Reality: A New Beginning"
July 7, 2005 by Serafin Santiago Jr.

Let us all put ourselves in the position that a specific individual is in now. The woman that you've dedicated the last six to seven years turns around and cheats on you with a fellow co-worker. What is your reaction to that" Half if not all of the people I know would up and go gung-ho on those involved. But here is the twist....your heartbreaking story becomes material that is televised!

Ever since the infamous Montreal screw job, real life issues have turned into storylines for wrestling. Going over the past, wrestling had never had a problem getting stories to grab fans and keep them in the seats. Unfortunately, a lag was becoming apparent to the big wigs. Seats were emptying because people were bored and tired of the same old "good guy vs. bad guy" routines. Things needed spicing up. Funny enough, Bret should be the one thanked for being part of the change that he was so adamantly opposed to. It was all due to a fine piece of celluloid called "Wrestling with Shadows". The Attitude Era, as we've come to know it, was something that Bret saw as being too over the top and morally corrupt. Coming from a large family, it was almost understandable where he was coming from. But things didn't go the way he wanted. We all know what happened and it doesn't need rehashing here. Yet if you think back, if it wasn't for this piece in wrestling history, the whole Austin vs. McMahon angle would not have flourished the way it did. To those who saw the similarities and innuendos that were flashed around during that feud, we sat back and were amazed that Vince was so ballsy in playing the reality card to the tune of a hefty profit and one of the most memorable times for fans. For those who didn't know a thing about the Bret Hart situation, everyone was shocked to see that Vince would do such a thing. Of course that was the whole point but the McMahon clan realized quickly that reality sells.

True to his nature, Vince didn't go overboard with the "Real in Wrestling" aspect but used it in only certain situations. When a seemingly insurmountable obstacle was placed in a faces way, the montages and broadcasters urged them to find the extra something to make it to the top. They used life changing points and reaffirming commentary to that individuals benefit. He figured that a little real goes a long way. Then when a person's life had severe bumps in the road, he would use their attempts to make it back past the demons in their life as a sort of an inspirational story. Take for instance the most popular wrestler in recent memory to use that formula, Eddie Guerrero. Because of his past dealings with his addictions, it was an absolutely inspirational scene when he finally won the WWE Championship. Strangely enough no one thought that bringing Eddies past into light was either wrong or even offensive. Which brings us to the current situation that's bringing in a lot of extra commentary from more than just the peanut gallery.

If you took the time and read one of the last articles I wrote "The Information Superhighway has Potholes", you would have noticed that I mentioned that no one should care what happens with the relationship between two grown people. We have always been the kind of people to be extremely hateful of individuals sticking their noses into our private business. Yet we are the same people that have no problem in relishing in the tabloids, finding out who did what to whom. Since the news of Matt Hardy and Lita breaking up, people have just clamored to their computers looking for more stuff on this on going episode. Matt has repeatedly added fuel to this fire by constantly responding to what has gone on. Although he hasn't gone into explicit details about the entire thing, he still has made one comment too many. He can't be faulted in any way, but Vince made a few moves that have not only soured a lot of people on the product, but made them side with Matt Hardy very easily. He gave Matt the boot and did nothing to solidify the publics trust in that the decision he made was a just one. That wasn't the straw that broke the camels back. It all became apparent on a RAW episode in May.

While carrying on with the most retarded storyline- Kane and Lita as Husband and Wife, Kane was going for a chance to face World Champ Batista for the title. He had to go up against Edge but when all was said and done...the same guy that screwed Matt storyline-wise got screwed by the same woman he stole. Can we say poetic justice anyone" Now that two of the three people that are involved in this real life love triangle are now a "couple" and such, is this becoming apparent to anyone that Vince has taken a turn too close for comfort" Now I know that the wrestling world is starving for good stories, and Vince is going through writers like beer through a college freshman; does he really need to dive into a very personal and I'm sure painful situation like this for ratings" It may up to a certain degree fill in the void for a short time, but this is the closest thing to an invasion of privacy. Yeah sure Matt isn't in this storyline but Kane is his stand-in. If anyone disputes're a moron. The parallels are just too obvious to ignore.

As time goes on, the storylines just keep getting stranger and worse. Now with all of the changes to the rosters, it seems that a continuing story (that causes a lot of people to make numerous commentaries on the last column I wrote) isn't going to change perceptions. I don't think I have to say what I'm talking about but just as a hint...Three-letter man has once again regained a full strangle hold on Monday nights. More coincidences and more of the same old boring stuff that has fans bolting to the doors instead of sticking to their seats.

Now time will only tell as to how bad the damage that has been caused will turn out to be. At this point, no one is winning anything here. Vince isn't winning ratings, Lita has garnered a new title (whore and such), Matt has lost a love, and Edge has very little to show for all his hard work. Ok maybe saying that Edge has worked hard isn't right. Call it however you want to folks. You may think we are getting great TV out of this but, in the long run of things; too many people have sacrificed their personal and private lives for the sake of a dollar. If that's the case, then we are still going to see the same old storylines come up and bore us as usual.

Catch you on the top rope.

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Huthaifas wrote:
How do you know its reality, its because people didnt keep their mouth shut. The WWE would have been perfectly happy to forget Matt's existence, let remember Matt is a mid carder, they would have "forgot" him, like they forget all the rest.

In the age of the Internet, where people "need" to know everything, the WWE is playing that to their advantage.I cant fault them, especially with dealing with a jaded fanbase, who voraciously look for spoilers, yet complain when they are not surprised.

Matt Hardy was betrayed, and I feel sorry for him, but by being outspoken, his reality, became everyone's reality. I hope he goes back to the E, and makes some money off it, and then leaves on a high.
big sexy wrote:
Look, I understand your point but it's out of place. First off these wrestlers are adults and know what they are doing or what they are signing on for with WWE. You should know what you may see when you watch WWE. It's all about making money for the talent and Vinnie Mac. Your views are well ment to be sure but don't waist you heart felt out cries for a wrestling show. It's a show and thats it. I have been a fan from way back in the old Mid South days and even then it was not allways a perfect holsome family program. It's just bigger today. Don't take this stuff to heart. Matt, Lita and Edge are going to make alot of money from this. Just like the East and West coast rap music war. Dr, Dre cried for Easy E when he died but up until that point he acted like he would hate the guy forever,




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