Kurt Angle: The Falling Star
November 16, 2006 by Jason "XtremeFalls" Simmons

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Kurt Angle is a 6 time former WWE Champion, a former WWE Tag Team Champion, former WWE European Champion, former Hardcore Champion, former Intercontinental Champion, and a former King of the Ring Champion. However he was held back in the WWE. Am I the only one who finds that statement completely ridiculous? Well though words came out of the Olympic Gold Medallist Kurt Angle. Now it’s pretty obvious Kurt Angle right now is the hottest topic in professional wrestling at least on the internet but one must wonder who to believe. Should we believe the WWE, TNA management, or Kurt’s own words? Another question what will Kurt’s movement to TNA wrestling really do for them and how will it affect the WWE?

First I’ll look at Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling and let’s really see how valuable their words truly are. TNA has made the claim that they are sure Kurt’s health is fine and Kurt no longer has any problems with drugs or pills. Now let me be perfectly clear when I say this. I think TNA are the biggest hypocrites on the planet when it comes to drug issues in wrestling. This is the company whose own president made the claim in an interview that no one has any problems with drugs besides Raven in the past when they where asked about having a drug policy in TNA. Now it’s bad enough they made Raven the scapegoat but that statement is a down right lie. To make matters worst within weeks of saying this Shane Douglas was placed in rehab, who just so happen to be a TNA employee. Too make TNA sound more clueless there booker and champion at the time Jeff Jarrett said on ESPN’s Quiet Frankly TV Show about a drug policy “We’ll handle them as they come, unless there drawing money”. He was obviously joking, but on National TV that is not a smart remark just months after the death of Eddie Guerrero which is the main reason for the WWE’s drug policy. Also keep in mind Jeff Jarrett a while back was stopped at an air port with an empty drug pipe. Also former TNA wrestler Hector Garza was deported from the USA for steroids just days before his meeting with Scott Hall at a PPV. Does TNA seem serious about drug issues in there company? In my opinion not really and just pass it off as only the WWE’s problem when questioned about drugs in wrestling.

Now whether or not TNA is truly worried about drugs is a whole different issue but are they even worried about Angle’s health? Kurt Angle has had neck problems since 1996 I think that is well documented but does TNA really care? Lets be honest here folks back in 2003 Kurt Angle made a bad decision with his neck surgery that many have called putting a Band-Aid on a serious problem. TNA then signs this man full well knowing he has some rumored Demons and problems with personal responsibility. However what does TNA get for this move? A lot of fans were against the move and looked to be seriously upset with them for signing Kurt Angle. TNA was rumored to be shocked by the response which isn’t hard to believe considering TNA usually gets a free pass from the internet. So do they really care? I think this question will be answered down the road but until then you have to wonder about TNA’s motives.

Now I’ll take a look at Kurt’s former employer: the WWE, which is far from innocent in this case. Now don’t get me wrong I believe WWE is telling the truth about Kurt’s release, I think they really did try to help the man. However I think they did it to little to late. The signs of Angle’s health decline have been around for years. Case in point going into WrestleMania 20 Angle was rumored to complain of numbness around the time. They handled this by making him a General Manager but it was probably one of the worst runs of SmackDown programming in the history of the show, and he was placed back on the active roster. However Angle continued to suffer injures whether small or not WWE should have started to notice Angle was being injured more often. Also I think anyone who has seen Angle wrestle since last fall realized the man obviously had some serious issues when he was turning bright red during his matches and seemed to be ready to combust on camera. So while I think WWE did try and help Angle at the end before his release my personal feeling was they waited too long.

Now lets move on to the man himself the Olympic gold medallist, Kurt Angle. I think TNA and the WWE share blame in making stupid decision regarding this man’s health and safety but Kurt Angle is suspect number one. If you ask me over the past couple of years it seems that any wrestler with personal issues seem to think every problem they had was not there fault and in most cases Vince McMahon’s. Kurt Angle is one of these people. Anyone who has read one of his recent interviews has been met with lies and straight up BS from this man. Now Kurt made the claim first that he was held back in the WWE and after saying this, I realized this man has ZERO credibility. This man has held every title, headlined WrestleMania, and he has the gall to claim he was held back. Now remember most wrestlers will never even headline a major wrestling event and Angle has the gall to claim he was held back, give me a break.

Now this isn’t the only down right ridiculous statement made by Angle, because it seems every interview he has done since coming to TNA he has said something that was ridiculous. Too start this off however I want to quote Lance Storm in saying “Kurt didn’t jump to TNA, he was fired”. Many fans and Kurt Angle himself seem to think Angle really quit WWE, which would make sense if there wasn’t so much evidence to back up that he was fired. Case in point Angle has claimed to be clean for 8 months during his conference call interview, which had more holes in it then a piece of Swiss cheese. Now back to my point, if Angle has been clean for 8 months why was he suspend for a drug policy violation during the summer? Angle also made the claim WWE never gave the guy time off when asked for it and that he was forced to work shows injured. However he also in the same interview claimed he couldn’t stop wrestling, always gives it 120%, and complained that the WWE didn’t put him on the Summerslam card when he had a known groin injury at the time. Also it was rumored through the end of August Angle was sent home because of injuries and was very unhappy about it. Also rumored had it WWE offered to send him to rehab, but he continued to insist he didn’t have a problem. Now after all of this, I’m coming to the conclusion that Kurt Angle is in complete denial.

Now if Angle truly wasn’t fired and he quit the WWE, why was it rumored that he was seen coming out of the WWE’s office an emotional wreck after a loud meeting with Vince McMahon? Also anyone who thinks WWE would have let Kurt go for any other reason besides they feared for his health you’re kidding yourself. WWE would not of let a wrestler they have build up to that status go for no reason, and if Angle truly quit he would have been on a 90 day no complete clause at least. Also I would like to leave you with this point, remember when Vince McMahon announced the drug policy to the wrestlers on their website? Only one was asking questions and that was one was Kurt Angle. So when it comes down to it, I can’t believe one word coming out of the mouth of Kurt Angle. In my own opinion I think this man needs to start taking some personal responsibility for his own actions and stop blaming the WWE and everything else under the sun for his problems.

Now I would like to take a look at what affect it would have on WWE that Kurt Angle has left. Personally I look at it as a positive because Kurt Angle was starting to become incredibly stale and very boring. His matches were going down hill and personally I think he hasn’t had an outstanding match since Shawn Michaels vs. Angle at WWE Homecoming last October. His character was becoming incredibly annoying, as he started this aggressive gimmick that really was becoming ridiculous. Not because he was aggressive but he was overly aggressive where he is screaming in the middle of the ring during a match with his veins popping out of his forehead and just looking and sounding fake. So I personally thought it was time for Angle to be pushed out of the younger stars way.

Kurt Angle the wrestler wasn’t the only problem it was Kurt Angle the man as rumors around 2005 and 2006 has made it clear this man is no longer into anyone but himself. Case in point Kurt constantly was complaining to Vince about having another title run, but Vince didn’t trust him to hold it because of health issues. Yet when Kurt was put in a Main Event feud with John Cena last fall it was nothing but a complete flop, as Angle obviously was more interested in getting Kurt Angle over then Cena. However WWE moved Angle over to Smackdown when Batista was injured and Kurt was given a title run. The title run was really non eventful and probably the least successful title run out of any of his runs. However Angle was soon gone from Smackdown and was sent to the new ECW, and Angle complained. Kurt Angle run in ECW was short and bitter as it was marked with injuries, suspensions, him squashing wrestlers, and constantly complaining. Too make matters worst Kurt did a German suplex on RVD at a house show, and RVD was injured. Kurt was very quick to blame the injury on RVD which didn’t help Kurt’s already rumored bad reputation in the ECW locker room.

Soon after that incident Angle was released and TNA signed him. So far Angle hasn’t done much in terms of ratings, but he has done much in terms of knocking the WWE at every opportunity. Also he is right now in a rushed feud with Samoa Joe that should have been held off for a couple of months, but now is being forced onto the next PPV. Now what does Kurt Angle have to offer TNA? Well personally I don’t know, Angle could help the wrestlers in TNA but “could” is the key word. Will he help them out? That’s a question that only Kurt Angle knows. He does however lend name value but Nash, Hall, Savage, Christian, Raven, Sting, and Rhino all lent name value and it didn’t seem to help TNA at all. So time will only tell what happens with Kurt in TNA. Will he try to be like Terry Funk was in ECW helping out anyway he could or will he be the Hulk Hogan in WCW where he made it clear he was the show? Time will tell, and that will be Angle’s choice. When it comes down to it I think most of us can agree Kurt needs to shut up and wrestle.

Now that’s all I have for this time, feedback negative or positive will be answered.

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Luke Tobin wrote:
I think what Kurt Angle meant by being "held back" was that he was sick and tired of being an actor and wanted to get back to being a wrestler. He was being held back in the ring, meaning his job consisted of doing stupid vignettes and having to waste his time by trying to get Daivari over as a heel manager instead of going out and competing. WWE programming has been pathetic for the last 2 years and one only needs to look at one thing to realize this...John Cena, possibly the worst wrestler of any promotion in the last 10 years, is their top star. Get some facts straight before you go on ripping Angle and priaising your holy master Vince McMahon. These "rumors" and "reports" you talk about do not seem to be substantiated, yet you take them as fact, which is the biggest problem with internet wrestling sites.
Fraser Allen (United Kingdom) wrote: Hi Jason - Great article!
For what we have been reading, Kurt Angle has literally ruined his body to continue wrestling. He is well renowned for not being truthful about his injuries. In this instant, I cannot see long-term how Kurt Angle will benefit TNA as he already got injured wrestling Abyss (sprained ankle).

If it was in 2002, then it would have been a major coup as Angle was relatively healthy, however, for the last four years he has suffered constant neck injuries, which has literally ruined him physically.

The WWE released him for the right reasons as this was the only way he could heal up properly, as he was a physical wreck. You could argue that they left it too late, however, I do genuinely believe that the WWE is not at fault for this.

All of his blogs and interviews just dis-credit him, how can he say the WWE held him back? The guy won mulitple titles and was always featured at the top of the card throughout his run and sometimes not being a world champion doesn't necessarly mean you are mid-card. It got me thinking about HHH, he has been constantly criticised for holding people back, yet he has not held the title for 18 months, and has undoubtedly helped Batista, John Cena, Edge and Orton at the moment, yet remained at the top of the card. Just ask the likes of the WWE cruiserweights for opinions on that ridiculous statement from Angle.

If Kurt was healthy, you could bet your bottom dollar that he would still be a big part of WWE programming. TNA have made a mistake and should of insisted that Kurt Angle has some form of medical before signing as I bet he blagged his way in by saying he was fine.

Finally TNA (who I have watched occasionally) have got some really talented wrestlers, but apart from Christian (who chose to turn down a three-year deal with WWE) all other ex-WWE talent on the roster were released by Vince. I'm perfectly sure that Vince or WWE talent scouts keep an eye on TNA (ie Foley nearly joined TNA and poached Jimmy Hart and Roddy Piper to become WWE hall of famers), and will sign potential stars if they become available (Monty Brown being a prime example).

I really hope and pray that this does not end in tears. Can't see any pleasure in watching Vince's face in hearing the news, he must feel very sorry for Kurt.
Tom McCarthy wrote:
I couldnt agree more with this column. TNA has been given a free ride over the last 4+ years all because people are sick of WWE. That is not to say that WWE is flawless, far from it but TNA has plenty to answer for as well. As far as Kurt Angle goes, i feel sick that i ever went to events and cheered for this guy, because when he says these things about WWE he doesnt just spit on them but also on any WWE fans who gave a damn over the years. Kurt Angle would still be shuffling his feet as a "Former" somebody in Pittsburgh just like he was before going to WWE in 1998, just read his book if you dont believe it.

TNA could be competition for WWE but they are too concerned with scoring cheap shots on WWE to have a decent show. This Kurt Angle bit is just like Christian, is just like Rhino, is just like Team 3D, bitter ex-WWE employees who get cheap heat by saying big things against WWE in some dump in Orlando in front of less that 1000 morons who seem to pop for anything and everything.

Its just like this VKM crap, it was cool when DX invaded WCW because it had never been done before. Going to WWE's offices, how original. When DX did it, it was funny as hell, now with "BG and Kip" it just comes off as sad and bitter. And in ten years time people will still be talking about Shawn Michaels vs Kurt Angle or Triple H vs Cactus Jack, and in ten years time VKM will be the guys who were still saying "Oh You didnt Know" 5 years after it was cool.
Paul Fisher wrote:
What a bunch of WWE propaganda. I cannot believe that someone can say that Angle was into only himself as a character flaw. Every wrestler on that roster is into themselves and push for main event status. Now some are a better judge of what makes money or not, and will sit in the back seat to help the company. Kurt did this all the time and always tried to make himself as well of his opponent look good. Your claiming Kurt and Cena didn't make money. Of course not, all real wrestling fans hate John Cena and love Kurt. And cannot see Cena as a viable match for Kurt's wrestling skill. Which you must admit is probably one of the Top 5 in WWE over the past 7 years. Kurt could make money at any time.

As for you Drug Policy's statements about WWE have recently been exploited as total joke. Let's look at Chris Masters, obviously was taken some sort of illegal or dangerous supplement. Was taken of the active roster and sent to clean up. He lost a large amount of weight and noticeable mass. Comes back as I smaller, cheaper version of the " Masterpiece" with a goatee. Now he is back to he original weight and size within 2 months of being back on TV. If that isn't a visible signal of the lack of support the Policy maintains, let's look at the recent announcements. That a wrestler who is caught violating the policy is not automatically suspended will only be fined. This is for the sake of story lines, and in the end money. Vince is the father of modern wrestling, and has ran WWE to the top of the food chain. And is now expanding into movies, music and everything. To call Vince, stupid is a damn shame. Without him there is no Wrestlemania's, or Hulk Hogans, Shawn Micheals and even a Kurt Angle. But Vince in the end does what's right for Vince, It is my honest belief that Vince only let Kurt go, one maybe to distance himself from a man who health is becoming more and more questionable.Second is in hopes to keep Kurt some what content and set to come back to WWE. TNA was not on his radar as a threat. I personally am sad about WWE's lack of true wrestling and real superstars. But his company still sell out arena's and have a wrestling library that is priceless.

Now let's look at Kurt and the fact you say he needs to take responsibility and his jump to TNA is a mistake. Do you pay Kurt's bills, could you pay his bills. He makes alot of money and lives probably a high price lifestyle, if he does he deserves it. He will make the same money in TNA he makes at the WWE. And won't have to wrestle the schedule any more. Allowing time to heal and get better. Plus he is now the biggest fish ever in that pond. As soon as he left WWE and signed he was at Spike's Scream awards. Then I saw him hosting the James Bond movie on Spike. He probably gets paid for these and opens him up to worldwide audience that wouldn't watch him normally. My end thoughts on the issue. Kurt bamboozled the WWE, sure I'll admit it. He talked his way out of his contract after he thought that his tenure in WWE was closing and he was hurt. TNA took the opportunity of a lifetime, and maybe Kurt's health is an issue maybe that's why he's wrestled 3 times in TNA (As far as I know TNA house show Philly,IMPACT and Sunday's Genesis) in about a 2 month period. Lot less than if he was traveling and wrestling ECW. And maybe he didn't like being in ECW, remember he was there when the crucified Raven. So let's see, work 23 plus days a month or work 6-10 times a month. Plus he can travel the independents and signing shows are money right into his pocket instead of WWE's. Kurt oppended the door for quality amateur wrestlers to get into professional wrestling. Maybe he opened the door for disenchanted WWE Superstars to do the same. Already there has been rumors of Chris Beniot regretting staying. But maybe your right, all these good things are making Kurt Angle a falling star. Or maybe you'll just have to look at TNA as real competitor.
Tod Toye wrote:
I will try to answer a question regarding Kurt Angle without using any profanities, hard as that may be. As a die-hard wrestling fan, first and foremost, I had the utmost respect for Kurt Angle, he has held every major title in WWE and won an Olympic Gold medal (with a broken freaking neck he will always be quick to remind us). He is arguably the best technical wrestler ever to grace a WWE ring. But that was then and this is now. Now, that very same man who owned a WWE ring like he invented the sport in the first place, jumps ship claiming he could not enter a ring without taking painkillers, his words not mine. And yet what does he do, he jumps into a 6-sided ring and wrestles. Now in answer to the question 'Who's words should we believe - WWE, TNA or Angle?' I think there is truth in every camp. It is probably true that Kurt Angle has to take painkillers when he wrestles. It is probably true that TNA want what's best for Kurt Angle and it is probably true that WWE tried to help Kurt Angle all they could. But as we all know this business is full of lies and deceit. And I think a lot of things (like Kurt Angle's state of health for one or his jumping ship) are covered up for many reasons unbeknown to we the wrestling fans. But we also know that a wrestling company be it WWE or TNA or even ROH want to make money. Whether it is their driving factor or a second-of-all it's true. TNA wants money to be as big as WWE, WWE wants money because it needs to stay the top company.

If I'm honest I don't know what's going through the mind of Kurt Angle, maybe he doesn't know either. But for a man who was loved (even as a heel) in WWE and has done many things for the company just like they have for him, it seems pretty low to jump to the next biggest company and piss all over his past employers. That string of titles should mean as much to Kurt Angle (more even) than they do to a wrestling fan. There are some guys like Jeff Hardy who clearly cherish every second he holds a championship in the company because however much WWE pushed him away or whatever the last time, he still loves them. They gave him a second chance. Kurt didn't need a second chance, but he got one HUGE one that a guy like Jeff Hardy would love.

But mentioning Jeff Hardy brings me to comment on TNA as a whole. And indeed the rivalry that is quickly developing between them and WWE. Am I the only one who is reminded of WWF vs WCW when I look at this. I mean you have the big stars jumping from WWF/E to WCW/TNA (Hogan, Nash, Hall, Luger / Jeff Hardy, Christian, Kurt Angle, Rhino) And TNA think they are pulling off the coup of a lifetime. Fact is TNA however hard they work and however good they are (don't get me wrong, they are!) will never be as big as WWE. Mainly because Vince McMahon, or VKM!, works best under pressure. The 'attitude era' was so good because Vince was under pressure from WCW. This new era is getting better I believe and it will be good because Vince is under pressure from TNA. And now, just like the WWF vs WCW feud, you have guys jumping the other way. Jeff Hardy, Sonny Siaki, Monty Brown, Kazarian although he went back. Shannon Moore went away and came back. How long before the likes of Robert Roode or Petey Williams get itchy and wondering what WWE is like to work for? And oh look, who do you see turn up just as stars begin to switch back to WWE...Vince Russo. The man who should never be allowed near a wrestling ring ever again! And this whole VKM move with the formerly known James Gang...anyone else reminded of the DX Invasion of WCW? Of which BG & Kip (Road Dogg and Billy Gunn to me) were heavily involved in. What next, Jim Cornette challenging Vince McMahon to a fight a la Eric Bischoff? A new faction resembling the nWo taking over TNA and eventually killing it and then in five or ten years time a Survivor Series event where WWE 'kill' the opposition? Whatever the outcome, it's just all too familiar for me and with, all due respect, TNA and their die-hard fans just can't seem to see it happening in front of them.

I suppose I better finish with Kurt Angle as that is how it started. He was quoted as complaining about WWE and the fact that it was the guys in the ring who are running the show. Obviously a comment towards Triple H being in the back pocket of the McMahons and being the big face of the flagship show Raw. Newsflash Kurt, you are headed to a place where Jeff Jarrett is more often than not the TNA Champion and yet a big part of management!
Aaron Stone wrote:
I am really getting tired of reading "articles" like this. Do you know how to write at all? You have no support to back up any single claim you make. You say it was rummored that so and so happened or that this occured...but there is NO proof. I really don't know what qualifies you as an expert on this topic. Where did you get any of this information from. The thing that irritates me the most is that you state this as if it were fact (even though its rummored). Do you know what a rumor is? Its not necessarily fact based. I believe that you NEVER liked Kurt to begin with. There is nothing in you article that says anything positive about him. Instead you just trash him and call him a drug user (even though that fact was never proven). Next time you write an article, please be informed or if not at least say that it is in your opinion. Don't waste my time.
Johnny F. wrote:
You said it brother... I truly believe Angle will be back in some shape or form with the WWE. Look at all the "Greats" that have left the WWE/WWF just to return after they have fell flat on their face. The WWE/Vince are not bad people. As a fan, I have followed the WWE for over 25 years. Kurt's situation is no different than lets say, a Tony Atlas, Rowdy Piper or even Hogan. They all came back, and many many others, to clam a meal ticket. WWE does not have to do this. WWE could stay bitter, but they don't. WWE understands the mind of a wrestler. They have been doing it successfully for this long. It's like raising a child, then the kid become a teen and rebels, runs away from home, hits their nose on the ground, but the parents are always there to welcome back their kid. Kurt is a teenager of the WWE, Kurt will be welcomed back.
Chiefofmea wrote:
im a kurt angle fan and after reading this column, (which has some bad things to say about him) i have to say i agree with you 100%, but one i cant see happening his him conbruting the the company, is ratings as i can see him doing (as you stated) a hulk hogan and taking over and squashing the company( much like double j did these past 4 years)
Kevin P. wrote:
How can you claim the Angle was becoming stale? He was the best thing in WWE without a doubt. He claims to have been held back, and i wouldn't disagree. He was shipped over to Smackdown because of the monumental cockup at RAW, letting Cena continue as champ, then sent him over to that mess of a show ECW, making him the only reason i watched it at all. Kurt Angle was the best entertainer, wrestler and character in all three WWE brands and was shipped to the lowest one whilst people like Cena and Big Gay Dave Batista are given the push. Don't get me wrong i know rthat fresh blood has to be pushed but the musical chairs that Angle went through was probably the main reason he felt he was held back.

Now the drugs thing. You say that he was the only one asking questions, just makes him smart. You see the problem with drugs, painkillers, steroids and the like is that its all too easy to just say "shouldnt take them", but it takes much more effort to try and understand the advantages and disadvantages of their use, and ABUSE. You see thats where the drug taking policy falls flat on its arse. There is a difference between use and abuse. WWE wants the big men, they need to take steroids, you really think you can get Lashley size, Batista size, and well, pick any without the use of steroids? Some people obviously can, but not as many as itd take to fill the WWE roster. And we've seen the effects it has when you just stop taking them, Chris Masters' muscles have turned to shit, watch them quiver when they hit the ropes, he's just lucky he hasnt grown a pair of bitch tits.

Now The use of painkillers is the same, they are obviously needed in some cases, I bet Angle took painkillers to see him through the show on many occaisions, for the fans, for the show, for Vince. I hope Angle does succeed in TNA, i wont be watching it, as I don't have the wrestling channel, but it is possible that he has by now sorted out his demons and is clean, and I bet it really was a parting of ways between Angle and WWE. Angle was probably still on the painkillers and probably still on steroids, but the WWE's drugs policy meant that he didnt have enough ime to wean himself off of them. People hear the words, drugs, steroids, painkillers and don't really have a clue about them, but media coverage meant that the WWE had to show they where taking it serously, sadly they had to prove it in a way that would please the media and the general public, which is for the short run at least, the wrong way. TNA shouldnt be slagged off because they dont have the same drug policies as WWE, it doesnt make the hypocrites, if anything their policies are probably a whole lot healthier than WWE's at the moment, if of course you believe that WWE's wrestlers arn't allowed to take drugs.
Martyn Renshaw wrote:
I couldn't agree with you column more I thought I was the only one who was thinking this about Kurt Angle. In my opinion he should have used this time off wisely that he was complaining so much instead of just going to wrestle for another company. I loved the column
James Watts wrote:
The only thing I'm worried about is which major TNA star is gonna be forced out next with the arrival of Kurt Angle. "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown was pretty much forced out of TNA with the arrival of Christian Cage, and he was gonna have a run with the NWA World Title!
Peter Thompson wrote:
I enjoyed your article. I have to agree to a point. In Australia we don’t get TNA on TV, and the PPV’s are always 2-3 weeks after the event, but as I read more about them and there news on the internet I have come to the same conclusion. I work in publishing and when a rival magazine start running ads saying how much better they were then us, all our advertisers would say to us is that they seemed desperate and the were worried about us. Like I said I only have a limited knowledge about TNA but with a few exceptions all I seem to here from them is how terrible the WWE is and how bad the people that run it are. Just about everything I hear from the reports say that, and to me (and this is just my opinion) seems like desperation. WWE probably does watch them and see’s what they are doing, but they never show it, and when asked, they always say I have no idea what TNA does. So really TNA really needs to forget about WWE and do it’s own thing, it would work heaps better.
Ryan from Vegas wrote:
This is one of the best columns I have ever read at OWW. Great Job. I totally agree with you. Kurt Angle is considered one of the best wrestlers ever to grace the squared circle. The WWE gave him that credibility, NOT TNA. Angle is a big complainer, I was apparently foooled when he was "excited" about going to the brand new ECW. He's on the show for not even two months then signs with TNA. I feel this is the worst move of Kurt Angle's illustrious career.

He needs to realize that he is not the only superstar in that locker room. He has such a huge head, he can't appreciate the fact he is still being paid a great deal of money for not doing much. If HE was having health problems, HE should admit it and HE needs to seek help I think. When I learned he signed with TNA, the first thing that came to my mind was, "Okay, what will TNA and Angle have to offer each other?" There's not much for him out there. Good luck out Olympic Hero.
Jason "Xtremefalls" Simmons (Original Author) wrote:
First off I would like to thank though who have read and gave feedback. Now to make this short and sweet for the people complaining about me saying "Rumors" and "reports". First though reports I used were not on some garbage web site by some 7 year old. Second though reports weren't just one or two reports about Kurt, these reports are in double digits that I got my information from. So you have roughly around 30 reports and rumors against Kurt Angle's own words. Now lets see can I grantee you every word they said was 100% correct? No I can't and I'll admit that. Now can you grantee every word coming out of Angle's mouth is 100% true? NO! Also you have more then enough information in there regarding TNA and Angle coming from there own words and actions. Also for the person who said maybe TNA doesn't publicize there drug policy, so what your trying to say is yeah its ok for them to act in public like they don't care? Yeah that's good for business. Angle himself said in the TNA conference call he always goes a 120% and doesn't know when to stop. Also said he wanted to work Summerslam even though he had groin injury. So Kurt's claims of being forced to work Injured doesn't seem to have much credibility in my eyes. Also Kurt in a recent interview said and I quote that he "doesn't have a problem with Vince McMahon" even though he has complained about him and his company in every interview he has done since leaving the WWE. So when it comes to Kurt Angle's words against numerous reports and rumors, lets just say I will take the cash instead of the blank check.

Also for anyone who wants to continue to defend Kurt Angle I would like to quote this man again. When questioned about fighting Daniel Puder in a MMA style fight he said "After I win I would take my balls out and rub them on his face". So the man said he tea bag another man. Oh and trust me guys it gets better, he also said he would allow his wife to get in the ring and let her shit and piss on Puder's face. So you want to defend the Olympic "Hero"? After saying that, good luck!
Jonathan Preston wrote:
As far as Kurt Angle goes, I think he's just like Christian, Rhino, Team 3-D, and the new formed and newly retarded VKM. They're all a bunch of washed up WWE employees who are ungrateful with the careers that they had with WWE. The only ones who have any room to complain would be Christian and Rhino because they were forever mid-card status in WWE.

But Kurt Angle has no room to complain what so ever. He's had more success in the WWE than most wrestlers. He's a 6 time former World Champion and I'm sure it was just a matter of time before he was a 7 time champ in ECW. And now the WWE was going to give Kurt Angle time to heal and right after his "mutual release" he goes and spits in the WWE's face and signs with TNA? How ungrateful is that? He tried to say that the WWE held him back. How? He held every major title in the WWE. So now Angle decides to take his "WWE built" name and try to help out TNA. Well its not going to help. TNA will never have WWE's status. Oh its true, its true!!
JOHN A. wrote:
Well well, just another column from Mr. "Xtremefalls" to bash an over star. This wasn't good at all. Nothing but whining combined to "reports", which by the way you don't even present the sources. Where exactly did you read that tea bag story from? Give a link so I can confirm it! And if he's really said that, who gives a damn. Mike Tyson once threatened to rip off his opponents heart and eat his children. Scott Steiner cut some shoot promos on DDP back in the WCW days and said really nasty things about him. There's still a thing called dark humor existing in this world Mr. Simmons. Are you really that humorless that you can't realize that?

As for you others whining about Kurt, I smell nothing but bitterness. Ever since Kurt left the "big one", I've seen same kind of whining across the net. Sure, he may have problems and I agree he should've healed himself before getting back to the ring but thanks to the lighter working schedule in TNA, he has more time to heal. And yes, there's a simple possibility that he really was held back in WWE. Leaving WWE in my oppinion doesn't make a all people falling stars. What comes to you Jonathan Preston, you ain't nothing but another one of these bitter ones. You're n00b, you're damn n00b.Saying Christian, Rhyno and others were "ungrateful". Sure you couldn't think of certain politicians who might have held them down...

One more thing to conclude. From what I've seen around the columns in OWW, there's always praising of the guys who really aren't that good but because they're in WWE. Like Mr. Dykens did in his JBL column. Also, when I wrote the New Blood angle column (The New Blood angle - Good on paper, bad in reality?), I checked that it was without errors before sending it. Surprisingly a part where I slightly critisized Hulk Hogan in it was cut off from it and a certain "JT" editor claimed it to be "grammatical error". So it's grammatical error to critisize and state your oppinion in a column. And even my name was incorrect. My name is JOHN, not Josh. What comes to grammatics, the editor "JT" needs to go back to the school bench and OWW needs to shape up a bit.



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