Tough Enough III Student Has Psychotic Breakdown

O ne of the contestants on Tough Enough 3 has had a psychotic breakdown. She has left alone in the TE3 house whilst the others went out for a night on the town. While she was left alone she began running around and crashing into the walls before she climbed onto the roof and started claiming she was going to jump. MTV producers called John "Big" Gaburik who came immediately and managed to talk her down. She was then hospitalised for three days against her will and put in a straight jacket to stop her from harming herself and once released her parents had to collect her and take her home to New Mexico. Whilst being taken home she attacked her parents and run away, she was subsequently sent to hospital again but checked herself out after it was deemed she was no longer a threat to herself or anyone else. She later called MTV and Tough Enough officials attempting to get back on the show but was obviously refused. Since this whole episode, she has become a regular stalker at WWE events often claiming to be Al Snow's assistant and she is so convincing she has even talked her way into working out for a few hours at the OVW school before they learned who she really was. Last week her actions caused great concerns as she talked her way backstage at a house show and even had a conversation with Vince McMahon who believed her story as a Tough Enough 3 contestant. Following this security breach the woman [who I've only managed to identify as Lisa], has had her picture circulated to all WWE security so she can't get into any WWE events. No footage featuring Lisa is expected to air when Tough Enough III's broadcast.

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