Diva Search" Again"""
July 7, 2005 by Johnny LaRue

Just when you thought it was safe to watch RAW once again we are subjected to another "diva search" and I use that term very loosely. Does anyone recall the last "search"" You know the one where it defeated the purpose of having a "winner" since most of the contestants got jobs with the WWE" I mean the only real difference between last year's winner and the others is the winner got a spread in Playboy. So let's call a spade a spade and label it a Playboy search.

I know, I know maybe I am getting a tad bit bitter in my old age but damn it back when I was a kid we tuned in on Monday nights and saw *gasp* wrestling! Now don't get me wrong, I don't mind the occasional T&A but to devote however long it took for me to finish grilling my burger, grab a cold beer from the fridge and plop down on the couch is borderline insane. Maybe to your average 12 year old boy this diva search is the best thing since sliced bread (which begs the question what was the best thing before sliced bread came along") but most of us have seen more and well.... never mind.

I can already hear the e-mails now from Christy apologists saying "But Johnny why blame Christy and the others" It's not their fault. They just seized an opportunity." To that I say nonsense! Every diva is in it for the cash. I don't fault them for doing it but don't con me into believing they actually want to be in the sport. I want to blame the WWE morons who came up with this idea but then again they figure it is a lot cheaper to hire a bunch of amateurs since the fans don't care just as long as they are wearing skimpy outfits. So far it seems to be working I guess.

I can almost feel the frustration of legit female wrestlers like Gail Kim, Molly Holly and Victoria knowing full well all the blood sweat and tears you gave to get a job in this industry could have been done by prancing about in a bikini in this day and age. Hell, compared to the Diva Search the "Tough Enough" female winners earned their jobs. Then again if it's any consolation I did see Joy Giovanni making a complete fool of herself on G4 TV a few days ago comparing Lara Crofts and Bloodraynes "assets" in a video game vixen contest as if it was a real competition.

Okay so maybe I don't know who to actually blame for this sham of a competition. All I know is it would be a whole lot easier to just hire the remaining divas and draw straws to see who gets to be in Playboy. Or maybe I should go by the adage "if you can't beat them join them" and hold my own Diva Search for this column. I mean if the WWE can pull a Diva Search off successfully then any idiot (such as myself) can do it. Then again the huge difference is the WWE has $250,000 and a Playboy spread to give away and all I have is the winner getting 10 bucks and their picture in this column.

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BARKER wrote:
It seems that since last diva search that they got rid of all the diva's that wrestled. Their down to a few and the new diva's look like they will only do pose downs and best bodies challenges. the search would be great if they got some diva's that could actually wrestle so that way the could make a womens tag team belt as well as lightweight championship belt that way the diva's wouldn't have go only for the womens world title.
Johnny LaRue (Original Author) wrote:
After reading that Jackie was let go by the WWE on their webpage I was kinda upset since it makes NO sense for the WWE to do so. I mean if you are having a diva search it implies you need more divas!!! So why release Jackie then" It seems it has to do with Playboy" Therefore with your permission I would like to add a note to my column if possible.....

Ironically the day my article went on the page the WWE released Jackie (and Haas). It makes no sense for the WWE to hold a "Diva Search" since holding a search implies you need more divas. Yet they release Jackie"

What bugs me the most over this was her comment she made on

"In some instances I think I got a fair shot, in other ways, I didn't," Gayda said. "I understand WWE is entertainment, but it's also wrestling, I think women being active and physical can be just as sexy as girls in a bikini. I decided not to do Playboy when I had a chance, maybe that even came back to bite me in the butt."

I can now see the twisted logic behind the "Diva Search" since Divas in Playboy = cash and publicity in the WWE's pocket. The Playboy shoot benefits the WWE more than the "diva". Let's just call it for what it is "We'll pay you $250,000 to pose for Playboy". I now wonder if other past WWE females were released due to them not wanting to pose for Playboy"

In closing, Jackie, I do agree that "women being active and physical can be just as sexy as girls in a bikini" and it's a damn shame the WWE does not feel that way.
Wild-Child wrote:
As a female fan, the Diva Search drives me away from enjoying Raw. I along with probably many other female viewers find it frustarating to watch these girls strut their stuff on TV when most of them probably never watched wrestling before. They have the luxury of being in front of the WWE's eyes and will probably bag a contract even if the fans vote them off. Most of them see it as just another thing to put on top of their resume next to Playboy Cyber Girl (or whatever they're called) and model/actress. I don't mind TnA in moderation, it doesn't bother me. But how many times do you have to see the same "divas" out there in bras and panties". Between the Divas DVD, Divas magazine and photoshoots haven't the little 12 year olds seen enough". Nothings going to change (unless they go and pump their boobs up a bit more) I like to see females out there proving they can be just as tough as the men, putting on great matches and really showing that talent comes first and looks second. Afterall it is the wrestling business. And as for Playboy, posing so soon like Christy did may make money but where can she go from here". Try to learn to wrestle and come across as a serious competitor" It just looks stupid. But obviously it doesn't matter what I and other female fans out there think.It's always about cashing in on the young male audience. Anyway, these days I learn not to get too attached to a 'real' Diva, refuse to strip off and you're given your walking papers.
Huthaifas wrote:
Its shouldnt surprise anyone, that there is another Diva Search.The WWE has a DIVA SEARCH, for the same reason why Sports Illustrated has a swimsuit issue. They believe that guys/casual fan will come in and watch the bouncing silicon, and maybe have the next Cindy Margolis, or even Jenna Jameson. They also realize that that they can have DVD,ppv specials, and magazines devoted to this, because the casual fan/guys, just want to see the girls. I know plenty of guys, who dont buy SI, but still get the Swimsuit Issue.

Maybe one day, they will think women's wrestling will be worth putting time in, but IMO, that wont happen until someone else makes it successful. If TNA can make a compelling women's division, then the WWE will follow suit. If any promotion can make it successful, then the WWE will follow suit,Do you really think that Vince wanted a cruiserweight division or a hardcore championship"
Ai2392 wrote:
Well I'm upset that they've let go of some of the wrestling divas. After reading some of the replies, I agree with them. If they had more diva wrestlers they could make a tag belt. People like Jacquelyn and Molly Holly were great wrestlers. The Diva Search contests on Raw take so long too, and makes for about a 4 match night. Well this week there was only 4 matches. I would like if they just stopped doing those Diva searches. A ton of divas were released from the first one anyway. It's a waste of air time, and gives the show bad ratings. I know it's World Wrestling Entertainment, but to most people the 2nd letter is most important, and entertaining.

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