Randy Is Better Than This...
August 30, 2006 by Johnny LaRue

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Once again I changed columns midstream as I was going to talk about ECW but saw other columns that hit on my main points and how many of readers want to read another ECW column anyways" I was going to write about the Diva Search but then remembered I wrote a column about that a long time ago. After re-reading my old column I figure I could probably just change the names to make the column current (since some things never change) but decided against doing that since some smart reader would bring it to everyone's attention.

After some thought I finally came to the conclusion after watching the mess that is the Orton vs. Hogan feud that a column must be written! Now by no means am I a Randy Orton fan and I feel the ONLY reason he was pushed to win the WWE Championship is that Vince loves to rewrite history and Vince did not want Brock Lesnar to be the youngest champ on record (though Orton was too young and could not carry the company at the time). In fact come to think of it, it would not shock me to see HHH and Steph's new baby win the world title before years end. Thus giving the title of youngest WWE world champ ever to the McMahon family thus ensuring the record will never be broken. Personally I was shocked Steph did not give live birth on TV and as the baby popped out it happened to pin Edge for the 1, 2, 3. Then again does anyone actually care about such things like youngest champ outside of Vince"

Back to Orton though since that is why you clicked to read this column right" After Orton's title run it pains me to watch him. Before you start to type hate mails I feel Orton actually *gasp* has more talent that most on the roster and does not need to be tossed in piss poor angles or get cheap heat to get him over. Outside the "Legend Killer" gimmick he has no real gimmick. Don't get me wrong about the gimmick but how many "legends" can they drag out for him to beat. Pretty soon they may have to dig up dead wrestlers then again I would not put it past Vince to do that. If a necrophilia angle is possible then digging up Rude or Henning can't be that much of a stretch. Also, it comes across as wow Orton beat some 50 year old wrestler. Not overly exciting over the long term.

1.) The Undertaker angle was a mess I felt. It had great potential I thought. Yet the whole video and Orton freaking out through the stands. As usual the Taker won at Wrestlemania and then Orton lost again the very next night to Batista then was back on the IR again. Upon his return they started the feud again until the Smackdown vs. Raw angle started up. Oh and lets not forget the low-rider fiasco as well during the Undertaker feud part 3. Was there really a need to have Orton get cheap heat to get him over or the feud over" Overall it was a 9 month feud when it was all said and done.

2.) Then you have the Rey/Eddie angle and all the tacky remarks about Hell, Eddie, the low-rider cut-out, the reading of Eddie's book ...etc. I guess they wanted a heel for Wrestlemania but why shove Orton into that role and then force him to get cheap heat" He had from February till April to "get over" and I am sure he would have been able to do so without the cheap heat. Orton does not need that to get a feud over with the fans. Once again Randy was the victim of a poorly done angle. He does not need cheap heat. Despite that he did headline a Wrestlemania main event and I had thought he had rebuilt his career and things would change.

2 and 1/2. ) Seeing how I thought Randy would be used better after headlining Wrestlemania he ended up getting suspended and fined. I think he had a good chance to be a headliner after Wrestlemania but he ruined that by getting suspended. Upon his return he came back and...

3.) Feuded with Angle. They never let this feud really take off since it was rushed together before the One Night Stand PPV. It seemed to only serve as a purpose to get ECW over. Then to top it off after the PPV Angle and Orton met one more time in a tag match before the PPV rematch which Orton won. The short feud was over and Orton moved on to the....

4.) The recent Hogan feud. I understand they want Brooke in the feud to promote her singing career (or lack of one in my opinion). Though the whole start of the feud reeked of "underage relations". In the States one has to be 18 to be considered an "adult" in that sense. Let's be honest though how many times has the WWE mentioned Brooke is 18" Honestly, I (as many others did) thought she was underage. I thought if she was underage and can date some old guy on an episode of Hogan Knows Best why not have it an angle was the idea here. After actually finding out Brooke was of age and Orton is 27 I still thought it a bit odd. Although I don't blame Orton and feel bad for him since it's a no win scenario for him. If the feud is a hit people will say is was due to Hogan. If it fails then the blame is placed on Randy. Despite the match almost being cancelled Randy showed he can't carry a sub par wrestler in a match. So instead of getting the win over Hogan he loses and now....

5.) Moves onto a feud with Carlito. It seems to me if Randy gets buried and they put Carlito (who seems to be rising in popularity) during this feud I question if the WWE has long term plans for him or will Randy be a mid carder for the rest of his career" I don't want to say this is a make or break feud for Randy but this feud could very well determine Randy Orton's fate and future with the company.

By Johnny LaRue..

Scrib wrote:
Come on now...He's 27, not can't determine his career off his feud with Carlito. By your logic, JBL was doomed when he was on the Acolytes...oh yeah, he won the title over 5 years after becoming a member of the ministry of darkness...Making a prognositcation about Randy at this young point in his career is downright naive.
The Kass wrote:
Hey man I couldnt agree with you more. I am a Randy fan. He has the potential to go down as on of the business's best heels. He just has that natural negative charisma.He gets alot of boos, never really a quiet crowd when he wrestles.(remember the ECW ppv afew months back) I also agree with the "cheap heat" points you brought up. Save the cheap heat for somone like Rob Conway or somthing. I dont know why, but no one likes this guy, they should just use his natural charisma to get him over as a mega heel.
Jason Pritchett wrote:
OK, first thing, the Orton/Taker angle wasnt that bad, yes it dragged on but in points of the fued it made Orton look strong. And the Rey/Orton fued, and the Low-rider deal. I didn't mind it. When Orton would say that Eddie's in hell, orton didn't mean it! People gotta stop taking this eddie crap so damn hard. It's just a storyline, do they REALLY need to use eddie to get a fued over, no, but iut sure as hell helps. Poeple are always bitching about storylines always being the same, well not that one, it was different, and now everyone's bitching about that. In end, Orton is great, stop ragging on the guy.
R.J.C wrote:
i agree with you 100%.... this may be one of the only pieces of criticism iv got for the wwe but Randy had the potential to do wat The Rock did an dcompletely revolutionise teh industry but they have wasted a great superstar to bring through a handfull of midcarders
Andrew Betts wrote:
First of all I wish to clear up something about the Hogan feud when this first started we all knew who was comming out on top Hogan was ask yourself this when was the last time he put someone over " to be honest I can't remember i'm not bashing Hogan that's just how it goes Hogan gets what Hogan wants although I might not be the biggest Randy Orton fan but he desrves better than that if they really to make this "Legend Killer" gimmick to work he should've gotten the win to "Kill" Hulkamania forever but alas no such luck for Randy so now this Carlito feud will be yet another blow to Randy so after this who he be forced to put over next Umaga" I hope not but Johnny is right Randy is better than this
Nick Roberts wrote:
I must say that I agree with you. This feud with Carlito (whose work rate and mic skills should never elevate him above mid-card status) could seriously damage Orton's career. If he ends up on the losing end to Carlito, and continues to lay down for guys like Jeff Hardy (who will never main event a PPV, only open one), he is in danger of ending up in a serious rut. For those who are Orton fans, there may be some hope-remember how HHH was punished for his part in the MSG incident. He was kept from his push for nearly a year, and was forced to toil away in relative obscurity because of it. Perhaps the fallout from Orton's suspension is longer lasting than just the 60 days he was without pay and held off the road. It's also possible that his push could be set up for around the Survivor Series, but at this point, that seems like a long shot.

In all reality it is far more likely that he is simply being misused, as he was not buried once he came back, and he had a chance for a career-defining match against Hogan at SummerSlam, but the Hulkster refused to lay down for him. It seems that the biggest loser as a result of Hogan's injury was Orton, as he obviously was taking it easy in the ring, and didn't want to go much longer than ten minutes, save the wear and tear on his body. Were Hogan more willing (and capable) to put out the kind of effort that he did at Wrestlemania X8, it is entirely likely that Orton would now be built up as the dominant heel on the Raw roster. Instead, he's feuding with a third-rate Superfly Snuka.
Will Knight wrote:
The guy has it all good looks, muscular build that is not steriod abusing by visual standards, excellent ring wrestler, natural charisma...he truly has got it all. You could see his downfall began when they prematurly took the title from him to give to Triple H. They should have had Randy become a fighting champion...beat Benoit in a title match when Triple H interferes, then vice versa, then leads to a title match between all three. Next pay per view Triple H takes on Benoit in a number one contenders match, with Orton against Flair and Batista where eventually you start seeing Batista and Flair showing their want for the title...leading to Evolution's demise. Then Triple H gets it back after about three months in a one on one match...leading to a feud where it leads to Orton vs Triple h Wrestlemania 21. From then on he is a main stopper... His Legend Killer gimmick is something that should be used every once in awhile when they want to push a legend vs legend killer match, beyond that don't mention it. I really wanted him to win against the Hogan, to push himself up in the fans eyes, and lead to a longer feud between The Hulkster and Randy Many have complained that he uses too many neck based moves in his does Matt Hardy no one says anything about him...I like his move set allows for the RKO to be more devastating on impact. His only downfall is the backstage problems he has been involved in, but hey HBK and Triple H are more controversial in there aspects. Anymore it seems like fans based their approval for people who are backstage favorites or better behaved, whatever happened to those who give the fans a show no matter what their personal lives are" By the way though I feel if Carlito comes out of top if may only lead to worse for the youngest World Heavyweight Champ ever.
OJ Mayo wrote:
Orton is just 26 he is borin in 1980 and he would turn 27 on 2007. By the way he goe all the push in 2005 and i guess he would Job for a few months for his punishment and by 2007 i think he would main event again Wrestlemania and be WWE Champion for the 2nd time..... He must job cause it is very rare for a guy his age to beat legends as eraly as this... it took HH years before he became a dominant champion and beat legends.... he even job to the Warrior back in 1996 in less than 2 minutes.....
OJ Mayo wrote:
For you information Randy Orton is not the youngest WWE Heavyweight Champion in history which is created in 1963 but the youngest WWE World Heavyweight Champion in History that was created in 2002 by then GM Eric Bishoff. Brock according to is still the youngest WWE Champion at age 25 yrs.old and 44 days and Randy Orton the youngest World Heavyweight Champion at age 24 yrs.old 136 days. The WWE is rejuvenating his career by feuding him with the up and coming Superstar like Carlito guys do not judge that this feud would suck because you guys back in 1996-1998 do not pay attentions to HHH and a Young Rocky Maivia that in a few years they became WWE Champions and Legends in this business. As of now Orton has no new wrestler to feud (most of the Wrestler at Raw he had feud at early at his career) at while we want to see a Randy Orton vs. John Cena feud that would be best reserve at Wrestlemania 23. I think he would resume his push as he would again be winning his 4th straight Survivor Series Classic match and be the only sole survivor. Randy Orton by the way is only 26 yrs.old and he would turn 27 on April 1, 2007.

Here is my top 10 ways on how WWE can use Orton:

1. Feud him with Athletic guys like Shelton Benjamin, Aerial Masters like Jeff Hardy, Technical Wrestlers like Chris Benoit, and power guys like Bobby Lashley this would not affect his career cause he can improve his in ring tactics and he can stay in the match for 20-30 minutes same as what they did in Ric Flair in the 1980's and the Rock in the 1990's. The talented and athletic is his rivals the greater Orton can be a WWE Wrestler. In a wrestling match timing, ring psychology and the way your opponent participate in the ring. It is not only the moves that make wrestling great but the way the move is executed to make it more realistic. Can you imagine match with no story telling and pure wrestling the fans would not buy it because wrestling is foremost story telling and the way you executed your move at the right time. TNA matches are quite boring cause they execute Random moves and there is no essence on why do the execute it mostly squash matches at TNA Impact and TNA Explosion.

2. Let him be the enforcer of the Mcmahon Family and build a new Corporation as Randy Orton as the leader with young guys like Chris Masters, Harry Smith, Charlie Haas, Sylvester Turkay, Umaga and Rob Conway and jobbers Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch. This would led to a gang war versus the new D-Generation X same goes like the NWO vs. WCW and D-X vs. The Nation in the 1990's.

3. The WWE must return the historical European and Million Dollar championship as Orton would hold this belt and brags about being the a great champion without holding the WWE Championship. Like what Ted Di Biase has done in the 1980's and early 1990's where after constantly being screwed at the WWF Championship he created his own belt. This also happen at ECW where Tazz create the Fuck the World Heavyweight title after he is not given a title shot at the ECW Championship.

4. WWE Must also installed a King of the Mountain type of match like in TNA Wrestling by introducing the King of Wrestling TLCC matches in which like the money in the Bank only the WWE Heavyweight title is at stake. This would lead to unpredictable matches and the fan does not know who would win.

5. Let Orton have his own Talk Show in which it is titles as the Randy Orton: the Legend Killer Show in which he would interview legends and soon to be legend in this business. He would then beat up them and RKO them for the finish. This would lead for him to use his natural arrogant SOB style. WWE can contact Legends like Harley Race and company.

6. Get Randy Orton some lady valet or a manager that would be his sidekick and then partner him with Harry Smith as the new Brotherhood of Bulldogs in which they wrestle heel in the USA but face outside the USA.

7. Let Orton introduce more wrestling moves in his match and let him use another finishing move like the Canadian Destroyer or the "Da Cop Killa or VernellBreaker". WWE can use this move and Orton must know how can he soften it affects and not be just a slam like the Deathvalley Driver turn into a Soft FU which is a simple fireman Carry slam. THE RKO is a soft and useless version of the Original Stonecold Stunner and the Diamond Cutter but I like when he it the Undertaker in a Reverse RKO and the unpredictability of this move.

8. Bring back WWE legends like Randy Savage, Warrior, Vader, that Randy Orton could challenge these wrestlers to feud at so that he can solidify his Legend Killer status. Also add ECW legends Raven, Sabu, Tazz, RVD and Jimmy Snuka on his list. I also want him to feud with the 50 yrs. Old Diamond Dallas Page to know who the real master of the Diamond Cutter is.

9. Let Randy Orton win the WWE championship and hold the belt at 6-7 months and even challenging the World Champion at Smackdown as he could have the chance to be a WWE Undisputed Champion. This would make Orton the nexts HHH and Ric Flair who dominated the wrestling scene by keeping the belt on their waist a long time and not be a transitional champion.

10. Let Orton feud with up and coming WWE Superstar that he can also acknowledge the fact that he is the Ultimate Future of the Company. He can participate in unique matches like the Hardcore and the Hell in a Cell. Bringing AJ Styles to the WWE by offering him huge money can be a way to see a feud involving these two guys
Alex Edwards wrote:
Orton is a lost cause. It was a combonation of bad luck and him dropping the ball, but more so just a lack of anything that makes him standout.The guy isn't very talented at all, period. He's fairly solid in the ring, but you need to be a total package to make it to that top echelon. Orton has a bland look and all the charisma of an apple. His promos are lame and flatly delivered. You can blame the writers, but in this business today, it's all about making the sweetest lemonade possible when you're handed a lemon. Eddie Guerrero was given some of the shittiest material to work with on the mic and he made it sound like some of the best. Even if you go back to Mid Atlantic/JCP in the 80's and watch Ric Flair, the content of his promos wasn't all that convincing (even by 80's standards), but the WAY he delivered them with such emotion, conviction, and passion made them believable. Same with Dusty Rhodes. Despite being one of the most indecipherable people on the planet, people still believed in what he said because he MADE them believe. THAT is the quality that separates the regular guys from the guys who have "it". Orton can't do this. Quite frankly, he doesn't seem like he wants to, either. The fact that he was suspended for smoking a joint IN AN ARENA OF ALL PLACES after a fucking wellness program was invoked a few months prior shows that he doesn't take the business seriously.

You guys go on and on about how "charismatic" Orton is. Well, where is this huge following that i'm not seeing" The man gets no reaction, half the time. No boos. No pops. Nothing. Just a bunch of screaming prepubescent girls. That's what wrestling is all about, people. Getting a consistent reaction by whatever means within the context of a match or an interview/promo. That was the point of the tasteless Eddie angle that led into WM. To get the man heat, which he was seriously lacking. In the end, not only did the angle kill Rey's heat, but it STILL wasn't enough to launch Orton to that top heel spot where you all proclaim he belongs.

Where are the thousands upon thousands of Randy Orton signs in the arena" Why isn't he moving the most merchandise" Why aren't his segments drawing the highest quarter hour ratings on the show" BECAUSE HE'S NOT CHARISMATIC.

Orton only seems like "the guy who has it all" because he's been marketed that way. And you know why he's been marketed that way" Because he doesn't have the personality nor charisma to be marketed any other way! He's no different than Mark Jindrak or Maven. He just happens to be the son of Bob Orton Jr. You people have been worked, plain and simple.
OJ wrote:
I like your passion for the legend killer, but I don't see the point of him having a legend killer match with Page. Most people don't see DDP as a legend, in fact, it could be argued he only won the world title in WCW b/c of his friendship w/ Bischoff. Savage is out, as McMahon won't even have his name spoken in his presence (honest to god). Warrior is a no go, as he's completely psycho and there is no way he's coming back after that "Self Destruction" DVD. He's already spat in Race's face, so I doubt that would work either. I think #1 is your best option there, along with a gradual build that has him main-eventing at WM 23 or 24.
Laurie B. wrote:
I just had to say; I agree with absolutely everything Alex Edwards said. I couldn't've put it better myself.. I hate Randy Orton. I hate his matches, I hate his horrible promos, and it most certainly isn't because he's a good heel. Oh God no.


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