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January 13, 2007 by Johnny LaRue

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I had a column written and ready to go but I have something far more important to write about. I want to take the time to talk about a wrestler in need of help. A wrestler who has entertained us and in my humble opinion is a class act and a stand up guy. Konnan is in need of a kidney transplant and unfortunately he has no health insurance so the cost is upwards of $35,000. I know most of my readers are not rich and $35,000 sounds like a lot of cash but I truly feel if everyone could donate even a dollar or two it would be a start and help defer the cost.

Now I know some of you are bombarded with people asking for donations and probably dread picking up the phone at night for fear it is some charity asking for money. I can hear some of you saying "Damn it LaRue don't pester me for cash! I wanted to read an article not an infomercial". Fair enough but hear me out before you make a choice and stop reading this column.

I can't think of a better way to kick off the new year in a positive fashion than to help someone in need. For me personally Konnan has entertained me throughout the years, I had the honor of meeting him before an event once and he was a class act and never once came across as "too important to talk to a common fan" as some wrestlers do. If you have ever been entertained by Konnan (whether it was his nWo days, his rap vs. country music feud with Curt Henning, his current performance in TNA, .etc) isn't that at the very least worth a dollar or two?

As some of you know I had a health scare quite a while back and now having a clean bill of health makes me appreciate it that much more. I am sure any of you who have been sick and in the hospital know as well as I do that being sick is no fun. The day you get to walk out those doors to go home and are healthy is a feeling I know I will never forget. I truly feel Konnan deserves the same feeling. That being said, I will keep this column short this time and I figure if I have not convinced you to donate some cash then no amount of words will change your mind. I do know OWW readers are a caring generous bunch and if this column only gets one person to help out then my column served its purpose.

Now before I get a truckload of emails I am NOT the person behind this idea but any of my readers who wants to know more or how they can help DO NOT CONTACT ME. I am only trying to help spread the word. This is the webpage you need to go to and let them know you were directed there by me or this webpage. In three days they managed to raise over $2,000 which is promising. Hopefully we can get that number higher.

By Johnny LaRue..

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