WWF Superstars on The Weakest Link
November 12, 2001 - By Brad Dykens

William Regal, Triple H, Stephanie, Lita, Kurt Angle, Trish Stratus, Booker T & Big Show participated in a celebrity episode of The Weakest Link.

First Round:
The team banked $16,000. Strongest Link: William Regal (1). Weakest Link: Big Show (1). The Big Show was voted off by his fellow WWF superstars. On his Exit, Show approached host Ann Robinson, failing to intimidate her.

Second Round:
$10,000 was banked (total: $26,000). Strongest link: Kurt Angle (1) (two of his questions were: "What is the 5th letter in the english alphabet?" and "What is 30 divided by 2?", which got a sarcastic snicker from Lita). Weakest Link: Trish Stratus (1). However, Booker T was voted off. Booker explained that there will be hell to pay, especially for Kurt Angle.

Third Round
$5,000 was banked (total: $31,000). Stongest link: William Regal (2). Weakest Link: Kurt Angle (1). Kurt Angle was indeed voted off as the Weakest Link. Angle said he would be very shocked if Lita won, even though she is very smart, but everyone else is very strong.

Forth Round
$8,500 was banked (total: $39,500). Strongest link: Triple H (1). Weakest Link: Trish (2). William Regal has been getting very lucky with his guesses, and is getting the hardest questions consistantly. Trish was unanimously voted off, casting her vote for Stephanie. Trish said there was only room for one dominant female, and she said Stephanie knows that Trish is the dominant female on WWF TV so she was jealous.

Fifth Round
A Pathetic $0 was banked (total: $39,500). Strongest Link: Stephanie (1). Weakest Link: Lita (1). Lita was voted off. Lita says she was embarrased by answering "George Bush" was on the one Dollar Bill.

Sixth Round
Again $0 was banked (total: 39,500). Strongest Link: Stephanie (2). Weakest Link: William "Doomed" Regal. One of Stephanie's question was By definition, how many wheels on a tricycle? Triple H and his Wife eliminate Alliance Commissioner William Regal, who said the worst thing about being kicked off the show was being kicked by two people who were married to eachother.

Seventh Round (HHH & SMH work together to add to the bank)
Banked $9,000 (total $48,500).

Eigth Round (best of 5)
Stephanie: Y Y N N N
Triple H: -- Y Y N Y //

Triple H is named tonight's Strongest Link. Triple H said it was great to be the Weakest Link, and great to be there at the end of with his wife. He says now he has something to brag about around the house. Stephanie says that she will figure out how to punish her husbund later.

Overall a great show for the WWF Superstars. They all tried desperately to stay in character but couldn't help falling out under the pressure of bitch-host Ann Robinson. William Regal was great and showed his true knowledge base getting consistantly difficult questions. Triple H, having been off WWF TV for months, Helmsley had many fresh and witty comments against his fellow WWF employees. Stephanie remained in her "Billion Dollar Princess" gimmick the entire time, and everyone was visably afraid to vote out the Boss's Daughter. Lita was very sweet and remained her usual self. Kurt Angle was the dissappointment, getting voted out somewhat early. Trish showed her intelligence, as usual. Booker T was nervous I think, and the Big Show was his usual goofy self. Triple H winning? Just before Survivor Series, where he is rumored to make his return. Sounds a little strange to me, however we could never know if the show was a work or not.

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