Why Hart, Why"
December 2, 2005 by Rohit Ramnath

"Eddie Guerrero, you were a great man. You were one of the best in what you could do inside the ring and I will sorely miss you as will the legions of wrestling fans around the world. You have finally found solace for the soul and I hope wherever you are and whatever you are doing, God keeps you happy and peaceful."

As I am sure, there will be quite a few columns about the storied career of Eddie Guerrero, his demons and how he overcame them so I won't go there. I have said what I have to and I hope Eddie Guerrero's family finds comfort and peace.

That being said let me get down to what I originally thought of writing on. I was surprised, as were many others, at the signing of a DVD package by "The Hitman" and its subsequent release. However, on thinking about it, it seems that Bret Hart's situation blatantly pointed in the direction of the DVD signing. Here is why.

Before I get into it, let us make the following few assumptions which are simple and easily visible.

1. Bret Hart is a smart man. He values his future as much as his past and has a tremendous amount of self-respect and dignity. 2. Vince McMahon is evil and deceitful, but he is also a genius when it comes to business. He also knows how to take advantage of opportunity when he sees it. 3. Owen Hart's death was very important to Bret Hart. We will assume that Bret Hart doesn't like the WWE because he holds them responsible for Owen's death. 4. Bret has no hopes of fixing the family rift that exists in his family. 5. Triple H is arrogant. He is a dirty backstage politician and has creative control over a lot of things in the WWE. As head writer, Stephanie gives Triple H the biggest storylines and RAW and sometimes Smackdown is always about him and how good he is. (OK that has nothing to do with it but it's true.)

So here is the scenario. You have the evil genius McMahon sitting in his office. There is a meeting going on.

Vince: Whoa!!! That Ultimate Warrior DVD really got the fans going huh!!! We should make another controversial DVD. Then we'll really be on top.
Board Member: Sir, this is bad publicity I don't think you want as much bad publicity.
Vince: Shut up!!! I make the decisions around here.
Board Member: Sorry Sir.
Vince: Come up with some ideas for a controversial DVD.
Board Members: Umm... ECW"""
Vince: We did that already and One Night Stand. What more, do you want me to bring ECW back"
Board Member 1: That would excite the crowds
Vince: And the critics, and the athletic commissions, and he censors. We cannot do anything hardcore or ECW-ish. Besides, no one cared for Paul and his bunch of misfits anyway.
Board Member 2: WCW"""
Vince: Also done. And publicized too. Are you guys idiots or something"""
Board Member 3: Hmm what else was controversial""" The XFL"""
Board Member: But I...
Vince: Na na naa na, hey hey hey Goodbye
(Board Member leaves. Everyone at the meeting is silent)
Vince: Any more dumb suggestions" I think I am over-staffed anyway.
(No answer)
Vince: Any more ideas"
(No answer.)
Vince: Alright since no one could come up with one lets check on the writing staff to see what they are up to. Call the head writer please.
Stephanie: Hi Daddy.
Vince: Hello Steph. What storylines are you planning to do now"
Steph: I think a RAW v/s Smackdown! Survivor series match would be fun.
Vince: Good idea.
Steph: And we're going to have Teddy Long fight Eric Bischoff as another inter-promotional match.
Vince: Hmm. Ok. What else"
Steph: I don't know yet. We are pretty much on the fly. Anything can happen.
Vince: Alright so do you have any idea for a DVD we can make"
Steph: How about one on the personal life of me and HHH"
Vince: That's the first good idea today. I'll jot it down.
Steph: Or on HHH's manliness, or on how HHH got this far. Or on the hall of famers and HHH.
Vince: All good ideas. Ok can you ask Shane to come here please"
Shane: You called dad"
Vince: How is the internet"
Shane: All fine dad. WWE unlimited has been opened and people actually are watching it.
Vince: Good. Give me an idea for a DVD.
Shane: "Shane McMahon, a saga." It could feature all of my bumps. And my testicle electrocution by Kane.
Steph: But we are making Kane a face now.
Vince: Any others Shane"
Shane: Montreal"""
Vince: Yes!!! Why didn't any of you think of that""" (Calls Linda.) Linda can you get me Bret on the phone" He won't answer my calls.

Bret Hart's house. Bret is sitting on the couch with his cell phone on the floor. He seems to be pondering something.
BRET'S WIFE: What's the matter honey"
Bret: Just got off the phone with that scumbag McMahon. He wants me to do a DVD.
BRET'S WIFE: What are you going to do"
Bret: I don't know. I hate him he screwed me and he screwed WCW and he screwed a lot of other things.
BRET'S WIFE: So you aren't doing the DVD"
Bret: Well, I'm thinking about it. But there is one thing that really gets to me.
BRET'S WIFE: What honey"
Bret: Ultimate Warrior.
BRET'S WIFE: What about him"
Bret: Look what they did to his DVD" Just because he felt deceived by them.
BRET'S WIFE: That's true.
Bret: I was involved in Montreal. Vince could so easily turn that around. He could completely screw me over, again. I can't let that happen.
BRET'S WIFE: So you are going to do it"
Bret: It looks like I have no choice but to do it.
BRET'S WIFE: Think about it this way. At least you'll get tons of publicity and you can speak your mind and promote your book and stuff.
Bret: True. I think all in all, it is a better option to do the DVD.

And the Rest is History.

by Rohit Ramnath..

ShaunCl wrote:
What is the pinto fo this" So Bret Hart amde peace with Vince big wup. We amd peace with our enemys after wwII and that was a silghtly bigger conflict was it not. Your just a McMachon basher. Go out and enjoy the DVD. This column is pointless.
Brad Dykens wrote:
I agree this column was pointless. But I support any decision by the editor(s) to post it. Definitely not your best work Rohit.
Jesse Lee wrote:
I thought I was on OWW not Armpit Wrestling. Anyway, I actually liked this column just to see how your portrayed everything and it does show that you're pretty much against Hart's DVD. All I can say is people can change over time. Vince thought his way was the best way (although it was a wrong way to send Bret off) and Bret feels as though the Montreal Incident, Owen's death, and maybe a few other things were Vince's fault. You have to keep in mind that Bret has some say over the DVD making process and I don't think he's going to bury himself in it.

As far as his relationship with Vince goes, I think Hart finally decided it wasn't worth bitching over what happened eight years ago. Of course he can still have a lot of anger, but when it all comes down to it, Vince was the player and Bret was the game piece. Vince lost one game piece, but he kept the game going.

If the Montreal Incident hadn't taken place, the title would wind up being up for grabs in a tournament. Of course Shawn could have still won it in the tournament, even by playing a heel and cheating, doing a screw job in the final match. However, that would have gotten less heat because people would think it was just another storyline. By doing it to Bret Hart, people would be confused because this was Hart's last match in WWF and it would bring hatered by the fans and keep them tuned in to see if Hart really was leaving. Controversies bring in audience and that's exactly what happened with the M.I. Sad to say that Vince would risk destroying a long-time loyal worker's life and career just for a few extra bucks, but [monday night] wars can make smart people do stupid things.
Erkka J´┐Żrvinen wrote:
After this disrespectful column towards bret hart, Vince Mcmahon and HHH i was completely pissed off to see someone blaming VINCE for bret hart doing the DVD for WWE. How ignorant can you be" Bret Hart has stated numerous times that he wants himself to be remember, he also told that he and Vince has become a lot closer and talk to each other more often. People like you are the real reason why Bret Hart might not be remembered in 20-30 years. I read a story where Bret went to the local dentist (this happened before he agreed to do a DVD) and there was this 5 year old kid and he was a huge Bret Hart fan. Bret Hart asked "What is your favourite match of mine"" and the kid answered "I havent seen you wrestle, but i play as you in the video games" and in the interview bret hart said "That kinda broke my heart". It seems to me like you just want Bret Hart to be an angry old man, sitting in his coach cursing Vince and others how they screwed him. Alone and no no thats not what Bret Hart wants, he wants ppl to know that he was one of the best WRESTLERS of all time. Also, throwing crap at HHH doesn't make you look better. I aint gonna even start with HHH so i guess this was pretty much it.
KAngle3I's1996 wrote:
OH MY are a dope. Honestly words cannot even describe how stupid and pathetic you are. This was a compelte waste of 2 minutes of my life and you should be ashamed of yourself because you are an idiot. Bret only did the DVD because it was originally going to be called "Screwed: The Bret Hart Story" and was going to focus all on Montreal and not on his great career. Therefore by doing the DVD it was a tribute to his great career and that's why it is now called "Bret Hart: Best there is, best tehre was, best there ever will be." Also, you obviously have some sick problems with HHH. Yeah i don't like him much either but c'mon be fair here. This guy has been in tons of great and memorable matches. Yeah i hate his backstage politics as much as the next guy but let's be fair here. Yeah vince is an asshole no one will argue that but give me a break. This whole "article" you wrote was just a way for you to showcase your stupidity. Does Steph suck as a writer for the Creative team" Yeah no shit but let's see you write it you retard. You obviously have osmething gasinst the netire McMahon family, which i guess is your problem. No one forces you to watch, check out TNA if you want it has more wrestling in an hour than WWE does in 2 hours anyway. Just don't post no more you idiot, cuz your kinda stupid and everyone reading this is porbably laughing at you cuz ur a dope.
PMPFTourney wrote:
Please shut the hell up. Boring smarks like you criticizing everything like your part of the business is so repetitive and stupid now. Saying those things about Triple H isn't true, it just makes you look like a bigger idiot. Triple H has only helped RAW and isn't involved in SD dumbass. This DVD was great and was a treat for all of Bret's fans. But God forbid a little positive reaction in smark town.
Colm Kearns wrote:
That was one of the worst columns I have ever had the misfortune to read on OWW. What was the point of it all" Clearly you haven't seen the Bret DVD its a wonderful tribute to his career and and lets Bret himself speak clearly about his feelings on WWE. So what are you complaining about" If Bret can put his bad feelings about WWF behind him enough to make this DVD then why can't you" Do you think he soldout by making this DVD, Bret was screwed at Montreal not you, hes the one who has reason to resent WWE for this not you, if he can forgive them enough to help them make a great DVD tribute to him does it mean he sold out" No it does not.

Another thing; your HHH bashing is pathetic:

1. How is Smackdown! "always about him" when he doesn't even wrestle on Smackdown! or is rarely mentioned there" Have you watched Smackdown! lately"

2. Right now on HHH is involved in the best feud on RAW, but its the third biggest behind Cena/Angle and the RAW versus Smackdown! feud. Before this he was on the biggest storyline on RAW (his feud with Batista) but in this storline he lost three times consecutively on PPV.

3. " Triple H is arrogant. He is a dirty backstage politician and has creative control over a lot of things in the WWE." Yep he is such of a backstage politician that he lost to a 55 year old man and put over Batista three times in a row. Oh and as for the arrogant thing; ow do you know" Have yout met and talked with him" Do you know him personally or is it because you've heard he's arrogant on the Internet" Yeah I thought so.

This column read like a bad attempt at a comedy sketch. It made little sense and few clear points. I've read some of your other columns and they were quite good so my advice is stick to what your good at, write good articles with a clear point and not wannabe controversial comedy sketches.
Winston G. Jordan wrote:
I think Bret Hart made a smart decision n doing the DVD. It shows he really isn't as bitter as he once was towards the WWE. If he hadn't done it, I'm almost certain there would have been a DVD released which portrayed him in a negative light. The fact that you see McMahon on the DVD singing Bret's praises almost seems to serve as an apology of sorts to Bret. And even though both men stand by what they did and why, it shows that they are big enough to put personal and professional differences aside. What do you think would have happened if Hart had told McMahon to take his DVD and shove it where the sun don't shine" The Self-Destruction of the Hitman is what we would have saw. You can't hold grudges forever.
Richard wrote:
Although humorous in scope, a somewhat ridiculous last column. But then again, WWE is mostly about the ridiculous so the line of thinking is not surprising. The only reason Bret Hart did the DVD is money, period. Bret is a stand-up guy, and he won't let his personal concerns get in the way of big bucks. Vinny Mac not-withstanding, Bret made the decision that was the most profitable. After all, what more harm and damage could WWE do to the Hart Family anyway"
Samuel Melnichuk wrote:
After Reading This... I Have Beefs With This Article.

First of all you make an atricle called "Why" , Hart Why"" then you put down as your first sentance about Eddie Guerrero and his death, Not that I dont like Eddie, but if you wanted to talk about Eddie's death then why didnt you make an article about eddies death"

Second of all , you make a list about Bret Hart and the WWE and you add Steph and HHH. Okay, First of all if you want to make a hate article about HHH and Steph THEN MAKE ONE! dont go off-topic with your atricle and say how awful they are. (because they're not)

3rd of all this has NOTHING to do with that happened to Bret and the WWE , Your acting as though Vince is an evil billionaire who is screwing the WWE , if hes screwing the WWE then why are you even watching the WWE" nothing! Bret Hart did have a choise to have his DVD out or not , and incase if you've actually seen the DVD he and vince apologize to each other for all the bad things and for everything that they ever have done to each toher in the past , INCLUDING THE DEATH OF OWEN HART!

It may have been Vince's idea to make the Bret Hart DVD , but Bret did have a choise and he was very happy with the DVD , and I was too. And if you think the mc'mahons are awful and stupid you are dead wrong, vince Mc'mahon might be Evil on TV but he is going through lots of Stress and he is going though that stress just to make the fans happy.

so next time you make an article with OFF-TOPIC Sentences and make-up stories, remember.. WE DONT WANT TO HEAR YOU WHINE!


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