CWF Mid-Atlantic Anniversary on 12/15



CWF Mid-Atlantic returns to the Carolina Sports Arena in Burlington, NC this Saturday, December 15h, with a 7:30pm belltime. This is the CWF Anniversary event and is always the can’t miss card of the year! It’s a special “night of championships” as every title will be on the line this night.

The main event will be for the coveted Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title.
Garry “The Madd Trucker” Stevens defends his title against 3-time
former champion Ric Converse in a special “Iron Man Match.” This
grueling match stipulates that whoever scores the most falls within
the 30-minute time limit wins the match and the Heavyweight Crown.

The bad blood runs deep between Stevens and Converse, having battled
over the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title in the past. But this time
another wrinkle has developed involving Stevens’ daughter Brandi.
Stevens has declared that he is going to end the career of Ric
Converse during this match, and everyone that knows the Madd Trucker
knows that no one can detour the big man when he’s on a mission.
Converse has the deck stacked against him in the match and it would
seem nearly impossible for anyone to score more than one fall against
the champion and with Brandi in her father’s corner. However Converse
has an unbeaten streak for BattleCade events, having never lost on
this magical night. Can Converse continue the streak and reclaim the
championship he has held three times before? Or will the “Iron Man”
Madd Trucker snap the streak and the neck of Converse, as he has
promised to do and extend his second reign as the Mid-Atlantic
Heavyweight Champion?

Another huge title bout was announced at the “Road to BattleCade.”
“Rock ‘n’ Roll” Matty Dee cashed in his 2007 Rumble Win to receive a
title shot of his choice two weeks ago, declaring that he wants a shot
at the Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Titles teaming with Mikael Yamaha.
Together they have formed a successful team calling themselves the
“Blaze Runners.” They will face the reigning tag champions, the VIPs
Jesse Ortega & Gemini Kid, who have been a dominant force in the tag
team and snapped the longest title run in the history of the company
when they captured the tag belts in September from Rob McBride & Tank
Lawson. A title reign that Gemini has declared that the VIPs are
going to break.

There’s a lot of history between Yamaha, Gemini, and Ortega. A lot of
history that will sure to resurface in this tag team match. But new
history is being written as well with the recent successes of Matty
Dee. On the biggest stage of the biggest night, Matty Dee will have
the opportunity to once again capture the spotlight as he did at the
2007 Rumble, and win the “big match” and the Mid-Atlantic Tag Team
Titles with a former 2-time champion, Mikael Yamaha.

In another championship bout, “High Definition” TV Champion Steve
Greene defends his title against former champion Rob “Boogie Woogie
Man” McBride. McBride won a gauntlet match to earn the title shot
defeating five other competitors. McBride has held every major
championship in the company and plans on regaining the TV Title for
“his peoples.” The super popular Boogie Woogie Man will have to
derail 2-time TV Champion Steve Greene who has become even more
devious since showing his true colors and staying with the VIPs and
turning his back on Joey Silvia and Ty Dillinger.

Greene has really come into is own since reaffirming his status with
the VIPs and there is always a chance that the trio will be working
together throughout the night to make sure that none of them lose
their titles at BattleCade VIII. But we’ve all seen that the Boogie
Woogie Man can and has defeated all the VIPs before. The only
question is whether he can do it this Saturday night and win the TV
Title again.

Another championship to be decided is the Rising Generation League
Title. This annual tournament is decided at the year end event and
this year will be no different. While it’s not a traditional title
that is defended regularly, the champion can choose to defend it
during the year. However ever December the tournament championship is
once again up for grabs. Reigning champion Roy Wilkins has declared
he intends to keep the title for a second year. Wilkins has
successfully defended it on a few occasions but will fine this night
much tougher as it is scheduled to be a 4-way bout. “Jersey” Nick
Richards has also announced he is entered and will win the belt and
finally get the respect he deserves. The final two entrants will be
announced this Saturday night.

All this and so much more is in store as more feuds come to a boil as
Alex Adonis and Sheik Lumpkin’s Arab Army collide, Brass Munkey
returns from a leg injury to face Trent Wylde, who helped injure his
leg, plus Chris Collins seeks his own revenge against Donnie Dollars,
and more of your favorites will be in action including the return of
the Kamakazi Kid!!!

Don’t you dare miss it!!!



The following results are from the CWF Mid-Atlantic’s “Road to
BatteCade VIII” event held Saturday, December 1st, at the Carolina
Sports Arena located in Burlington, NC.

1. Jerry Wayne defeated “Jersey” Nick Richards by pinfall in singles
action (3:35)

2. Rob “Boogie Woogie Man” McBride defeated Louis Moore by pinfall in
singles action (9:13)

3. “Dangerous E” Corey Edsel & Donnie Dollar$ defeated Mikal Mosely
w/Ebony & Scott Kull by pinfall in tag team action (6:26)

4. Trent Wylde defeated Neon Lion “Classic” Chris Collins by pinfall
in singles action (8:45)

5. Blaze Runner “Rock N Roll” Matty Dee w/Mikael Yamaha defeated the
VIP’s Jesse “El Fuego” Ortega by pinfall in singles action (11:35)

6. Gregory Vercetti w/Sheik Lumpkin defeated Xsiris by pinfall in No
DQ singles action (10:38)

7. Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Garry “Madd Trucker” Stevens
w/Brandi Stevens defeated “Handsome” Mitch Connor by pinfall to retain
the title (12:37)

8. Marcellus “Mid Atlantic” King & “Hawaiian Assassin” Kimo w/Sheik
Lumpkin v. Tank Lawson & Alex Adonis was declared No Contest after
both teams were counted out on the floor (8:19)

Officials: Charles Richardson, Redd Jones & Chris Troxler

Following the main event, a table was set up in the center of the ring
and Commissioner William L. Cross called out participants to sign the
contracts for their bouts at Battlecade VIII. Out first for contract
signings were Fatback Enterprise’s Donnie Dollar$, who inked the
contract to do singles battle against Neon Lion “Classic” Chris
Collins at Battlecade VIII. Then Commissioner Cross called out “Gate
City Sinner” Trent Wylde and Brass Munkey to make their match at
Battlecade VIII official. Cross then called out the Blaze Runnerz
(Mikael Yamaha & “Rock N Roll” Matty Dee) and the only present member
of the VIP’s Mid Atlantic Tag Title holders Jesse “El Fuego” Ortega,
to sign to defend the titles at Battlecade VIII. Cross then called out
Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Garry “Madd Trucker” Stevens, who
signed a two-year contract extension with CWF Mid Atlantic, then asked
“the 1st” Ric Converse to join them in the ring to sign the contracts
for the match. Converse entered with Steven’s daughter Brandi on his
arm and after both men signed the Commissioner’s documents, Stevens
and Converse locked eyes. Brandi Stevens, speaking to her father, slid
in behind Converse, dropped to her knees and floored hiim with a shot
to the privates. Then the Trucker joined in, holding up Converse for
his daughter to kick, resulting in wrestlers from the dressing room
hitting the ring to try to control the heavyweight champion.

Following Rob “Boogie Woogie Man” McBride’s match the InsidersTron
screen came to life with TV Champion “Simply” Steve Greene throwing
down the challenge to face him for his title at Battlecade VIII.

Trent Wylde tried to injure the knee of Neon Lion “Classic” Chris
Collins in the same manner he disabled his partner Lee Valiant weeks ago.



The CWF returns to live action on Saturday, December 15th, at the
air conditioned & heated Carolina Sports Arena, in Burlington, NC!
This is a full card of action for the CWF Anniversary event,
BattleCade VIII!

To reserve the best seats, visit our website to reserve seats or e-
mail [email protected] with your name and number of seats to
hold. You can now also order your tickets in advance online. Only
advance ticket holders are entered into a special FREE PRIZE drawing
held that evening.

The CSA is located at 3667 Alamance Road inside Air Park West. From
I-40/85 take Exit 143 and follow Hwy. 62-South for 1.5 miles just
past the Burlington Airport. For door-to-door directions, please
visit our website.



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* Dec 15 (Sat., 7:30pm)
BattleCade VIII
Carolina Sports Arena – Burlington, NC

* Jan 5 (Sat., 7:30pm)
New Year’s Knockout
Carolina Sports Arena – Burlington, NC

* Jan 19 (Sat., 7:30pm)
TV Taping!
Carolina Sports Arena – Burlington, NC


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