The State of the Wrestling World in Xteme View
October 28, 2004 by Xtreme Falls

Over the last couple of weeks I've had taken a break from the column to rethink my views on the Wrestling views and there is some things that really have started to bugged me lately. So for this column I'm going to express theses thoughts.

AJ Styles: This guy is one of the things bugging me a lot ok first don't give me the hate mail because I have already heard it. First I think the guy is over rated, I'm not saying he is bad just over rated. He is not great on the microphone and he has let to compete on a big stage so let's not call him the best wrestler ever like a lot of fans have. The fans for this guy are sad they are some of the same people who 4 years ago was saying the same thing about Jeff Hardy and now Hardy isn't as good people are now saying AJ Styles is the greatest and they have nothing in common which is just bull. First off both men made names doing stunts, and highflying moves, seconds the fans were all over Hardy 4 years ago calling him the greatest ever yeah right. All I'm going to say is don't call him great until he does something great.

HHH: You know I'm one of HHH biggest haters; I'm shocked I haven't said anything about yet. This guy to me is a cancer to the wrestling business and is just someone I hate to hear or see. First I'm sure by now just by looking at Wrestling Headlines Pat Patterson quit the wrestling business because he couldn't stand HHH politics anymore, now I'm not sure about all of you but that is just sad. HHH fans I know are going to say he is the best thing in the WWE at the moment well I done my research and since HHH won the belt from Orton the TV ratings have had a nose drive this week with a 3.0 which is the worst sense 1997. Someone needs to tell Vince to get rid of this man, and I'm pretty sure no one would really miss him.

Jeff Jarrett: You know for a guy whose dad owns the company you think he would try a little harder to make it look like he isn't getting special treatment. As most of you know Jarrett is doing the booking for the TNA show with Dutch Mantel, and if you ask me the show has been getting worst and worst sense the SEX vs. TNA angle ended and now I'm been seeing rumors of TNA Stars stating they are hating the direction of the company. Does that really shock me no, even Jeff Hardy who not that long ago said he loved TNA told people recently that he left a horrible company for a worst company. Here is the thing that bugs me most Jeff Jarrett needs to learn he is not an All Star Wrestler like he tries to be I don't want to see him because he is Jeff Jarrett. All I'm going to say if your going is if you're going to book a show know what you're doing.

TNA: This promotion if you ask me is making the same mistakes that ECW, and WCW did. First as we know there going to do Victory Road next month, you know first they need to get talent that stays longer than 3 shows, I mean there signing the outsiders but how long will that last, and they aren't even going to be in the main event. Sting was a big thing but showing up and leaving in my head has hurt TNA, I mean look at the list about stars that's came and left, Lex Luger, Sting, Vader, Rick Steiner, Dustin Rhodes, and Hogan never even showed up. Next I hear there trying to get a Video game deal like ECW did, first while don't you worry about getting your show a prime time deal before worrying about a video game.

by Xtreme Falls..

D. Grieve wrote:
The problem with the wrestling business isn't the wrestler, its fans like yourself, no offence mate. You complained about Hardy, you complained about Styles, you complained about HHH, you complained about Jarrett...why don't YOU get in the ring and do something, since you're so quick to put down the guys that actually do it"" I've some big news for the many fans that are like that; the wrestling business owes you NOTHING! If you actually sit down, watch the show, and enjoy it for what it is, you'll see that it's impossible to please everybody all the time. Instead of constantly pointing out the negatives, why not praise the promotions for the positives"

At end of the day, these men (the wrestlers) are getting into that ring, risking their own physical health, to entertain. I respect them for that and it really gets up my nose when some teenage kid sits and non-stop bashes them over the internet for doing their job. If you don't like it, don't watch it!

On the subject of AJ Styles, I'm not a huge fan of him myself, but the fact is he's TNA's most popular face. When he's bringing in the money and ratings, how on earth can he be overrated" He's OVER, and that's all that matters, nothing else. You see, sometimes, wrestling skills or mic work isn't the be all, and end all. If wrestling skills were everything, Dean Malenko would have been a multi-time world champion. If mic-skills meant the world, James Mitchell would have been headlining for ECW. The only thing that is 'the be all' in professional wrestling, is being over, nothing else matters. AJ is over, and because of that, he's not overrated.
Joe Joe wrote:
Yes AJ Styles is highly overrated, but he is still a nice young developing talent. He definitely could improve on his technical work and selling. He is much better than Jeff Hardy ever was though. I think in a few years with the right work and direction he could be great.

HHH is still an integral part of WWE for rightful reason. Although he is overpushed and relied too much on. Patterson saw this and left because he wanted others to become more important on the show, and not because of HHH backstage powers. If you really believe all this backstage powers crap then you haven't been paying attention to the WWE in awhile. Raw definitely needs some other big stars and focuses, but HHH can still add a lot to the show.

Jarrett is just a downright moron. He has no idea how to book a show. He needs to learn how to do the best for the company which in the long run would do best for him since his daddy is the owner opposed to the best for his ego and spot on the card. Jarrett is making some real bad decisions, and if it doesn't stop then him and TNA are going right down the drain.
clshannon wrote:
AJ Styles: I do agree with you, AJ isn't the best. I do however, think he is good. He has had some good matches on TNA.

HHH: While HHH's uses a lot of backstage power, it is something that doesn't surprise me to see. Put a young guy put on top, and the will go power crazy. Shawn Micheals had used his backstage power in ways worse than what HHH has. When HHH drops the belt, he does do it in an actual match, as where Shawn has faked an injury just so he wouldn't have to job to a guy in a match. As for the ratings being bad, it isn't all HHH's fault in my opinion. We have had to put up with the Kane and Lita storyline, Carmella and Christy, Stacy Kiebler actually being pushed as a legit wrestler, and some boring matches to boot.

Jeff Jarrett: While Jarrett has been using to much backstage power, like HHH, but I don't think the product has been getting worse. In fact, TNA, in my opinion, is more entertaining to watch than WWE. I do agree with you that it isn't shocking about TNA stars being fed up with the direction that it is going, with Jarrett being champ all of the time. I am guessing the are as fed up as WWE stars are of HHH being champ most of the time.

TNA: While TNA maybe making a mistake not signing huge stars to long term contracts, it is better to have them show up for a month or two weeks than to not have them show up. As in the case of ECW, it can be a mistake getting a prime time deal. That is one of the thing that hurt ECW in the end. For now, TNA in a time slot that it is in is fine. If they have a harder time getting a prime time slot, they will stay in the 3 PM slot. It is hard for people to see TNA because of the 3 PM slot, but that will build up a persons temptation to see it more, and when it fnally breaks on to a prime time slot, than it could have a very good following. Just a thought. The only mistake I see TNA making right now is investing to much into Victory Road. FSN doesn't advertise Impact, or TNA for that matter, so not too many WWE die hards, at least the ones that only watch WWE, will now about it. By have a big weekend party and charging $30 for the PPV, TNA could strike out big with this. I don't think they will go out of business right away if it fails, but they could take a big blow and be left staggering back to their corner.

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