WWF Superstars on The Weakest Link 2
March 10, 2002 - By Brad Dykens

Terri, Kane, Edge, Bubba Ray Dudley, Steve Austin, Dvon Dudley, Jerry Lawler & Debra participated in a celebrity episode of The Weakest Link.

First Round:
$16,000 was banked. Strongest Link: Bubba (1). Weakest Link: Dvon (1).
Edge & DVon tied in the voting and Edge was voted off by strongest link, Bubba. Edge remarks that he was "ripped off" as he walks off the set..

Second Round:
$7,500 was banked (total: $23,500). Strongest link: Bubba (2) Weakest Link: Terri (1).
Ann asks Kane about his drycleaning, he says that he's wearing his only suit (his ringgear).. Dvon was voted off with three votes for missing a question about ballet.

Third Round
$20,000 was banked (total: $43,500). Stongest link: Bubba (3). Weakest Link: Debra (1).
Terri, Kane & Debra tie in the voting with 2 votes each.. Ann asks Debra what she is famous for, Debra says "For being Steve Austin's wife." Ann remarks that Debra is "quite the feminist!" As the strongest link, Bubba chooses Debra to be eliminated..

Forth Round: Terri, Kane, Bubba, Austin, King.
$10,000 was banked (total: $53,500). Strongest link: Bubba (4). Weakest Link: Steve Austin (1).
Terri & Kane ties with two votes.. Bubba chooses Terri to be eliminated..

Fifth Round: Kane, Bubba, Austin, King.
$1,000 was banked (total: $54,500). Strongest Link: Kane (1). Weakest Link: Steve Austin (2).
Steve Austin was voted off by Kane & Bubba.

Sixth Round: Kane, Bubba, King.
$10,000 was banked (total: $64,500). Strongest Link: Kane (2). Weakest Link: Jerry Lawler (1).
The King is dethrowned and eliminted from the show..

Seventh Round (Kane & Bubba work together to add to the bank)
Banked $9,500 (Doubled=$19,000) (total $83,500).

Eigth Round (best of 5)
Kane---Y Y N N Y -- Y
Bubba--Y Y Y N N -- N

Edge was really given a Raw deal.. He did very well in the first round and was nowhere near "weakest link" status but was voted off anyway.. He WAS ripped off..

DVon just looked like he was having fun..

Debra looks about as stupid and flimsey as a person could look..

Terri was just fluanting herself as usual.

Austin had a hard time stepping out of character.. Very cocky, shouldn't have made it to the 5th round..

The King's personality shined through without his high-pitched voice we're so accostomed to..

Bubba perhaps the most surprising participant.. He's a very smart fellow!

Kane's background as a teachers sure did help him.. Congratulations KANE!

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