The Real Big Picture
December 2, 2005 by Serafin Santiago Jr.

It's been some time since the last piece I wrote was submitted. There was a good reason for that. Nothing in wrestling was worth writing about. So many people were moaning about what they should change, that Vince McMahon was wrong to fire so many people and blah blah blah. It was sickening to constantly read the same banter over and over. These points are good ones yet it's just like beating a dead horse, not worth the wasted effort.

Yet these past few weeks were a really large reminder to me and to many of us who are pro wrestling fans about our favorite past time. Eddie Guerrero's death hit us so hard that we could only do the one thing that should be done, remember what his contributions to this sport was and will be for the rest of our lives. The touching memorials that we witnessed were just another reminder of our mortality and of how we should cherish our lives. So many of us get caught up in the every day and nonsensical ramblings about what should be done don't matter in the long run of things. We should realize how so much of what we have witnessed was for the sake of keeping the business moving...not to stall it and make our experiences lackluster.

Go on and look back at things that were done before and how we said initially that those plans were going to fail. Now, many of those plans that were "destined to fail" are now ingrained in our minds as points that led to some of the best characters and storylines that we can remember. From the poorest decision that the McMahon family made in the 90's, to the most successful storyline that the company saw in many years, they all had a connection. We either saw these connections instantly or had to dig in the recesses of our minds to see where things were going. Either way, the choices these companies made were for their benefit as well as ours. No matter how messed up it feels or sounds it's the truth. Investors of these companies have more of a right to be upset at certain things like changes that don't equate to revenue, as much as we fans cant ever be happy about changes that result in our faves getting no push or not winning when it seems to matter most.

My gripe isn't to say that no one on here doesn't deserve to be heard nor to say that our points have no foundation of any kind. What I mean to say is that all of the extra commentary and suggestions on how to do what falls very much on deaf ears. None of the big wigs that hold power in the upper echelons of the business care to pass by these sites and read what the casual, non-casual, hardcore, and extreme fans think about how their product should and/or shouldn't be hawked. Why should they spend unwarranted time online trying to get what the fans are feeling or saying" I'm sure that there are top tier reasons that can make good moves to improve situations. But its up to those who have positions like say....writers for instance, that have that job. If it weren't for them, we wouldn't have much to bitch about (excuse the language). It fails us, as fans, to notice that the ones responsible for much of our unhappiness are those same writers. Yet again this is one thing that we can't change and cannot allow to ruin our love for the sport.

So what is the connection of this piece (which happens to be my last for and Eddie Guerrero's death" The connection is this: Eddie and very few of us knew that in order for us to really enjoy what we love most, we can't pay attention to the story lines or the grandiose schemes that characters come up with. It's actually what goes on in the ring. That all important squared circle, or in TNA's world the six sides, that holds two or many combatants in order to "settle scores" or to showcase the talent that those involved have to offer the world. These individuals pride themselves on constant dedication to practicing and running drills to improve the motions so important to themselves and their fellow co-workers. Missing out on these things means blown spots and costly mistakes that can be dangerous even deadly to many of our favorites. The examples alone are too long to list but it bares repeating that when it comes to the squared circle, there are always more than one person inside the ring. EVERYONE INSIDE THAT RING IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SAFETY OF THEMSELVES AND THOSE WITH WHOM THEY SHARE THAT RING WITH!

We can always be upset with those who make the rules. We have to watch pro wrestlers play by those rules and work with what they are given. They put in 100% to give us the bang for our hard earned buck. I know we are never going be happy with a lot of things but we can always be rest assured that the men and women who ply their trade in the ring are intent on reaching the big stage and keeping us entertained. That goes for all of the wrestlers in Japan, Mexico, Canada, Europe, and the good ol' USA. From the lowliest person who just started tossing himself about a ring to start living his/her dream as a superstar wrestler, to the person who's been around a ring since the dawn of dirt. They all know that it's the fans that respond more to the action inside the ring. So people...forget about the idiotic stories, half assed gimmicks, and plot twists that can be more confusing than Chinese arithmetic. Remember that the guys and dolls that do each other damage do it for OUR enjoyment. It's something that a lot of wrestlers wish that the fans would understand. It's something I'm sure that we will all come to understand....hopefully sooner rather than later.

In Closing: As I mentioned earlier, this is my last article for OWW. I would like to thank all of you that have taken time to read my articles and comment on them. I'm happy to have taken the time and put in the effort to give you all my point of view in my own words. As much as I can thank the readers, I must thank Kirsty Quested and Brad Dykens for the opportunity to put my work on this website.

Kirsty: Your work and patience has allowed me to work without worrying. You have served as an example of what we in this website have come to expect from each other. I hope that one day I will be lucky enough to cross paths with you and have the chance to shake your hand in appreciation for all the hard work you do here and the advice that we so greatly accept and in many cases need.

Brad: Without you this place would have never existed. You have put forth an unprecedented effort to give fans, casual and otherwise, a forum in which many a good writer have come forth. Your vision and belief has made this such an outstanding site that many organizations have recognized you and us as key elements to the wrestling community. Congratulations on your work.

Thank you again. Best of luck to everyone in all of your own endeavours whatever they may be.

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Editor's Note::
It is with sadness that we farewell Serafin Santiago Jr from OWW. Serafin's columns have always been among the best on the site, and we will miss reading them. Serafin, thank you so much for all your contributions, and we wish you the very best for the future.



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