WWE Needs Brock Lesnar Back!
April 9, 2005 by Phil T.

It has been over a year now since Brock Lesnar stepped between the ropes of a WWE ring. I believe SmackDown! has plummeted since Lesnar's departure after WrestleMania XX and I intend to prove why. In this article I am going to discuss why Lesnar and WWE need to sit down and come to an agreement in the best interests of both parties. I will also recall many highlights from Lesnar's short career in WWE and I will produce countless facts with a little bit of personal bias sprinkled in by yours truly to support my thoughts. My main focus will be on Lesnar's unbelievable rookie year. If you were, never were, or still are a Lesnar fan, I urge you to read this column and decide for yourself if Lesnar was in fact, "The Next Big Thing!"

Brock Lesnar stood 6'4" and weighed 295lbs. Lesnar was a house with not an ounce of fat on his very impressive frame. He also was the most agile big man to ever step in the ring, EVER. Lesnar brought into the WWE a collegiate win loss record that almost rivalled Kurt Angle's. His final record as a collegiate wrestler at the University of Minnesota was 106-5. He also won the Big Ten Championship twice and was at one point the greatest heavyweight collegiate wrestler in the world when he captured the NCAA title. Not too shabby if you ask me.

Every few years McMahon goes through a bigger is better phase when looking for new talent. Many times in the past this thought process has left a foul stench in the air in the WWE. In 2002 this idealism paid off. With Lesnar in the WWE McMahon would finally be smelling the roses. McMahon immediately thought one thing after signing Lesnar, $$$$. McMahon took a huge risk in pushing Lesnar as hard as he did right from the start. McMahon was either going to hit that home run he felt he was due, or he was going to strike out yet again.

The first time Lesnar showed me he had potential was at the King of the Ring in 2002. Lesnar's first match that night was a semi-final bout against Test. I thought this match was awesome. You had two three-hundred pounders that just went at it. Lesnar showed the world he could take a shot when Test delivered his big boot square across Brock's chin. Lesnar was coming of the ropes full blast and went chin first right into Test's big boot. Lesnar not once slowed down, put in arm up, or even turned his face to soften the blow. One thing about this match and all the other matches to follow, Brock never tried to block a maneuver by an opponent so to ease the incoming blow. I will now use HHH as an example, (HHH fans don't get pissed. He was the first wrestler I thought of and also no HHH fan can argue with this one including myself.) HHH gets ready for an incoming chair shot. Before the chair is even on the way down, he has at least one arm up to soften the blow. Brock on the other hand would have had both arms at his side and would be just waiting to get his head bashed in. Is this smart" Who cares" My point is as a wrestling fan what would you rather see" An arm in the way of a chair shot or a skull crushing and clean chair shot" Brock hit the F-5 and scored the pin.

In the finals he faced RVD, who at the time was the reigning Intercontinental Champion, with the winner getting a guaranteed shot at the Undisputed Championship at SummerSlam of that same year. I also thought this match was off the chart. It had many near falls and absolutely non-stop action. Going in I thought, "Yes! Finally WWE is going to give RVD a good run at the title." I wanted to see RVD win that match because he deserved it, but also because Lesnar was a rookie. Sure he was big and so far very impressive, but he was a ROOKIE. RVD's last maneuver was a cross body. Lesnar simply caught him, did a small hop to get RVD across his shoulders. He delivered the F-5 and scored the pin to become the 2002 King of the Ring. Once I saw this I will be honest, I thought McMahon was crazy. How could McMahon be pushing this ROOKIE so hard when in the past, on more then one occasion, it has kicked him in the nuts.

Now it was SummerSlam and it was Lesnar's time to put up or shut up. He was in the largest WWE event of the year, second only to WrestleMania, and he was in the main event vs. The Rock with the Undisputed Title on the line. Not a bad debut for your first SummerSlam. Up until Brock walked through the curtain towards the ring, WWE clearly made the build up of Brock being heel and the Rock being face. I guess the majority of the 15,000 fans in the Nassau Coliseum didn't get the memo. For the entire match Brock clearly was the fan favorite. I can easily say 90% of that arena wanted to see him walk out as the new Undisputed Champion. Rock tried everything to get the fans on his side, but they weren't budging. In the last four years prior to this match I can only recall one other heel ever beating out The Rock in fan approval when Rock went in clearly as the face and that was Hogan at WrestleMania X8. I truly believed Brock was going to be the largest draw in the wrestling world due to this match and crowd response. The Hogan of the 2000's if you will. This ROOKIE defeated The Rock in a classic match and became the youngest World Champion in the history of the WWE up until that point. I still though had my doubts and I thought McMahon was certifiable for putting the strap on a 24yr old ROOKIE. I was just waiting for Lesnar to drop the ball like so many rookies before him. I am happy to say that I waited a very long time for that to happen and I praise McMahon for having the guts to put the future of his company in the hands of a ROOKIE.

The only flaw that came from Lesnars's win at SummerSlam was that the fans loved him and couldn't get enough of him. If you're a heel this does pose a small problem for your future. McMahon still wanted to use Lesnar as a heel so he needed a big time face to be the first challenger for Lesnar. McMahon went with the Undertaker. The two men battled for the WWE Championship for two months. The first match took place in September at Unforgiven. McMahon's theory seemed to be working. Most of the fans in L.A. at Unforgiven were behind the Undertaker. Undertaker won the match via DQ. This match I thought was a seven, but it was their rematch that put the stamp on Lesnar's career as the dominant star in the WWE for years to come, or so I hoped.

At No Mercy in October, Lesnar put the WWE Title on the line once again in a rematch against the Undertaker. This time it would be held in the Hell in a Cell. Lesnar clearly was thought to drop the WWE Title because of this stipulation. I thought this match was the best Hell in a Cell match ever. Now I know the majority of you will strongly disagree, but hear me out. These two men beat the absolute crap out of each other for close to thirty minutes. Also there was no great big bump spot and the two never left the cell. Do you know why" They didn't need to. They both left everything they had in the cell. They both were also bleeding like crazy, Taker especially, and I still get squeamish watching that blood literally pour like a faucet out of Taker's head. Anyone who missed this match go rent it just for that alone! Lesnar finally got the pin on Taker with the F-5. This win silenced any remaining critics out there including myself. I can count on one hand how many men have scored a clean pin on the Undertaker. Key word here is CLEAN! When Brock scored the pin I felt is was a passing of the torch so to speak. Every great veteran has to do it at some point. Taker passed it to Brock that night and Brock held on with both hands until he threw it away at WrestleMania XX.

Survivor Series 2002, Brock again gave us a match that was unbelievable. Brock defended the WWE Title vs. The Big Show at Madison Square Garden. It was well documented that the two men were not 100% especially Brock who had major rib problems for real going into the match. Unfortunately this made the match roughly five minutes long, but WOW what a five minutes it was. Brock hit the F-5 and he hit a belly to back suplex, but what made me jump up out of my seat that night was the belly to belly he hit. I worked and trained as a pro wrestler for three years till I blew out a knee and had to retire, so I know what I'm talking about when I critique a move. Everyone was waiting for a body slam in that match, but I can tell you a body slam is nothing compared to a belly to belly suplex on a 500lbs man. Not only was it a show of power, but also technique. If Brock's technique was off for a second, it would have been goodbye lower back and hello wheelchair. That was one of the most impressive moves I have ever seen as a wrestling fan in the last ten years. The final seconds had Big Show score the pin after a choke slam on a steel chair to become the new WWE Champion.

I will fast forward now to Lesnar's WrestleMania debut. Anyone remember this one" Lesnar, still a ROOKIE, was in the main event of his first WrestleMania wrestling in front of 60,000 people. By the way he was in the main event because he won his first and only Royal Rumble match ever. Lesnar's opponent was Kurt Angle and they were wrestling with the WWE Title on the line. This match had it all, classic mat wrestling, brawling, shear power and even a high flying maneuver that will never ever be forgotten. Not too many moves can be improperly executed and that's why they are remembered. Let's take a look back through my eyes on that historic night. As Brock was standing on the top rope a few things went through my head, "Elbow" Leg Drop" Superfly Splash"" The absolute last thing was a Shooting Star Press. When he started into his backward tuck, time stood still in my living room. Before he hit Angle I said, "Oh my God!" When he hit the mat I said, "HOLY SHIT!" Lesnar came with in an eyelash of not only hitting Angle twelve feet away with a Shooting Star Press, but also ending his career and maybe eating solid foods for the rest of his life. After flying fifteen feet high in the air and having your head hit the mat before anything else was not the plan. Lesnar not knowing what planet he was on regained a vertical base, hit the third F-5 on Angle and captured the WWE Title for a second time. Can the term intestinal fortitude be used here" Here's a thought everyone. Kidman hits his Shooting Star Press with the opponent two feet away from the corner. Angle was more then half way across the ring and the 6'4" 295 pounder missed him by an eyelash. WOW! Kidman in his wildest dreams couldn't have gotten there, he just doesn't have the power in the legs that Brock does. I know I'm not alone when I hoped Brock would try to execute it again in a future match, but understandably I know that first try probably scarred him for life and who could blame him. In case I hadn't mentioned it before, Brock was still a ROOKIE! Not a bad rookie year would you say"

To make sure this column doesn't turn into a book I will be forced to highlight the remainder of his career in a little less detail. After WrestleMania Brock went on to defend his WWE Title vs. The Big Show in a Stretcher Match. Why this match isn't really talked about I'll never know. In this match Brock body slammed and delivered a standing vertical suplex to the 500lbs Big Show. Also not forgetting the two men beat the living crap out of each other the entire match. Highlight of this match took place during the closing minute. Brock drove a forklift toward the ring and actually hit the apron of the ring. He then stood on top of the forklift and waited for Big Show to stand up so he could deliver a flying clothesline that would rival that of Rey Mysterio. Big Show stood in the middle of the ring, a good ten feet away, and Brock easily cleared the top rope from standing on the forklift outside the ring and nailed Big Show with a picture perfect flying clothesline. Talk about athleticism. After an F-5 Brock placed Big Show on a stretcher and then onto a pallet held up by the forklift. Brock then drove the forklift past the yellow line and scored the win.

Brock would then go on to lose the WWE Title in July to Kurt Angle in a triangle match which also involved The Big Show. This match was great, but the main reason I highlighted this match is Brock did a move that to this day I still can't believe. Use your imagination and picture this. Lesnar is in the corner and Show is on the second turn buckle delivering punches to Lesnar's head. Brock squats to get into position and holds Big Show in a power bomb position. Does Brock drop Show right there" No, not Brock! Brock ran, not walked, ran to the center of the ring with 500lbs on his shoulders and delivered a thunderous power bomb. It was close to Batista's version of a power bomb if that helps. I mention Batista because it was a variation of his power bomb, but also because Batista is the closest thing to Lesnar that the WWE has in their corner right now. Not knocking Batista, but can you picture Batista in a sixty minute Iron Man Match, I can't. He would drop dead before it was half over. Can you picture Lesnar in a 60 minute Iron Man Match" I couldn't at first, but seeing is believing. Brock would win his third WWE Title inside of two years in an Iron Man Match against Kurt Angle. McMahon had at his beck and call a 6'4" 295lbs wrestler that could last sixty minutes in a match with Kurt Angle. Talk about a dream come true. Lesnar was McMahon's cash cow or so he thought" Lesnar would then go on to lose the WWE Title to Eddie Guerrero in February 2004.

Now I come to one of the worst WrestleMania moments ever, Lesnar vs. Goldberg at WrestleMania XX. I still can't believe for six months prior McMahon wanted these two men in the main event. From hear on out it's first hand knowledge. I was one of the 20,000 people who watched this horrible match live as it happened. I lucked out and had great seats and watched Lesnar the entire match. To say I had mixed emotions would be an understatement. It was well known a few weeks prior that this was to be Lesnar's last match because Lesnar was going to follow a dream and head for the NFL. I couldn't wait to see Lesnar for the last time and yet I also couldn't stop yelling, "Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye." For the first time in his career Lesnar let his emotions get the best of him. At the end of the match Lesnar the man not the wrestler flipped off the hostile crowd at MSG. When I witnessed this live I clearly saw in his eyes, "Screw you! I gave you two and a half years of my life and you treat me like this" F-K you all!" After this, every WWE fan wanted one thing. We all wanted to see Lesnar's NFL career to absolutely SUCK! I was not alone when I thought he would make at least one team in some shape or form, but when he fell flat on his face it was so much more satisfying to every WWE fan who felt stabbed in the back.

The next chapter in the Lesnar WWE saga will unfortunately take place in a court room. Lesnar has made a move that could prove fatal to him ever having another run in the WWE. Lesnar is suing the WWE over a small clause in his contract. The clause states that if Brock were to ever leave the WWE, he could not wrestle or work for ANY other wrestling or fighting promotion until mid 2010. At the time he signed the contract Lesnar was still in his mid twenties and with one stroke of a pen Lesnar would be financially secure for the rest of his life. I don't think too many people would have walked away either. One way to look at this is Lesnar signed it and now he's stuck with it. I support the majority of people who agree with this point even though I feel Lesnar is screwed for the next five years because of it. Lesnar needs to drop this case ASAP and sit down with McMahon. Lesnar must realize that McMahon is holding most of the cards. Take the pay cut which everyone knows will happen and start over. A few hundred thousand dollars a year is better then zero. Brock will also have to win back the locker room, which will probably be the hardest thing he will ever have to do in his entire life. Magic number I think is three months. If Brock can last the first three months with the majority of the WWE still hating his guts, he'll survive. After that three month period when everyone is making more money due to Lesnar's return, the past will slowly fade away, maybe not 100% but very close. I guarantee if Lesnar went back to SmackDown! their live attendance, ratings and PPV sales would sky rocket. Finally and most importantly Lesnar needs to APOLOGIZE to every single employee of the WWE. If Lesnar does not issue an apology he will never be in a WWE ring again.

To anyone who still feels betrayed by Lesnar, GET OVER IT! SmackDown! sucks right now and the WWE needs a man like Lesnar to bring it up to the caliber it once was. We the fans and all the WWE got our wish when Brock simply humiliated himself in his endeavour at an NFL career. Frankly the kid made a mistake. We all do. Lesnar had that fire in his eyes that 75% of the WWE wrestlers today DON'T have. It's a fire that can't be taught, you either have it or you don't. McMahon knows a Lesnar return would equal a jump in ratings and in revenue for the WWE. Lesnar knows that he made a huge career blunder by leaving the WWE. If the two ever come to an agreement it will be nothing but sunny skies ahead for both parties. I hope Lesnar will drop the ego and come back to the WWE. The place that made him is unfortunately destroying him right now. Lesnar, take the right steps and I guaranty that you will be the largest draw since Hogan. It's your move. "What ya gonna do brotha""

by Phil T...

DonPhilip (Germany) wrote:
Hey Phil or may i call you Mr. T :-),

first of all i gotta say a huge THANK YOU, for this article. i was wandering why it took so long, that someone is stating that Lesnar must come back to WWE. I do absolutely agree that Lesnar returning to WWE would be nothing else, like the best thing that could happen for all three parties, 1.Lesnar himself, 2.The WWE, and 3. US! the wrestling fans. When i first saw Lesnar, he reminded me a bit of the early Goldberg, but very soon i realized that Goldberg never was worth, to be compared to Lesnar anyway. Was´nt Goldberg called "The Man", absolutely ridicules, if there is a person who deserves to be called like this, it sure would be Lesnar. Well, Lesnar was in WWE for lets say two Years, and look at his achivements in this very short range of time. Well of course it definitely was a big risk for the WWE pushing this "Kid" the way they did, but it worked out, and i wont think about how far it could be continued if they hopefully can make an agreement. When i saw Lesnar doing these unbelievable moves like the belly to belly suplex to the 500 lbs. Big Show at 2002 Survivor Series, or the Shooting Star Press to Angle(or lets say the mat ;) I simply stood in front of my TV with the my chin on the floor, i couldnt believe what i just saw, and i watched it again and again. I mean this guy stands at 6.4 food and is close to 300 ripped muscular pounds, and he performed a move that could end his career at best, and at worst his life! And also most of the 200 pound(or even less)highflying guys cant do a move like this, even not if it was into a swimming pool :) If i would have one wish, then it definitely would be, see Lesnar return to WWE as soon as possible, and firstly seeing him busting Goldbergs ass, for the WM20 farce.

Well lets see if my wish can be fullfilled, and our dreams as wrestling fans will come true, one thing would be for sure, it would mean a lot of money spending people to watch Lesnar:) just think of Batista vs. Lesnar at any kind of match uhhhh, i gotta stop dreaming:)
Serafin Santiago Jr. wrote:
Bravo on your knowledge of Brock Lesnar's short yet very important stint in the WWE. your points are very valid and are noteworthy. yet what you fail to understand is that Vince McMahon is a shrewd businessman who makes sure by any means his point is well proven. Returning Brock to Smackdown! or to Raw would definitely put ratings up, but there isn't enough that Vince wont do to make sure that he doesn't have to get Lesnar back in the lineup. Yes, we all hope that he can kill his juvenile thinking and become a man already, but i don't think that thats the only thing he can do. if anyone has ever heard the way the Big Show has commented on this whole situation, he is absolutely right. everyone in that locker room sacrificed alot to get Brock over and he turned his back on the WWE and his fellow wrestlers. at a time where it would have been more palatable for Brock to lose to Eddie Guerrero at Wrestlemania xx instead of that bore fest with Goldberg, and if he wanted to go about leaving the WWE on better terms, i believe that he wouldnt have the problems he has with Vince at this time.Brock at that point should have shown Vince that by dropping the title in such a fashion would have made Brock look good and would have given Vince McMahon a chance to see that it is not beneath him to job to someone and bow out gracefully. the end result would have made alot less waves and we would have seen Brock come in before Wrestlemania and become a focal point in a storyline.

aside from those points i just made, your column was great and i would hope to see another one with as much knowledge behind it as this one has.
Rott N Korpse wrote:
When I visited the site and saw the title of the column I instantly thought oh great another Brock mark. After reading the article I realize that is far from the truth. You dont like him maybe as much as I don't though you realize that having him come back could be good for the WWE. I personally think Brock is a complete moron and not for leaving, sure he pissed me off when he left and turned his back on what he says "pretending to wrestle", I think he is a moron for sueing WWE on something that is 100% binding. I think Brock probably would get ratings back to WWE though it would be a slap in the face to, not the fans, the WWE as a whole if he were to comeback. WWE would lose a sense of dignity, because they created a superstar and made him pretty much larger than life but then to only have that person turn their back on you yet you are spineless enough to accept him back. I think that Vince and the WWE made the right choice to refuse his return. I think that WWE and Smackdown need a new superstar that can perform the way Brock could or even better and is there anyone that could do this" Absolutely. When I say future superstars I mean people who could take HHH's spot as a main eventer. Two people come to mind when I say Future Main-Eventers, Chris Jericho and Christian. Christian is still green to a point but not as much as most think, he has been there long enough to know how to work a crowd. Christian has the total package when it comes to WWE Superstar, he has the charisma, the in-ring skill and he has the mic skills. Chris Jericho is basically the same though he has the more experience in the business. Jericho could easily take Brock's place in the Next Big Thing category. Jericho has everything but oppurtunity. Brock has 80% of what it takes and all the oppurtunity anyone could dream of. Brock was one of the worst mic workers I had ever seen yet he was considered one of the best at the time. Jericho has all the talent and skill one of the best wrestlers should yet he sits in midcarder level.

Does WWE need a Brock" Yes, do they need Brock Lesnar" Absolutely not. If WWE can make a Brock huge and he lacks a few main skills then what could they do with people who posess all of the attributes. Christian and Chris Jericho could both easily be the Next Big Thing...let either of them have the ball and I am sure they would both run a touchdown.

Look back when Jericho won the WWE title for the first time. The time HHH took it back from him, the fans were estatic because Jericho had worked so long for it and finally got it but then HHH took it back. Now its my belief that the fans werent behind they Undisputed reign because of that first occasion and they just figured if they got excited something like that would happen again. However, the opposite happened. The fans weren't estatic so the WWE took it away and cursed Jericho to eternal midcarder. Christian has never had the chance to get the title but look when he was IC champ people loved to see him come out and loved his what would be so wrong to let him come out more and make bigger and better promos.

Maybe this reply should be an article on Christian or Jericho or something but I feel they would make much better replacements for Brock Lesnar that Brock would for himself. If WWE would just give them the chance, instead of you writing this article I think you would start saying "Brock who"".
Cavin Robinson wrote:
I have to say this collum is a brilliant explanation lesnar needs to be back in the wwe i have to say its true. Lesnar was a brilliant superstar he put on a show all the time i definetly agree with you Phil T. I watched Lesnar for 2 years and not once did he bore me, I just have many videos of Lesnar in the wwe and some of them are good sum are not. But i say he was better without the manager and the title but he mostly impressed me with the title. But for my final answer YES! The wwe needs lesnar back.
Dhananjai D. wrote:
Hey Phil,Could'nt agree more with you.The WWE NEEDS Brock Lesnar.This man was an absolute treat to watch in the ring.His size and freakish athleticism would have guaranteed him a spot as a genuine main eventer for many years.Just hope that he comes back somehow which looks a little dim considering the lawsuit he has filed against the WWE.
"home" wrote:
First off I would imagine that executing a Shooting Star Press to a person in the middle of the ring would be easier and less riskier than if the person is only 2 feet off the turnbuckle. In the latter case the executer would have less distance to flip. Not to mention it involves the risk of the executer's legs possibly getting caught in any of the rope resulting in the executer landing head first into the mat.

Secondly bringing Brock back to SmackDown! will only result in repetition of storylines. When you have a big wrestler with an amazing feat of strength it's hard to find a suitable opponent to go into storyline with. Then there's only two possible outcome I can see, either you have the repetition of storylines that is oh-so-obvious similar to Raw in SmackDown!, or you get Brock jobbing to someone who shouldn't even be able to hurt him physically. If the latter is what happens then you still end up with the "boring" storyline that you currently have on SmackDown!.
N. Panesar wrote:
First of all I would like to say that yes I am a pretty big Brock Lesnar fan, I had studied his work ever since my mates said that he saw this muscular gut wrestling out of high school. I then found out that Brock had signed with OVW and joined his long time friend Shelton Benjamin is the Minnesota Wrecking Crew. and I thought great until I saw him challenging for the WWE championship where Vince made the worst choice of his life by choosing to make Brock the WWE champion. this made Brock think he was actually worth something to the WWE which he is not. and you really should look abit further into your research because Brock has done the shooting star press in OVW a ton of times. Brock Lesnar chose the quit the WWE because he was not pulling in enough ratings with his countless attempts for the WWE championship. he did not even read the release form properly because he didn't argue the 10 year wrestling ban. its perfectly normal that Vince wants to protect what he made because lets admit Vince did make Brock Lesnar what he is. and now Brock is whining about it, well he should have read the damn contract shouldn't he. next big thing my ass because he just cannot stick to one thing for too long. he expects allowances just because he hit the big time once. Brock Lesnar is not the most agile wrestler because look at the Undertaker who in an inferno match flew over the ring about 6 foot over fire onto his brother. how could Brock match that. and what is with you undermining Triple H because he is getting old whereas Brock isn't even in his late 30's yet. this article has no point apart from regurgitating facts and opinions about Brock Lesnar
Tony Mayes wrote:
This column has upset me worst then the "Undertaker should Lose @ Mania" column. YOu see I am a big fan of WWE and The Undertaker. You have to understand something when it comes to the business of the WWE. Don't cross the boss. Brock did that. First of alll Brock Lesnar was pushed to fast. He won everything from king of the ring, to the royal rumble and the WWE Undisputed title within two years. Do you see what the problem is" Superstars from Triple H, The ROck, Undertaker, Stone Cold, and HBK been in and with the WWE for years, BUT you can always count on Vince to make them feel less-than by bringing in a rookie to do a vetians job. No I am not mad @ Lesnar for running in and getting the title. No that is fine and I liked Brock Lesnar. But things thing when people change. This changed happened when Brock thought he could just walk away.

Brock Lesnar was 24 years old when he won the WWE Undisputed Title. One great thing to add for Brock, but was he happy" NO. So the WWE said hey why don't we put you over the biggest names the WWE has to offer.. Okay sounds like a great idea. Brock Lesnar beats the Rock, Kurt Angle, Undertaker, and HULK HOGAN. Those superstars alone has made Brock Lesnar a Legend and he is still in his twenties. But once again was Brock Lesnar happy" NO he wasn't. The traveling was to much he hated it. He said so himself. But the WWE(Vince) didn't think about the affect Brock Lesnar's unhappiness could do the WWE until a couple of months before Wrestlemania. Brock Lesnar already a two time WWE Undisputed Champion, King of the Ring winner, Royal Rumble winner, wanted to leave the company that made him who he is today for the NFL. To make a long story short, Goldberg vs Lesnar sucked, he left and tried out, he sucked, his smart ass remarks about the WWE bit him in the ass cause the one place he thought he wouldn't go back to he had to crawl back too. Already crawling back to the WWE cause of his super short NFL career, he calls, and calls, and calls, Vince wanting his job back. All the Wrestlers that was injuried, and needed to have surgey or time off to heal couldn't cause Lesnar was gone, people like the Big show, the Dudley's, Taker, and Angle had to still to give Smackdown a fighting chance. Lesnar couldn't do anything that was in the fighting, wrestling business untill 2010 cause he thought he was going to be a foolzball player. Vince finally calls Lesnars back to agree upon something and Lesnar wants less days but more money. WTF" Lesnar, you left the WWE, gave fans the bird on your last day, said wrestling was weak, not good and you have the nerves to ask for MORE money for LESS days. Vince did the right thing. Vince walked away from Lesnar just like Lesnar walked away from the WWE. Lesnar now sues the WWE for a contract that he signed. Lesnar kicked his own ass and now the man that determines Lesnar's fate is now about to tell Lesnar" ITS TO LATE".
Zach wrote:
Wow. Read the whole thing, and I couldn't agree more. Lesnar was going to be the Rock or Austin of the next generation, but he screwed up and he knows it. Unless there's another miracle rookie Vince can look to, both Brock and the WWE are screwed until they can make amends.
Tris Xavier wrote:
Generally a well written article with an excellent argument and good reminder why Brock WAS the next big thing in WWE. EXCEPT, Phil, you made one error in your article, which I just want to point out to you.

Brock Lesnar's original finishing move when he was at OVW was the Shooting Star Press, and he's been doing it for a while. He was ordered NOT to do it by Vinny Mac, and to reserve it only for special occassion. And at WM XIV, Brock Lesnar missed the SSP. It wasn't on purpose, he was supposed to hit Angle and pin him for the title. That he managed to stand after missing it so bad was a testament to his strength. But the point remains, he should have hit it there and then.
XtremeFalls43 wrote:
Lesnar is not needed isn't missed in most wrestling circles he embarrassed himself, the WWE, and wrestling in general. His football try was a joke and was pointless, he insulted WWE and wrestling fans. SO heres the question why should the WWE take him back because I seen numbers even though the Writing now is horrible Smackdown still does about .2 better than when Brock Lesnar was the star. So really he isn't needed and I really don't want him back.
Dev Hasan wrote:
Good work. Couldent of put it better myself.
Patrick Wilson Erese wrote:
I would like to thank you for making a column for Brock Lesnar.. Well, here's what it is. Brock Lesnar, is the youngest WWE Undisputed Champion ever. We can't alter that fact. At 6'4" with a rock-chisled solid mass of muscle, you really could tell how powerful and massive he is.. He was HEEL when he entered the WWE but his display of athletecism couldn't be denied. He has beaten legends like Ric Flair, The Undertaker and of course, The Rock. I didn't even care whether he was HEEL or FACE, in fact, i really liked his F-5 Finisher which really made an impact.

Would you try to imagine hoisting the 500-pound Big Show and swinging him until his face hit the mat despite of a broken rib" That was an incredible feat! The only thing that really made me disappointed was that at the age of 23, his career in the WWE was short-lived, all because of trading his career for the NFL. He was reaching the peak of his WWE career that time. Look at Randy Orton, Brock did crossed paths with Orton in an episode in Smackdown before Orton jumped-ship to RAW, forming Evolution with Triple H. Brock used to beat him like a rag doll but hey, look at him, he defeated Chris Benoit on 2004 Summerslam to capture the world heavyweight championship. Brock even fought with John Cena before Cena became the "Doctor Of Thuganomics". Until now, they are in the WWE.

Well, I am not against Brock's decision of leaving the WWE in exchange for a career in the NFL but to all Brock Lesnar fans, this was such a dismay. Brock could have been drafted to Raw after Wrestlemania XX, and maybe in the future, his strength be tested by facing former Evolution member Batista, who IS now the new World Heavyweight Champion, or face Triple H again. Brock Lesnar is one of the fresh faces of the WWE- a third generation WWE Superstar alongside, Orton, Cena in which he has a really promising career in the WWE. Although the Lesnar-Goldberg match was really horrible, it was no big deal that Lesnar could put up against Goldberg.. Brock, you are one great wrestler but for the sake of your fans, please think it over if you want to pursue your career in the NFL for the rest of your life..
EJO10488 wrote:
I agree 100% with Tony Mayes.

I am not going to deny that Lesnar had a good run in WWE in his short stint, but that is just it-short. He was pushed and given everything way too fast at a young age.

Im sorry, but if WWE can't survive without Brock and cant create a character better than Brock, then they don't even deserve to be in business still.
Aasit Vyas wrote:
Brock Lesnar should come back. he was my favourite wrestler and STILL IS even though hes gone. wwe needs him back, he is better than all of the current superstars in the wwe. it was very unfair that the wwe fans kept chanting "you sold out" if the fans cheered for his 2 year career then MAYBE he would come back but if he gets insulted then he would not like to come back. if he comes back then he should either be a top face or a top heel (a STRONG top heel, not one that has people to protect him or runs away from people) he was the biggest star in the ps2 game: wwe: here comes the pain and in the next game hes not in it. i never even bothered to THINK about buying wwe: smackdown vs raw because it never had my best wrestler (brock lesnar) or my second best wrestler (goldberg). i think he should come back and so should goldberg for the sake of the wwe and the fans of lesnar and goldberg

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