Xtreme Top Ten Worst PPV matches
July 12, 2004 by Xtreme Falls

I been seeing a lot of top 10 greatest lists well I thought of my own top ten. My top 10 list will be the worst PPV Matches ever. To be on the top 10 you must completely have a horrible match, the match has a lot of hype, and doesn't deliver.

10. 1997 Halloween Havoc: Disco Inferno vs. Jacquelyn This Match was about 10 minutes of the Disco Inferno being forced into a pointless match. Disco a couple months before this was fired because he didn't want to lose a match to a girl, later agree to do it. To make things worse Turner Broadcasting has a rule about no Male Physical Violence against woman, So Disco got his butt kicked and pinned for no reason. Jacquelyn later would leave for the WWE/F and win the Women's title, Disco would move on to be with the WCW till the end and then go to Japan and now wrestles for TNA with out the Disco Inferno gimmick.

9. 1997. War Games at Fall Brawl: Four Horsemen (Chris Benoit, Steve McMichael, Ric Flair and Curt Hennig) vs. Team N.W.O (Marcus Bagwell, Kevin Nash, Syxx, and Konnan) The Match was made after Arn Anderson did his retirement Speech bringing the wrestling world to tears, and giving his spot to Curt Henning. N.W.O made fun of that in a taste less Parody the next week, which set up this match. The night of the PPV Henning was attacked, leaving the horsemen down 3 to 4. The Match was great with new people getting a chance at the Main Event like Beniot and Bagwell. After Flair came in it was three horsemen vs. 4 N.W.O members. Out of no where Henning comes down with his arm in a sling hops in the ring and pulled out Steel hand cuffs, but instead of Being down the N.W.O he turns on the horsemen locking them to the cage and Slamming Ric Flairs head into the Cage, it made me sick. Anyway this match was a real disappointment because Henning ended up doing nothing as a B member of the N.W.O and the Horsemen breaking up in the month after.

8. STRIP TEASE MATCH: Jeff Jarrett w/Debra vs. Goldust 1998 Rock Bottom PPV Weeks up to this day Debra and Goldust did a lot of stupid things to promote this match, like Goldust in a trench coat flashing Debra. Anyway after a match just seemed to go 9 minutes to long, Jeff won by using his guitar, in the stipulation Goldust had to get naked. Jarrett used the guitar to get the win, so Commissioner HBK reversed it into a DQ, forcing Debra to strip after Jarrett left, which really killed HBK's Hell status. Debra was down to her bra and panties when Jarrett and Hart dressed as the Blazer showed up, covering up Debra. This match was slow and crappy, and Debra didn't naked I think we got screwed. Goldust went on to win the IC championship in 1999 and having another good run in the WWE in 2002 till 2003, Jarrett went on to the WCW winning the heavyweight title and now run TNA as we all know.

7. Earthquake & Typhoon vs. The Bushwhackers 1992 Summerslam This Match is really just one of the matches you wish you could fast forward on the tape, it was done really badly. Andre The Giant being there was cool but besides that it was a boring slow match with not much action. Anyway Earthquake and Typhoon won the match. Earthquake and Typhoon left for the WCW eventually and had horrible gimmicks threw out their stay, Earthquake returned under a mask to the WWE in 1998. The Bushwhackers left for few years but returned in 1996 for one last run in the WWE.

6. Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage beat Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Lex Luger, Kevin Sullivan, Z-Gangsta, The Ultimate Solution, Meng and Barbarian in a Doomsday Cage Match at the 1996 Uncensored. This Match was 2 men vs. 8 men doesn't make much sense to me but what can u do. So this match had Savage and Hogan in a goofy Cage with Z-Gangsta being that moron from that No Holds Bar Movie of Hogans. This Match was boring and not too exciting seem like big waste of money to build. Anyway Ric Flair would lose the match after Savage pinned Flair. After this Z-Gangsta disappeared and so did The Ultimate Solution. Kevin Sullivan, Meng and Barbarian all went back to the Dungeon of Doom. Hogan and Savage both went on to do Heavyweight title runs, and joined the N.W.O. Hogan and Savage left the WCW neither was on good terms.

5. WCW World Champ Hulk Hogan vs. The Giant for the Title at Souled out 1999 Hogan and Giant fought after Giant wanted a title shot after winning the World War 3 Battle Royal 2 months earlier. Giant quit the N.W.O and have been waiting and a lot of people thought this was going to be a great match. The problem is Souled out was a horrible PPV, and This Match Started off normal but boy did it go wrong. Hogan was starting to get his butt handed too him and The Giant was about to win the title. As normal the N.W.O got involved killing the match and the match went into a no contest. After this Giant would leave 2 years later. Hogan would leave in 2001 after WCW got sick of him.

4. Hogan vs. Nash for the WCW Title Nitro 1999(I know this isn't a PPV but it just had to be put in) Hogan and Nash made this big deal about them having a drag out brawl for the title after Goldberg was arrested. Now the match started bell rang and the two stars walked up to each other and talked trash but Hogan out of no where poked Nash and he fell to the mat, Hogan covered him. Nash was pinned losing his title and embarrassing everyone in the company. Theses two joined forces with Scott Hall, Scott Steiner, Bagwell, and Lex Luger, making the new Wolfpac. The worst came on Thunder were Hogan was dressed as an idiot trying to act like he was hip or something. So to sum it up this really killed WCW making it look like a joke. Hogan is on this list a lot and believe me people I was a fan, its just facts about theses matches. Nash would win the title back and would be with WCW pretty much in till the end, later going to WWE and doing about 20 matches in 2 years injured way too much to make an impact.

3. HHH vs. Undertaker WWE Title is on the line. It is the 2002 King of the Ring. Undertaker and HHH got into a big feud after HHH lost the Title to Hogan after Undertaker cost HHH the match. Undertaker later beat Hogan for the belt, which set up Taker vs. HHH, with the Rock doing commentary at ringside. The Match is going on descent but around 15 minutes the Rock got really involved after being provoked, and after this HHH seem like he hurt himself, cause he really never got back to his feet in till the end to finish the match, I really thought it didn't deliver the match it should of. HHH went on to win the World title or should I say handed the belt, and starting Evolution. Taker is now back in the Dead man gimmick.

2. Rowdy Roddy Piper vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan at the 1997 WCW Halloween Havoc in an Icon Cage match: The match was horrible both men are too out of shape to do the match if u asked me. Hogan and Piper did too many rest holds like Chin locks and hammerlocks. Anyway to finish the match Hogan tapped out to the Sleeper hold at 13 minutes, they were both sucking wind. Anyway all this matched proved was that these too are full of them self's. Piper was with the WCW in till 2000 when he was released and later went to the WWE before being fired for opening his big mouth.

1. Brock Lesnar vs. Bill Goldberg with Special Referee Steve Austin Wrestlemania 20 2004: To set this up, Goldberg lost in the Royal Rumble cause of Lesnar F-5ing him, Goldberg in returned caused Lesnar the WWE title. So the match is build huge all month long to promote it. Goldberg Contract was up the day after Wrestlemania and Lesnar quit but would wrestle the match. So the two come in the Ring Austin is in the corner, fans start out of no where chanting you sold old at Lesnar and Goldberg, both seem pissed but didn't really do anything. So the fans kept booing and chanting bad things at both men and even Cheering for Austin, which seemed to tick both men off.

They starting cheering this match suck at the men, which is unheard of in Wrestlemania. Anyway after 15 minutes of looking at each other and doing very little the match finally came to the end with Goldberg winning with a jackhammer for the victory. Austin later stunned Goldberg and before Stunned Lesnar who flicked off the crowd and Austin Fans loved what Austin did. I just got to say out of all of theses matches this was horrible, you were booed out of Wrestlemania, and Lesnar and Goldberg had it coming so, I got to say this is the worst match in PPV even wrestling history.

All of these matches are Wrestling Garbage and are crap. These matches should be in the Hall of Shame. I think Most of you would agree with me on most of this.

by Xtreme Falls..

Watsupwitdat678 wrote:
How could you forget the worst match of all time. -- No Mercy 2003 - I Quit Match -- Father VS Daughter -- Vince McMahon VS Stephanie McMahon -- If you have a good reason for not including that, then I want to hear it ;)
Denzil Voorhees wrote:
You missed out on the Kennel From Hell Match at Unforgiven 1999, Al Snow vs The Big Boss Man.. A stupid storyline and one of the worst matches in the history of Professional Wrestling.. Match took place inside a steel cage, which was covered with a cell, and "rabid dogs" circling the ring.. Match turned into a complete joke as the supposedly vicious dogs did nothing but wag their tails and poop at ringside..
Shreffj13 wrote:
The Disco Inferno Vs Jacqueline match was not really bad it was used as a comedy match (which the crowd loved) and I am sick and tired of everyone picking on Jacqueline because she wins intergender matches and the curserweight title. I mean the crowd loves it when women win intergender matches and the crowd loved it when she won the curserweight title and the Internet reporters were the only people mad about it. My theory is if the crowd loves it is a good idea. This is my opinion and I'm sticking to it.
NewHBK02 wrote:
First of all I gotta say every match on that list deserved to be on there, but if you had to go with a top 20 there is no way you could look past the WCW Road Wild 1999 main event between the newly re-christened Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash. When this match was first being pushed I was so psyched especially when Hogan came back in the red and yellow hoping it wouldn't be a replay of what I think killed WCW the finger poke of death from Nitro 1999. The match was built up to be at the time the clash of the titans, well it turned out to be more of a 15 minute show ender with Kevin Nash dominating the action the entire time and suddenly Hogan did his hulk thing and 20 seconds after Nash had just delivered the jackknife powerbomb Hulk Hogan was still the champion and Kevin Nash's career was supposedly over.
Timmy wrote:
altho many people problably forgot this match ever took place, like i have tried so hard to do. the worst match, possibly ever is in my opinion no doubt stevie ray vs. vincent in uncensored '99. it's for control of the nwo during the end of its reign or as my brother and i call it "horace and co." anyways, the match is slow, and predictably bad, but then in the end it turns to bizarre. stevie ray atomic drops vincent, who jumps into the turnbuckle with his stomach, then stevie ray, who is but 1 foot away rams his head into vincents elbow. then vincent, turns and falls on stevie ray's private area. then the end is called, so brilliantly by tony and tenay "stevie ray takes the slapjack and then hits vincent with the move the slapjack, amazing", simply amazing.

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