The Return of Stone Cold Steve Austin
February 8, 2002 - by Darryl Craven

W ell, its been a long time since we saw Steve Williams in the WWE now and in that time the demise of viewer interest seems to be either a huge coincedence or a sign of just how popular he really is. This may be synonamous with the fact that it was Austin himself who turned the WWE around the first time in the late 90's, and when he left so did that band of "attitude" era followers which makes sense.

Now his return is imminent and the big question is, can Stone Cold Steve Austin still cut it. He will be ring rusty sure, his mic skills may need a little bit of tuning and his direction is going to be evaluated thoroughly before he starts any type of feud. It looks as though Austin may be thrown into a feud with either McMahon again or the Rock, hopefully not Triple H because we see way too much of that guy already.

Everybody knows how successful the Austin/McMahon fued was, it was television genius, the fued of the decade, but thats been done and the main problem at the moment with the WWE is lack of original (or decent) storylines. Throw Austin straight up against Triple H and you will have a ratings loser, throw him up against McMahon and the same will happen, The Rock is better but not best. What would be the best for Austin and the WWE is to put him in there with the newer talent, Jericho/Austin would be awesome, I would happily watch a storyline between those two. Maybe he could go up against RVD, that's new and could possibly be a ratings winner. Or how about Booker T who is now on the verge of becoming a main eventer and with the help of Stone Cold could just begin to reach the dizzy heights in the WWE.

My money is on, and it's my favourite idea is to begin a fued with, Chris Jericho. It's fresh, it's exciting, it finally gives Jericho the ball and lets him run with it properly. I'll keep my fingers crossed but i wont count on it.

My main hope is that his presence on WWE TV again will rekindle the lagging spirit in not just me but most people who watch RAW on Mondays (Friday for me in the UK), and of course to get Paul Levesque off it for a while.

At least HHH wont have quite as much swing backstage anymore.


The only question is, how will WWE Superstar accept Austin?

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