New Years Revolution Was The Last Straw
February 25, 2005 by Phil T.

I have been a die hard wrestling fan since 1988. During the war of the two wrestling titans my loyalty and faith always stood as tall and as large as Andre The Giant for the WWF, (as it was named back then and will remain in my soul till the day I die). My loyalty and faith for the WWE product of today is the size of The Haiti Kid. The WWE has been going in the wrong direction for the last two years. Sure they have had their moments, but their product pales in comparison to their product four or five years ago. Back then I would have been livid if I forgot to tape RAW because every week there was the unexpected and 75% of their matches were new and exciting. Today you can name one out of four wrestlers who would be guaranteed to be in the last segment of RAW and that's not a typo I did say segment. The reason I say segment, is that half the time the last segment on RAW revolves around a boring skit or interview, instead of a great main event calibre match that makes the fans unable to wait for next week's RAW. Boy, I miss the good old days.

On a personal note something happened to me in the last few months that if the Pope himself told me would have happened a few years ago I would have called him a liar, THE POPE!!!! The year 2004 and so far into 2005 marks the first year since 1989 when I didn't purchase and watch every WWE PPV. The final straw for me was "New Years Revolution." For these next few statements I will probably have a fair share of critics, but I ask you all to keep an open mind and picture everything I say. I decided to give the WWE PPVs one more chance and ordered the PPV for mainly three matches that were on the card. First and most obvious was the Elimination Chamber. Overall I thought it wasn't as good as Survivor Series 2002 but is was superior to SummerSlam 2003. The ending pissed me off big time. I am a die hard HHH fan, but to go through all those hours of TV time and story lines of HHH being stripped of the title or the title being held up, or whichever way you want to look at, and then simply put it back on HHH was a huge waste of time and effort. The only reason I can see for all that drama is HHH going to Vince with the idea for the whole thing and Vince saying, "Sounds great son, whatever you want." Mainly so HHH can get one more step closer to Flair's record of 16 world title reigns. It breaks my heart to think that HHH has finally gotten to the point were it's HHH before what's best for the WWE, but it's the only reason I can see to justify that whole month of absolute crap RAW became. The way it climaxed at New Years Revolution PPV still makes me sick to my stomach. I can't believe what the WWE has become.

The second match I was looking forward to was the Womens Championship. After seeing Trish and Lita put it all out there in their match on RAW when Lita won the title the month prior, I knew we were going to see something special that night. Unfortunately Lita blew out her knee in the first minutes of the match and the match was shot. Nothing WWE could do about that, it was just bad luck. The only positive outcome from the match was watching Lita never give up even after suffering the leg injury very early in the bout. I have suffered the same injury in my life and I know the pain Lita was going through the second it happened. To see Lita not only try to put even a little amount of weight on her leg by standing on it, but still to persevere and try to perform actual spots during the remaining few minutes of the match showed me another side of Lita that left me fan of hers for life. The lady has more guts then most of the men on the RAW Roster. Lita, my hat's off to you, get well soon.

The third and final point I will make, (this one may have more than a few doubters), I was looking forward to see Maven lock up with Shelton Benjamin for the IC title (believe it or not). A week before the PPV their house show matches got very poor reviews to say the least, but I still thought if the WWE put them in the ring in a back-and-forth ten to fifteen minute pure wrestling match, they would have delivered at least a seven. During their air time I have never been more PISSED OFF at the WWE than I was for those fifteen-twenty minutes. I felt cheated and truly ripped off that the WWE, knowing people have paid good money to see these matches, would allow these two future young stars to perform a skit. Not wrestling match, but a skit. It showed me a side of the WWE that I never knew existed. I would rather watch Paul Bearer and Oliver Humperdink in a bra and panties iron man match than have watched what the WWE called its Intercontinental Championship match at New Years Revolution. How was that for an insult"

WWE has the door wide open right now for any competitor to come in and take their fan base away. Mainly right now it's TNA. I have only been watching TNA since October 2004 and what I can say so far is, "Thank God!! This is wrestling!!" In a few years if TNA continues to grow with new talent, fresh new matches and story lines every month, and most importantly leaves Florida and travels across America, the WCW vs. WWF war will look like a squirt gun fight compared to a TNA vs. WWE war if one was to ever happen. WWE has had no competition since WCW and this thought occurred to me during the war and now I see it's finally coming true. WWE's purchase of WCW has become the largest detriment in the companies' history. WWE thinks every story line they put out is gold and we the fans will watch and love every minute because where else will we go" I have been watching TNA over the last few months and I must say WWE has got a problem. If they don't get back their sports entertainment ways of a few years ago, then this problem could result into a cancer for the WWE with no cure in sight.

by Phil T...

Erkka Järvinen wrote:
I think 90 % of people who saw New Years Revolution thought it was crap. I thought so too. First disappointment was the Women's title match. Two best Women wrestlers today and they had had tremendous match before. Elimination Chamber was ok and i am glad that Triple H came out on top. Maven vs Shelton Benjamin was a complete joke and it shows how much Shelton is being over-pushed. I cant believe that they made Simon Dean to job for Shelton. Royal Rumble ruled.
Rhey wrote:
What was everyones problem with New Years Revolution" True, Lita did injure her knee and therefore dropped the title, but the same thing happened with Eugene! Any less gold/attention on Eugene is a good thing. Also, the IC Title match may not have been an actual match, but it did showcase something we see very rarley, Maven and Sheltons (who is DEFINATLEY NOT overpushed) acting abilities. Also, we had an Elimination Chamber! True, it wasn't the greatest PPV of all time, but it definatley wasn't the worst, either. -Rhey
BigHustle233 wrote:
Yea you're right it sucks that Lita blew her knee out. The WWE can't control that. I saw their previous match and i thought it was gold. I didn't order the ppv because I'd rather spend my money on TNA ppv's. There first four ppv's have been off the wall and I'm looking foward to next month's ppv. The problem with the WWE is that they don't give the fans what they want to see. I dont know if that Raw interactive website is working correctly but come on give the fans what they want to see!!!

I know i don't speak for everyone, but i don't want to see Gregory Helms as a superhero nor do I want to see Rosey as one. I don't want to see Randy Orton vs. HHH anymore. I dont want to see the same main event every Monday night on Raw. Is the Trish Stratus/ Christie Hemmie angle going anywhere"" Quite frankly they need to get back all those women wrestlers that they let go and start bringing wrestling back to Monday Night because the new eye candy got tired real quick. Give Shelton Benjamin a better spot on the roster. I don't even know if he is still intercontinental champion. Let Y2J or Edge or Gene Snitsky (okay maybe Snitsky is a stretch) get a run at the belt. Right now those are my favorite characters on Raw. I would say Batista but it looks like he's gonna be in the title hunt for the next year. Hassaan is great too. By far he is my favorite rookie character of all time. If he were to make it to the World Heavyweight title one day, he would be the greatest heel of all time.
Tommy The Greek wrote:
I agree with you 10000%!! Back in the day, there was no way of getting me and my friends out of the house on a Monday night. I remember crying at age 11 or 12 because I missed either Prime Time Wrestling or Raw (I forget) because we had to pick up someone from the airport. It was more than a TV show, more than a mans soap opera, it was my life!! To say I was the biggest wrestling fan was an understatement, but now I'd rather watch Growing Up Gotti and Caesars 24-7 instead of wrestling!!! I doubt this but if Vince ever read this, pleeeease go back to the basics - throw in a few old school wrestlers, comedy, good matches with different people, and SURPRISES!!"



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