A Tribute To A True Legend
September 16, 2005 by Mikey Christ

The Undertaker has been around for a very long time. He has feuded with the best of them and has come out looking like an indestructible monster. No matter who has challenged him for the spot as "Big Dog in his yard" all have failed to knock the Undertaker off his perch. Taker has been given the responsibility in the past for representing the WWF as its World Champion and has made WrestleMania special by being the only man to be undefeated for such a lengthy reign. The Undertaker is a true phenom and will be remembered as one of the greats by all wrestling fans. He is a great worker (vs. HBK, Foley, Angle) and he has great ring charisma whether he is playing a biker or a corpse. So, what will happen when he retires"

I can only think of one place for Undertaker to hang up his boots; there is no better place than at WrestleMania. A legend with the status of the Undertaker should be honoured in one last match at the grand daddy of them all - WrestleMania XXIII... and I know how.

If Undertaker was to lose a match at WrestleMania wouldn't it be fitting doing so in the main event AND in a World title match. The Undertaker actually jobbing at the greatest spectacle of them all should be billed as something special such as that of a WrestleMania main event. It would be an insult to the man if his winning streak came to an end in a midcard match. How boring would that be" Sure, he could put over some up and coming midcarder if he put over someone like Christian or Carlito or Masters... but I believe that something as historic and as special as Undertaker's losing streak coming to an end should be reserved for no less than a World title main event.

And if done right, could draw WWE huge money and huge rep in the process too.

Imagine this. The Undertaker heading into WrestleMania an indestructible monster. A veteran who knows his way inside and outside the ring. A wily ring general with one thing on his mind... one more World Championship to his name. The commentators can do as they do normally and put over how unbeatable Undertaker is at WrestleMania, quoting his amazing win-loss record at the aforementioned event. And who would be Taker's target as he heads into WrestleMania hungry for the world title" None other than John Cena.

WWE have a lot of faith in Cena. He is young and is very over with the fans. Yet, he hasn't risen to the same prominence that a man like Stone Cold Steve Austin or Hulk Hogan has. Will he ever reach those heights" Yes, he could. Especially with a successful World title defense at WrestleMania against the only man not to have been beaten at said event.

Wrestlemania XXIII
WWE World Championship Main Event: John Cena vs. The Undertaker.

The hungry up-and-coming champion with doubts in his mind over whether he could beat such a phenom against a man who wants one more shot at the main event. John Cena, a hungry lion facing The Undertaker, a monster whose power seems to be accentuated at WrestleMania.

This match, although lacking the appeal and ring skills a match between Kurt Angle and Shelton Benjamin or an A.J. Styles vs. Christopher Daniels could generate, could go down in history with the right push and momentum behind it as a match spoken about for decades to come. A win over The Undertaker at WrestleMania could shoot John Cena further into superstardom than any music video or B-grade movie could ever hope to achieve. After a victory of that proportion, Cena could be perceived as a true champion worthy of standing in the shoes of a Hulk Hogan or a Ric Flair if he has the right notches under his belt. His credibility would truly soar.

John Cena going over The Undertaker at WrestleMania successfully defending his World title while at the same time ending the unbeaten streak of The Phenom, could possibly be the Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant WrestleMania III match of our time.

by Mikey Christ ..

S.Hennessey wrote:
Hello, this is my 1st ever comment on a coumn, but when i read this one i just couldn't resist. The Author of this column staes that The Undertaker should job to John Cena at Wrestlemania in a main event, I dissagree, i think the Undertaker versus John Cena would be a geart way for 'Taker to go, but he should beat Cena, and then announce his retirement and GIVE THE TITLE BACK to Cena. He shouldd then give a cryptic speach abour "returning to the grave" or something od that nature, and then should get into a casket as his music plays for the end of the that specific Wresltemania.
Antonio Figueroa wrote:
The Undertaker should not lose at Wrestlemania. Period. Its his entire legacy. If he loses, his entire career will have meant nothing.
dan restivo wrote:
while i agree that the best way for undertaker to retire is to lose at wrestlemania...I disagree with him jobbing to cena. i'm not really sure who he should job to but cena, he is just dosn't seem like the man i would want taker to job to. Cena is just a one dimensional wrestler who just raps and always wiggeles his way out. similar to hogan in the 80's and austin in the 90's charismatic but no flair, steamboat or even the undertaker. Also just as a side not unlike, hogan, HBK, austin, HHH and countless others the undertaker is a true wrestling professional who has always been willing to do the job to put others over...orton, rock, foley, hell even jeff hardy just to name a few. who he should lose to i do not know but whoever it is wrestling history will be made.
Ry-Doggy-Dog wrote:
Great column. There's only one thing I disagree with.If Undertaker were to lose at Wrestlemania he should lose to someone such as HBK, or HHH, or someone he has had a match with at Wrestlemania. I think that would be more apppealing.
The Jordie wrote:
I disagree with some points of your column. While i do agree that the undertaker should certainly go out in style, im not sure your way is the best. A Wrestlemania main event of course is a given, but im not sure John Cena is the best pick for an opponent. Given, I dont think I can think of anyone better, but Cena doesnt seem like the guy for the job. Perhaps Batista or maybe another seasoned vet like HBK in a rematch of the first Hell in a Cell match. Sure sounds cool, but honestly, I think it would be a mediocre repeat of the last. HBK won the first time anyway so unless WWE thought up some cool new surprises, that doesnt seem good enough either. Maybe Cena is the best, given WWE's current "talent" roster.

Another point I disagree with, is that you claim it could be the next Andre the Giant vs Hulk Hogan. But what you have to remember is that Andre was THE 8TH WONDER OF THE WORLD!!! haha. Hogan winning was a huge upset! No one could have imagined that he wouldve beaten Andre. Undertaker however has gotten his ass kicked (not exactly fairly, mind you. but still beaten) by Randy Orton how many times in the last few weeks. I was actually surprised to see the undertaker get a win over him on smackdown. Basically what Im saying is that the mystery is gone. The undertker can hardly pull off a deadman gimmick to me with the name Sara tattooed to his throat. In the same way, its hard to pull off an "indestructible-but-then-beaten-in-a-gigantic-upset-at-wrestlemania" gimmick when we've seen him lose so many times before.

All of that aside, however the WWE decides to have the deadman go out, I can only hope that it will keep us all talking and become a fond wrestling moment to look back upon someday.
Kyle VanSchoyck wrote:
Shame on you for turning your UT tribute article into a John Cena plugfest for how great he is!!!!!!!!!!

Have you lost your mind" I LOVED the Undertaker back in the day but lately he has just been hard to watch. The deterioration of his body and unwillingness to do anythig outside of his basic moveset and match (which are getting as predictable as a Sting - Flair bout) is bad. His streak at WM is the only thing keeping him cool in my opinion, and the very idea that he will ever lose there is ludacris Almost as ludacris to think it would be to John Cena, who isn't even on the same show as the Deadman anymore...and won't be Champion by the time WM rolls around anyway. Not to mention Cena in my opinion isn't as bad as Randy Orton as champ, but still has done very little to earn that belt, and has very little with it, except make it spin ;-(

Say what you want about JBL, but that guy brought credibility back the WWE World Title which has taken a backseat to the old WCW Belt Bischoff brought back into circulation back when they stopped having the champs be on both brand extensions. All Cena has done with besides the spinning is rally stupid fans around his TIRED gimmick and overall corniness. A masterlock on a chain" WOW. He has not in my opinion brought new fans to the arenas and done nothign but make the traditionalists, which I must admit I am, cringe each and every time he retains. All Cena fans need to know in order to come ot the conclusion that he blows, is that he, as a WORLD CHAMP, was traded. Traded to the better show and the one WWE puts mostof its eggs in, but that simply should not happen to a champion. He is a weak champion, was given the title way too soon....and there is no way Taker jobs to him even if it were possible. UT would never lose some sort of retirement match at how. And at WM 23"""" I am unaware of any retirement plans the UT has, and that show is coming up in a few months. He better get to it, and start planting the seeds now, eh"

John Cean into the strasphere huh" hehehehehee same breath as Flair and Hogan eh" Not quite......probably not ever. Whole companies where built around those guys. Cena will NEVER be as good as half of the men who have worn that title before him....let alone arguably the two top guys
Chris Greenfield A.K.A Purgatory wrote:
i have commented on a couple columns now. and my fav wrestler as some people know is the undertaker. you column suggests that he is a legend well he is. and ur column well i think ur talking about his Retirement match way to early. he doesn't do as may matchs as he used to back in the day. but he still makes the crowed stand on the feet and the hairs on the back of the neck stand on end when ever his entrance music plays. Undertaker is a legend and as good as john cena is i do not think that his last match should be against him. i think it should be against his brother kane. being a Retirement match kane would win and it would give him the push he needs now days.
Antonio The Great Muscleman of New Havens wrote:
I keep hearing of a possibility that Orton could do it in a Buried Alive match at this years Survivor Series. And I think that'd be a much better idea than Cena doing the honors. Personally, I haven't watched Orton wrestle that often as of lately. But I think it would just be a cool way to go out. Ending at the place he debuted, Orton's title of 'Legend Killer' really having a big meaning to it, and hey, it's not like he can't just come back in the future somehow. Maybe to mess up a title shot Orton has or something. Personally, I'd prefer if neither happen. In fact, I hate imagining the guy quitting in the next decade. He's such a great wrestler through all of his gimmicks to me, and I just don't think there'll ever be a conclusion that bring his career to a satisfying end.
herbert holmes wrote:
I think that making Taker lose at wretlemania would be a very crappy way of him retiring , especily to job for John Cena . If Taker was to retire after wrestlemania it should be in a match involving both champions and having Taker unify the titles and having him retire undefeated at wrestlemania and the undisputed champion . Also I think that Cena really hasn't been around enought to even be in the same catagory as Taker , Flair or some of the other superstatrs that were mentioned in this article . Cena my be popular with the crowd but to me I still think he put the title on to early and will fade away
A. Shina wrote:
I disagree, what WWE has done with The Undertaker at Wrestlemania is great. One of the reasons he is a legend is because he has never lost at Wrestlemania and he shouldn't loose that streak. If he does loose at Wrestlemania it should NOT be to John Cena, Cena has enough people to beat to get him over with the fans. What I think Undertaker should do before he retires is Mainevent Wrestlemania, and win the World Championship for one last time, have a short reign and then loose it at Judgement Day or GAB in a retirement match. Undertaker doesn't have to retire in a Mainevent match; he can also beat one of the returning legends, like Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Steve Austin, Mick Foley... John Cena vs. Undertaker is unlikely to happen at Wrestlemania anyway since they are on different shows.
statpride25 wrote:
The Undertaker is NOT a true legend, and here's why...

Part of being a legend includes putting other stars over, and making the company better as a whole. No one does this better than Flair. Being a 16-time World Champion means that you also lost the belt 16 times, which creates new stars. Would Taker ever job to a fat blob like Dusty Rhodes for the good of the company" Not a chance.

Here's another example.. Hulk Hogan, who has a far bigger ego than Taker, lost to Ultimate Warrior and The Rock, and took a step aside at WM4 for Savage. As a result of these 3 matches, Warrior, Rock, and Savage were propelled from very good to legendary status.

I can't say that Undertaker has ever put one man over. Why couldn't he just job to Orton at WM21, or lose one WM match to Kane" It does absolutely no good for the company to have this 40+ geezer win each and every year. This is where Vince needs to step in. As the great Bret Hart learned, business is business. I don't care who Taker loses to at WM22.. as long as he loses.
You really suck this is the worst column i v ever read.I do not even know how kirsty posted it on the fan jam .You please do not write anything like this or anything in future ,period.Deadman is a legend and he can no way lose a retirement match to anybody.In fact he defeat a guy like Batista ,Michaels or Hogan and then retire.sorry but you suck.
John Zurick wrote:
I'm not hear to knock the Undertaker. I'm here to make a comment ABOUT a comment. Dan Restivo wrote "Also just as a side not unlike, hogan, HBK, austin, HHH and countless others the undertaker is a true wrestling professional who has always been willing to do the job to put others over...orton, rock, foley, hell even jeff hardy just to name a few." This is just ANOTHER lame jab at Triple H. The same Triple H who also put over the aforementioned Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton....and some guy named Batista. But then again, it's Triple H, so it doesn't matter (please note sarcasm). And as a side note: Foley put himself over.
NamaewaJieshii wrote:
Great column. While I don't agree with Taker's retirement match should be him losing at WM, I do think it should be him winning at a WM. After the win, cut a creepy promo that only says that Taker is leaving for a break. Leave the comments open ended so it doesn't say that he's done for, nor a possible return, just gone. Then he could get into a casket and have either druids or a zombie/dead-looking Paul Bearer push the casket up the ramp. Then as lights go out, lightning strikes the ramp and a ring of fire circles the casket (and Bearer too if they do that zombie idea) and have the casket ever-so-slowly descend under the ramp, disappearing behind the "flames of hell" much like how the Brood used to rise from the ramp. This way, if he were to return in the future for any reason, he'd still be able to cause he never really said that he was done for.

Ok, my real comment is to statpride25. You say Taker's never pushed anyone" Well, recently, he was scheduled to lose to Muhammad Hassan, letting Hassan go for a title match at Summerslam, but all know the story on why that didn't happen. Undertaker was pushing Ultimate Warrior into a great feud until a certain segment came up. Undertaker did allow the Rock to gain a clean victory when the Rock was still back when he was Rocky Maivia of Nation of Domination. Taker helped pushed John Cena, Orlando Jordon (as a face,) and to Mabel back in 95 (the worst King of the Ring to date.) A wrestler doesn't need to absolutely beat another in order to get pushed, they need to have a great match.

Fact is, Taker is a true legend, because he did help push a few wrestlers. Now wheather or not the wrestlers he helped pushed caught on with the fans wasn't his deal. Also, Taker has been known to convince HBK to lose the belt to Austin at WM14, so he is partly responsible to bringing in the best era in the 90s.
Marla R. wrote:
I have to agree with most of the comments I have read. Taker got to where he is by working VERY hard, and to lose at an event that he has such a winning streak onwould be akin to the Bret Hart screw job in my book. If taker had to lose to someone, at least make it someone worthy. I don't feel Cena is worthy. I'm not taking from Cena's skills, but he is not of Taker's caliber. Have him pass the torch, so to speak, so someone like HHH, HBK, Kane, orsomeone along those lines. Just my Opinion
Adam Barna wrote:
First off, this is my first time writing back to a column but I had to because of the man you are talking about, The Phenom, The Undertaker.

I have been a Hugh fan of this guy since I was just a kid, and no matter what, im always impressed with this guy. For him to lose at WM against Cena, I agree with everyone else, it just wouldn't be right. The Undertaker has a career like no other legend in the WWE. Not because of title matches, or Hugh, because he captures the imagination of fans all over the world. Doesn't matter what gimmick he is doing, Deadman or Badass.

The Undertaker deserves to go out in a way that he sees fit. After all, he has had almost total control of the character since he's been in the WWE and my question is, whose going to argue with him. He has seen the company at its best and worst and had to put up with alot of crap in his time, but what makes him a true legend in my eyes, was he never gave up on the WWE. He stayed with the company no matter what and did everything in his power to try and entertain the crowd and put people in the seats.

Now statpride25, you wrote a comment that on this that made me very displeased. Taker has put over alot of wrestlers in his day. And you can't really say that Flair has done better because of his 16 Time World Title Reign. Hell, Flair put over guys in the NWA & WCW. That was his company, Undertaker put over guys in the WWE. Think about it. Giant Gonzales, King Kong Bundy, Mabel (aka. Viscera), Kama (aka. Godfather) & many others. Plus he formed a Faction that helped out so many guys. Edge, Christian & the APA. So you can't say that Taker hasn't done a good job helping other athletes get to the top of the wrestling ladder. Hell he helped put over Nathan Jones & Maven at one point remember"!

In closing, I think that it is best that the Undertaker does not lose his last match at Wrestlemania. Infact, I would like to see him fight this Wrestlemania against Angle for his last WM Match. However, I do think it would be good to also see him retire at Survivor Series. Not against Orton though, but someone who is worthy of putting the Undertaker to his grave forever. Whatever the case, I will continue to watch & support the Undertaker no matter what and nothing is going to change that.
footballphenom wrote:
This is my first time posting on this site and as I was reading the posts on the Undertaker's retirement, one post in particular stuck out to me. Statpride25, you think the Undertaker doesn't put people over"! I ask you have you seen the Tombstone: Legend of the Undertaker DVD" Half the matches on there where ones where he helped to put over people. Mostly in the second and third disk. Taker put over the new character of Shawn Michaels at the time (DX), he put over Kane's character, he helped in Stone Cold's popularity, the Rock, Mick Foley, Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle, and many many more. If you haven't seen the extras with the match between the Undertaker and Kurt Angle you will be amazed at what Kurt has to say about not only his feelings about Taker but the lockerroom's as well. The Undertaker is a TRUE legend. The WWE sometimes feeds "legends" to Randy Orton just because they're old. Taker is a true legend.

As far as his retirement is concerned, I'd love to see him in the Wrestlemania main event. I do not think he should lose. Also to say again what everyone else is saying, losing to John Cena and retiring after in not the way the man should go out. But hey, like someone said, the Undertaker has had control of his own character all these years and he should chose how he wants to go. If he wishes to go out losing at Mania to someone like Cena or Orton, I will hate it but at the same time I will respect his decision because I think he's earned that for putting himself on the line to entertain us all these years. He is the reason I've watched wrestling for all these years and the reason I still am watching wrestling. He deserves our respect.

Anyway since people are pulling out endings for Taker from I don't know where, here's mine. Again I'd love to see Taker in the main event at WM. I personally would like to see him fight Angle or HHH. When he retires, I would like to have some way for the fans to express their graditude for all the years of service. Then have him go out in a blaze of darkness and glory. He is great for what he has done and should be praised for it.
Makyura. wrote:
In the history of sports-entretainment there is been nothing quite like The Undertaker, nobody will make such an impact in this business like him, nobody will never have his streak at WrestleMania (13-0), and nobody will never can be compared to him. Yes there been many legends like Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Hulk Hogan, Koko B. Ware, The Ultimate Warrior, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, Andre "The Giant", but have any of them challenge their own body", The Undertaker is almost 7-feet tall, 300+ pounds, and he cab fky or jump like if he was on a cruserweight division, WWE fortunatelly has the best-ever, it doesn't matter how new, young ,arrogant, perfect WWE superstars can be today and some who call themselves the "Legend Killers" like Randy Orton because there were others who were before them and make the WWE what it is today like Randy's father "Cowboy" Bob Orton, The Undertaker is perfect in all senses, he will never die because he is already dead, and a Deadman cannot be killed two times.
robpowell wrote:
"Legend" a word comonly used in wrestling terms to describe used up hasbins who have decided to return to the ring due to financial trouble i.e rick flair - shawn michaels etc... "icon" another of such words

none of these words truly describe the legacy that will be left in the wake of the undertaker. a man who has in the above articles has been acused of not putting people over and having a undisputed wrestlemania record that is undeserved.

let us right this wrong.

under taker is neither a legend or an icon or any word that has been used in the afformentioned passages.

He is the wwe and has been for the past 15+ years and for years, crowds have anticipated the gongs and have had hairs raise on the back or their necks at the mear dip of lights his presents brings and it is undeniable that this is still the case today, this is the mark of a phenom something unexpalinable happened in the WWE on the birth of the undertaker a company was born on the back of the man that could have been undoubtidly the greatest superstar to grace the squared circle.

lets take a look at every champion in the past 15 years+ they have all been put over in one way or another by the undertaker a man with such presents that at 6'8"+ and over 300lb he could have easily taken out many of his championship opponents do you really thing that austin - the rock - mankind - shawn michaels - rick flair or any of the pretenders in this game could really have stood and gone toe to toe with this giant of a man and has he at any point made this unbelievable that these pretenders could do the impossible granted austin has the carisma to pull of a great champion but he endured battle after battle with the undertaker who could have made him look bad at any moment but didn't has he not winced on command to every one of the rick flairs chops that lets face it my gran would have leghed at and it has been the way with every other so called champion he has faced. this man has done more good for the wwe that can ever be said for the likes of shawn michaels - steve austin - randy orton or many of the others because he made your so called legends (please note i do not include HHH in this list as i feel some of the work he has put across and falls he has taken at times have been in compare with the work of the deadman at many times with the same people as well.).

vince could have had a true unstoppable, one that could have outlasted the legacy of hulk hogan brett hart or any of your so called legends if used properly, and although not used to its best effect he has been part of creating the wwe and making it what it is today and has been over the past 15+ years a man that unlike brett hart, shawn michaels, rick flair and hulk hogan did not jump on the turner money train but stayed loyal to the company that made him a success did not opt for the big money option but stuck it out and made the WWE the giant it is today the only true force in sports entertainment.

As for saying he sould bow out with a loss to cena at wrestlemania. what a riddiculous concept. I have no doubt the the undertaker will bow out to put somebody across, but wrestlemania is the undertakers and should remain so forever. he should have one last title shot before he goes and it should be at a wrestlemania and he should take the title but i can only pray this is not for a few years to come where would we and the WWE be without him his retirment should be a title match loss and it should be at summerslam but it should be new innovative match the likes he has brought in the past, it is only right that he goes that way. he deserves a tribute above all others for the work he has done for the company and for the champions has has helped make legendary.

now bow down and face fact their is only one undertaker and their has been no other superstar that has done this much work and been so loyal as the undertaker has.
Richard Marks wrote:
Undertaker & Kane are my favourite wrestlers of all time and I hate the thought of them retiring at all. But if Undertaker has to retire, he's got to do it in style! I think the best way for him for go out is to lose at the main event at Wrestlemania. In my opinion, the brothers of destruction have become a abit of a joke lately & aren't the phemoninal monsters that we all loved. Undertaker is losing to guys like Randy Orton & Kane is losing to guys like Edge! This is just wrong. So I think Kane should win the Royal Rumble which he deserves to, especailly after his performance at Royal Rumble 2001 comming second to Stone Cold Ateve Austin and go onto the main event at Wrestlemania. The Undertaker should beat the World Heavyweight Champion at WWE No Way Out to get his place in the main event at WWE Wrestlemania to create the match for the ages. There's a major risk that this match will a repeat of WWE Wrestlemania XX so I think for this match Kane should become the "Monster" and start wearing "Hell, Fire & Brimstone" get-up and the Mask again like on his debut year(s) in 1997/1998. The Undertaker should defend his title to his brother Kane & lose in an epic battle. Kane has lost to Undertaker twice at Wrestlemania & it would be fitting that he won against his brother in Undertaker last ever match to become the two time Champion. That's just my opinion & I hope however he decides to go out, he does it with a bang for us to remember him for all ages!

WWE Wrestlemania Main Event: Kane (Royal Rumble Winner) vs. The Undertaker (World Heavyweight Champion)
Brian wrote:
This is my first time doing something like this. Undertaker has and always will be my favorite wrestler. He has buried them all. I don't think him loosing at a Wrestle Mania is a good idea. Guess my answer to that would be HELL NO! He has worked too hard and long for this record to be put down by a loss to any wrestler. If anything, he should win his match for the title, take the title to the dead side for a while then in true undertake style retire. Will be sad to see him retire but know all people must retire. He should be going out on top as he has done his whole career. As one of the yes I say legends of the WWE.
Dead Man wrote:
I read the article about undertaker by Mikey Christ few minutes ago. The end which you have decided for the undertaker ( taker loosing to cena) seems totaly unfair. The UNDERTAKER should never loose at Wrestle Mania. If he does that, all his accomplishment for the past 15-16 years would go to the drain. In his last match he should win a championship. ( if undertaker looses at wrestle mania billions of hearts will be broken.And it would be the greatest upset in wwe history.)
Luan Erasmus wrote:
First off, I want to express myself to statpride 25. You say Taker isn't a true legend because he's never put anyone over and therefore has never done anything for the company? Lets imagine for a moment your right and he's never lost to help someone else... how can you not still acknowledge the pure awesomeness the is the Dead Man. I say he's done more for this company than probably anyone else.

Now that that's out of the way lets get to the point. I'm writing this letter after Wrestlemania XXIII took place and no, Taker did not lose to John Cena. Instead he won the Heavyweight title from Batista which I think is much more fitting. Look, there's nothing wrong with Cena but I don't think he's up to Undertaker's standard, not yet anyway. Batista is also a relative new comer but damn, he really is an animal. The match was excellent, although a bit of a soap opera, but if I could imagine the perfect ending for that match I would have done it exactly the same (Undertaker does a last ride, Batista kicks out, Batista does a spinebuster, Undertaker kicks out, choke slam, kickout, Batista bomb, kickout and then the ultimate Tombstone Piledriver to end it). Much better than loosing to Cena don't you think?

As for Taker retiring... I hate to say it but I really hope he doesn't wait another 5 years before doing it. Don't get me wrong, I love watching the Dead Man in action but you have to admit that his matches have become a bit more of the same every time although still very good to watch. I just don't want to see him going on when he's reached his expiry date. A good example of this is Mick Foley, he's had such a good career and now he has to lose to guys like Randy Orton just to stay in the game. Undertaker is probably the absolute best and he shouldn't have to lose some of that status by fighting mediocre opponents because he can't keep up with the big dogs anymore. But how will he retire? Damn good question and to be honest I can't really think of anyone that deserves to be in Taker's final match. Not Shaun Michaels, he's had his day and certainly isn't a match for Taker anymore. HHH might be up to it but I just can't imagine them getting it on. I would really like to see him fight Kane in his final match, something like the first match they had. And when taker is gone it would kinda make younger brother the heir to the Phenom Crown and then maybe popping in once in a while to make sure his kingdom is still standing. It could take place at Wrestlemania but Undertaker can't lose, I repeat, he CAN NOT lose, shame on all of you for even thinking that he should! Whichever way he chooses to go I have no doubt in my mind that it will be nothing short of spectacular and his legacy will remain forever!

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