Rikishi, etc.. So I believe Lashley just needs to be given a few more months and some high calibur feuds with the likes of The Undertaker, Batista, and some other top guys on Smackdown( though there really aren't many left). This guy truly has a lot of potential and he may be the next best thing going for Smackdown.
Corbin wrote:
Reading this article, I agreed on some points. However, there is too many points where the author's lack of information (to put it nicely) shines through. People need to stop calling Goldberg a football reject. He had a serious injury, and if you knew anything about football, any injury can easily end your football career. Lashley is a ripoff of Goldberg, get over it. He has a new common muscle head finisher every other week. His latest is a typical powerslam. He has no charisma whatsoever and he just embarasses himself everytime he tries to talk on the mic.

Then reading through the Lashley marks responses, some people just make completely false statements. "Jesse Lee" wrote saying the only male manager in WWE is Estrada. False. Daivari has been a manager in WWE for awhile now, where the hell have you been? Goldberg gained alot of fans, and the majority of his bashers probably liked him at one point. Lashley is the typical musclehead WWE tries to pour down our throat often. I think he has potential to be great, but in no way do you compare him to Goldberg
Josh in Portland wrote:
I don't have anything against either guy but Lashley to me has always reminded me of Wayne Brady from Whose Line Is It Anyway. The voice, the face, I swear if Vince Russo was writing this in the next two months you'd see Brady stripping out of the muscle suit to do show tunes in the middle of the ring. Anyway now you can all snicker like I do durring Lashley matches at the though him wrestling an 8 ft tall muscle bound Ryan Styles.
Mike Weaver wrote:
You're absolutely right Lashley is not the next Goldberg. He may have an impressive amateur background but he doesn't show it very often while Goldberg was always improving. In the course of his career he added more moves and an impressive submission arsenal to his matches. Lashley definitely has the potential to be a better wrestler than Goldberg but he will never have the intensity. And another thing I have noticed is that Lashley does not have anywhere near the strength of Goldberg. Lashley can barely press slam people while Goldberg was doing it to 300 pound men with ease,and also giving the jackhammer to guys like Mark Henry and the Big Show. Goldberg may have had a problem with jobbing to people,but at least it was believable that no one could beat him because of his monstrous strength and scary intensity. Lashley on the other hand is behind "Da Man" on both categories. So you are right Lashley is no Goldberg.
Doug Holland wrote:
I happen to be a long-time Goldberg and Brock Lesnar fan. I also am a fan of Bobby Lashley and hope that he can develop into a bona-fide star. With that being said, your article fell short in a few areas:

1. Bobby Lashley is nowhere near Goldberg right now. Goldberg's Q rating when he was with WCW indicated that he was a MAJOR cross-over star on the magnitude of Hulk Hogan and the Rock. Not even Stone Cold Steve Austin had that level of appeal OUTSIDE of wrestling. Wrestling being the work that it is is about giving the masses what they want. The "smarks" who wish that Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho traded the WWE titles back and forth every other week don't count. They ultimately didn't make Vince McMahon a billionaire or make WCW a comparable force in the '90s.

2. Bill Goldberg hardly "lumbered" around. He was heavier than Lashley yet he's more nimble. He also is an accomplished martial artist and tremendous athlete for someone his size. Only Brock Lesnar could match his athleticism at 290+ pounds.

3. Brock Lesnar's character was based on the success of Bill Goldberg in WCW. Bobby Lashley's character - moves, look, etc. - are direct reflections of Bill Goldberg. Vince McMahon has been trying to catch lightening for years in the same fashion that Eric Bischoff did with Goldberg. Will it work? Well....

4. So far, the answer is "no", but alot of that is due to McMahon's creative team. Lashley is being compelled to over-sell to guys like Steven Reagal when he should be burying them. He's in a pro-longed program wtih the ultimate mid-carder, Booker T, when he should be being primed for a feud with the returning Batista. Also, Lashley has no persona to speak of. Goldberg's intensity and "aura" made him a true superstar. Lashley looks like an overgrown deer in headlights.

5. Clearly, Goldberg hadn't always dreamed of being a Pro Wrestler so his affinity for what is often a lurid business was suspect at best. The notion that Goldberg wouldn't "job" was and always has been internet b.s. During his stint in the WWE, he not only jobbed he also OVER sold to guys like Christian and the octagenarian Ric Flair. Goldberg's moves in WCW were limited by Bischoff - occassionally, he showed some off. As a power wrestler, he was the most impressive of his generation. Military pressing Scott Steiner 6 times, gorilla pressing Batista AND Brock Lesnar, and jackhammering the Giant/Big Show.

6. Unlike guys like HHH and JBL, Goldberg always made sure that he was in top shape, even when injuries made it very difficult to train. HHH has become a gellatinous tub of goo and JBL is an embarassment to the business.

Bobby Lashley would do VERY well to be the next Bill Goldberg. Believe me - Vince McMahon would MORE than welcome it.
Simeon Hubbard wrote:
Hey guys, I agree Bobby Lashley is NO Bill Goldberg, he can only be Bobby Lashley and just so you know, I like Goldberg and I like Lashley, too, but Goldberg has always been one of my favorite wrestlers from the NITRO era in WCW, but the reason guys like Goldberg and Scott Steiner were not used right in the WWE, is b/c Vinnie Mac wasn't drawing enough WCW fans to watch RAW, and Goldberg is NO football reject, when he came to WCW, he came for one reason: to earn his stripes and another reason: the fans made him.

Now let's take a look @ Goldberg and Bobby Lashley, Goldberg: WCW Triple Crown Winner, 2x WCW United States Heavyweight Champion, former WCW World Heayvweight Champion, and former WCW World Tag Team Champion w/his close friend Bret "The Hitman" Hart (and BTW when Bret Hart won the WCW World Tag Team Titles he also held the WCW World Heayvweight Title), Goldberg has beaten the likes of Raven and his flock, as well as the N.W.O., people like Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Scott Norton, Bryan Adams, The Disciple, Vincent, Curt Hennig, Lex Luger, STING, Konnan, Buff Bagwell, The Giant (Big Show) and even Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner, I would LOVE to see those 2 go @ it again in TNA, this time in the 6 Sides of Steel.

But when Goldberg came to the WWE, he defeated The Rock and Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship, he even defeated future NWA World Heavyweight Champion Christian inside the Steel Cage on RAW in Philly on May 12, 2003 and BTW it was one of the best RAW's ever in 2003, and he also defeated Mark Henry, but when 2004 arrived Goldberg got misused and after his last match w/Brock Lesnar which turned out to be a disaster he left b/c of creative problems, I hope to see him go to TNA

Now Bobby Lashley, WWE United States Heavyweight Champion and a future World Heavyweight Champion, and perhaps a future SD! Triple Crown Winner, I see a great future in him, and SD! is where he belongs, b/c if he went to RAW his character would be destroyed, but getting back to SD! Lashley has defeated so many opponents, and he has even gotten a BIGGER push, he has competed @ Survivor Series 2005 in a 5 on 5 RAW vs. SD! match, he has also competed in the Money in the Bank II Ladder Match, he has also faced JBL 3 times, he beat JBL on SD! prior to the Royal Rumble PPV, he lost to JBL @ No Way Out thanks to Finlay, and he beat JBL 5 nights after Judgment Day to win his 1st Championship in the WWE the United States Heavyweight Championship, he is now getting a BIG push on SD!, he is now having a feud against King Booker and his courtsmen Finlay and Regal, he has also beaten King Booker in a Steel Cage Match, and he has also defeated The World's Strongest Man Mark Henry, and now he is still the WWE United States Heavyweight Champion and I hope to see him as the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, and plus I would LOVE to see him face Batista, and maybe Lashley might even become the WWE Tag Team Champion w/whoever that partner may be, whether it's Batista, Kurt Angle, Shelton Benjamin, or his good buddy Rey Mysterio.

I would also LOVE to see Lashley take on Goldberg, that would be an AWESOME Dream Match, but who knows? It might be in T N A, it might be anywhere, but one thing is for certain, Bobby Lashley is NO Bill Goldberg, and Goldberg is NO Bobby Lashley.

Bill Goldberg is only going to be Bill Goldberg and Bobby Lashley is only going to be Bobby Lashley. and yes that is a good thing. Goldberg and Lashley fan 4 EVER!

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