Eric Frickin' Bischoff?
July 16, 2002 - By Brad Dykens

Eric Bischoff has returned. What does this really mean? Does anybody realize the number of enemies Eric Bischoff has in the WWE locker room? Ric flair & Eric Bischoff actually went to court to settle their differences.. Bischoff humiliated Big Show on his last Nitro appearance.. Chris Benoit didn't exactly love Bischoff.. Jericho same deal.. Eddy Guerrero loaths Eric Bischoff from his WCW days.. Eric Bischoff fired William Regal, twice.. Jim Ross has been outspoken about his not-so-enjoyable experiences with Eric Bischoff.. Not to mention the entire roster being methodically brainwashed to hate WCW & Eric Bischoff over the years.. And last but certainly not least, The McMahon Family, who hated Eric Bischoff so much, it lit a fire under them and helped create the WWE we've watched for years..

Now the big reason that has to be asked is "why?".. Why does Vince McMahon sacrifice his integrity to sign such a controversial figure head? I honestly don't know.. But the looming possibility of shaking up the locker room didn't stop him from signing moral-killers Kevin Nash, Scott Hall & Hulk Hogan.. It seems Vince McMahon doesn't mind sacrificing the moral of his own talent roster in the quest for higher ratings.. The last time Vince McMahon stopped caring, we lost Owen Hart.. Has the evil promoter FINALLY legitimately gone mad?

I don't know if this is a good thing, or a bad thing? Time will tell.. Bischoff was actually already kinda annoying on RAW.. He cannot keep talking about the WCW and how successfully he was because the fans are too stupid.. I was there when Bischoff ran supreme in World Championship Wrestling and I didn't even find it neat to hear..

There WAS a time when Bischoff's arrival would have been great.. When the nWo originally invaded the WWE (then WWF) with Hogan, Nash & Hall, Bischoff should have come in as the mouthpiece & benefactor of the group, but one mistake after another made that angle suck..

So what can we expect? Depends on Bischoff's level of power.. Not sure yet if he's has any other duties in the company of if he's simply an on-air personality.. It would surprise me if Bischoff was just a simple character..

Perhaps one good thing coming out of this.. Vince McMahon may take a limited TV role! But wait.. Shane McMahon came back.. DOH!

One little prediction, if you will.. On Smackdown! we'll see either Dusty Rhodes or Paul Heyman named General Manager of that particular brand..

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