WWF Superstars on NBCs Fear Factor
February 25, 2002 - By Brad Dykens

Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Test, Lita, Molly, Jacky participated in a celebrity episode of Fear Factor.

First Stunt: Participants have to climb a linked ladder up into a moving chopper.. Slowest male and female would be elimintaed..

  • Lita completes the stunt in 1:55.
  • Molly completes the stunt in 1:25.
  • Jacky completes the stunt in .
  • Matt completes the stunt in 1:01.
  • Jeff fails to complete the stunt, falling into the water.
  • Test completes the stunt in 2:25.

    Lita & Jeff Hardy are eliminated from the show..

    Second Stunt: Participants roll the dice three times, which chooses three "food" items that must mixed & blended WITH pigs brains, then consumed..

  • Molly rolls Fish Sauce, Code Liver Oil & Pig Brain.. BUT FAILS to drink it all..
  • Jacky rolls Veil Brains, Durian & Spleen.. DRINKS IT ALL!!
  • Test rolls Code Liver Oil, Biel & Rooster Jewels.. QUITS after one sip..
  • Matt Hardy rolls Spleen, Spleen & Animal Fat.. DOWNS IT!

    Molly & Test are eliminated from the show..

    Third Stunt: with Matt Hardy & Jacky the final participants.. They must stand at the top of a telephone pole, transport a flag accross five other poles, about 2 feet apart, and each pole is about a foot higher than the last. They must place the flag on the sixth pole, walk back, and repeat with two other flags.. Oh yeah, in the rain!

  • Matt Hardy completes the first flag quickly, makes it back, but falls on the second AND third tries.. Matt falls a third time but places the flag on the pole AS he falls.. Completes the third flag easily.. Time: 7 minutes 8 seconds..
  • Jacky hesitates on the first pole, not able to make the first step.. Joe & Matt Hardy try to encourage Jacky, but she insists that she QUITS..

    Matt Hardy becomes the WWF Fear Factor Champion!!!

    THE SHOW'S RATING WAS 7.8, which is better than they normally do..

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