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September 12, 2004 by Xtreme Falls

Ok for my 4th Column I was thinking about what I would do it on but then I saw TNA last Weekly PPV and it came to me. TNA say there totally Non Stop Action and I say that is Bull. The company has so many problems that it kills the show. So I'm going to do this like my Smackdown one, Name all of the Major Problems.

Tag Team Division: The Division seems to get worst as the company goes along I mean for god sakes they constantly have AMW holding the belts, LOD, Nasty Boys and the rest of the better teams didn't need to hold the belt 4 times in 2 years to be great. The Division is the same Matches all the time XXX vs. AMW, or the Naturals vs. AMW its lame. I wish TNA would just decide to keep one team with the belts longer than a month.

X-division: Ok I know you people will get mad but tough Cookies, This is a joke now. When TNA first started this is what kept them going, now it's a shell of its former self. The Original idea for this was that it was a certain style that could hold the belt now it seems like it's the weight Division again, everyone seems like there under 220 pounds. The Division now is the WCW division of Cruiserweights meaning so many good stars but nothing to do with them.

Heavyweight Division: This friend is a joke the feuds for it are lame, no story behind it. Out of the 4 Champions none of them are really that great and big names that brought any attention to the company.

Jeff Jarrett: This guy is the number one problem with the company no doubt about it. He has been there main star sense 2002 the first night, everything is build around him, and here is my question why. Jeff is no Hulk Hogan, he isn't going to bring viewers in being himself cause he isn't entertaining. I think the fact that his dad is the owner they should do a better job hiding it, Jarrett also in on the writing team and he is always on top in the Company in the words of the Hurricane " Wuz up wit dat". Jarrett needs to step down from writing the show or step out of the ring it's the fair thing to do. Also can Jeff do one match with out hitting someone with a Guitar damn"

AJ Styles: Yes I know this is going to be another big problem with some fans yes he is good but he isn't as great as you people make him out to be. He is just Jeff Hardy 5 years ago, this exciting youngster who is innovative but sooner or later gets boring. His Microphone skills aren't that great either. If Internet reports are true he left the Heavyweight Division to go back to the X-division why, I mean he is 3 times Champion doesn't have anything to prove really.

6-sided ring: this is the most annoying stupidest thing I have ever seen in my life. Ok it was build to help the X-division but from what I have seen the matches have got worst. It then hurts the heavy wrestler's matches. From what I see it has flopped.

Impact: I am watching this as I type and I have noticed one thing it is Heat with less pyro. The matches suck there 100% squash matches which is just lame when you finally get a TV deal you better put a good show on.

Show ending Brawls: I swear to god if I see one more show ending brawl I'm going to snap. I mean there swell sometimes but you don't do them every week at the end of every show. The worst part is half of the time they don't even have a reason to do the brawl in the first place.

Promoting: Another thing that has bugged me from the time they started is the constant promoting of them selves. Every show you hear them go " TNA is the only place for the X-division" no they aren't I can watch and old WCW tape if I want to see it. Also they promote that they were the first to do the 6 sided Cage match when they weren't a Japan company did. Also they said they invented the Ultimate X night when they didn't which I did e-mailed them about accurse didn't get an answer back.

Talent: The other huge problem for TNA is the talent they have is Indy stars and WWE rejects. They have no talent that will draw fans in, they don't have a Hogan, Savage, Austin, Rock type star that will interest fans to watch and then pick up on the other talent. I think that is really bad thing for them, Jarrett isn't drawing, or Hardy.

Good things: the good things are far and wide but there are some good things about the TNA. One thing I really like is Dusty Rhodes he is one of the most entertaining things in the company and still can go in the ring when asked. Also I like the Abyss his Character is cool and is new but if they start taking more to Kane and Undertaker Side they will hurt him but if they make him a crazy SOB it will be awesome. There are a few other things but as I said not a lot of things are great.

How to Fix: Get rid of Jeff Jarrett cause he isn't going to cut it. Make 10 times better storylines cause right now there so bland. Also bring in some real stars, Hall, Nash, Syxx, Goldberg, DDP, keep sting for longer than a week, Someone who would draws some fans into the show. Lastly be smart and stop changing the titles every month.

Now that I got Xtreme on Smackdown I like some feed back, and also I would like some ideas of what you guys would like me to write about on my next column cause it took me a few to think of this one.

by Xtreme Falls..

Alon Ivtsan wrote:
The tag team division was quite competitve a few weeks ago with 3 teams competing for the belts: AMW, Triple X and the Naturals. However, tna decided to pair up Harris and Skipper and Storm and Daniels for no apparent reason. let's hope that AMW and Triple X reunite as soon as possible as it is unlikely that Storm and Daniels will get over with the fans.

The x division isn't a joke, however the x title has become one. One of the hottest x division feuds ever has been Kash v Styles even though it wasn't a title match or a number 1 contender match. The problem is that Petey Williams isn't really over with the fans and is only getting attention because of his finisher and because Scott D'amore is excellent at cutting promos. In addition, Petey wins all his matches with the assistance of D'amore's hockey stick/flag which makes him look weak. Furthermore, Styles was never pinned for the title and neither were Shane or Kazarian, consequently the significance of the title has plummeted.

Jeff Jarrett perhaps isn't great, however he is the biggest name that tna has. Unfortunately, the world title has become Jarrett's title and he rarely defends the title against worthy opponents on ppv, unlike Styles who earlier this year was champion for a month and managed to defend the title every week.

Styles had little to prove in the heavyweight division as he already pinned Jarrett twice and another feud with Jarrett would seem repetitive. However, matches with Kazarian, Shane, Williams, Sabin and others seemed fresh. It was a shame that he was basically handed the x division title without building up the Kazarian/Styles feud properly. The other problem is that Styles has not helped establish new x division wrestlers by letting them beat him in singles matches. Giving Kash a win over AJ (however tainted) would bring new life to their feud.

If impact was full of 5 star gems people wouldn't pay for the then-weekly ppvs. Hopefully tna will begin to offer competitve matches and exciting storylines on impact as the show is no longer competing with the weekly ppvs in terms of quality.

Regarding the brawls they have become too common thus losing any impact. Also seeing half the roster brawling is at times tedious as well.

As regards promoting, wrestling promotions lie. It wouldn't sound great to say "we copied the idea from japan". Come to think of it, Undertaker v Shawm Michaels was named the first hell in a cell, but it was basically a regular cage match, which wwf fans never saw (but was commonplace in nwa).

As regards talent, most of the big names (Hogan, Foley, Goldberg) cost a lot of money and demand creative control, which could cripple tna just like it crippled wcw.

Regarding Dusty Rhodes, I am afraid to inform you that he is a pitiful wrestler and consequently his recent match with D'amore was a complete stinker. He might be entertaining, however his promo time could be used to establish the characters of wrestlers who wrestle every week (eg: Daniels, Skipper, Dutt, Sabin etc).

As for storylines being crap i assume you forgot Raven/Sabu and Styles/Kash which were both very entertaining.



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