The Wrestling Worlds Mistakes
July 30, 2004 by Xtreme Falls

I been noticing something about the world of wrestling lately, this is that it is filled with big Ego and crybabies. I mean sense I started watching wrestling almost ten years ago and sense then it's been nothing but people complaining. So in my second column I am going to name and discuss some of wrestling biggest mistakes.

Ric "Nature Boy" Flair: I think he is a great performer, very talented, great on the mic. Besides all of that I think his book is hurting him in the long run. Lately all you hear is he bashing great wrestlers. I mean Ric we all know Randy Savage and Bret Hart are a little full of them selves but u don't need to write it in a book just to sell it. I think in later years this book is going to make him look like he is just filled of hate and bitterness.

Chyna aka Chyna doll: The other night I was up it was 2:00am and I was flipping threw the channels and I see her on TV. I was seeing Joanie Laurer on Howard Stern, I used to love her when she was on there so I decided to watch it, boy was I disappointed. If u ask me she has lost her damn mind, she seemed like she was either high or drunk it was sad. Her Mistake in Wrestling was leaving the WWE, thinking that Hollywood would come calling but it didn't. She is now bitter at Stephanie and HHH for them breaking her and HHH up yes its wrong but it happened 5 years ago she needs to get over it. Also going on a national TV show and Radio show and insulting a guy who getting help for drugs is just sad and wrong. Sadly you can tell she wants attention, she wants to release a sex tape of her and X-Pac, which is just not right if he doesn't want it out. So anyway sense her 3 year of leaving the WWE she has been in pretty much no acting roles, TNA didn't let her appear cause she was being a diva and she is judging a transsexual contest can u say needs attention. I think she should suck up her pride and just either go to Japan or TNA or shut up about HHH and Stephanie.

Bret "Hitman" Hart: This man I used to respect so much while I was a little kid but sooner than later he chips a way at my respect of the man. Owen dying is one of the saddest moments I have ever seen in my life, I still remember that night and my heart sank when I heard JR. say "fans I regret to inform you Owen Hart has passed a way from that accident from earlier". I think Bret at times will use his brother death as a way to get attention, I mean the day after on the today show he was on talking about him getting screwed, and he didn't many times after and sometimes still does. Montreal if he just would of jobbed and did the right thing non of that would of happen and people need to stop blaming Earl Hapner and HBK, they did there jobs get over it. If he wants my respect he needs to come out of the light and say a final goodbye and leave it at that. I mean his Mistakes have been that he won't let things die and just won't move on. Trying to remember Owen is respectable, but bring it up just to get attention is just wrong.

Hulk Hogan: This man build the a lot in wrestling and I respect his talent and Charisma. His mistake was he thinks in his mind he is wrestling which is just sad. Hogan is not the man who build WWE or Vince they had a part like everyone else but the Fans Made the WWE. Hogan lost me when he walked out on the WWE and the fans, That is what he forgets when he walks he walks out on me and fans that really loved this man. Also he needs to get in his mind other people build him. Savage, Andre, Flair, Yokozuna, King Kong Bundy all went down to this man and there were men who took a back seat to him like Junk Yard Dog, Duggan and other people who could have had a WWE title run but Hogan had to have it. His Ego is his mistake and he really just is a disappointment.

Buff Bagwell: His biggest mistake in his life was being and ass hole in the WWE. Instead of getting some Main Event Status for the first time in his career he got his Pink Slip. He picked on Hurricane Helms a smaller man and it caused him. As far as what he is doing now he is stuck doing lame Indy shows in probley in the prime of his career.

The Fans: First off I will admit fans make mistakes and we run are mouth about what we don't know about. First Mistake is Montreal fans that can't get over the screw job, Ok one its been 7 years, two Hart didn't do the right thing for the business yes the screw job was wrong but Hart should jobbed, and they really need to let Earl and Shawn get on with there lives. Second fans mistakes are they think they know a lot about Wrestling when they don't, Fans get way too evolved with it, I hear people saying wrestlers suck, well I tell u what I don't care if your Doink, or Nailz, or even Bret Hart I respect you for stepping in the ring. Lastly I think fans will ruin the product with Spoilers and news about up coming gimmicks, I mean I will admit I read them sometimes because I'm like that I want to learn anything and everything about wrestling but I think we ruin it for are selves.

So as you can see people will make bad mistakes in their career some have been worst than other only time will tell to see what will happen. What my next column will be about I'm not sure but come back and read anyway give some feed back.

by Xtreme Falls..

Brad Dykens wrote:
You're just noticing NOW that this business is full of egos" Ha! There is one problem with your list, and that is Ric Flair. Ric Flair has a modest ego but it is not as out of control as the other people on your list. If Ric Flair's ego was that big, he would not still be a major player like he is. Look at everyone else on their list, nobody will hire them any more because their heads got too big for the industry. It some cosmic world, they somehow began to believe they were above the business. Not cool. It's a curse, and I think Ric Flair is an honorable man for not letting his fame and fortune corrupt his integrity; because with all he's done, he certainly has earned the right to gloat!
Marc Malicious wrote:
I want to say something about your remarks directed at Bret Hart. To sit there and say that he uses his brother's death as a way to get attention is such a slanderous comment. Bret talks about Owen's death because people want to know about it. When he goes on a talk show, someone always mentions it and if he were to say no comment they would call him a coward for not answering the question. At the trial of McMahon vs. Hart Family or whatever it was, Bret used the Montreal screwjob as a way to show what kind of person McMahon was and is. It wasn't about making the trial about him, it was about slashing through the armor that McMahon hides behind. Bret Hart is one of the greatest wrestlers to ever walk the earth and the reason he doesn't let go of the screwjob deal, the reason the whole city of Montreal can't forget it is because McMahon was in direct breach of contract with Hart. Bret Hart's contract, a 20 year deal (it might have been 30, i don't remember) included a clause that in Hart's last 30 days with the company, he would have COMPLETE creative control over how he went out. McMahon tried to suggest dropping the title to Michaels, but Bret wanted to win the match and vacate the title on Raw the following night (which Eric Bischoff agreed to allow Hart to do). McMahon was not legally allowed to argue the request so he told him that is what was going to happen. Then he turned around and pulled a complete screwjob in front of Bret's countrymen. Now if that isn't wrong, I'd like to know your definition of the phrase. Brad Dykens wrote that nobody wants to hire anyone on that list except for Flair, but I want to point out that offers have flooded to Hart but after his injury and his stroke he is physically unable to wrestle again. In my opinion, Hart should be removed to the list, and one name should be added, that being the name Vincent Kennedy McMahon.
Ejo wrote:
No matter what, wrestlers will complain or have big egos. There will never be a wrestler who doesnt complain. Just because you dont hear about a wrestler complaining doesnt mean it doesnt happen. So I only have 2 (maybe 3) things i disagree with you on.

Bret Hart-Maybe in YOUR opinion Bret should of jobbed, but he didnt HAVE to since he had creative control in the last 30 days of his contract, which means he could decline angles or matches if he wanted to. He told McMahon that he would drop to HBK the night after SS 97, and McMahon agreed to that. Bret didnt want to drop the title in his hometown to HBK since HBK declined jobbing to Bret earlier that year. McMahon was, technically, legally obliged to allow Bret to retain the title at ss 97 since Brets contract gave him Creative Control the last 30 days of his contract. Instead, McMahon screws Bret over because McMahon thought that Bret would walk of to WCW with the WWF title, which i dont think he would of done. And i find it stupid that people think Bret uses his brothers death just to get attention. It was a tragic moment in his life and just because it happened years ago doesnt make the pain go away. Bret isnt that much of a glory-hog that he has to use Owens death (RIP) to get attention.

Hogan-The fans might have made the WWE what it is today, but Hogan was a big part of getting the fans to tune into the WWE. If Hogan hadnt been broought into WWE, i dont think WWE would be as big as it is today. Hogan basically made the WWF what it is since he brought in a lot of fans.

I also find your whole way of respecting wrestlers to be quite stupid. You said you respect any wrestler that can get into the ring and wrestle. I respect wrestlers for busting their ass day in and day out and risking their lifes/careers every night, getting sever injuries and still returning to wrestle, or being able to put on great matches or get a crowd pumped up all the time.

Why should the Montreal fans get over the screwjob" MCMAHON should of done the right thing and obliged to what Bret said and to Brets contract. How would you feel if you lived in Montreal and was at SS 97 and saw McMahon screw over Bret, even though McMahon agreed to Bret dropping the title the enxt night on RAW instead" You may say you would get over it, but that is easy to say since you probably dont live in Montreal. So,learn your facts about certani things before making an article that has true events because you had the screwjob wrong.
sahil unreal wrote:
Bret Hart is one of my favorite Wrestlers ever. I dont find he has such ego which is indifferent to other. He feels what he is and he is simply that "HIT MAN" . i love him from his sharp shooter and the thing that no other wrestler can execute his sharp shooter with such perfection. he has just started the whole tapping out section(submission) and i dont think there is anything he must be blamed for. Now i am dying to see him LIVE.
Noel Di Maggio wrote:
First off, "sense" you've been a fan, you obviously have not gone to school to learn that it's SINCE. Second, I'll list all the same wrestlers you just did, and prove you wrong on all of them, with facts...

Wrestling has always had its big egos and its crybabies, GET OVER IT! That IS what wrestling is about, the DIFFERENCES, you get the crybabies to sit there and cry, and you get the big egos to shove them farther down the ladder.

"The Nature Boy" Ric Flair - He WAS a great performer, and he did a lot for this business, but he is the same exact person he was 30+ years ago... Just 30+ years older and slower... every match is the SAME MATCH. He bashed people left and right, but don't forget, it fits his character. Ric Flair was always the arrogant one who said "WOOOO, to be the man, WOOOO, you have to beat the man". He made everyone think he is the man, and he is still playing the kayfabe way, living the gimmick outside the ring.

Chyna - Of course she would be mad at Stephanie for "breaking" her and HHH up.... THAT WAS HER HUSBAND.... think about you marrying your sweetheart, and some person who's cuter, and just happens to be the daughter of the owner of the company that you work for. WOULDN'T YOU BE PISSED" Let her do what she is doing, she was a female bodybuilder before, does that make her WANT ATTENTION, since she stopped that to go wrestle"

Bret "Hitman" Hart - This man was born and raised into a business that he not only LOVES but RESPECTS. His brother, Owen, passing away in the company that screwed him over. If he brought that up 10 years from now, would he be just "looking for attention"" NO.... HIS BROTHER DIED IN A RING THAT HE WRESTLED IN!!! Just like him getting screwed over at the infamous "screw job". He planned on dropping the belt to Shawn Michaels, but he wanted to lose it respectfully. That isn't wrong, a company that he BUSTED his A$$ for, missed ONE SHOW and that was due to a cancelled flight, so it was out of his hands. He gave so much to that company, and you want to say that he should have just jobbed and to stop blaming Earl and Shawn. Earl and Shawn Had NOTHING to do with that... It was Vince's choice, and he told the Ref to ring the bell, that Bret had tapped out. NO RESPECT LOST FOR BRET HART!

Hulk Hogan - HOW DARE YOU SAY WHAT YOU DID ABOUT THIS MAN!!! He IS wrestling. He made wrestling what it is today, if it weren't for him, you wouldn't have WWF or WWE I should say... What about all the people who jobbed for Flair or Andre" They had the same amount of moves Hogan did, but they didn't have that LOOK... the whole... "I am a real American" thing going.... He IS WRESTLING.... PERIOD....

Buff Bagwell - You could have put someone better here... like Goldberg, Brock, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Eddy Guerrero.... they all had problems... look at Brock, he just signed with the NFL.. (but that's another column)

The Fans - You are one... so shut your mouth... if you think we know too much, than don't come looking for it.... you learn because you search... if you don't want a spoiler, don't go online looking for one.... DUH...
XtremeFalls replies:
1. My comments about Hogan I'm sticking by, He walked out on the company who made him yes he made some what of the WWE. Hogan didn't do it alone I mean you think of all of the people who were held down and fed to Hogan and Fans made him he walked out on me so i don't really care if he is angry or you get angry. He build off of Vince Sr. and Bruno Sammartino that's why i lost respect

2. Bret I think I came off wrong I meant He uses Owen death to complain about The Screw Job way to much sometimes, I'm sorry that's my oppion if u don't like sucks for you. He did bust his butt and work like a dog but if he would have just jobbed that night to HBK people non of this crap wouldn't have happened. So I don't take back what I say.

3. Ric Flair If u ask me he is using this book to put some life into his career just to get attention, and I have respect of him, and all of the people on this list but they just did some dumb things.

4. Buff and Chyna OK to start Buff was on this list because after years of talking about being on the main roster he had his shot and blew it. Come on people that is just stupid. Now Chyna she is using what happen to her as a way to get some lime light, also if any of u saw her on Howard Stern u know what I was talking about.

I Like to thank you people for reading my column but if you don't agree sorry this is what I am like. until next time.
TwistedArachnid replies:
About Bret Hart...I totally disagree. If you heard everything that happen prior you'd know that Bret shouldn't have jobbed. Especially since Bret and Vince agreed to end it in a DQ finish. They had the whole match planned out, and by the sounds of would have been awesome. But no they had to Screw one of the biggest Wrestling icons. To me Bret Hart will always be one of the best.
Willis Smith wrote:
So what are you anyway, 18, 19 years old" Do people a favor and know what your talking about before you write about it. Ric Flair had always worried about himself, not the business. He likes the fact that he has helped the business, and he puts other's over now-in the same boring match over and over. But back in his halcyon days, he would make other's look good, but he ALWAYS made sure he was in the Main Event scene. Reading his book, you can tell he still feels that if he wasn't in the top tier, then whoever was just couldn't do it as well as him. Was he a good wrestler" Sure. But was he self-absorbed" You better believe it. I think he should have spent a little more time paying attention to his buddy ol' Double-A to see a real team player.

As far as Hogan" I think people like him, but I thin he's the biggest fraud ever to get over. Watching his matches makes me want to run for the bathroom. Here's a quick recap of every match he ever had: punch, kick, punch, kick. Body slam-whoa, a move-Hogan gets beat down for a little while. Then, the most ridiculous comeback ever! Why didn't they just roll out of the ring when he made the dumb face and point the finger at them. It gives me a headache just thinking about it.

And for the coup de gra-Bret Hart. This has been rehashed so much, how can you not know the facts" Respect is a major player in professional wrestling, and if you don't respect your opponent, you better believe that they are not going to respect you. Shawn told Bret that he would not put him over, and Bret is supposed to do it for him" He could have been worried about Shawn trying to take liberties with him, so why should he job for him" There were plenty of other wrestlers that Bret was more than willing to drop the belt to, the Undertaker, Stone Cold, etc. This doesn't even add the fact of Bret's contract giving him creative control. How would you respond to someone not following a match and swerving his opponent and taking liberties, much like Teddy Hart did at a prior ROH show" He got grilled for it. But McMahon, Hebner, and Michaels get away with it" That's just plain sorry. I appreciate you for writing the article and creating an interesting topic. Please, just make sure you really know what you're talking about.


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