Lets Put it This Way
February 10, 2005 by Rohit Ramnath

In this article I want to talk about a few observations regarding the only two shows I receive here in India: TNA and WWE. This is my first article so hopefully it will get posted and people will read it.

Firstlym, Monday night wars, again. This time between TNA and WWE. This is my view on it. Lets go back to WWE v/s WCW. They both ran successfully for a long time, always competing for storylines and wrestling. Finally, the WCW fizzled out due to bad storylines. Then Vince eliminated it by purchasing it. Now TNA - and the Jarrett's have come back to haunt vinny mac. Or have they" TNA is still not as successful but they seem to be making good progress.

Before I go on let me say that in India, we get the WWE shows two weeks after they air in the USA and TNA is almost 3 months behind. And I get only one hour of TNA so the show is never covered fully. WWE shows on the other hand receive the full two-hour coverage. WWE PPVs also get the complete allotted time while TNA PPVs are not aired. So I don't really have the latest info.

I think that if TNA goes on to become a countrywide promotion, then the WWE will fizzle out this time. Maybe we will see the fall of the McMahon empire. How great will that be" The reason" because the Wwe doesn't have good storylines or great wrestling. Clearly Vince is not worried so much about wrestling as a sport as he is about wrestling as an entertainment form. TNA on the other hand has damn good wrestling. Good moves, nice combinations, great spectacles.

Wrestling is all about creating the spectacle. Right from roman gladiator battles to the Egyptian and Greek times, that is what wrestling (Sports entertainment) has done. And long entrances, great pyro effects or mike interviews do not create the spectacles, wrestling creates them. Great finishers, fast-paced action and stunning victories provide the entertainment.

So this is why I don't like the WWE too much nowadays. They seem to have gone from wrestling to entertainment. Lots of eye-candy, not enough action. Yes Smackdown does provide better entertainment, but it pales in comparison to TNA. So I just hope TNA begins to compete with the WWE and we see the Monday night wars refueled, and welcome the new breed of wrestling as a sport.

Secondly- John Cena, Bill Goldberg, and Hulk Hogan. I don't know if John Cena is an egomaniac like the Hulkster and Goldberg were, but I feel the WWE is giving him the same gimmick. One who puts back all challengers. Hulk Hogan has battled all the monsters: Andre the Giant, Yokozuna, The Undertaker- and beat them all. It sucked that he had no wrestling skills, but he sure did get huge publicity for the WWE.

Bill Goldberg beat everybody. Went on a huge streak. Ripped through WCW. And that got WCW to beat WWE in the ratings for over 80 weeks. Goldberg must have been a huge egomaniac, thinking of no one but himself, hardly put anyone over, but got huge ratings for WCW.

My point. John Cena follows. I don't know how much of an egomaniac he is, but lets see his history. He started out as a heel. Had a feud with Rikishi and Lesnar. Then turned face when he rapped up Vince. Then became US champ from Big Show at Wrestlemania XX. And has been given the gimmick of a highly intense fighting champ who puts back all his challengers. I like the new him. Earlier he was someone who could take up punishment and come back, but this new gimmick fits him damn well. The street fight with Jesus started it but I like his new look. And the latest chain gang gimmick falls in with the hulkamaniacs and the millions - and millions - of rock fans.

So in conclusion, unless WWE starts coming up with better storylines, they are going to lose out big. WM XXI is going to be exciting, and I hope it all begins here again.. and by it I mean good old-fashioned wrestling. Something we all die for.

by Rohit Ramnath..

---{~~~Scott Ryan~~~}--- wrote:
After reading over your article, I question how much you know about wrestling. Now I must say, the Monday Night Wars being re-kindled would be a great idea. TNA does have good matches, but their storylines have been lackluster...its been sad. The only good one lately has been AJ Styles vs. The Fallen Angel, and even that one isnt that good. The WWE has been focusing more on storyline, yes, but they are realizing that if they dont start in with more high impact matches, they will lose their fan base to TNA. Which is why they had the Edge vs. Triple H match from Japan. That was a damn good match, and it could wind up being a damn good fued. WWE is focusing on storyline, yes, but Vince has his sights set on what he has to do to get the job done.

Now the one thing that bothered me greatly was the fact that you said Smackdown had better talent and matches than RAW. Well lets think about this: You are telling me that a horrible performer like JBL is better than a high impact, prime time player like HHH. Granted, HHH holding the belt too long is annoying, but I would rather see HHH (someone with talent) holding the belt than JBL (Who has no talent what so ever.)

Cena, yea, hes been a great wrestler, and hes good talent, but I wouldnt neccesarily call him cocky. I mean seriously, how can you claim that Cena doesnt put anyone over when he hasnt even been around half the time" He's been working on a movie in Australia for part of the past year (Thus the loss to carlito and the subsequent "kidney injury"). I mean, as far as I can tell, The only good talent I have seen out of smackdown goes as follows:

1. Undertaker | 2. Kurt Angle | 3. Eddie Guerrerro | 4. John Cena | 5. Booker T |

Thats about it. Alot of people are saying "What about Mysterio"" Well from what I have seen since Mysterios return, he has quite a few moves that most of which dont look like they can break an egg. especially the 619. RAW has had so many better storylines, and so many better matches than Smackdown by far. Especially the Elimination Chamber match that just happened. Edge and Shawn Michaels both had a phenominal match at the Royal Rumble too. Now, compare the Elimination Chamber, to this next Smackdown Pay Per View main event pitting two talentless wrestlers (JBL and Big Show) in a barbed wire cage match. Seriously...this match is going to be a snore fest. So please, dont sit there claiming that the Smackdown talent is better than RAW, because when you really stand back and look at it, its no comparison.



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