The Smark Remark: Entrance Music
July 4, 2005 by Rhey Higgins

Finally! Rhey has returned to Online World of Wrestling! Before I get this column started, I want to explain my long absence; my computer crapped out on me, and it took a few months to get fully repaired. The cool part" Not two days after it got repaired, I got an E-mail from Kirsty Quested saying that I am now an official columnist on OWW. Woot! Thank's, Kirsty!! Now for the column...

It seems that one of the biggest discerning factors in how an audience takes to a wrestler is their entrance music (if you need proof, look no further than Sandman in ECW!). And a superstar's theme song can also make or break their character. In this column, I will break wrestlers and their music down into three columns: Keep, Think Of Changing, and Change.


Batista: His old music suited him just fine, but damn! His new music totally fires up a crowd, and with lyrics like, "I walk this mountaintop! I walk ALONE!", it suits The Animal's character just fine.

JBL: His music, just like his character, is as annoying as all hell. The crowd has a knee-jerk reaction to it, and it has a whole "self-made man, gold diggers" feel to it, which helps his character out a lot.

Ric Flair: Woooooooooooooooo! This music is classic Naitch. 'Nuff said.

The Undertaker: See Ric Flair

Triple H: It's intimidating. It's badass. It's Triple H. The crowd hates The Game so much that they'll boo him no matter what he enters to, and since it suits his character perfectly, there's no reason for it to change.

John Cena: As much as I hate the man, his music works fine. The second it hits, the crowd erupts like a friggin' volcano, and his self-performed rap just personifies his character.


Chris Jericho: While there's nothing wrong with Y2J's music per se, a song performed by Fozzy would suit his new character much better. Also, if they kept the countdown noise/video, the crowd would have nothing new to adjust to. Still, though, Y2J can keep his entrance music and do just fine.

Edge: While the whole, "On this day, I see clearly, everything has come to life. A bitter place, and a broken dream, and we'll leave it all behind!" thing may have suited his hungry-for-the-world-title-but-but-constantly-getting-screwed-out-of-it-heel-turn-epiphany character, his new screw-everything-in-sight character just doesn't benefit from it. However, like Y2J, his music doesn't hold him back in any way, so there's no real necessity to change it.

Chris Benoit: I know what you're thinking; "Benoit's music suits him perfectly! Why would he change it" You suck, Rhey!" Well, have you ever heard "Blow Me Away" by Breaking Benjamin" If you have, you know what I mean.

Christian: While I really like his new music, it just seems to me that with his character becoming Captain Charisma, his old music suited him much more. Maybe that's just me though.


Maven: Maven's music suited him perfectly when he just came out of Tough Enough and was living out his dreams. However, his new character hates everything and everyone, and it really clashes with his music. The time is right to make a change, Maven.

Eddie Guerrero: Okay, let me get this straight; Edie makes a badass heel turn, and the only change to his music is...a phone ringing" What the hell" His old playful face "Lie Cheat Steal" music has nothing to do with his new character, so why bother keeping it"

Randy Orton: See Eddie Guerrero.

If there's any that I'm missing, feel free to send feedback. Hell, even if there's nothing missing, feel free to send feedback. Damn it feels good to be back. In closing, I'd like to say that I'm the JBL of OWW; I'm annoying, I'm a heel, and I'm here to stay!!! And that's the remark from this smark!!!

by Rhey "King of the World" Higgins..
Rhey Higgins wrote:
I just went on OWW for the first time since my computer got fixed and I noticed a very similar article to mine. Sorry for the similarities between my article and Rohit's article. I immediatley sent mine out, then discovered that mine was pretty much (unintentionally) a rip-off of his. Sorry!!
Erkka Järvinen wrote:
As usual i dont disagree with you Rhey except on one point. Batistas new music is LAME. I dont get pumped up like i used to from this new music. That old music was just so original Batista the animal!
rudi taylor bragge wrote:
What about Angle's music" What's your say on the olympian that "sucks""
Rohit Ramnath wrote:
Hey Rhey no problem at all. I have read all your columns and love them and to know that we are both official columnists (That's right I am!!!) and to know that we both think alike!!! Now that's an honor. Anyway just wanted to say congrats loved your column and it wasn't the same just similar. You were right on the money with what to keep and what to change. I only have one addition to make to your comments

Carlito Caribbean Cool. Please make his theme song longer. He is absolutely awesome slowly strutting to the ring and hearing "I spit in the face of people who don't wanna be cool" the first time is great. But hearing it again someway in the middle just pisses me off...
Ai2392 wrote:
I agree with you completely on Eddie's music. When he was in WCW, everyone hated him. I like his WCW music when he was heel, it was also pretty cool. I don't think they'll change Jericho's music, ever. They have never changed it really. All they do is remix it, add a different countdown, and add a new video. Carlito's music is awesome and I see what your saying but I like it the way it is.
Rhey Higgins wrote:
Erkka: I actually like Batista's new music, and it gets me pumped up. But hey, what's an opinion if you can't have your own, eh" Rudi: Kurt's music is awesome!! It suits Angle perfectly, and as much as I like him, almost nothing is better than chanting "YOU SUCK" at the top of your lungs! Rohit: It's true; great minds think alike. Jonathan (who didn't post feedback but sent an E-mail); yeah, those were the picks I omitted that I expected would get noticed sooner or later. I especially agree with Hassan's: it's AWFUL, which is what makes it so great.
BARKER wrote:
eric bischoff would really benefit from new music. yea we know he's back so now what. he needs something to say I am in charge not you.
Ditto Robertson wrote:
Once again, Rhey, right on the money (but if I do recall, having Chris Benoit change his music to Blow Me Away by Breaking Benjamin was MY idea, was it not") Plus, I think Orton's music suits him. Although I do agree with you on Eddie's music. A phone ringing" Does this mean only bad people use phones" Oh well. Under keep, I think you should have remembered the ol' boy, HBK Shawn Michaels. I've never heard music suit a charecter so well! Congratulations on your column writing spot JBL.... I mean Rhey.
mayur reve wrote:
I read your coloumn concerning entrance music of wwe superstars.It's really fascinating.I also want to say that shawn michaels music is the best&really suits him.He should keep this music for now.But my personal favourite music is the rock's entrance.It really pumps up the crowd& me too.I really hated when rock turn heel again& put a new freakish hollywood theme(which is named on internet).Altough the music is good,it's not as good as the old themes he should come out on like the rock says theme in 2000(altough he put this music again after he became a face once again)&the instrumental theme back in 2002.Altough many people have given their opinion about eddie's entrance being the same except the phone ringing,I really like it.The music has been modified so well that the people not only hate eddie,but his music too(except me,cause i like eddie&his music).I hope you write more coloumns again about entrance music or something else.It feel privileged to share my thoughts with you&everyone.Hope you like what i have written.Thank You.


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