He's Comin' To Get Ya!
November 10, 2005 by Langdon Beck

"The Boogeyman has incredible charisma and presence. He's going to make a lot of money...Some people say the gimmick sounds strange, but it's not... Believe me...On paper you'd think The Undertaker's gimmick wouldn't work - but you see the reaction he gets and [Boogeyman] is the same." - Al Snow

You've probably all made your minds up about The Boogeyman. I know I have. I have decided that he has the potential to be great!

I'm serious.

I first realised this while speaking to someone compiling a list of wrestlers' hometowns. He asked me where The Boogeyman came from. 'This shouldn't be hard,' I thought. After checking a few websites, I had found nothing. I decided to do a little research into the man behind the boogey, Marty Wright. What I discovered was... not a lot. We know his name, we know his age, and we know he tried out for Tough Enough, was cut due to age, and subsequently received a WWE developmental contract. It has been rumoured he has a history of 'psychological problems' and 'bodily assault', and may or may not have been in prison. Other than that - zip. Zilch. Nada. For all we know, this guy could ACTUALLY BE THE BOOGEYMAN.

Again, I'm serious.

Traditionally, the Boogeyman has no specific appearance. It is shapeless much of the time. In some stories, it can even change shape. Who's to say that this 'Marty Wright' is not merely a disguise employed by The Boogeyman" Scoff if you will, but it's not impossible. Just how DID a man who was too old for Tough Enough end up getting a developmental deal and a spot on SmackDown in just one year, especially this year when the likes of the Dudley Boyz, Matt Hardy, Rhino and Charlie Haas lost their jobs" "Charisma" and "presence" according to Al Snow. Just what does that mean" How come the victor of said Tough Enough, Daniel Puder, was released within ten months of winning" How about Jim Cornette - his contract terminated as a direct result of The Boogeyman" And then there's that report of the house show called off due to Boogeyman's entrance. It may just be coincidence, but bad things seem to follow this man - if he is indeed a man - around. Think about it.

But let's forget my paranoid conspiracies. What's the best way to portray The Boogeyman on SmackDown" Stating he is the real Boogeyman is not a wise move ... there are few that will believe it (even if it's true). Maybe he really is Marty Wright playing a character, and The Boogeyman is just one of Palmer Canon's ways to annoy Theodore Long. Canon's allusions to The Boogeyman's cancelled TV show hint at this. Perhaps one week, Boogeyman will creep Long out, and Long will leave the room. Canon could then enter, and he and Marty Wright will have a good old laugh about it. All very tongue-in-cheek, but not probable. The most likely, and possibly best, idea for Boogeyman is this; He is not The Boogeyman. He is Marty Wright, a delusional man who thinks, nay, is CONVINCED, he is The Boogeyman. This idea has been implied with the premise of the cancelled show, which in turn raises more questions as to the nature of the character. What kind of show was it" A documentary series, following this guy who truly believes he is the Boogeyman" A reality show" Maybe the show was a drama, horror, fantasy or even comedy series, and Marty Wright is an actor (as insinuated above). If so, Wright and Canon are certainly in on the joke. Could Theodore Long be in the know too" It's a possibility; Long's a friendly guy, but he knows enough about wrestling to realise that if someone has a problem with the authority, it equals ratings. And what about those Juniors frightened by Boogeyman a couple of weeks back" Surely they don't think he's the real Boogeyman" Of course, he's a physically imposing presence, scary even, but on SmackDown, with the likes of Batista and the Legion of Doom walking around, would he warrant the fear seen in the faces (or rather on the masks) of these Juniors" It seems a little far-fetched. However, when you take into account the fact that the Juniors, like the Boogeyman, were brought to SmackDown under the New Talent Initiative, could they be in allegiance with the Boogeyman" Part of the cancelled show, perhaps"

Laugh if you like, but there's a hell of a lot of intrigue hand-in-hand with this character. WWE could go a number of ways in terms of revealing just who the Boogeyman is. But maybe, just maybe, the best method is not to. Leave a little mystique there. Don't tell us his true nature. If we never find out, we keep guessing. In other words, we keep watching the show. Hell, it works for 'Lost'.

In the meantime, let's go with the most popular theory - a man who believes beyond any doubt that he is The Boogeyman. This has a lot of promise. In his first SmackDown appearance, Boogeyman smashed a clock over his head. Should hurt, right" Nope, he's The Boogeyman, things like that don't hurt him. How would this translate to the ring" Guy's a wrestler; he's gonna have to step into the squared circle sooner or later. Now consider his age and lack of experience. It doesn't bode well. But remember the clock. No cry of pain, just laughter. Didn't hurt, because he's the Boogeyman! This indicates a couple of different wrestling styles he could utilise. Before taking any of this options into consideration, however, take note of the fact that no opponent could, in honesty, take this guy seriously. After all, why would they" They're wrestling a guy who thinks he's the Boogeyman, how much more stupid can you get" Underestimating would be an understatement. An easy win, right" Well, maybe not.

One style Boogeyman could use would be brawling. If you think you're the Boogeyman, chain wrestling and scientific technical mastery is hardly going to be in the equation. Strikes, chokes and similar attacks would make far more sense. He wouldn't fight pretty, taking the opponent by surprise, unrelenting, with constant fists to every part of the body. This could work in the long term - Boogeyman may not have a match every week, but when he does, he lets the fists fly until he is disqualified. That way, the opponent isn't beaten by a guy who thinks he's the Boogeyman, and Boogeyman doesn't have to keep up a winning streak. He just likes to hurt people, beating them 1-2-3 doesn't matter.

How about hardcore" Granted, that style isn't too common in WWE at the present time, but Boogeyman could be an interesting new representative for it. If the ref's down, or the match is No DQ (let's go with the latter and say Palmer Canon changes the rules for Boogeyman's matches. What is the link with those two" Did Canon get the network to move Boogeyman from his own cancelled show to SmackDown because he owes Boogeyman something" Do they have a history" See, the mystery keeps unravelling!) Boogeyman - or his opponent - goes for a foreign object. For example, let's say his opponent grabs a chair. They're both on the outside, and the opponent nails a swift chairshot to the gut. In any other case, you'd expect doubling over, maybe falling to the ground. Hell, no. This is The Boogeyman we're talking about! A chair to the gut" That can't hurt him, he's the damn Boogeyman! He might, in response to this action, swipe the chair from the surprised opponent's hands, and hit HIMSELF in the head with it several times! He could then drop the chair, and do that maniacal laugh we see from him in backstage segments. The opponent's surprise becomes near-shock, and opens up an important strategic point; if a guy does that to himself and just laughs about it, without showing any effects of pain or hurt, how in the blue hell do you beat him"

He also requires a finishing move. As we all know, there are few things more annoying than a wrestler with no discernible established finisher. I have a feeling that Boogeyman's has already been determined. It's common knowledge that the Boogeyman legend, so to speak, centres around the idea of sleep. On SmackDown, what has Boogeyman been reciting" Nursery rhymes, which are used as an aid for getting young children to sleep. So what should the Boogeyman's finisher be" A sleeper hold. Before you object, it's not as crazy as it sounds. Simple, 'basic' moves are currently in the midst of a renaissance. Chris Masters' Masterlock is merely a more powerful variant of the full nelson. The airplane spin is one of Bryan Danielson's most devastating moves. It doesn't have to be flashy or especially dangerous to be effective. Why not give Boogeyman a variation of the humble sleeper to end his matches" Effectively cutting off his opponent's air supply until they pass out, or go to sleep. Naturally, he has an impressive physique (ostensibly, that's a major reason for his getting a WWE deal, if in fact he did not work his Boogeymagic as theorised above) so his power advantage could be utilised here too.

But let us not forget Boogeyman's references to nightmares. Sure, he'll have put his opponent to sleep, but where do we go from there" He has a sense of being very cryptic and, well, creepy. For this I will draw on a story in E. T. A. Hoffmann's 'Nachtst´┐Żcken,' namely the story of The Sand-Man. Now, what do you think of when you see the name 'Sand-Man'" Either the thing that sprinkles sand over children to help them sleep, or the five-time ECW Champion, I'll bet. Hoffmann's Sand-Man is neither. The following is a passage from the story:

'He's a wicked man who comes when children won't go to bed, and throws handfuls of sand in their eyes so that they jump out of their heads all bleeding. Then he puts the eyes in a sack and carries them off to the half-moon to feed his children. They sit up there in their nest, and their beaks are hooked like owls' beaks, and they use them to peck up naughty boys' and girls' eyes with.'

"Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream" it ain't. But how does this translate to the Boogeyman" In Hoffmann's story, the Sand-Man can be seen as a little like a boogeyman, but it's the part about the sand-throwing I'm interested in. This could be adapted for Boogeyman in WWE. Let's say he's having trouble with an opponent, or he has just won a match via his sleeper hold. Boogeyman goes to the outside, and picks up a bag with sand inside. He throws a handful in his opponent's face. Maybe they look away first, but the next time we see them, they're bleeding from the eyes. Boogeyman laughs like the crazy creature he is and leaves them in the ring, screaming in pain with blood pouring down their face. Now imagine you're a kid watching WWE at home. Seeing that happen would be scary as hell! It's a little like the bloodbaths The Brood used to have, and it adds another layer to The Boogeyman. To go a little more 'out there' with this, I'll refer back to the allusion of a connection between Boogeyman and the Juniors. They can't be comedy wrestlers forever. Maybe some are henchmen, or minions, for the Boogeyman, following him to the ring looking creepy. They hand Boogeyman the bag of sand, he throws it in the opponent's face and the blood begins to flow. The minions climb into the ring and start scratching wildly at the victim's face while Boogeyman stands over them, laughing that hideous laugh.

You'll notice that I have delved a little into the realm of the supernatural. But honestly, with a character like The Boogeyman, how could I not" However, there is a problem with the introduction of paranormal elements to Boogeyman. That problem would be the Undertaker. You can't have TWO men doing all that freaky lightning-and-fire-and-things-of-that-nature stuff every Friday night. Of course, it's not really a problem right now as Undertaker is missing, presumed dead (or deader), and neither are really full time wrestlers. But what would happen if they were to meet in a match" The build up would be nothing short of epic, with each doing the best to get into the other's head. Undertaker is master of the mind games, but is there anything in his repertoire of tricks that would faze a guy who thinks that he is The Boogeyman" He wouldn't be intimidated. He'd probably find it all quite amusing. On the other side of it, Boogeyman freaking out the Undertaker would be next to impossible. Nothing Boogeyman could do would daunt the Dead Man. Not only has he seen it all before, he's probably done it all too. Just picture it - Undertaker brings out the flaming symbols. Boogeyman laughs and smashes something heavy over his head. Undertaker stares intently and makes the ring levitate. Boogeyman is not fazed and produces torrential rain in the arena. Undertaker looks up and lightning flashes, setting things on fire. Boogeyman laughs again and makes a full-blown thunderstorm, complete with explosions. Like a really expensive game of one-upmanship. Like I said, epic! As for the match...the internet would hate it, and I mean they would loathe it with a passion. But for the common fan / Undertaker fanatic (I'm one of the latter), it'd be like WrestleMania XIV all over again. Only not as good because the guys involved would both be in their forties. But that shouldn't matter, because this match probably wouldn't require too much athleticism. As I've discussed, not a lot is going to be able to hurt the Boogeyman due to his complete conviction that he is in fact the Boogeyman, and Undertaker's pretty much impervious to pain anyway. It would be a true case of the irresistible force meeting the immovable object, with each man pulling out all sorts of moves and weapons to take the other guy out. I have no idea who would win, I am clueless as to who else would want to see it, but tell me the time and place, and I'll be watching!

As you can see, the possibilities of what can be done with Boogeyman are nearly infinite, if the character is handled correctly. So before you judge the character negatively and decide he's the worst thing that's ever happened in wrestling ever, take a moment to think about it, because he really could provide some great entertainment. And if you still don't think so ... he'll be coming to get you!!!

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Jmbuddy2005 wrote:
Wow! Great Article. I also believe that The Boogeyman has potential make it on Smackdown!, however they must think things out. Many people say, having two spooky characters on one show won't work; i disagree, Undertaker is very serious minded(like jason) and The Boogeyman is more comical(like freddy kruger). I Think that Smackdown!, should have The Boogeyman appearing in dark places to just get reactions on peoples faces then just leave and laugh. I think that The Boogeyman should start coming to the ring. The lights could go off during a match, he could interfere and afterwards, he would have a lighter up to his face so you could see who did the damage. I loved, the finishing move idea and the dust. I think every now and then he should throw dust in his opponent's eye's and the sleeperhold can bee from the top rope or some thing.
Ieuan Johns (Port tablot, UK) wrote:
OK, first things first, I think I like the Boogeyman. Now thats out the way I can make my other points.

Marty Wright, we know every bit as much about Marty Wright as we know about any other superstar who comes straight from nowhere to a wrestling company. Can you honestly tell me you know much more about Batista "

The Boogeyman is NOT a spooky/scary charachter, he is not playing a supernatural charachter either, in fact if you listened to Palmer Cannons introduction (or indeed the OVW appearances) he is an Actor, hired to take part in a film that never made it. He has somehow gone slightly insane and believes that he is actually the boogeyman, as in the charachter he was meant to play. There is absolutely nothing supernatural about that.

However what the Boogeyman could be is a great comedy act, at least initially, in fact I would liken him closer to a Mankind or Goldust than an Undertaker in that regard. Sure he has the potential perhaps to turn into a more ferocious monster type charachter inside the ring, but that will take time and a lot of effort.

Honestly though the guy is 40+, he was not cut from TE because of his age, he was cut becasue he LIED about his age. A much more likely scenario for his charachter would be that along with the "Juniors" and The Dicks, he is a string of decisions made by Palmer Cannon to establish the guy as a putz who has power but extremely poor taste in entertainment and will lead to a Long v Cannon angle later down the line. Hopefull both The Boogeyman and The Dicks will survive past the end of that angle (which you know will end in Cannon leaving) although I also hope that the Dicks are renamed and repackaged after.
jamie pert wrote:
Regarding the: "Let's say he's having trouble with an opponent, or he has just won a match via his sleeper hold. Boogeyman goes to the outside, and picks up a bag with sand inside. He throws a handful in his opponent's face. Maybe they look away first, but the next time we see them, they're bleeding from the eyes."

Maybe instead of them bleeding from the eyes they could maybe they could then seem to be under some curse as if thet were brainwasehd and then be under alliance with the boogeyman, this would be good for the superstars that have not much going on right now, maybe some of the juniors could become affected one of the females and even Palmor Canon could become under the "curse" therefore setting up some extremely exciting matches in smackdown, R.I.P Eddie Guerrero and I didnt really want to mention him here but without Eddie in smackdown someone else is gonna have to get the crowds goin granted never as much as Eddie could but hopefully this is one angle in which Smackdowns crowd could be entertained. Afetr that i deserve a part on the WWE writing team hehe.
Survey Such wrote:
Here's a little info on Marty "The Boogeyman" Wright:

Wright applied to take part in WWE Tough Enough 4, and on 10/15/04, the physically imposing Wright attended a fifty man, two day event in Venice Beach, CA, where eight finalists would be chosen. Wright survived the first day of eliminations, but on the second day he admitted under interrogation that he was not thirty, as he had previously maintained, but was in fact 40 years old. Wright was cut as a result, but was sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling in December 2004 to demonstrate his skills, and was later offered a three year contract with WWE.

Wright re-debuted in OVW on 06/25/05. During an untelevised match pitting the team of Seth Skyfire and Robert Fury against Vik Delicious and Robbie Dawber, Wright entered the ring and "squashed" Fury, Delicious and Dawber, "no-selling" the offense of Skyfire. He then announced that he was "The Boogeyman" before leaving the building. It was announced on 07/02/05 that Wright had a record of psychological problems and bodily assault, and had been both rejected from Tough Enough and denied training at OVW. The fact that Wright had lied in order to take part in Tough Enough was developed into a gimmick, with Wright being described as a sociopathical liar (the claims that he was formerly in prison are not true).

OVW lead booker Jim Cornette (of Midnight Express fame) was released from WWE after repeatedly slapping Johnny Geo Basco, an OVW wrestling student who was inserted into the audience as a plant, but laughed at Wright instead of showing fear. Cornette felt that Basco had ruined the angle that the WWE and OVW wanted to impose.

On the 07/11/05 episode of WWE RAW, the first of a few vignettes, in the style of horror movies, promoted the debut of Wright in his Boogeyman personna, these aired first on Raw but mainly on WWE SmackDown!. These lasted a couple of weeks but soon ended after Wright hyperextended both knees during a training session. He made his first appearance on SmackDown! on 10/14/05. The storyline said he had missed time because of a contract problem with the network. Wright proceeded to recite an eerie nursery rhyme and afterwards, he smashed a clock over his head.

He is missing his front teeth.
Chris Pinheiro wrote:
Man, I loved the column. Definitely an interesting way to go on the Boogeyman. One thing though, I think the Boogeyman should stroke the face of his victim and whisper "shhhh" while putting them in the sleeper hold. It would add yet another dimension of dementia to his character. Not to mention make him down right, certifiably insane!
John Krantoski wrote:
I saw a column on the Boogeyman and immediately had to respond. I am not afraid to admit I like Marty Wright aka the Boogeyman. But I am still a little confused about his character. Is he supernatural" Is he a psychopath" Or is he simply a pathological liar" Regardless of his character, Wright definitely has potential and the Boogeyman is a great gimmick. I hope the WWE gives him an Undertaker super push. Let's hope the WWE doesn't drop the ball with him, like they did with Mordecai.
Richard wrote:
Langdon, I can't believe that you would seriously waste the time to even write an article about this CLOWN, good or bad! But this guy's presence should prove the point conclusively without a doubt, that SMACKDOWN! is the inferior brand compared to RAW..........
[email protected] wrote:
First off in my opinion the boogeyman will not make it very big in the wwe because he is already forty and if he really and I mean REALLY streched it he might last a few years. He really seems like one of those guys who stay on the low card then either get injured and gets cut or he just dissapears. All that stuff about him being a phyco was probably for promotion. Really if you put a guy like him out there and then tell everyone about him it blows the charisma and mystery of the character dead out of the water. WWE probably did not put all his info for the same reason. Who knows he might make it big for a year or so if he ever debuts in the ring but this will most likley never happen.
Philip Thompson wrote:
Some kids might be scared of him but the majority of people will consider him a joke... a good joke. I think he is absolutely hilarious and just the light relief that WWE needs. If you don't like him then tape the shows and fast forward anything that isn't action... all the storylines. The WWE is, in fact, a comedy soap opera. Vince wants it to be funny... and it is. If you want serious violence then watch UFC where you know it isn't a pantomime but don't complain when they put in some good jokes and funny characters because it's as much about that as it is about in-ring performance.
Julian Wolfe wrote:
I'm really enjoying the Boogeyman. I know people that find him creepy, but at least I and most of my friends find him to be the funniest thing since Playboy Buddy Rose's blow-away diet. The minute he smashed that clock over his head, I knew I'd have a good laugh every Friday. Whatcha gonna do, when Boogeymania....runs wild on YOU"
Gino 9177 wrote:
Not only did I find the article to be extremely interesting but with the character of the Boogeyman already growing at a phenomenal rate I am surprised that some of the ideas have yet to be used. The sand idea is a good one but a bit difficult to pull off. I like the idea of the sleeper much better than his current pump-handle slam. WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH SLEEPING" One thing I hate is that when they can't think off a good finisher they just give you a power bomb, pile driver, or pump handle slam. The sleeper would have made sense or better yet some sort of deranged DDT would be intense and he could call it "The Long Sleep" or something. I think him facing off against the Undertaker would be amazing, however I felt the same when Mordecai arrived. He was an amazing character. His all white would have done well against the Undertakers all Black...but they released him. I hope they do not do the same to the boogeyman because he is so far, one of the best characters since the undertaker himself. Plus if he were released...I'm sure he would look McMahon in they eye and say "I AM the boogeyman and I'm coming to get you!"
Jimmy S. wrote:
i just read the article about the boogeyman and i think he could definetly win against the best and even become a champoin. he has beaten Booker T and JBL and could beat people such as chris beniot if he tried. (probably not). Boogey could make it big time, lol, or get fired like all the other messed up people like him. particularly Mordicai. i think he'll be one of those people who become like tag-team champion 1 time and then you never hear of them again. i think eventually he will go to TNA. do you think he could make it big on TNA" A Fatal Four Way beetween Undertaker, Boogeyman, Mordacai ,and Kane is now my dream match.
Doyle Williams wrote:
I think that, while an impressive gimmick, it is very undersold. I mean, the Boogey is being played off too much as a sort of comedic relief. The Boogeyman has quite a bit of potential to it!!

First off, let's take the obvious: he's quite impassible, he's spooky, and he's dark and unknown and such. At the start, it seems irrelevant, but who else can we think of as associated with darkness and "out-of-nowhere"-ness" Here's a clue, both were in the Ministry. Gangrel and Taker are both dark personas, and supposedly Gangrel is resigning with the WWE. That is Deadman+Vampire+Boogeyman= New MINISTRY! Don't they seem Ministry-ish to you" But in order to do so, they'd have to go from Comedy-Boogey to Scare-the-HELL-out-of-you-Boogey.

Next comes the finisher. I thought of his physique and the "sleep" thing and said: choke into submission. And if that doesn't work, he would turn it into a chokebomb! He could call it "Light's out". They could also make it that he can disappear at will like Taker and the original Kane.

And that's how you build a better Boogey.

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