The $100,000 Challenge
The Last Chance At Getting Goldberg Over
October 1, 2003 - by Emer Prevost

W ell, another RAW has passed, and besides an above average ladder match, and Big Pappa Steroid turning heel, nothing else really interesting happened. Unless you count the WWE's seemingly stupid attempt to get Goldberg over with all of the fans (something that hasn't happened yet and never will happen, because there are still some decent people who aren't going to cheer for someone who out and out blows in the ring).

From the WWE studios in Greenwich, Triple H announced that he will give $100,000 to anyone who can take out Goldberg. Be it man or woman, if you can put Goldberg on the shelf, The Game will give you one hundred grand.

Now, I know what you're going to ask, why is this stupid? Well, it's pretty simple. There are enough fans out there who really want to see Bill Goldberg out of wrestling for good, myself being one of them. The WWE just opened it up for any of the violent versions of these fans to assault the a member of the WWE staff. Notice I didn't say assaulting the talent. Goldberg has to have talent before I will call him such.

Remember the RAW shows of a few years ago, when fans jumped the rail and attacked Chris Jericho, or pushed Eddie Guerrero off of a ladder? Well, since the WWE just said that it is okay for the fans to do this to Goldberg, we can expect to see it often. I was surprised that no one tried it on Monday. In fact, shortly after RAW, I went into the Yahoo chat rooms, and more than one person was vocal about seeking some quick cash.

Speaking of Eddie Guerrero, a similar thing happened to him at a recent house show. A rowdy fan dumped a beer on Eddie and he wasn't too happy about it. Eddie jumped the rail and kicked the guy's ass (for good reason). Later, he apologized for the actions.

Seeing that this happened recently to the WWE's biggest draw right now, picture what will happen to Bill Goldberg, who falls more around fifth or sixth on the list of biggest draws. Sure, the WWE has tried to cover this on their website stating that only competitors may try to cash in on the hundred thousand, but I didn't hear that Monday night.

So, this Monday, Mark Henry (who's matches are even more boring than Goldberg's, if you can believe it) will try to get the money. We all know that this isn't going to happen. The WWE's current plans are to have Scott Steiner get the major push from this storyline.

I have a quick question for all the intelligent readers out there...

What kind of Kool-Aid/brownies are the WWE's writers taking to come up with crap like this??? Seriously, Scott Steiner vs. Goldberg as a main event? Why not just file for bankruptcy right now? This kind of sub par nonsense isn't going to sell tickets. Hell, the WWE will have a tough enough time papering to fill an arena with that for a main event. When will the WWE learn that not only can Scott Steiner not carry a match, but neither can Goldberg. And putting these two creatures in the same ring is equivalent to having blind quadriplegics wrestling. It's not going to be entertaining, and the ratings are going to plunge into numbers that would make an episode of Excess (remember that crappy show?) look like a hit. I guess that Vince doesn't remember when WCW tried this match. Let's just say that Fall Brawl 2000 didn't sell, period, mostly because of that match.

Well, what's done is done. The WWE has dug themselves into a hole that they may not be able to climb out of. If a fan takes them up on their storyline offer, not only will they have to pay the cash out (it was technically an open challenge with a promise of a cash payout), but they may have to finish paying the contract of a guy who can't perform up to his standards (granted, Goldberg's got minimum standards, but they are still his standards).

In fact, I say go for it. If anyone really thinks that they can cheat the WWE out of $100,000, go right ahead. Mind you, most of that money will go to court fees, fines, and the cost of a cheap lawyer. Remember, you are still battering a person for money, making you a hitman. The WWE might be brought up on similar charges for telling these people to go after Goldberg (if a kid can say Beavis & Butt-head told him to burn down his house, I think you can say that a company told you to go out and injure one of their employees).

So, all in all, I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that we will have to suffer a series of matches between Goldberg and Scott Steiner. The good news is that RAWs will get a little more interesting, because there have to be a bunch of people stupid enough to attack Goldberg, and that has to be worth at least a few laughs. Anytime I can laugh at some dumbass making a fool out of his/her self is always good to me.

Oh, and before I go, I don't want any more hate mail about how I slam Goldberg. The son of a bitch deserves every nasty comment I give him. He has never proven himself to me, and if he continues to perform the way he does in that ring, he never will prove himself to me. So, no more e-mails about how Goldberg is the best thing since sliced bread. I can only come up with so many colorful ways to say kiss my ass, and I hate being over repetitive. Yes, I am repetitive, but not badly.

I know that there is nothing I can and will say that will get these people to understand my point of view, so I quit trying. Any more e-mails I get with the subject line "you're an asshole" are going right in the trash. I don't need to read them, I've probably read that same BS before.

by Emer Prevost

Joe Jaffray wrote:
Goldberg is being over pushed, its the same thing that WCW did. They want him to look like a monster when all he is is an over glorified jobber. The only reason he is a wrestler is because he injured himself when he as a Alanta Falcon. Goldberg sucks, plain and simple. Ive watched wrestling since I was about 4. My dad says that Goldberg is a very very good "wrestler" while I say that having him kick 146 or whatever jobber's asses isnt an accomplishment. Hell, If Goldberg defeat 146 Main Eventers like Triple H, Steve Austin, and The Rock hell, even people like The Undertaker, Kane, Shawn Micheals, and Kevin Nash. It takes someone with a lot, an I stress a lot, of talent to put Goldberg over. He should be on the Football Field, not in the Wrestling Ring.
Joseph La Rocca wrote:
Goldberg, Rotten Turd, Weak Bird

The problem with Goldberg is that he not only sucks in character, promos or acting but also in wrestling. Looking at Goldberg is like watching Barney sing the "I Love You" crap at every end of the dino-butt's segments. I mean, why is it the WWE can't face the fact that Goldberg sucks? Why don't they fire his ass? He is not increasing ratings, he is boring the audiences to tears and he has disobey every traditional rule in the organization (lack of showing up live events, backstage problems, lack of wrestling skills, injuring people). The WWE got rid of Kronik, they fired Scott Hall, they threw Roddy Piper out in the trash and they sent Raven packing. But why not Goldberg? I mean, what's so great about Goldberg? Because of his stupid spear? His retarded catchphrases that would make The Rock vomit? His pathetic attempts to get over the fans? What the hell has the WWE been smoking? Goldberg is a lazy asshole that deserves to be abused by every anti-Semitist in the world. I expected him to improve in the WWE than in WCW. He's not just still bad, he's worse. And so I guess since the WWE are stupid enough to create an angle that'll have people going after Goldberg, they expect him to be more popular. It won't work and the WWE will be besieged with numerous lawsuits. First off, if this angle is to involve people that want to take out Goldberg, what would happen if a fan that has nothing to do with this "angle" tries to attack Goldberg and get sent out of the arena? This is retarded: suppose a group of Goldberg-haters, that are not involved with any storyline, just hopped over the rail and try to kill the Jew. Is this supposed to be entertaining?'s bogus bullcrap. Another "desperate move for ratings", another "stupid storyline involving stupid wrestlers" and another "angle that has no angle at all". The WWE has made a fool of themselves by allowing this angle to exist...Does the WWE think that if fans did attack Goldberg and they were sent out of the arena, that they would do nothing? Supposed they press charges, sue the company or even worse, curse at the employees that came up with this idiotic idea. What then? I can't believe I'm actually saying this shit. And when these "attackers" turn out to be crappier superstars like that overweighed old-woman fucking pig like Mark Henry and the generic elephant like Scott Steiner, then there is something wrong with the wrestling organization. God, did these writers miss the point and it makes me wander if they know anything at all about wrestling?
Joe Joe wrote::
Goldberg is a piece of ****. He can't wrestle,talk on the mic, or do much of any good at all. Sure he did sell some shirts and some seats, but that wasn't his doing but his creator, Eric Bischoff's doing. Now I knew he wasn't going to be a better in any aspect whether it be his wrestling or his attitude(in most cases I'd say backstage but he acts up in the parking lot and around the fans all the time), but I was somewhat optimistic in him helping the WWE sales with things such as attendence, merchandice, etc, but I definitely had serious doubts after failed returns and debuts over the last couple years. Although Goldberg and Sting were probably the biggest names to never step in a WWE ring so I thought something good happen to spark some interest.

You really have to question Vince McMahon's actions over the last couple years. I have no idea what he is thinking anymore and he definitely has lost touch with what makes a good wrestling product. Nearly every aspect in the WWE right now has serious problems from booking, pushes, and even the actual wrestling. I will say that the WWE has done some good, but it has done far more bad. I really don't get how Vince is so opposed to not pushing creations that aren't his and then goes and pushes the worst out of all of them.

If the WWE had much intelligence at all they would of just signed Goldberg for a month as a test period. After that they would see he has done very little good and he wasn't useful. If they did this then pushes for many others would be in line and much deserved also. Who knows, we could've seen a much anticipated Jericho turn. I just hope the WWE will realize what they've done and get rid of this guy before he causes anymore damage.

As for fans attacking Goldberg, it won't be long before it happens. It also is very likely fans will succeed in taking down Goldberg as Jericho had no trouble doing so even though Goldberg started up with him. It also wouldn't be that hard to do if a bunch of people got together to do it and did it while someone else, whether it be another wrestler or fan was about to run in from the crowd. This is because whenever someone runs in from the crowd a good amount of security goes or already is in that area.So lets all hope the Goldberg will be gone as soon as possible.
Brad Dykens (the webmaster) wrote::
apparently we're doing well in the "Joe" demographic..

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