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December 17, 2004 by Xtreme Falls

Hello again first thanks for reading my column and you know today I got to say something on my mind. Over the last couple of years with the WWE losing business and more important there fans. They went from being the most entertaining Wrestling show in the world to being a lucky ass company that none of the other companies are worth two ****s. In this column I'm going to go threw the main reason I believe the WWE is having so much trouble in the ring, in business and everything else in general. I'm going to warn you guys now I'm not going to hold back and I'm going to be nice about what I say. I am also saying don't get me wrong I like the WWE still I'm just having some frustrations from it.

Pay Per Views: This Subject is something I really do not get right now what there doing. We all know they have been losing buy rates a lot lately and there not little loses their bombs. Lets look at the main beef I have with it, someone explain to me why would the WWE add more PPV when the 12 they had before were losing buy rates over the last two years. I sit there and I ask what are they thinking adding more Pay Per Views, I mean at least last year when they were switching on and off with the PPV while having joint productions for the 4 major ones, that schedule at least made it possible to make matches that people would want to see and not just 8 matches thrown together in 2 weeks. I mean you look at the Great American Bash they added 4 matches the day of the PPV with no build or anything and Jim Ross said on record that the PPV was a bomb. Then Taboo Tuesday yes that was a good concept but why would you do it on a Tuesday and why would give so limited of choices. Honestly the only thing I could see them being to fix with this is stop adding new PPV events and cut the ones you added this year.

The In Ring Style: The Style for the WWE now is just ridiculous you have 15 minutes of boring moves and very little if any action. I'm just saying I'm not asking for 50 minutes of straight up wrestling because that gets old to. I'm asking for The WWE to speed up the pace, sense they slowed down the pace it has sucked and has been boring. I mean look at the cruiserweight division for the WWE it used to be one of the best things to watch in wrestling now it's just bad I mean horrible. Also you look at someone like Rob Van Dam who used to be called the highlight reel of the night now its just the same damn moves every night I feel like throwing up after seeing his matches now. To fix it I believe they need to speed up the pace, also bring back the Hardcore Division but do it right. Also they need to stop being so worried about hurting there stars and killing the product am I saying not be careful no I'm saying just don't be complete babies and take a way moves like the Pilediver and stuff like that.

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H: I'm going to say it like this Stephanie is really hot but she doesn't know **** about running a show and we all know she is the head writer. Also I heard she was one of the reasons Paul Heyman got removed from the writing team again which just set me off because sense he was back on the show on Smackdown wasn't that bad. Triple H has been the main star on Raw sense 2002 when he return and Austin left, but if you look at the numbers the numbers took a nose drive ever sense then and to really just tick me off is Triple H holding the Title constantly. Does anyone else realize Randy Orton was the last heel Champion besides Triple H which was for a day if you ask me that either shows someone needs to step back out of the way or the WWE needs to work on there Heel division. Now I know there are a few Triple H and Stephanie fans who say that is just internet garbage well you what I doubt that for one main reason because most of the time it ends up being tied to them. To fix this Vince should take Stephanie out of head of writing and Triple H needs to be moved backwards.

Vince McMahon: We all heard them say it this man is a genius well here is my question why doesn't someone tell him wake up and smell the coffee because he is looking horrible. I mean it seems like they make one Mistake after another and he is supposed to watching this stuff so it begs the question is the mighty Vincent McMahon losing his touch with wrestling, or reality in general. The Question will be asked hundred times I think its maybe the reality part because letting Triple H just get handed a title will always be to me the day it proved Triple H was a problem.

Stop with the Damn Quick Fix: The WWE also are going into WCW's Playbook by trying to fix all of there problems with the easiest solution with out really fixing just putting some Elmer's Glue on the cracks hoping they will stay closed. I mean the one thing was Firing the 10 stars a couple of weeks back and trying to act like there is no problem, obviously there hurting them selves by firing theses guys. There hurting moral by firing someone like Rico who was a fan favorite. Also it showed what little class WWE had by firing Test who is nursing neck surgery and won't be back in the ring anytime in the near future, also doing that could of pissed of Stacy Keibler who is Test's Girlfriend and also a fan favorite and someone the fans want to watch. Also firing someone like Billy Gunn who was a veteran of the WWE and now he going to TNA, which will hurt them big time cause, I doubt Gunn will be the last one to sign with TNA. The other thing that has stopped but just hurt them the last couple of years was bring in old big stars like Goldberg, Hogan, Nash, Steiner, Hall (I think could of helped if he wasn't still a drunk at the time). All that does is hurt your younger stars.

What can the WWE Do: That's a good question I mean there a couple things that I like and a couple of things that would really help them in the long run at least in my head. First keep JBL in one of the main slots I know he is rough around the edges but still this guy is entertaining and gets great heel. Also like I said before speed up the damn pace I mean you watch ECW tapes and then watch a WWE tape from right now you would want to go back to the ECW tape. Also go back to the switching PPV events between the brands each month. Lastly I think they need to start doing the surprise things to keep people interested cause they just don't do it anymore its way TOO predictable. That's my thoughts for this column thanks for reading and hope you comeback.

by Xtreme Falls..

Angela Kruse wrote:
I just wanted to add my two cents in regards to your column. First of all, I agree with most of your comments made especially about the pay-per-view overkill. When Vince Jr. took over WWE from his father it has been said that his intent was to change the face of wrestling (sports entertainment) and to take it to a whole new level. It's pretty obvious that he's accomplished that, unfortunately it's now in a holding pattern, and the once acitve participant Vinnie Mac seems to be MIA.

My personal opinion is that Vince McMahon has become too corporate. He made the mistake (or evil genius plan) a long time ago to start promoting wrestling as the WWE and not the wrestlers themselves. While it may have been a good business decision and very lucrative at the time, I think it's biting him in the a** now. The only people who watched wrestling because it was the WWE are the here-today-gone-tomorrow type of fans. Die-hard WRESTLING fans watch to see their favorite star kick some butt in the ring. Also, in the process of pushing his brand instead of his wrestlers, Vince has pissed off a lot of useable top-of-the-line talents. I think this is one of the reasons that HHH is the main-event star EVERY night, Vince has burned too many other bridges.

The one thing I disagree with somewhat is the part about WWE needing to develop its heel talent. While it's true that we need more heels than HHH, I think the thing WWE is really lacking right now is a good face to get the crowd going.With stars like Austin, Foley, Rock,etc. gone there hasn't been anybody really stepping up to fill in those shoes. It seems like they have Angle turning from heel to face almost every other week.

As far as the writing goes, we all know that writers who are in any way involved with the talent don't work out. WCW had this problem with Dusty Rhodes and look where it got them. While that wasn't WCW only problem at the time, I think it was a big part of their downfall. The writers need to be unbiased and uninvolved in the storylines. Stephanie McMahon is not involved in the storylines anymore but her hubby HHH definetely is. I'm not sure if she thinks she's above being bias or if she truly doesn't realize it's happening. If you ask me though it's pretty frickin obvious.

In summary, I think that while being a WWE fan is very frustrating right now, the solutions to fix it are relatively easy. The only question is: Is Vince McMahon going to do anything about, does he want to"
XtremeFalls wrote:
I just wanna clear something up I'm not saying they don't have enough heel Talents i'm saying that Triple H is to envolved and pushed to Much cause Kane, Batista, Edge were all decent heel o yeah also Christian


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