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Angel Orsini Talks About Being The Unsanctioned “All Guts, No Glory” Champion in All of Women’s Wrestling

Angel Orsini, a 14 year veteran in pro wrestling has spent the last three years of her career building up Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU). Before entering WSU, Orsini made her name on the MMA circuit, before debuting in ECW. Orsini would dabble in and out of various companies, but a severe injury and car accident would put Orsini out of the pro wrestling business for most of 2006 and 2007.

Orsini entered WSU on 9/22/07 and never looked back. Orsini would reach personal career highs and made womens wrestling history on 6/6/09 when she challenged Mercedes Martinez for the WSU World Title in an Ironwoman match that went 70 minutes. This is the longest womens wrestling match ever in the history of womens wrestling, and was perhaps the fastest 70 minutes of womens wrestling you will ever witness.

However, that match was also the culmination of a year long issue between Orsini & Martinez. Orsini, the former world champion, had her 10 month reign ended by Martinez on 3/7/09. Orsini was so confident that she would regain the championship in her first one-on-one rematch, that she agreed to a clause that if she lost the rematch, she could never challenge for the WSU World Title again while it was in Martinez’s possession. Well Orsini came up on the losing end, after both women put their heart, career, sweat, tears and soul into that Ironwoman match.

Ever since that match, Orsini has publicly came out and supported Martinez. Orsini has even teamed with Martinez to fight off nefarious characters who have tried to wrest the championship away in a deceitful manner. However, no one could have predicted that Martinez would go on an unprecedented title reign as WSU World Champion, as Martinez has held the championship for nearly 18 months, and has defended the championship nearly 30 times. Orsini’s patience and being a good sport about everything ended on 6/26 at the Uncensored Rumble III event, when her frustrations exploded.

On 8/6 Angel Orsini announced the creation of the “All Guts, No Glory” Championship. Orsini said she got the idea from one of her trainers, Taz, saying, “You have to take things into your own hands”. Orsini plans on making “The All Guts, No Glory” Championship the most important championship in all of womens wrestling.

WSU, which currently recognizes and sanctions the WSU World Championship (the most prestigious championship on the womens wrestling circuit today), The WSU Spirit Championship and the WSU Tag Team Championship, has not officially sanctioned Orsini’s new championship. However, this has not stopped Orsini from defending it, as she has defended the championship against the likes of Awesome Kong.

WSU privately sent a letter to Orsini to stop defending the championship until the championship committee and commissioner Dawn Marie could make a decision about sanctioning the championship. WSU understands Orsini wants to prove that she is the best in the world and has waited patiently, but WSU does not want to set a precedent where any one can just walk into the company and call themselves a champion. It would disparage the work that even Ms. Orsini has done herself in WSU.

However, Angel Orsini has taken it upon herself to question WSU’s thinking and business decisions. Angel Orsini, just like how she made up her own championship, decided to get a WSU camera man and film a video response to everything that has been going on.

While WSU currently has not sanctioned Angel Orsini’s “All Guts, No Glory” Championship, Angel Orsini is recognized as a full-time employee in good standing with WSU. It is because of her standing and accomplishments with WSU, that we are promoting what Angel Orsini had to say about “The All Guts, No Glory” Championship, the other members on the WSU roster, exposing a secret concerning Lacey Von Erich, Mercedes Martinez, Alicia & much more. Check out the video yourself here:

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