Why TO watch WWE, and NOT TNA!!
July 6, 2004 by Ray Clancy

I'm sorry I couldn't help my self but to write an article defending the legacy of the WWE and bash this new garbage called TNA.

First of all I'm really not agreeing with the "Nazis get titles" idea. That is a total load of garbage. The way one must look at it is as follows. What can the WWE do in order to make the products of both RAW and SmackDown unpredictable, or entertaining for that matter" Easy: give the title to someone whom no one expects to carry it. Just like they did with John Bradshaw Layfield. This persona actually took off way better than I thought it would. JBL has been in this business for years and has been kickin' ass and takin' names all through it. So why not give JBL the WWE title" He earned it...and on top of that the feud between Eddie Guerrero and JBL has actually become more interesting over the past couple of months, especially setting up for the Steel Cage rematch to take place in Providence, RI. in two weeks time.

Keeping with the idea of titles and contenders, I know what every RAW fan is thinking: "I am so sick of Triple H going for that World Heavyweight Championship". Well, no one ever thought about this possibility. The more a fan hates someone the more they will tune in to see that person lose their title. I've also heard the philosophies that Triple H only had the belt for that long because he's banging the boss' daughter. Has Triple H not paid his dues throughout his career" Does he not deserve to stay in the World Title picture" As much as people hate to admit it he does belong there. It's not like they can just dispose of the Triple H character. I mean what else can you do with it" EXACTLY! Pretty much nothing. So the WWE writers do not have much of a choice with this Triple H title shot angle.

So what type of title storyline does TNA have going for them" OOOOOHH...AAHHHHH... Jeff Jarrett and Ron Killings (formerly WWE's K-Kwik)!! Wow if that don't grab my attention I don't know what else could! And now TNA has apparently signed Ken Shamrock and he'll be challenging Jarrett for the title very soon. Oh wait a minute. Isn't this a WWE REPEAT" I thought WWE sucked because it repeated gimmicks and storylines. But isn't TNA doing the same thing" The diehard WWE fans like myself saw this Shamrock/Jarrett thing for too long when both feuded over the Intercontinental Championship. So what is TNA doing that the WWE hasn't already done"

Oh wait...I forgot...the precious 6-sided ring" Pardon my language when I say WHAT THE F*CK IS THAT ALL ABOUT"! "Hey we wanna be different so we're gonna make a retarded six sided ring!" I can't say that WWE has been very innovative over the past little while but if they ever came up with that ridiculous idea wrestling would never be the same. It would suck and for me to say that is pretty much unbelievable because I am the biggest wrestleholic who ever lived. Whose idea was it to make that ring" I ordered TNA one time and since I live in Canada we only get the option to watch it once a week on PPV for $9.99. I ordered it to see Jeff Hardy's return match. I couldn't help but note that every wrestler had a hard time in that "special" ring type. It was ridiculous how many times people ran off the ropes for a moe and found themselves doing a standing dropkick to their opponent less than one second later.

And speaking of doing nothing with characters, what about Jeff Hardy" They were so hyped that they signed Jeff Hardy and what have they done with him since they got him" NOTHING! They screwed him over in an X-Title match and he hasn't done much since that night. I'd also like to go on a rant about this X-Division. I'll admit it was cool for a while. I ordered that PPV to see Jeff Hardy and A.J. Styles do some insane shit. I mean isn't the X-Divsion a combonation of hardcore cruiserweight action" Don't you find it astonishing that arguably the WWE's most insane wrestler in Jeff Hardy and the ever so dangerous A.J. Styles used mat wrestling in this match" That was a little bit disappointing to say the very least. At least when the WWE had the hardcore thing going on they had a story to go with it. Throughout this X-Division I'm just seeing random matches.

My last tidbit has to do with camera time. I'll admit that WWE does a lot of that sorta thing just to build up a storyline. A perfect example lies within Paul Heyman. He'll come out and spew out some words in order to build up the Undertaker/Paul Heyman/Paul Bearer/ Dudley Boyz storyline. But is that not better than what TNA's buildups consist of. When I used to watch the preview of TNA PPVs I used to see little backstage promom cuts with the wrestler by themselves talking trash about their opponent. The least they could do is go to the ring and say something. I remember watching a TNA promo and I could hear the backstage boilers over the wrestler and I couldn't hear a damn thing the wrestler was saying. Another example of too much TV time could possibly be Evolution. What people fail to realize is that they are basically the Four Horsemen redone WWE style. They need that much cmaera time just so the fans can develop their hate/love towards them. It is an essential for them to have the amount of time they need. I din't see anyone complaining about the amount of time that Vince McMahon and Steve Austin had when they built up their storyline. Although that was the greatest storyline of all time it took time to build. Evolution just needs that time. And what do we see in TNA" Team Canada vs. The States" Oh my God...I've never seen that before! I only saw it once in WCW(dying years) and twice in WWE(1997 and 2002).

So no one has the right to bash WWE and even come close to defending TNA!! Last I checked a couple of weeks ago wasn't WWE RAW the number one rated show in all of broadcast TV" It most certainly was. So I don't know if people know what they want to see or not. I mean WWE only had the number one rated show in an entire week, and they continue to damn near sell out every arena they go to for TV shows and PPVs. They only sold out Toronto's Air Canada Centre in less than ten days for SummerSlam...that's brutal huh" I don't think so. WWE has gone through some very difficult times but still managed to produce quality entertainment and continue to survive. The Monday Night War was probably the WWE's most trying time. But they pulled through. From watching TNA all I'm seeing is an exact clone of the dying WCW!! So that's it for me... I really could argue this all day but I really don't see how anyone can come up with a defending argument about how TNA is better than WWE!! If you can write to [email protected] and see if your article can pass the intellectually based test.

by Ray Clancy..

Brad Dykens wrote:
Now that WWE's product is getting better, and TNA's is getting worse, it's good to see WWE's fans getting out and defending them!
Josh9_87 wrote:
i love the site but i dont agree about tna being garbage, i also dont agree about wwe "getting better" but thats just your opinion
Michael Hopkins wrote:
I agree with most of what Ray says about the WWE. But I would not have had JBL win the WWE championship. The guy is talentless, unpopular and looks like an utterly gormless open mouthed jerk, when he is caught off guard, like when Eddie came on in last weeks SD, just after he had pinned Spike Dudley. JBL winning the belt, sent out entirely the wrong message considering his antics with the nazi salute in Munich, and his subsequent dismissal for "inappropriate behaviour" by CNBC. It also went down like a lead balloon with Smackdown's large hispanic audience. I know Vince courts controversey, but really JBL did not deserve the title.

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