Hulk Hogan aka Mr America quits WWE!
June 29, 2003 - by Brad Dykens

Quite a story coming out of the WWE, but not surprising considering who is involved.. Hulk Hogan has always tried to portray himself as a company man, but deep down he's always been in it for only himself.. I'm sure he doesn't give any worry to the fact that he's abandoning a major storyline and making the company that MADE HIM (YES, MADE HIM) when they need him most..

It also wouldn't surprise me if this turns into another angle, which wouldnt make any sense either, but oh well.. The aggrivating thing is that I've listen to Hogan give interviews for two years saying he wants to finish his career with McMahon, but what does he say now? I'm looking for Japan bookings! BAH! Hogan I hate you!

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Hulk Hogan was on the Bubba the Love Sponge radio show this morning and said that his Hulk Hogan character is done with WWE and Mr. America is now on hiatus. He added that he thought Mr. America was done with WWE as well. Hogan implied that the creative direction was the reason why he was considering not going back to the company. Bubba asked him if Triple H's backstage power had anything to do with Hogan's feelings and Hogan stayed away from using that as a reason. Hogan added that at this point, he would like to work some matches in Japan.

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To confirm what is already out there, Hulk Hogan was on Bubba the Love Sponge and basically said he's done with WWE over creative differences. The split is effective immediately. I don't believe WWE has posted anything on this as of yet and I believe this is because they were hoping for a reconciliation after Hogan first told the company he was done after the MSG show on Tuesday night. Hogan had done a radio interview a few days ago in Detroit where he was negative about the direction of things (the one about Vince and his hair), but I figured that was just to build up an angle, but he had already decided by that point he was done. I think he wanted to give Bubba the first story on it.

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