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December 21, 2005 by Steven P.

In my first column, I attempted to prove that the tag team combination of Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H were the most dominant duo ever. I still feel that their run, holding the three major belts was absolutely brilliant. However, watching the WWE since late October, my thoughts have changed. It is clearly obvious that Kane and The Big Show are one of the most dominant duos ever. This team has absolutely run through everybody that has come their way. Their first stint as a tag team came in late 2001.

They wrestled as a team in two matches, defeating The Hardy Boys to become the number 1 contenders to the WWF Tag Team Championship and then eventually losing their match against The Dudley Boys at Vengeance. Since then, they were usually always split up. But oh, how all that has changed.

Back in September of 2005, RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff set up three matches on an episode of RAW. The winners of said matches would then go on to Taboo Tuesday and the winner of the fan voting would be thrown into the Triple Threat WWE Championship match with WWE Champion John Cena, and Kurt Angle. In the first match, The Big Show defeated Edge with a devastating Chokeslam. Shawn Michaels delivered Sweet Chin Music to defeat Carlito in the second, and Kane eliminated 11 men in an 18 Man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal in the main event. So, the three challengers were set. The next week, we witnessed a Triple Threat Match between Shawn Michaels, The Big Show & Kane. During this match, Kane suffered what seemed to be a very serious injury. Some speculate that Kane broke his back after taking a Superplex from The Big Show. For sure, I and many others thought that Kane would not wrestle for a while. The next week on the October 31 edition of RAW however, Kane and The Big Show teamed up to destroy The Heart Throbs. Simultaneous Chokeslams followed by simultaneous pins started the real push of this awesome force.

The next night, at Taboo Tuesday, the polls revealed that Shawn Michaels had won the vote. Therefore, The Big Show and Kane won the rights to wrestle the newly crowned World Tag Team Champions, Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch, who won the belts at the previous RAW Pay-Per-View, Unforgiven. The match was an absolute joke with Kane and The Big Show coming out on top and winning the World Tag Team Championship. The next week, Cade & Murdoch used their rematch clause and wrestled The Big Show and Kane in a Hardcore Rules Match. This match was also a joke that saw Lance Cade taking a Double Chokeslam through the announcer's table as the finish.

The RAW guys were just too easy to beat up on, so the champs decided to go to SmackDown! later that week and beat down the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista; as well as decimating lower-card wrestlers such as Brian Kendrick, Paul London, Heidenreich, Road Warrior Animal, Hardcore Holly, and others. They finished by delivering a Double Chokeslam to lay out the champ. The next week on the RAW Tribute Show for Eddie Guerrero, Kane and the Big Show took on the SmackDown! Tag Champs, MNM, with Kane and The Big Show defeating them with ease. Do you see a pattern here" The following week on RAW, Team SmackDown! challenged Team RAW to a fight in the parking lot. During the battle, the camera was on Chris Masters and Rey Mysterio. Masters locked Mysterio in the Master Lock. After the hold was locked in, there was a gigantic crashing sound. Then we found out that Batista was once again Double Chokeslammed, but this time through a car window. Batista came back at the end of the night and got a measure of revenge on the two monsters. Then, on SmackDown!, the entire RAW roster stormed the ringside area during a World Heavyweight Championship match between Batista and Randy Orton. Anyway, guess who went after Batista" That's right, Kane and The Big Show assaulted the champ and delivered yet another Double Chokeslam to Batista, this time through the announcer's table. At Survivor Series, Show and Kane didn't make a great impact. Kane helped eliminate Bobby Lashley quickly before being eliminated. The Big Show took everything that SmackDown! had. A Clothesline From Hell, a 619, a RKO. Show just kept getting up. Mysterio pined him with a Seated Senton. SmackDown then had a special on the following Tuesday night. But before that, The Big Show and Kane (on RAW) easily destroyed the one team that I thought had a chance against them, Gene Snitsky and Tyson Tomko.

At the SmackDown! Special, the main event saw Rey Mysterio battle The Big Show. This was another Inter-Promotional match. Late in the match, the ref was knocked out and Mysterio actually took control. Mysterio hit Show with a Frog Splash, and was going to win but then Kane came down and Kane and Show took it to Mysterio, nailing him with the now infamous Double Chokeslam. Later that week on SmackDown!, John Bradshaw Layfield teamed with an injured Rey Mysterio to battle Kane and The Big Show. JBL walked out and Kane and Show devoured Mysterio. Rey made one final effort but was caught in mid air by The Big Show after an attempted West Coast Pop. Kane grabbed on and the two finished him off with ease. They got the win and were ready to continue the beat down until Batista made the save. That set up a match at Armageddon, Batista and Rey Mysterio against Kane and The Big Show.

The next week on RAW came The Big Show and Kane's best team effort. It was a Fatal Four Tag Team Championship Match, pitting the champs against Val Venis & Viscera, The Heart Throbs, and Gene Snitsky & Tyson Tomko. The finish was awesome. Kane grabbed Val Venis, The Big Show grabbed Romeo and both grabbed Tyson Tomko. They hit the three with a Triple-(person)-Double Chokeslam. This prompted Joey Styles to say "Batista and Rey Mysterio don't stand a chance at Armageddon!"

As Armageddon approached, Batista and Rey Mysterio got a shot at the WWE Tag Team Championship against MNM. They got the win and this set up Champions vs. Champions at the event. Even though the belts weren't on the line, this was Kane and Show's biggest test. These four, who are four of my favorites, clashed at Armageddon. It was a physical match and the outcome was the same as I had predicted, with Kane and The Big Show getting the win. The winning streak continues.

All the attention today about dominance is aimed directly at Bobby Lashley. That guy is a phenomenal athlete. He is completely dominant, but The Big Show and Kane should also get a lot of respect for their feats. The argument can be made that they haven't teamed long enough to be the most dominant ever, but look at what they have done and the names that they have taken out. This team is something special and should be a force for a very long time.

by Steven P. ..

Augustus wrote:
My only question is who's gonna defeat Kane and Big Show to become the new world tag team champs"
Drew Cooper wrote:
Awesome. Nice column. Kane and the Big Show are two of the biggest and vicious people in the WWE and seeing them as a tag team is awesome. They are so dominating and seem unstopable. They are probably the only good tag team in the WWE. Hell, I would like to see the Big Show as the Intercontinental champ and Kane as the world champ while both of them still having the Tag belts. They are two of the best and they even beat Mysterio and Batista at Armageddon! Anyway, nice job with this column.
Peter Abonza wrote:
I'm sorry but I only see the Big Show and Kane as jobbers at the moment. The WWE has nothing creative to do with the tag team division and they are losing teams constant. Since John Cena and Kurt Angle are battling it out at the moment and soon to be with Triple H, the WWE wants Kane and The Big Show to do something rather then nothing. The only reason Kane and The Big Show defeated Batista and Rey Mysterio, Jr. is because Smackdown! owned Raw for the last 2 months and the WWE wanted Raw to get at least one victory over Smackdown!.

I can't really see the tag team division on Raw being restored. The WWE should just combine both belts and let Smackdown! have them since they are the ones with most teams as for Raw they hardly have teams as it is. Kane and The Big Show deserve better and Kane hasn't been a threat in the WWE since 1997, he won the belt and lost it in one day (That tells you how much the WWE gives a crap about Kane). I see bigger things for Kane and The Big Show but not on Raw not while John Cena, Kurt Angle, and Triple H is there. If I where the WWE, I would send them to Smackdown! and help restore the brand that has been devastated by losses these last few months (Including Eddie Guerrero :( ). Then they would have better opportunities at the World Heavyweight Championship. Well that is my two cents
chris fisher wrote:
Nice column, well written. But the question has to be asked, when are Show and Kane going to lose the belts. Take a look at the teams on Raw that could possibly challenge Show and Kane. Snitsky and Tomko for one, this team could be mightily impressive if given the push they need, but Mcmahon isn't going to just give these guys a break is he. As we have seen bfore Snitsky, Tomko, The Heart throbs, Cade and Murdoch are all going to fall by the wayside due to Kane and Show. (what's up with the split of cade and Murdoch only 1 month after their title reign began).
Jamie Pert wrote:
In my opinion on the current WWE Smackdown and RAW roster there are no proper tag teams that can beat Kane and Show however I thin 1 of 3 things will happen (which I have seen happen so many times) either they will get screwed out of the title because of an interference, or they will start to doubt each others loyalty kind of like what was going on between batista and the late Eddie Guerrero or there will be some kind of fatal 4 way tag team match where Show and Kane will end up being out of the ring when the pin is made, as it stands there is not 2 wrestlers alive in my opinion that could create a better duo then these two, the closest in the WWE today in my opinion would probably be Undertaker and Batista, which is a shame really because at one time viscera was good and we used to have the likes of Kevin Nash and Scot Hall can you imagine that Kevin Nash Scott Hall vs Big Show and Kane
Chris Jo wrote:
What I can't figure out is why did Lesnar, Batista, and even Goldberg get major "monster" pushes before these two" Tag team champions" Hardly. Two bohemeths don't make a team. The Hardys, The Dudleys, The Road Warriors, The Rockers, The Midnight Express, and maybe even MNM. These are tag team champions. A little hint on how to see if the tag team is going to work or not:If their name consist of two names combined(Kane AND Big Show, Kenzo AND Renee, Hurricane AND Rosey), they probally suck as a team.
Steve Feds wrote:
Though I agree with you in saying Kane and Big Show are very good as a team I don't think they could compare with The New Japan 4 it wasn't an official faction but it was a nickname given to Benoit,Eddie Guerrero,Chris Jericho and Dean Malenko 4 of my favorite wrestlers. They teamed up a lot and my favorite combination had to be Chris Jericho and Eddie Guerrero. The teams dominance expanded through Japan,ECW,WCW and funally WWE! Though after Japan and ECW unfortunately Chris Jericho really split off from the group and It became the other 3 in various factions perhaps the most famous was the Radicalz and I don't think anyone will ever forget the Radicalz Eddie, Benoit, Malenko and Saturn, I'd rather Jericho but whatever. ;)
Cowboys28790 wrote:
Although I am both a Kane & Big Show fan, not so much Big Show and more so Kane if he were a heel, the only reason they are still tag team champions is because there are no tag teams on RAW that are even mid-card caliber. Now, I know The Heart Throbs will be eventually, the rest of the Tag Teams on RAW are low-carders, even more so HEAT.

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