The Smark Remark: Alberta vs Texas
April 1, 2005 by Rhey Higgins

Woooooooooooooooo!!! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. Rhey Higgins proudly brings to you the greatest column to ever be written...THE SMARK REMARK!!! This column, however, may be much less controversial then my last columns, as, not only is it a more serious topic, but I actually (holy crap!) did a lot of research for this one. And the question I bring to you is this: who put out better wrestlers; Alberta (Canada's answer to Texas) or Texas (America's answer to Alberta). Obviously, both have put out a great deal of great wrestlers...but which has better ones"

Now obviously, one could debate that Alberta has produced many of the better wrestlers. When you say the words "Alberta" and "wrestling" in the same sentence, one word immediately comes to mind: Hart. And, undoubtedly, The Hart Family not only had some of the greatest wrestlers in it, but produced a great deal more from the infamous Hart Family Dungeon. The first great wrestler from Alberta that comes to mind is Stu Hart. I know that many would say that Bret is better known, but look at what Stu did! He trained HUGE names such as Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Test, Edge, Christian, TNA's Team Canada member Johnny Devine, and Bret, Owen, Keith, and Bruce Hart...and that's just some of them! Honestly, if I wanted to list the name of every wrestler who has been trained or otherwise influenced by Stu Hart (and believe me, I researched it...there's TONS), it would definitely take up WAY to much space. So arguably, Stu Hart is the best wrestler to call Alberta his home...and it's an argument you can probably win.

Now on to Texas. Like Alberta, there's not one big family that precedes all others: The Guerrero family. True, they all (obviously) have Mexican heritage, but, since they live in El Paso, Texas, that makes them a Texas family. Aside from the Guerreros (who, unlike the Harts, aren't responsible for most of the other wrestlers to come out of Texas). Instead, there's a mélange of wrestlers from all over Texas. Some of them include easily three of the biggest names in WWF/E history, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, and The Phenom, The Deadman, The American Badass, THE UNDERTAKER! Also, there are some other big names such as current WWE Champion John "Bradshaw" Layfield. 5-time WCW Champion Booker T and his brother Stevie Ray, Mark Henry, and Garrison Cade, Paul London, and TNA star Michael Shane (all who were trained by HBK).

Now, on paper, it looks clear that Texas has put out more wrestlers than Alberta. But, keep this in mind: quantity does not exactly mean quality. Look at the worst Alberta put out...Lance Storm (you know you're good when he's the WORST you put out). Now, look at the worst that Texas has put out...Mark Henry...enough said right there (honourable mentions go to Garrison Cade). Now, my question is this...what are your opinions" Do you think Alberta has the better wrestlers, or is it indeed Texas" I'm especially interested to see the answers that some of you send. But please, one thing: I know that in NO WAY did I print up a full list of wrestlers from Texas or Alberta...that would take up so much space that this article would have to be printed microscopically and cause everyone who reads it to develop please DON'T bombard me with angry E-mails about how I missed so-and-so. And that's the Remark from this Smark!

by Rhey "King of the World" Higgins..

George Salloum wrote:
Who has trained the best wrestlers....hmmmm....that's an easy one....ALBERTA!

You said wrestlers, and wrestlers are trained in Alberta. Sports entertainers, or "workers" are trained in Texas.

Look at the names you put out for Texas, Austin, HBk, Taker, Booker T....these guys aren't really good wrestlers, they are simply good or great workers and fine sports entertainers. But you look at Alberta, Benoit, Jericho, Lance Storm, Edge....along with being great workers, these guys are great wrestlers.

It might have been easier for you to ask who puts out the best talent or something to that affect, but if you are basing this on strickly wrestling, then Alberta blows Texas away.
Kung-Fu Vic wrote:
Well, most of the wrestlers you named aren't from Alberta, and I don't think Christian, Edge, and Test even trained in Calgary with Stu Hart. I know Lance Storm is from Ontario, and Jericho from Winnipeg(born in New York). So it's more Canada vs Texas.
Willis Smith wrote:
Good job researching! Edge, Christian, and Test all came from Toronto. The only ones originally from Alberta are the Harts and Benoit. If you did compare Canada versus Texas, you could also and Davey Boy Smith, Jim Neidhart, The Dynamite Kid(who trained in the dungeon and wrestles in the Stampede territory), the Rougeuas, Trish Stratus, Bad News Allen (Brown), Dino Bravo, and Rick Martel. Texas would also have all the Von Erichs', The Dingo (Ultimate) Warrior, the beginnings of Cactus Jack, Chris Adams, The Freebirds, Rick Rude, Bruiser Brody, Dusty Rhodes, and Wahoo McDaniel. Now, there is a discussion to have-you're welcome!
George Salloum wrote:
Ah.....pointless research actually. I am Canadian and I know where all those guys from, but the guy who wrote the article obviously doesn't, but the truth is that the names he mentioned were indeed trained in Calagary whether it be for a short term or a long term.
Kyle Meilleur wrote:
Um...I'm from Canada too. I know who's from where and stuff...the reason I listed the names I did is because all of their WRESTLING CAREERS started or was influenced in some way or another in Alberta...obviously Edge and Christian are from Toronto, it says that in their friggin' entrances! By the way, did anybody who read this column know/remember Y2J's entrance in WCW, back when he was the Lionheart" His hometown was announced as CALGARY. Know why" HE WAS TRAINED THERE!!! It only makes sense to call the place you were trained your hometown (i.e. Shelton Benjamin in OVW...he was on a team with Lesnar called The Minnesota Stretching Crew). So please: STOP BRINGING IT UP!!!!


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