Index of Matthew Jones Columns

1. 07/14/05: Why Modern WWE Will Never Seem.......
2. 03/28/05: WWE: Hits, Misses and Maybes...
3. 04/18/05: WCW: The Good Ol' Bad Days.
4. 06/14/05: The Most Under-praised Legends .
5. 12/02/05: It Could Have Been So Different...... .
6. 02/08/06: Dead" Or Just Sleeping" .

Contact: [email protected]

Name: Matthew Jones
Location: Wales, UK
Obsessed With Wrestling Since : 1991

" Unlike many of my friends it was first fell in love with the art of pro wrestling with NWA/WCW and not the WWF. The colourful commentay from Jim Ross, the high fiving good guys like Sting and Brian Pillman and the brutal heels such as Vader and Rick Rude hooked me in and ive never stopped since. Wanting more I started to borrow WWF tapes from friends and buy older PPV's to see what happened in both companies since around 1985. In more recent years I have also enjoyed catching up on WCCW and even Global!"

" With the sad demise of WCW which despite some low points and the enteraing I still miss I now find myself watching WWE (probably just out of habit) and RoH. RoH produces original shows and contains (shockingly good wrestling matches. I also wish TNA all the luck in the world as we need a viable alterntaive to WWE"

All time favorites:
Wrestlers: Ricky Steamboat,Sting,Kurt Angle,
Favorite Stable: The Dangerous Alliance
Tag Team: The Steiners

Current / Future favorites: (dated July 2005)

WWE: CM Punk,Paul London, Rob Van Dam, Christian
Others: Trent Acid, Matt Hardy, Low Ki, Christopher Daneils

Worries: The lack of a dominant stabe or tag team, dominance of WWE, storylines over wrestling, over-use of musclemen over talented workers.

Hopes: Rise of a secondary promotion, original fueds/storylines in wwe, removal of racist/cheap gimmicks and a WWE contract for Traci Brooks!

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