WWE Tough Enough Cast Reunion.
Season 1 & 2 - June 14, 2002

Show starts with Michael Cole and new host (Brian McFadden?) introducing contestants from both seasons except for Bobbie Jo, who is about to have a baby, and Big, Al Snow, Ivory, Bob Holly and Tazz. were all seated in a studio for the show.

Jake and Kenny were asked about being beat by two women. Jake said was proud of Linda & Jackie winning, but expected one man to win. Note: This was taped the day after the finale, before Jake made his comments to Big on Confidential) Kenny said it wasn't over, we'd see him again.

Jackie was nervous when she heard Linda's name called, but realized that she could still be picked. She was congratulated for hanging on after her injury, which led to Matt saying that he had surgery, and landed his own WWE developmental contract.

Alicia remembered Jessie's trheat to slap her and challenged her to try it now. Jessie said Alicia needed to grow up; Alicia fired back, calling Jessie a drama queen. From what I recall of the show, they're both right.

Darryl admitted that he did the show just to be on MTV. He added that he never even watched wrestling.

This set off Tazz, whose comments had to be bleeped, causing Darryl to walk out. He returned after a commercial break. NOTE: There was a story going around last year that Darryl had hired an agent hoping to get on TV as a result of his participation in the show, but there were no takers.

The kids talked about the cameras in the house, (Lots of embarrassing moments shown) including Pete telling Jackie that there were no cameras by the hot tub. (Insert Hot & Heavy tub action here.) When asked why she fell for such a dumb line, Jackie said she was drunk.

Hawk has auditioned for the role of Colossus in X-Men 2. (As a longtime fan of the X-Men) I think he could easily fit, as Colossus was portrayed as a good guy who was tortured by his own personal demons.) He said he had a split personality which was one reason that he dropped out. He said he believed that Bob liked him, and asked for a hug. Bob replied that if HE had gone to South Africa, Hawk would not have been allowed to quit.

Paulina, who withdrew from Tough Enough 1 due to injury is working for OVW.

Chris Ni., also known as Career Killer due to others joking that he didn't know what he was doing in the ring is working indy shows.

Pete recently worked a show with Taylor, and wrestled Chris Candido.

Jason who quit a few days into the first season married the girfriend who he hadn't wanted to leave behind.

Maven's showed off his splint from his recent injury (footage of the messed up baseball slide he attempted on Christian. Tazz put him over for finishing the match.

Greg has had back surgery, and is wrestling indies.

Footage of various shots the cast members took against each other were shown. Josh was accused of sucking up to al, while Taylor was accused of sucking up to Big. Chris was accused of being arrogent (He was in his smug, heel persona all night.)

Chris and Josh have settle their differences, most of which came from living together. They've worked indy shows together some of them with Taylor. (Josh temporarily forgot her name.)

Victoria, who said that she hated the training from the start because she got hurt early (banging her head on the mat) said that Darryl was an asshole. Darryl began whining about the way he'd been treated and percieved. Ivory told him that he was saved from a lot of pain had they not cut him because what he's experience in the locker room would have been a lot worse. Darryl also had a problem with Chris (flashback of their argument from the show), who responded that he shouldn't have asked why the guys didn't like him, blown off their advice, and than complained about being unpopular.

Anni was asked about staying out of most of the petty conflicts. She said she was focused on the contract.

Alicia and Pete argued about the incedent that kicked off her mini feud with Jessie.

More hot tub action, followed by a clip of two people under the sheets who weren't identified. It was suggested that they were Maven and Nidia, who denied it. Nidia had at one time been close to Chris Ni, while Taylor had a crush on Maven. Jake liked to give Linda massages, but that was about as far as that went.

Jackie and Pete regretthe hot tub incedent, with Pete telling Jackie that "You're not all that" (Is that why she's got the contact, but Pete was cut?)

Robert, who couldn't keep up with the conditioning, said he expected more acting and ring training than running and working out. Chris said that the people from season two should have figured out what to expect by watching the first season. Aaron passing out during the first session at Optimim Fitness was also discussed.

Jessie, who withdrew due to poor health now works for the production department of WWE. Everyone had kept talking about her having "heart" when she was clearly unable to meet the physical challenges of training, and spent much of the cometition crying. No comment from Danny; one of the better ring workers, who was cut for being "Too vanilla" at a time when Jessie was sick, and Alicia injured. (Alicia was cut shortly afterward"

The show ended with Jason vs. Matt in an arm wrestling challenge to prove which season was tougher. The almost tipped over the table before Matt won.

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