TNA In Hot Water
June 1, 2005 by Ray Clancy

DISCLAIMER: I would like to apologize to Ray Clancy for not publishing this sooner. It was written a few days BEFORE the strong WGN rumors began circulating so keep that in mind when you read this column and are formulating your feedback. - Brad Dykens (The OWW Puppet Master)

NWA-TNA is close to staring death in the face, and it figures as soon as I start getting heavily into it, it may seemingly be non-existent for the next little while.

A few months ago I published an article on why to watch WWE, and ignore TNA. I am now stating publicly that I did this for the simple fact that someone prior to my article bashed my true love, the WWE, My article was a simple response sticking up for my life-long love. I did more TNA bashing than I wish I had now. So to all TNA fans, I apologize for the sarcastic remarks I made. Truth be known, at the time I had no interest in it. But like any TV show, if you watch it steadily, even for just a short period of time, you become hooked. Now it has a level of interest to me.

Anyways, back to business. The title of this article may seem a little harsh, therefore I will give an explanation. All week long all over the internet I have read that this Friday's edition of "TNA Impact!" will be the last one on Fox Sports Net. That could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on who you are. But here is where the major issue lies. TNA does not have another company they have officially signed with to air their programming, mainly "Impact!". So where does this leave them"

Anyone who has been monitoring this situation closely already has a responding question to the previous paragraph; "What about WGN, or Spike TV"". Well, landing a television deal with either network would in all likelihood make TNA wrestling more public to the diehard wrestling fan. The only thing that will not work out is the start-up date for either network to begin airing TNA. Spike won't air it until the start of their new fall schedule, so that would be a little over 3 MONTHS without weekly programming and their monthly Pay-Per-View event. Although WGN would probably air TNA as soon as possible. However, keep in mind that from reliable reports Spike TV is most likely where TNA will end up.

Now here's the big can a company survive without cable wrestling leading into the three hour pay per views" I have 2 solutions until a cable network begins airing TNA. If it so happens that Spike TV doesn't air TNA until the fall season, leaving TNA with three months of non-televised wrestling, TNA can do one of the following. The first thing that comes to mind is to air the weekly pay-per view all summer long, plus keep the three hour one. Either that or steal a WWE idea, that being the "Webcast". WWE only airs pay-per-views on the web though. Since TNA may not have any public TV for a while, why not tape "Impact!" and have it on from Friday until Sunday. This way TNA fans have three days to watch the show and not fall behind. If I were TNA I would use the webcast idea, but hey, that's just if I WERE TNA!

So it's time for the infamous conclusion. Is TNA in hot water" Seemingly, yes they are. In reality, no they aren't. The people in TNA are certainly smart enough to figure out a solution to this possible summer of no public cable shows. And if it ends up being one of my two ideas, I'd LOVE to say I told you so. So to all TNA fans, I conclude by saying this. Don't worry, many wrestling organizations have gone through tests, and this is TNA's biggest test to date. Plus it's not like there isn't a way to avoid not being seen, because there is. It's just a matter of whether or not TNA decides to do one of those two things, or even something else. Just as long as we don't miss "Impact!" TNA will be just fine. If anyone wishes to respond as to how TNA will come out of this or how "Impact!" can still be seen feel free to do so, it would be greatly appreciated. SAVE TNA!

by Ray Clancy..

Dave Ward wrote:
I have to go with ray Clancy I mean tna could become the new wwe I mean think about it I used to love wwe back in wwf because its all talk no more action like tna I mean six sides of steal falls count anywhere but all really mean save tna good night
sparrownck wrote:
I have came across a telephone contact number to WGN ---- (773) 528-2311

When you call it, the person transfers you to programming within a minute. I talked to the guy, and I explained to him that internet sites have posted several rumors about a WGN Superstation and TNA deal, and he said no deal has been reached, but discussions are still going on. He also stated that several people are bringing it up, when they call, and stated he didnt think there was much interest in it.

So I believe if we can get more people to call, and express interest in TNA coming to WGN, it may help out in some ways.

*The telephone number is from the official site at,0,6795341.htmlstory"coll=wgncable-about-station-1
Pedro Torres wrote:
There is some validity to the comments made by Ray, but I must disagree with his opinion that TNA is "close to staring death in the face." True, TNA decided not to continue negotiations with FSN and, in turn, kept the wrestling world from watching quality programming, as opposed to the pathetic excuse produced by WWE as of late. True, there has been no final say on whether or not an agreement will be reached with WGN, Spike TV or any other nationally broadcast network. True, this will affect the storylines and could even dent the PPV buys. But this does not mean that TNA is dead.

Remember, TNA was for quite some time without a cable deal in the past and it was already making noise in the wrestling world with their weekly pay-per-views. During that time, TNA went from a vision...from a dream...from 'what if' to a glorified concept, one that was well accepted by FSN officials. Your 'original' suggestion of a webcast is not so original, for it has been implemented in the past by other organizations, not just the WWE. But I truly feel that TNA is more than just a webcast show.

TNA has proven to be the elite wrestling organization. A wrestling organization that has created interest by bringing family-oriented material to a product that was labeled as being offensive, vulgar, and a true eyesore (WWE). TNA will land a TV deal in the weeks to come, there is no doubt in my mind of this. And for those of us who have been to their shows...for those of us who see potential in their roster, instead of just pyros and tasteless storylines (WWE, again) there will be a product that will emerge as the greatest wrestling organization, one that will focus on the contenders and not on the 'diva contests.' Believe me when I say this, more than one network official is paying attention to TNA. A deal will ultimately be made...a contract will be inked...TNA is here to stay.

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