My Take on the Triple H/Kane/Katie Vick Angle..
October 21, 2002 - by Arron Wilson

Boycotting RAW
Aaron "Lurch" Wilson
[email protected]

Just minutes after changing the channel off of TNN after that disgusting and disturbing HHH/Katie Vick video on RAW I've decided to write this to express how I feel about the direction of the WWE.

To put it bluntly, the direction sucks, plain and simple. Not only do these people, that are loyal wrestling fans (their only remaining audience) hate it, but they are offended and upset with the horrible and offensive material shown on the Television programming.

Many wrestling fans view wrestling to escape from the stresses and pressures of the outside world. When something even remotely traumatic or down right insulting hits the air waves onto their favorite television programming, and shown in such a way to get a wrestler "over as a heel", these fans, usually knowledgeable of the 'written storylines' are offended by the tactics of the 'promoter' to get someone over. This storyline, in particular, may also hit home in a way, as drunk driving accidents are very common, which I believe was done for a very pathetic and disturbing reason.

This tactic is as cheap as running a wrestling show in Harlem, a population high in African Americans, and getting a character over by calling the fans and other wrestlers the 'N' word. Ultimately insulting, also known as cheap heat.

To say: "This isn't your Grandpa's wrestling program", is also a way of trying to tell their only remaining audience, the pure wrestling faithful, to hit the bricks. Apparently the WWE only wants the daytime soap opera audience, who is likely offended by WWE's sexual profiling and stereotypes showcased on their programming.

How exactly is a live audience supposed to react to this garbage" Ever wonder why Daytime Soap Operas aren't filmed in front of a live audience" Doesn't seem like a way to increase your lowering Ticket sales for live events, does it"

I personally, as many may know, report the Ohio Valley Wrestling Television Tapings and have seen a great example of good promoting and booking without offending. It is booking that can put the people in the arenas, without insulting, offending or degrading their fans personal feelings. It is pure wrestling. It possibly is your 'Grandpa's Wrestling Show' but it is WRESTLING atleast, which is what the fans in attendance want to see.

Can you tell me why anyone would go to a huge arena with a ring in the middle of it to watch a filthy Titan Tron video showing a man have sex with a dead woman, killed by accident in a drunk driving accident"

Why is it that the WWE waste their time in teaching these developmental wrestlers the basics of wrestling and the great lessons of booking and telling a story in a match, when the creative direction of the WWE is simply looking for horrible acting and lack of shame from its wrestlers, to do sickening and degrading skits"

If the WWE practiced what they preached then the wrestling world today would be a lot better off. The television programming would not be awful or degrading, it would be entertaining and worth something. It would not be shock TV, it would be well developed TV with an established fan base. Not a fan base different every week, to seek a cheap thrill.

The direction that WWE Smackdown is going is a very wrestling oriented direction, much like OVW, and quite obviously the favorable at the moment. It would be a good idea to make their Television programming consistent, as to not lose their core audience, which is barely grasping on, such as I, with the wrestling in Smackdown! This is defenitely my last RAW in quite sometime, until I read spoilers noting that these outlandish and insulting tactics have changed.

I personally am boycotting WWE's RAW as a fan and observer. I encourage each and everyone of you that is reading this, that feels the same way I do to do the same. Apparently, the only way that Vince understands that the fans don't like an idea is by the ratings and drop in ticket sales. Although, we don't all have a Nielsen Ratings box, I would encourage each and everyone of you to join the boycott to help send a powerful message to the WWE to quit this outlandish programming.

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