Why Kurt Angle's Heel Turn Sucks
By Brad Dykens

on the heels of the lowest rated raw in nearly 4 years, we're treated to yet another mcmahon-infested kickoff to raw is war again, making it clear that they aren't going to change over night..

however, the wrestlers actually had a chance to get on camera this week and they did throw out 2 hours worth of main event calibur matches from start to finish..

the evening was all about defections, and who was going to defect, a classic angle that would seem to be extremely easy to pull off, but time after time, the wwf (and the old wcw) fails to execute..

first of all, ross and heyman shoved it down out throats the entire evening like it was brussle sprouts on a stubborn childs dinner plate.. i was already sick of it after the second segment of the night.. the only good thing about this was (listen up vince) the psychology between the wwf's top dogs getting paranoid over who was defecting..

they did do an alright job of it though, they had you thinking 1) it may end up being taka michinoku, or 2) it may be a wwf elite, or 3) it may just be mind games.. nobody really saw it coming.. and if you say you did.. you're a lying bastard..

but don't be so quick to take credit mr mcmahon, just because we didnt see it coming doesnt mean it's all good.. let me explain to you what you've done.. you've taken one of the ONLY things the fans like about the WWF these days, and turned it SOUR, in a move that makes ABSOLUTELY no sense! when fans all around the world have been drueling over the posibility of a jericho-heel-turn for years you choose to do the opposite, for the sake of unpredictability.. which once again proves the point that sometimes the obvious choice is the best choice..

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